Monkey Kick Off

JohnB Monkey Kick Off is a stylish flash arcade game created by Niclas Åberg of Totebo Interactive. A monkey juggles a ball with his feet on the side of the screen. Wait for the right moment, then click the mouse to punt the ball as far as you can, sending it flying through forests, deserts, a Monkey Village and beyond. It's a classic game idea made fresh by creative design and a sharing feature that allow you to challenge your friends to beat your top score.

monkeykickoff.gifUnlike other flash games of a similar style (Nanaca Crash comes to mind), Monkey Kick Off features no power-ups, special moves or obstacles to contend with. The gameplay has been streamlined so all you need to worry about is timing the initial click. The ball bouncing physics are quite natural, making the whole experience feel very organic. I just wish I knew how many Monkey Meters are in one human meter...

The best feature of Monkey Kick off is the "Challenge your Monkey Friends" option. Your personal best score is saved across gaming sessions and at any time you can bring your pals in on the fun. Just click the icon and you can create a customized URL to e-mail, post on your blog, or even share in the comments section of a casual gaming website (hint hint). When anyone visits the URL they can watch a replay of your best kick and can try to top your score.

As you kick the ball farther you are treated to new scenery scrolling in the background. Wondering what rests beyond adds a nice element of exploration to the game. A good strategy is to wait for the monkey to juggle the ball above his head, then click when it's even with his chest. Time it right and the ball will soar out of sight. Then just kick back and enjoy the tour.

Monkey Kick Off is a well-executed idea that's a winner for its simplicity and playful design. Try it and get your friends hooked.



you will want the ball to bouce a lot to get into town

Rather crappy, I'm sure.

Fun little game!

4344 (the link below shows a instant replay!)

Beat ya' by *that* much!

(4410 m)

fun little game, so far my best is only 3060 but I'm still working on it. By the way, what were those golf ball things?

Yeahhhh!!! 4457 ms!!!

i beat you by even more


4495 weeee :D

How do you get more speed and how do you change your angle?

sorry I forgot to post my score


I am top!

pevee your link is to my shot :D

3988 :D Notsoinstant Replay

alas, so close to the village =x

Hey peeps, you can make an active hyperlink to your replays, and some of you have been, thank you! But don't forget to enclose the URL in quotes. Here's an example:

<a href="">5000</a>

If you follow that as an example, filling in your URL instead, and change the 5000 to your own score, it will work great! =)

I think I'm tied for first!


Brett - all you did was copy my example. You need to change what's there by adding your own URL that the game gives you, and change the 5000 to the score you got.

(we'll make an HTML coder out of you yet! ;)

4802 is my new top score but I still don't quite understand this. What URL the game gives me??

Thanks Jay

Oh I got it!

Here's my score


Hope that worked

Not the best, but not too bad either.

4725 is my best so far.

Wish I could record my shortest attempt which currently stands at 52!

Woo — 4779 meters!

The game needs sound man

every one seems to be doing high-kicks, so here's my alternative style toe-poke: 4323

Beat this

Its an OK game but too simple.

can only get this far

4472 MM YYYeahh! go me
This is such a mindlessly addictive game

4931, which puts me in the lead here, I do believe. :)

4470 monkey meters.

Finally, a shot into the village :)

4555,BABY!!!!!! (& ^..^ &)
Wooooohooooooo O

is there anything past the village???

They've added a retry button now, so you don't have to watch your failed attempts :)

New shortest distance attempt: 32m :D

Tabitha, watch Abby's challenge. I got only 4344.

Two new "worst" kicks: 26 and 31 monkey meters. My best is up to 4712.

Oooh, so close!

5045 :)

19 monkey meters!!!

It seems the best kick comes if you ricochet it off the floor.
4508 is my best score so far. I'm trying to get another 600m and I could beat you, Kalle Kanon!

265 -Kalle kanon's monkey friend Waldemar

Kalle, here we go !

Idds - don't forget to enclose your href value in double quotes. I fixed it for you, but otherwise your link won't work. Cheers!

