The Seven Noble Kinsmen

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The Seven Noble KinsmenWell, the folks at the BBC are building themselves quite a reputation. All the point-and-click games they turn out are just golden. And The Seven Noble Kinsmen is no exception; possibly their best work yet. SNK is a murder mystery in six (6) acts.

The premise is that Christopher Morton, a self-proclaimed 'genius' of Shakespeare, decided to write a play using all of Shakespeare's most famous characters: Ophelia, Othello, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, etc. Seven characters to be exact, plus himself. The play took four years in pre-production and rehearsal to complete; and on opening night everyone was very, very... disappointed. The play ultimately fell and was cancelled after about a week, all due to one reporter's highly-quoted vicious review calling the play bloated, pathetic, and only feeding Morton's ego. Well, after his play was cancelled, Morton disappeared.

Now it's five years later, and each member of that cast, plus one, has been invited to The Knell, Morton's private theatre on an island in Scotland. That one extra person is the reporter that caused the downfall to Morton's play. That reporter is you.

The Seven Noble KinsmenFirst things first, you must register with the site to play. But don't worry, it is painless. No e-mail address required. It is just so they can save your progress through the game, and you will indeed need to save your progress in this game.

Once you begin you will see the game's interface, which is remarkably unique. It may even seem awkward at first, but you should be able to get used to it quickly. It reminded me of the interface for The Casino, and yet a bit different still. You can pan back and forth in your direct line of sight, and when you reach one side you can turn around and face the other way. Clicking on a door lets you advance to the next room. The items shouldn't be difficult to find, as everything that you can take has a shining effect to it, and the sparkling is somewhat noticeable. One thing I really like is when I click on something a little noise sounds when a message comes up and makes me feel as if I've discovered an important clue, no matter what it is. You will see what I mean when you start playing. What I don't like, though, is that it ends the conversations every time you reach the end of a dialogue, so if you want to say something more to someone, you have to keep clicking on them until there's nothing left to say. Also, while the Shakespearian facts are interesting, when you're deeply involved and you think you've found a clue you may get a tad disappointed to see that all you have is information on costumes. While nice at first, this became annoying.

The main idea of the gameplay is that in each section you will have to find the next chapter in the SNK script, and then carry out all the tasks it lists. You will also need to find the Shakespearian quotes book, to fill in some of the missing pieces in the script. Quite a clever premise, but unfortunately the plot-line is very developed and so the puzzles have suffered as a result. The game is very easy. Maybe it will get tougher with the next installments(?). You also get a PDA with a map of The Knell, it's a very handy tool and saves all the information you collect about the characters, each of which has definite characteristics that correspond directly with the characters they play in SNK; if you know a little bit about Shakespeare you can get a bit of insight about what might be going on, it really helps. The PDA also gives you hints if you need them, which is neat.

One complaint I have is that it runs a little slowly (it's a huge adventure!), and they are releasing the game in episodic parts each week, similar to Death in Sakkara. Still another is that you can't go back and play sections you've already beaten. Sure they're short, but it would be nice to be able to replay parts as in the Sakkara game. And since you can't go back and re-play the chapters, don't overlook anything! It's easy to miss some things, so make sure you've seen everything in one room before you move on to the next! Just some friendly advice.

Well, this week we won't have to wait long for the next release. The next chapter comes out on Monday (11/14), and then each Monday thereafter.

All things considered, the game is absolutely fantastic. A great and clever plot-line, impressive graphics, and a huge amount of originality. The talented folks at the Beeb clearly put a lot of time into this... why don't you pay them back by playing it?

Update: Unfortunately, the BBC doesn't like to keep compelling entertainment around permanently on the Web, and this game is no longer available to play. Previously tagged as: bbc, browser, flash, free, game, macwinlinux, mystery, narrative, original, pointandclick, rating-y


Hi, my first time post. Well this game is very well made. But something i have noticed, it's that the scenario does seem like a novel where some peoples meets each other on an island and the one who invited them doesn't appear at all. And murders goes on with all the poeple. Does this game use this scenario? Then why does them use that? (coz now i will know what would happen even if its not in the same way the poeple die) sorry to bother you.

No doubt you're referring to Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" and I expect that the storyline for SNK does not follow that one exactly.

That was great, got there in the end.... bit annoyed at having to wait for the next act tho... lol

Great game! Same thing as what Jennie said... this and that Egypt game they made are both incredible, but it drives me insane waiting for the next! Jay - one of my first times posting but you run one of the most incredible sites I visit on the net. Great job on it.

I really liked how well the page-turning in some of the books was animated. If you hold your mouse over the corner and then move it a little bit, depending on whether you move it up or down the corner turns a different way.

Anyways, I can't wait for the rest to come out.

Thanks, benjs, I appreciate that very much!

lol fun game but too easy i didn't even have to talk to anyone or read anything just point click for everything and that's that .. to much of a fuss really .. good looking and nice atmophear but still laking of ur actualy using ur brain ;(

Hey Jay, this is definitely one of the best you've posted. Great graphics and great story so far. Can't wait for the next edition!

I thought this game was great! it is annoying that you have to wait for the other acts but I am anticipating this more the the Death in Sakarrah episodes. I much prefer these types of games!

Awesome game jay, I love this site!!

Cheers, and kudos are for Derek for reviewing this one. =)

He stepped up for me since I have my hands full this week finishing a final project for the fall quarter at RIT. I'll be back in the saddle next week.

For some reason this isn't working for me. Should I just wait for it to start? All I'm getting is a black screen.

Awesome site, Jay! (again - cuz i can't stop saying it!)

Oh my goodness this game is so scary!! especially the music! good grief!! they must of done a great job!


Aw, C'mon, that takes half the fun out. It has a suprisingly sprawling plotline... you just have to find it. If you play it like an ordinary Point-and-Click (play just to get through), then you'll be sadly dissapointed. The fun in this one isn't just the puzzles; it's playing the game.

C'mon, spread the love.

I love it when a game has a good story! It'll be difficult waiting for the next part.

This game is awesome, even more an adventure game than Death in Sakkara! Thanks, Jay for keeping such good updates on what's available. Much appreciated for fans like me!

I enjoyed the first act, although I must admit I beat scene one without finding all four clues. I never found the clue shaped like a clock. I also found scene two a little too easy. The game overall is fun to play and the graphics and sound are good.

This game annoyed me. I started playing but then I signed out and wanted to resume later...
I signed back in and I can't play act 1, it says its completed, but i didnt even leave the first room there so i dont think i completed it.
So I created a new user there and tried to play but it still wouldnt let me play act 1.

Surely the plot is not so much Ten Little Indians/Then There Was None as Theatre of Blood (film 1973; play 2005) in which a ham actor takes his murderous revenge one by one against the critics who have lambasted him and destroyed his season of Shakespeare's plays with their sharp-penned reviews.

It ran at the National Theatre this summer with Jim Broadbent in the lead. Hardly a low-profile plot to swipe.

i really liked it, except the music's sooo depressing!! it's line across the line of "oh i'm gonna kill ya!!" so..................freakishly scary! but i absolutely j'adored Death of Sakura and Jamie Kane!! the BBC people do SUCH a fabulous JOB!!!


Your knowledge of the theatre clearly runs far deeper than mine...
What's a ham acor?

Wow! Another fabulous game, Jay. Your site amazes me. Now it seems that I have more mondays to mark down, as well as those for Death in Sakkara. Both games are wonderful, each different, but awesome in their own ways. I don't know if one can compare to the other. Thanks again!

Its November 14th and it looks like the second Act has yet to be activated.

Nice game. Very easy.
Chapter 2 has just been released! I played it, but there's a flaw in it, and I wasn't able to move on. When I spoke to Dame Judith Quinn, I said something that made a lot of undefined questions and answers pop up. Probably have to start again.

Finished with the second act and this is turning out to be a great game. Now I'm just going to have to keep from going crazy waiting for the next installment! Great find Jay!

I too found an oddity in this game-

I'm not sure if it's purposefull or simply a glitch of some sort.

If you click on the upper right hand corner of the screen (within the applet), it'll take you to the end of the act.

So the ending was unfortunately ruined for me... :(

Luckily though I was able to restart it without it counting as completing the act, so I was able to play it again for real.

I'm having a hard time getting in to play episode two.

It'll let me play episode one over and over again, but the button to start episode two says "Locked" on it.

Me too - I'm not sure why I can't get into the game.

I finished act 2 twice but it still doesnt say completed, did i do something wrong?? because i didnt use the flashlight, arm, or the tape did i make a mistake or just an error in the game?

Ooooh! I love this game! Second act was great. I love how the bodies are still lying around. Gives me an erie feeling each time I have to go back into the room! Yikes!

Finished the 2nd act but found 2 things interesting:
1 There is a "sparkle" on the bookcase that cannot be selected, or at least doesn't disappear when clicked.
2 Didn't find where to put the VHS tape.
3 Act 2 doesn't have a completed sign like Act 1 when I finished.

Is all this normal?

I love the game! wow! and now just waiting act 3..:)

Yea, something weird is going on. I've played Act 2 twice now and it still doesn't show it as completed ... I did miss a few things (haven't used the flashlight) but I found the "ending" and thought there were no second chances? Going for one more play now :)

Hey! I noticed something.

In act II, when you look at the seats from the stage, the guy with the scar on his eye is on the left.

Then when you go back to the theatre (below the stage), it looks as if he's on the right.

Am I right or am I wrong? It could just be that I have a bad memory, or maybe I just have a freakishly accurate one.

Either way...

Are you supposed to be able to use the VHS tape?

Is anyone else having trouble with Act One?

I have now completed Act One four times (I know this because it says "End of Act One"), but Act Two is still locked. I've checked to see if maybe it is down for maintenance, asked a friend who is also playing it if he's having trouble, logged out and in a couple of times, done a tarot reading, and consulted the bones. Actually, I do not have access to a chicken, so I skipped the bone consultation. Does anyone know what is going on?

I've had the same problem as Preston. At first I thought I might have missed something, and going back I discovered I did (after going to the dressing room, it is possible to go back to the theater and try to re-enter the dressing room, completely bypassing the study part of the game.) Either there is very careless design in letting the player complete the Act without actually having completed the Act, or there is a problem with the site recognizing the completion of Act One.

I too think this is a really good, atmospheric game. some others I think I have done everything possible in Act 2 (still left with flashlight and VHS, like others), and STILL shows Act 2 as UNCOMPLETED..?
Can anyone shed some light on this, as I don't want to continue having to go through Act 2 for the next release?

does anyone know what the number is for the clock on stage? in act 2

Yes, Tully...I had problems with a "completed" status on Act II as well. I did everything and got the "End of Act II" screen, but it didn't register at the main screen.

Also, I had some glitches when talking to the people. Sometimes it wouldn't refresh the room after I was done talking to the person. I had to rewind the flash player and start again. is a little hint for the clock puzzle...

Get the quote book in your inventory and paste the proper excerpts into the script. It will then provide some "times" to enter into the clock...

Look at the list of plays in your quote book. That should give you the final number.

I'm so stuck on Act 2. I know I'm supposed to find a crowbar but I don't know where it is. Can anyone help me?

Well, maby the completed-line is coming tomorrow when you can play the third game...?

just look in your book and use the quote book to figure it out, believe me you'll figure it out

i am having a lot of trouble getting on to the stage in act II how do i do this?

it's pretty easy, compaired to Death Of Sakura, since that one is pretty complicated to connect the stars. plus, i was really looking forward for act 3 every monday, but it's tomorrow! :( oh well, i'll post tomorrow too!

many people seem to have trouble finishing act two, as have I. even though I have played through numerous times I have yet to either find a use for

the flashlight, hand, or videotape,

or to be permitted to move on to act three.

I have tried contacting bbc, but to no avail.

anyone got any bright ideas?

The flashlight is used automatically. If you try and go down without it you just get a message that it is too dark. I think the hand is just foreshadowing the end. As for the VHS?? I have no idea! Act III is still locked for me.

if you wish to complete act II there may be one more thing you have to discover...

look for something in the dark left corner of the basement.