Thanks jay, I tried to edit that but it doesn't seem that editing is supported (or at least I couldn't find the button).

Anyway, great entry ! Monkey Kick Off seemed at first less challenging to me than other "aim and fly" games (Manole, Nanaca Crash or Yetisports). That fact that a very fast but low shot is less efficient than a higher, slower one was kind of frustrating to me.

But it definitely is as addictive as the other ones !

Will there be a tag in JIG for this kind of games ? Hope so :)

looks like there are a few of us ties for first at the minute


ahhhhhhh i got 4131 not there yet!

4197 is the best I can manage... :(


its 6748

i doubt anyone can beat it

Some tips:
Don't kick the ball as it's going up - wait until its coming down to kick.
Wait until he kicks it high, and kick it once it's level with his head.
You may get more initial speed with a lower kick, but friction will slow it down a lot.
To get an idea of your score, see where the ball first touches the ground. If it passes the 1000 mark before it hits, you'll have a score of probably 4500+.


hahaha hurikaki or summit!

beat this kick my chalenge is here

6778 mitico che sono eh
i'm a fantastic italian player

I'm actually quite proud of myself.

The only tip that I have to offer is one, kick the ball only when it's been putted the absolute highest it can be, and then kick it when it's just about level with your head. I'd also like to say that once you kick the ball decently far (over 4000) then the monkey will begin to kick the ball well over his head, shown here.

Good luck.

5926, pretty happy


How do you get higher scores? i got 4949.


i got 4662 not great, but alright

Here is my best. I think miniclip is not as good as totebo but thats just my say.

i posted a comment just yesterday and it dident come out right so i got a score of 4299 monkey meters and here is the link to get to it

You're lucky darkernights i wish i was as good as you!

How long do you have to wait for the monkey to kick it over his head?

you know .. its weird some computers he kicks it over his head.. and some don't . the best time to kick it is when the ball is in the light area in the background just under the palm tree and little cliff. but you just have to wait til he gives it a good kick. which could take a while.

My friend did this, (and after three days of trying, I give up):

Just out of interest - with the 7000 one, how did they get the ball to be kicked so high to start with?


I got 1719 or something near. I just whacked the ball really high and it went for ages

i made it to monkey village yeah
4295 meters

4500 exactly! woot.


4758: Beat that

check out monkey kick off someone had a 7554 monkey metre kick

do the little monkeys in background that are only there sometimes effect the kick??

I'm hooked, I dont think I'll ever get tired of this game. There is no clock to pressure me to hurry. My high score is 4409. There has to be a trick to getting that monkey to kick harder. I'll find it.

My cousin and I both play on Android mobiles and share the same high score of 5912. We have both hit this distance several times and I don't believe it is possible to get higher.

5183 !!! I'm tied with 3 of my friends and I'm addicted!

can any one beat my record with no cheats?

5912 I'm numba 1!!

Great game, my high score is 5630!!!

5123 beat that




5805 and tried about 1000 times and never matched it again... my best since was about 5500. once you play this many times you know exactly the highest point the ball can go as the monkey dribbles the ball at which point (in my experience) you should time your kick. for those that "really" beat 5805, maybe it has something to do with a faster computer. good luck, these simple games are fun.... Any other suggestions?
best I can do.... I never tied or came close again...


I got 6649

6639, no joke

great list! that must have taken somebody forever to put together!!!

The trick is to wait for the Monkey to juggle the ball above his head, and when it comes back down kick it! :D

EVEN MORE, 4714!!

HAHA I BEAT YOU ALL!!!! i accidentally clicked and got 5954 no joke!

5903 (:

I beat you all! 6275! :]

i got 8073

5791 yay!

Now ...must sleep...stop playing... left foot kicks up every time I click the mouse to shoot.

yay! 4501 on first try XD

My score is 6388

6599 :) After many attempts in the 6000's I cannot beat 6999 ( The top )

7890 :) push f and q at the same time

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