Although it isn't necessary to complete Act II, one of the things I noticed that I did differently between "unlock" and "no unlock" completed games was with something I found on the body of Act I's victim.

Here's a hint - DOC not CDA.

In other words, the CD's her autobiography, not music, and there's a computer in the study that can read it.


For nattie:

the flashlight is so you can see in the basement (under the rug in the study)I don't believe the hand and tape get used in this part. Perhaps they get used later on.

What finally did it for me was finding

the postcards to his mother that were in the shadows

It seems that you must find EVERYTHING to move on, but you can finish the act without knowing you've missed anything. How anoying!

I read in another forum (was quite puzzled about the whole ordeal) that you can pick up and use the video in Act 3.

Hm. Great game, but also having trouble. 'Finished' Act II (didn't use all the props but login screen says I have access to III), but III won't load for me either. Just a blank screen. Has anyone gotten Act III to work?

Ah! Never mind. I just waited 15 minutes and it loaded fine.
It's true that there's less creative thinking than in Sakkara. For example you really don't seem to use the journal/pda (except for supplementary information).
However, it is beautiful animation and a lot of fun. Thanks for posting it!

what are the categories for the books???

i have searched the internet...and apparently there is no fixed category or genre for the books!! dang!!

Anybody getting stuck after finding the second clue at the front circle? I know it reference about the wind machine but I am stuck about the parchment they hinted in the pda. Help!

Just finished Act III ... AWESOME! This just keeps gettiing better and better! No bugs, and Act III says "Completed". If you are having trouble with the book puzzle

The quote book lists the genre of each play within the first couple paragraphs

For anyone having trouble getting act III unlocked, try opening the same url in a new window, with the original window still open. That worked for me to get into act III, and then to get act III to say "completed" when I'd finished. I played II through 4 times, and III through twice before I figured this out.

As for the game, it is informative and entertaining, even if the puzzles aren't as difficult as the Sakkara game. It is shaping up to be more complex, plot-wise... by the end, we may have to pick the murderer from the remaining suspects.

In the meantime, anyone up for taking bets on the next victim?

My choice:

Archer, the maimed guy.... he's so disgruntled, he makes too obvious a choice for the murderer. If I was writing this, I'd kill him off next, to throw off that certainty.

Aw c'mon...!
I have found, used, and completed EVERY aspesct of Act II, and it STILL won't unlock Act III, despite me getting the "end of Act II" footage.
Can anyone shed any light on this for me (even found the "items" in the cellar), as I really enjoy this, but am beginning to get a bit annoyed!

Never mind, folks. It finally accepted that I had now completed Act II, and now refuses to load Act III. Ah well, this just adds to the suspense, doesn't it?
Here's to patience and understanding...and a quick download!

All the game developers reading this:

Learn the lesson. In this type of flash games you need to mention on the front page that it is recommended to clear the cache and page history between the episodes (but NOT the cookies). In this way I beleive you can avoid most of the problems when trying to open the new episode or finishing the previous one.

You are right Amor Lassie. I just received this email message from the BBC Drama team that explains the trouble and recommends the same:

- begin quoted text -
Hi Jay,

Your email has been passed on us.

We're sorry you and visitors to your site have encountered problems with the 7Nk Shakespeare Murder Mystery Game. There is a technical caching problem that we are aware of. We are currently working to remedy this problem, and hope to have this fixed it very soon.

We're very sorry for this inconvenience and thanks for their patience - and if it's any consolation we are just as frustrated with this problem as we're sure they are! - please do pass this on to your site visitors . However, in the meantime we recommend that they try logging out, clearing their browser cache, closing the browser, and then re-opening and going to the site and logging in again.

Best Wishes,

Drama Webteam
- end quoted text -

OK, I don't know whether it's just me being thick, but I can't find the clock (or is it a watch?) the item in act one which I need to give me the third number for the safe combination. I have opened the safe through trial-and-error, but I think I need to find this item to progress to the next act.

Help please...

where the heck is the cannon in part 3? i been looking for it for hours but can not find it!

if anyone needs the solution to the book genre here it is

As You Like it- Comedy
Temptest- Romance
Much Ado- Comedy
King John- History
Midnight- Comedy
Julius Cesar- Tradgedy
Richard III- History
R&J- Tradgedy

Jae- The cannon is...

its in teh backstage area. When you are on the stage in the theater turn around so that you are looking at the door back to the dressing room. Next to that door is the clock that you had to figure out for Act II and next to that is a yellowish area that when you put your mouse over it is says exit. That is the backstage area. Turn around to find it.

I need someones help. I got the book (in Act I) but what am I suppose to do with the the empty spaces? I've tried pasting words in from the previous page and typing...but it's not working. Can anyone help me with this? Pls?

Hi I have completed all the acts but I missed the postcards. What did they say? Thank You


In order to fill the blanks in the script You have to find the quote book.

Need More?

You have to open the script then open the quote book. Look at the empty spaces in the scrpt, below each one says a story with an act that follows. You need to go to the correct story in the quote book, then scroll down to the quotes and drag and drop the correct ones.

Hope this helps!


In order to fill the blanks in the script You have to find the quote book.

Need More?

You have to open the script then open the quote book. Look at the empty spaces, below each one says a story with an act that follows. You need to go to the correct story, then scroll down to the quotes and drag and drop the correct ones.

Hope this helps!

Oh what now?!?! I did as Jay told the bbc has said and now it's telling that my act2 is also locked!!!!! nice....

Where are those postcards to his mother? I only founded some letter from left corner of I have to find those?

Ooh nothing i got to act 3 finally.:)

Thank you Jen... U saved me from 2 hours of hopelessness ^^

I got to part three but then my computer went down now i have to start over!!! Why!!?? How do you open the briefcase?

I am getting increasingly more and more ticked off that I am not allowed to play anything other than Act One.

Act Two and Three both say locked and will not let me in. I can play Act One all I want to, but why bother?


I had the same problem and I signed out of bbc and closed it down and then re entered and it came up that Act I had been completed and no further trouble after that. Hope it helps!!

Finished act III finally.


You need to find the hair pin to open up the briefcase, its in the balcony. Go to the main hallway room (that you started the game in) and try the doors that were locked before.

btw, anyone have any problems with the game getting stuck in the dialogue with other people. I have to make sure to not talk to the people when its at the last comment, because it will just get stuck there. If this happens I have to restart the act all over again. Very annoying.

Just finished Act III. I still havent used the video tape or the hand. I did find myself visiting the same spot a couple of time before the game let me end the act.

Finally convinced the site to let me past Act1!!phew!

I like this game, the animation is great!

although ive no idea what i did to complete the second quote bit... could someone let me know?


Why hasn't the next chapter been released yet? It's the 29th!

has anyone managed to play act4?it is supposed to be released today


The release date has now been changed to 30th.


So they did it again! Well, it's their game and free of charge. But I must say that why bother to put any exact release dates if you can't keep them.

Personally I almost lost the interest on this game. At first it looked so promising but there's just too many irregularities. So, dear game developers, learn the lesson:

1) Do not close the access to the previous chapters without good reason.

2) The server side user recognition is good idea, so you don't have to worry after cookies, but the user must have possibility to clear that data. Especially if the access to earlier chapters becomes banned. Now the 7NK can be played only once with the same user account.

3) Do not stuff the game with pages full of background information if it is not needed in any way during the game, and again, especially if you ban the access to that stuff afterwards. I seriously think that people don't read much while playing. Maybe afterwards.

4) Do not give crowbar and then take it away in next chapter and force the user to run after a hatpin! Did somebody stole that crowbar between the chapters or what? And why I can't use the spear that is in the very same room? It is humiliating.

5) Do not seriously claim that player can't reach something that is only a few feet high in the room full of boxes, ropes and pointy sticks. There's no logic.

6) The doors can be locked and then suddenly unlocked in the next chapter, e.g. by some of the game characters, but it is very cheap to tell to the player in the middle of the game that now some doors are unlocked. If this piece of information is told by some characters in the game, then it is okay, but is there some narrator hanging from the ceiling and whispering advices in to your ear?

7) And keep the promised release dates.

Just so you know....

1) this was done so the BBC team wouldn't have to spend time deciding how to update your profile and such with new information found (or not found) in re-played chapters.

4) The crowbar was actually used in act 2 to open the trapdoor to the basement.

I agree with you on 2 and 7, but I gotta say, I disagree with the rest.

I think the progression of rooms is a neat idea, and I also enjoy a good amount of the backround Shakesperian info as well.

Ah, well.

Just my opinion.

My mistake, I ment of course acts, not chapters. But the point is that I do not see it reasoned in any way why the things that you found in previous acts are lost in the following ones. And I would have enjoyed the Shakesperian info as well but I was not allowed to read them on my own time. I just hope that in next acts some of this theater information turn out to be important after all so that I have to take back my words ;)

Lassie, there is one thing you have forgotten ... BBC is educational!! Of course they are going to have great drama, but their real aim is to teach you something. In this case it is culture and history in the guise of an incredibly AWESOME game.

This is probably the only way I would actually sit and read that stuff about the globe and costumes. Guess what? I have now a new appreciation for Shakespeare because of this game!

still not working!!

Okay folks, my apologizes that I was so harsh on this game, and I know that education is one of the BBC's main goals, which is just okay. I strongly support that. So there's just one more reason why I hope that I could have a chance to go back and read it again. I have not claimed that it is pointless to share background information in the games. I just don't like that I don't have a possibility to go back and read it in time (without doing some extra tricks like logging in with a new user account).

LOVE this game, seriously if they produced this on CD (Or something like it) I would happily go out and buy it! Seriously, the best thing the BBC has ever turned out!

Oh, by the way, I'm stuck in act 4 (I've been waiting inpatiently for it for ages!!) I can't get to the thing in the fire! Help!

P.S. I like the Death in Sakkara game. There you have a chance to replay the episodes, read the journal apart from the game, and a lot of background information provided on the journal comes also in need while you play the game. And that game also comes from BBC.

I've finished act three, but I can't play act four, and I've cleared the browse cache.

Is there something I have to do with the hairpin, the mobile or the nightvision goggles? I've read the postcards beside CM's corpse.

Finally got to act four! Got stuck, though.

Ok, I need help with act four...

How do I get the box in the fire?

Josefina, here's a hint that might help

What can be used to put out fire?
if you're still stuck...

in the chapel-like room you will find some Holy water. Put out the fire with the water to get to the metal box. ^_~

UGH! I was doing great but am now stuck ... it says a scream is heard and I click "go there now" over and over and ... it won't go!

I LOVE this act 4 so far, very intriguing. I just hope I can actually get to finish it.

Ok 4 times through and I keep getting hung at the safe. I can open it and all is good, etc. but it won't let me click to the next room. Anyone else get past this spot?? Is it a bug, or have I goofed in the game?

Aly- I am also stuck at the safe. It says there is a scream and I click "go there now" and nothing happens. I think it is a bug.I've been through twice already. I'm quitting until it's fixed.

Not sure about this game. I have completed Ep4, but it involved hardly anything. I found a couple of items, didn't bother speaking to anyone and never got the box out of the fire. I did find the Holy water but before I could get a chance to use it I was taken to the dead body and end of episode. Unlike DiS, there appears to be no way of measuring progress (apart from episodes completed) and, frustratingly, no way to replay episodes to pick up additional clues.

Perhaps this is the point of the game - is there a mystery to be solved at the end, and if one hasn't managed to find enough clues, tough luck?

Hi ...
i desperately need to know hooooow/ where to the find number to complete the second part of the script in Act111...

A very BIG thank you!!

maybelle, here's to point you in the right direction...

go back to the atrium or lobby and go up the stairs that were previously locked in acts I and II. They will take you up to the balcony. On the balcony, find the binoculars and look at the backdrop on the stage. Funny configuration to the columns huh? ^_~

So....does anyone have any ideas as to who the killer might be before this ends? My bet is on the old man.

Ok ... I've worked out what the username on the computer is ... but everytime i try and enter it ... it says that i have entered the wrong ID ...Any suggestions?


ok - I got to the end, i think.

the killer ,

dame quinn - the ankh in the painting made me think of cleopatra...

, told me i had the right one.

but, one thing eluded me - how do i get the shiney thing behind the portcullous, and what was the point of the playing cards?

i only found the ace of hearts and the ace of spades

help help help!
i can't find a certain clue namley the card whether it be the ace king or queen

Hi just finished the game and it was...

Burrows but he had made sure all the clues pointed to me...the knife in my briefcase, i had opened the cabinet which had the poisen in it etc and then killed himself just as the police arrived

please will somebody help me on act 2!!
i have got down into the basement and clicked on anything that i can and talked to the person, but on the hints it says that i should find a lightswitch but i cant find it anywhere what do i do??????

i dont no how to unscrabble the letters to get in to the computer can u help

where in the chapel is the holy water?

can someone help me with act 5 i am stuck!!!!!!!!!!

woah is me !
I finally made it to the end, unfortunatly i am now

totally totally nicked! its NOT a fair cop guv!!! Im innocent, it was WILL KENT! Honest!

Tanya, not to give it away - think about the titles of some of W. Shakespear's plays and who do you think CM looks like in a lot of his picture.

i have tryed putting the computer passwword as jceasar and it will not work does ne 1 no y and can u help me!X

I found the magnify glass but i cant find the hidden picture in the painting!! Please help!!! i have looked forever, i think i may have found a face on one guys neck, but i have been looking for so long, i may be imagineing it...

i cant find the thing in the picture aswell!!
i found an earring in the grate..and thats about it!!
PLEASE someone help mee!!

I'm so pissed... I went to "check my details" hoping to save the game, and had to start over!!

hi on act v found france done the quote now what plz help!!!

hey does anyone know where i can use the CD i picked up earlier in the game coz ive been carrying it around but its bugging me x

for lammkin:

use it on the computer in the study.

PLEASE SOMEAONE HELP ME!!! I'm stuck at the end, I've done everything,

I found the euro, I have the second part of the will, i've found and clicked the skull in the painting

I'm starting to think about suicide after 1 hour stuck in this place of the game...

Part 6 Cannot find the magnifying glass! Please help

Just finished the game. Thanx for all of everyones help. My killer was


but then

i got arrested too! so much for all that hard work

tofyjen, if you're still looking for the magnifying glass i found it

under the table in the computer room

good luck

Hey all I got the murderer..

Quinn, the only thing that I found strange is who was tlking on the intercom?? And what happens to your character after they evade the cops?

Great Game though! Waiting for some more!


there's no point to the sliding puzzle & the card that you get from the deck is just a hint towards who the killer may be.

we got:

will kent

i think hilton's body was in the study and morton's body was in the first room or the other way around.

what on earth do i do in act six!?!?!?! i found everything. I ve looked with the magnifying glass at the picture, talked to all the remaining characters, gone to every room three or four times repeatedly. WHAT DO I DO!!?? please help my frustrated little mind.

i unscrambled the word to gain access to the computer but when i input it, it won't work

i believe the word is


I'm on act 6.. and I have the second part of the legal document.. where is the first part???

I am on part six. I have solved the flip puzzle and the quote puzzle. I have found my card and used the magnifying glass to look at the picture. I have put the legal document together. I know who my killer is, but do not know how to get the game to move ahead. Please help!

Woo!! Just finished (: (:

Some of you guys are asking about the username on the computer..

you may be spelling the name wrong..

I did the same thing..

I am stuck at the first act. I got the book out of the cabinet and filled in the missing lines in the script but now I'm not sure what to do. I keep trying to talk to people and look for stuff but I can't find anything new.


please tell me how to find france soon... i am literally tearing my hair out lol!

HELP. Im stuck on act 5!! I cant seem to find "france". Ive searched everywhere! Please help. :(

How do you get to the stage again? I'm in act two. I've been up there already but I seem to have forgotten how to get back up. And it's killing meeeeee

:'[ I feel terrible, but I can't figure out where the heck the cannon is. Lol, I know it's sort of a bulky item... and i should see it... but i really can't find it.

arghhh I'm stuck in act 3 - I swear there is no cannon! Does anyone know where it's hidden?

YAY I finished!
I can't believe I didn't realise there was a room behind the stage. Alex maybe you should look for the cannon there....

I've sat for ages today playing this game, its fantastic, but why oh why give one of those puzzle where you have to shift the squares to make a picture in the final bit! I've never solved one of those in 27 years!!! Now I'm becoming increasingly frustrated and am close to giving up...I never know how to do these :(

Help I need to unscamble the acejars, help

Help, is it necessary to do the shift puzzle. I can't get it to make a photo???

I have found the cards but can't pick them up!!!???? someone help please!!!

help i'm stuck on act one how do i get in morten's quarters

Please can someone help me ? I'm stuck at the end of act 2 : I found the light switch in the basement, then I was told that act 2 was completed... then, I'm taken back to the initial menu. I'm allowed to play... act 2 again, and not act 3 ? What's wrong here ?

I've just discovered this game. I've completed it once, on my own... I enjoyed it thoroughly! So I'm playing it once again, in order to write a walkthrough, since one hasn't been posted yet for this game (and it's been two years!)

It takes rather long, so I'll be posting them by installments, hopefully one Act at a time. I'm not used to writing walkthroughs, so apologies in advance if it's not clear, or is confusing.

Talk to each character you meet. It will take 3 approaches to get all the answers out of them. The answers they give are important at times, so it's worth it. Potentially amusing, so read them anyway. Remember to talk to them again at the beginning of each new Act.

About the little information tidbits on items around the rooms... read them and enlighten yourself a bit. Someone did a lot of research to put those factoids together, and they did a great job. They're so interesting, and you even find out the etymology of the word 'loo' along the way! =)

***ACT ONE***

In the ~ Foyer ~ -
- Click the newspaper on the ground behind Archer, just read it for it's own sake.
- Click on the gallery photos hanging on the wall; they give a brief intro to each suspect.
- Click on the watch on the floor behind Hatcher. (glittery object - if you examine it and turn it over, it will reveal the number '7')
- 2nd view: to the left of the front doors, click on the Blueprint of the Knell on the wall (which downloads itself into your PDA)
- click on the Plaque on the ground by the door (glittery object - if you examine it and turn it over, it will reveal the number '9')
Click on the LOWER Exit to enter the Theatre.
~ Theatre ~ -
- Upon entering, swing a bit to the right and on the ground you'll see something glittering. It's a bill, and if you examine it and turn it over you'll find the number '8'.
- Rotate the room view. Behind Judith on the ground near the wall you'll see another glitter. Click on it to find a little bottle, which if you turn over you'll find the number '4' taped to it's bottom.
Still in the Judith view, click on the door to the right to get your copy of the 7NK script. Get to the Dressing Room by clicking on the door again.
~ Dressing Room ~ -
- Go to the cabinet and enter the password to unlock it. The password is in your copy of the 7NK script - 9874.
- Obtain your copy of the Shakespearean Quotes collection.
Click on your 7NK script and turn to Scene II. On the bottom right, click on the button to get the Quotes book to pop up.
~ Quotes ~ -
The answer to the filling in the quotes is at the bottom of the Script page. In your Quotes book, find the play and the corresponding Act/Scene, and drag the quote from the Quotes book to the Script page over the missing quote.
The order of the correct missing words, when the page is all done, is as follows: "Friendship", "smoky cribs", "The Plot is laid", and "The ground".
(I hope that wasn't too confusing? Sincere apologies if it is. =\ )
Exit to The Study (the Exit will only work if you're facing Susan.)
~ The Study ~ -
Click on the desk to be able to play the computer game. As I'm not sure whether the order is the same in every game you play, trial-and-error seems the best way. It usually takes more than one go to figure them all out.
In *my* version, labeling the top row of cards from 1-8 and the bottom row from a-h, the key is as follows:
1c, 2f, 3d, 4b, 5e, 6a, 7h, 8g.

Completing the puzzle successfully will allow you to read Morton's mail. Read it.
- read the scrapbook on the desk just to get a feel of things.
- the rug under Barrows conceals a trapdoor. You'll need that trapdoor for later, so let yourself know where it is.
In the second view of the Study, the sparkling item will be Morton's journal on the bookshelf, towards the right. You can look at the journal, but it's not something you can collect for your items. You just can't, so don't worry about it.
Clicking on the door to Exit will tell you that there's a loud crash that came from the Dressing Room.
~ * ~ END OF ACT ONE ~ * ~

***ACT TWO***

(note: I forgot to mention in the spoiler for Act One, but if you've read the clues and hints already posted you'll know that there are three possible endings. What I'm posting is only one of the possibilities.)

In the Dressing Room, click on the corpse of Susan to get a close-up view.
- under her shoulder is a torn piece of paper with a quote; read it. Don't worry about saving it, it's been noted in your PDA.
- Something will be gittering in her pocket - click on it to find a CD.
- Turn around (to the view with the mirror) and go back to the Study; use the CD on the laptop to read the story. In case you don't know the lingo, "up the stick" means pregnant/with child.
- Go back to the Dressing Room.
Click on your 7NK Scriptbook, and turn to the page with missing quotes in Scene I. Complete them the same way as you did in the first Act; the finished product should give you the times of "Noon", "Two", "Three", and "Seven".
From the Dressing Room, click on the door that takes you to the Stage.
~ The Stage and the Study ~
- collect the glittering thing in front of you - the flashlight.
- click on the scrap of paper on the stage floor; the number scrawled on it will be noted in your PDA.
- Click on the wooden chest that's in the corner to the left of Hatcher. To complete the puzzle, place the items from the top shelf on the bottom shelf, in this order from left to right: urn, skull, donkey, blue thing, snake, red thing. Finishing the puzzle should give you a video tape.
- In the view facing Hatcher, you'll notice a glittering near the Exit sign; click on the glitter to see the clock. Enter the times from your Scriptbook: Noon, Two, Three, and Seven o'clock (be sure to press the square button after getting each time). Entering the right sequence will open the clockface and reveal a severed hand, and a crowbar inside the clock for you to collect.
- Before leaving the Stage, be sure to click around and find where things are, like the fan.
- Go back to the Dressing Room, then from there go to the Study. Remember the trapdoor under the rug? Use the crowbar to open it.
~ The Basement ~
- swing to the utmost left and somewhere in the dark you'll find a bill and a portion of a letter to Morton.
- on the wall in front of you, a bit to the left of the stairs, there is a black rectangle... presumably a light switch. Flick it.
~ * ~ END OF ACT TWO ~ * ~

Complete Walkthrough

Please note that the names of each act have some significance as to what happens in them - meaning, they are clues. You'll discover why they're significant at the end of the act.

Act One: The Weakest Goes To The Wall


You will be in a boat driven by a fisherman in a green shirt and black hat, holding an invitation that says "You are Invited to Attend" and "Seven Noble Kinsmen". Click the next button in the bottom right. You will be taken back five years.


Click the next button through all the information to hear about the play itself and the eight other characters -Richard Burrows, Will Kent, Susanna Hilton, Dame Judith Quinn, Lord Edward Allwood, Anne Hatcher, Christopher Morton, and Robert Archer. You will also find out that the play closed in only a week because of scathing criticism from many newspapers, and that YOU were the critic who destroyed Morton's production - the Seven Noble Kinsmen.


The fisherman in green will hand you a PDA that he was "told to give to you". Click next.


It will run you through the basic things you need to do to solve the mystery - explore the rooms, talk to all the characters, find the 7NK script, find the Shakespearean Quotes Book, and look in your PDA when you get stuck. Don't worry, you'll find the script and the quotes book later. You'll have me to help, so I don't think you'll be using your PDA much. :) Click "Begin The Mystery".


The door to the Knell will open, and you will find yourself in the Foyer. Speak to Lord Edward Allwood by clicking on him; ask all three series of questions. Do the same with Anne Hatcher to the left of Edward, and Robert Archer to the left of Anne. If you would like, click one of the posters on the wall to read about all eight actors/actresses and get a bit of background.


You will see something glittery between Robert and Anne. Click it. You have found a WATCH. Click "view item" to reach your inventory. Click the watch, and on the right side click "rotate view" to see it has a 7 on the back, along with CM. Hmm. Christopher Morton, perhaps? Click "back to room" in the bottom left corner.


Put you mouse to the far left side of the screen and click to turn around. You will find another glittery thing on the floor. Click it. You have found a PLAQUE. Click "view item", the plaque, and "rotate view" to see it has a 9 on the back. Click "back to room".


To the left of the doors (your left), you should see quite a few pictures all bunched together on one wall. Click the one in the bottom-middle. It should be bluish-gray. You have found a MAP, that is automatically loaded into your PDA, in case you get lost.


Turn back around, and click the door to the right of Anne. Your hand should say "exit". If it says you are unable to lock the door at this time, it means you are clicking too high. Click "exit" to enter the Theatre.


You will now find yourself right next to Will Kent. Speak to him, ask all the questions. You will also see something to the right of Will. Click it. You have found a RECEIPT. As with the watch and plaque, click "view item", the receipt, and "rotate view" to find it has an 8 on the back. Click back to room.


Turn around by clicking the far left or far right side of the screen, and notice that the stage has barbed wire on the edge. Click the seats to observe that they have manacles attached. Spooky, eh? :) Click on Judith and talk to her.


To the right of Judith, next to a dark red door, you will see a glittery thing. Click it. You have found a BOTTLE. As with the other three, "view item", bottle, "rotate view" to find it has a 4 on the back. Go back to the room.


Click the dark red door. It should be right next to the Shakespeare bust. Congrats, you have found the 7NK SCRIPT. Click next. Ooh, spooky music! :) Click "view item" to look in it. Notice that on the right page, there are pictures of a PLAQUE, a RECEIPT, a WATCH, and a BOTTLE, along with the numbers that were found on each one. That four digit number is a code that will be used later.


Click back to room. Click on the dark red door again, and click "exit".


You are now in the Dressing Room. You will find Susanna. Speak to her, ask all the questions.


Turn around to see a purple neon sign that says "theatre". To the right of that should be a doorway that was bricked up a while ago. To the right of the bricked-up entrance, underneath two lamps, is a safe. Click it. Highlight the "8888" and instead type "9874". Click "next". You have found the QUOTES BOOK, along with some brandy that you can't click. Click "view item", then go back to the room.


At the very bottom of the screen, you should see the red 7NK script. Click it, then click "next' in the top right corner. You will see some quotes, with question marks covering some of the words. Click the bottom right corner for the Quotes Book. Click the cover to open it.


You will see a list of plays that Shakespeare wrote. Each one links to an information page, stating the setting, a little bit about the play, and some quotes from it. Click "Cymbeline". Scroll down until you reach the quote from Act IV, Scene II. Click and drag that quote to the lowest question mark. It should now read "Look not to light, but search the ground".


Press back in the bottom right of the quotes book. Click "Henry IV (Part II)". Scroll down to the quote from Act III, Scene I. Click and drag it to the second set of question marks. It should now say, "Yet mad, awaiting thee in smoky cribs".


Go back to the plays list in the quotes book, and click "Henry VI (Part I)". Scroll down to the quote from Act II, Scene III. Click and drag to the third question mark. It should now say, "The plot is laid once I am found".


Click back on the quotes book, and then click "turn" in the bottom right corner. Click on "Much Ado About Nothing". Drag the only quote to the first question mark. The whole quote should now read, "Starved of friendship thus I've hid, yet mad, awaiting thee in smoky cribs, the plot is laid once I am found, look not to light, but search the ground." This is a premonition for the second act, so don't worry about it too much.


Turn around to face Susanna, and click the blue door in between the red dress and the suit of mannequins. Click "exit".


You are now in the study. Speak with Richard Burrows. Click to his right to reach Morton's computer. If you want, click the book on the right to discover some news articles, with added writing from Mister Morton himself in red ink.


Click on the computer and click "next" to play a matching mini-game. Allwood matches with Falstaff, Archer matches with Malvolio, Burrows matches with Hamlet, Hatcher matches with Lady Macbeth, Hilton matches with Ophelia, Kent matches with Othello, Morton matches with Julius Caesar, and Quinn matches with Olivia. If the top row of cards from left to right were T1 through T8 and the bottom row from left to right was B1 through B8, the matches would be as follows: T1 and B3, T2 and B6, T3 and B4, T4 and B2, T5 and B5, T6 and B1, T7 and B8, T8 and B7.


You should now have access to Morton's computer. Click on Morton's mailbox. Note that Morton sent two e-mails to Edward Allwood - didn't he say he hadn't been there before? Also note that Morton ordered a great deal of food. Exit the computer and the desk.


Turn around, away from Richard, and notice something glittery in Morton's bookcase. Click it to read his diary. Note that his backer has been holding funds. Also note that one of the Kinsmen - one of the seven actors invited - contacted Morton with a few script ideas. At the very last page there is writing in red that states: "Where is our usual manager of mirth? What revels are in hand? Is there no play to ease the anguish of a torturing hour". This is also a premonition for act two.


Click the blue door by the globe. Suddenly, there will be a large crash. Click "go there now".


Oh no, a murder! Click through the cut scene. In short, Susanna Hilton is now dead. She became "weakened" by the sight of the brandy bottle, went "to the wall" and drank the brandy in the safe, which happened to be laced with poison - the "object poison" that must be "hid from sight", as the script said. She has some more of the 7NK script in her hand. The plot thickens!

End of Act I

Act Two: Death By Inches


There will be a cut scene that recaps a bit of the first act. You will receive new pages to your script. Click next. New locations have been unlocked. Click next again.


You will be in the Dressing Room, facing Susanna's body. Click her to examine the body. You will see something glittering in her pocket. Click it. You have found a CD. You don't have to look at it; just click back. You will also notice a paper under her arm - it says " ‘The weakest goes to the wall' - and you, my dear, are weakest of them all". Click back until you reach the dressing room.


Turn around and go back to the study - the blue door by the red dress. You will find Richard and Judith together. Talk to each of them. Apparently you interrupted something between them. Go to Morton's desk. Click the computer to go to your inventory - click the CD and "use item", then click the computer again. You will be shown the workings of Susanna Hilton's autobiography.
This explains that she and Will used to be lovers, that she hated Anne, and that she hated Quinn. It also shows you that Susanna was angry with Morton for throwing her out of the lead because she drank too much. She explains that one time she was in the bathroom when Quinn and Morton came in, arguing about something. It turns out that Quinn was pregnant at age 45, and was telling Morton she'd get rid of the baby if her part was rewritten to give her more fame. The father is still unknown.
The autobiography also tells you that Richard went insane with 7NK - he was always irritable, cruel, and overall not a nice person. Susanna says she was afraid to be around him.
Once you finish with the information, leave the computer and the room.


Go back into the Theatre. Robert will be sitting there - talk to him. Odd how he didn't show up when Susanna died. He also seems pretty mad at Morton for scarring him, and keeps agonizing over it. Exit to the Dressing Room using the door to the right.


Back at Susanna's body, look to the far left. You should see a brown doorway covered with a blue curtain - click it to leave the dressing room.


In here you will find Will Kent smoking - talk to him. Notice he calls Susanna "Suzie". You will then see a glittery object - click it. You have found a FLASHLIGHT. It will come in handy later. Click back.


Next to where the flashlight was is a scrap of paper, with a phone number on it - 07564 4531. Remember that number for later.


To the left of Anne (the person in the red dress), there is a globe and a chest. Click the chest. Now you will have to play another mini-game. The pot goes to Macbeth, the skull goes to Hamlet, the donkey head goes to Midsummer Night's Dream, the blue stone goes to the Tempest, the snake goes to Anthony and Cleopatra, and the rest stone goes to the merchant of Venice. Click "open box". You have found a TAPE. Click back. You won't be able to use this for a long time, so don't worry about it too much. Click back. Note that there is a large wind turbine to the very far left of the screen. Now turn around.


Speak to Anne, who is taking pictures of the event. She seems to only care about selling this story for more money - she doesn't care that Susanna is dead. You will also notice something glittering, but don't click it. First you need to consult the script.


Click the 7NK script. Notice some more question marks. As in the first act, you need to fill it all in with the quotes book. Click "As You Like It" and scroll down to the Act II, Scene VII quote. Put it in the last slot to reveal a number - seven.


Click back and turn to the next page. Click "Macbeth"; scroll down to the Act I, Scene I quote. Drag it to the third slit to reveal another number - three.


Click back and click "Two Gentlemen of Verona". Drag the name of the play - up at the top - into the second slot. You now have a two.


Click back and click "Romeo and Juliet", right under Two Gentlemen of Verona". Scroll down to the Act II, Scene IV quote and fill it in. The numbers should now read "Noon, Two, Three, Seven". Notice the clock at the top of the page, then exit the quotes book and the script.


Now click on the glittery object on the wall by the exit sign. It turns out to be a clock. Click the clock until the hour hand is at twelve (noon), then press the square button on the bottom-right. Do the same for two, three, and seven. You have found a SEVERED HAND. Eww, gross! Click next. You have also found a CROWBAR. Click back and leave the clock.


Go back into the Dressing Room using the exit right by the clock. Then exit the dressing room and go into the Study.


Click the script and go to the second page. Note how there is a pentagram symbol on the page. Now, click the Act I tab in the top left corner, and go to the second page. Remember the quote? It says "but search the ground". Leave the script. Look at what Richard is standing on - a rug on the ground with a pentagram on it! Click it.


There is a trapdoor under the rug! How intriguing. Click on it, click the crowbar, click "use item", and click the trapdoor again. Click exit.


You will notice many torture instruments on the left wall. In here, talk to Allwood. How did he know where to find the phone AND the trapdoor? Has he been here before, perhaps? To the left of Allwood you will see (from right to left) some stairs, a wooden beam, a water tank, and a Mask of Infamy (it looks kind of like bunny ears). Click above that to turn on the lights.


You will find Morton's decomposed corpse, sitting on a throne with a crown on his head. He is missing several body parts, including his hands - one of which you are carrying. He was starved, mutilated, and tortured for an extended period of time - basically, his body parts were cut off "inch" by "inch". Click next once everyone shows their shock at discovering Morton dead.

End of Act Two

Act Three: Done To Death By Slanderous Tongues


There will be a cut scene with a small recap of the last scene. Anne will take a picture of Morton's body, then take the Act Three pages. She looks like she notices something familiar…she then hands them to you. You now have more pages to your script. Click next. New locations have been unlocked. Click next.

(The next four steps are merely looking at the background story - if you are not interested in background story, skip to step six.)

You will find yourself in the basement. Click Morton's body to the right of the stairs. You will see he is sitting on some papers - click them.
The first is an account of what the murderer did to torture him - first he cut off an ear, then a tongue, then his *ahem* "region", and finally with his death. Ironically, Morton died on his birthday, just like Shakespeare.
The second is a picture of the cast - Susanna and Morton are crossed out.
The third is a receipt for a coffin.
Click back and leave Morton's body.


To the far right you should see some boxes. Click them. You will find bits of Morton's Diary. It explains that Quinn had an affair with "the boy" (Robert Archer, being the youngest and also for something Judith says later in the game), as well as "the Monarch" Richard Burrows - but "the boy" isn't the father. Guess who is? Morton also wrote that there were many affairs, and they were driving him nearly insane.
He complained that he was rewriting the script often to appease everyone, because they were bickering about whose part was bigger. Anne Hatcher seems to have started logging the arguments, because Morton had to promise to make her part bigger so that she wouldn't leak any of the arguments to the press. He apparently put an anaphrodisiac, bromide, into everyone's tea to keep them from (pardon my crude metaphor) screwing like rabbits, but Anne Hatcher tried to seduce him anyway to get the lead role, claiming it was "quid pro quo" to get the lead role - a.k.a., if Morton slept with her, she expected the lead role. Morton seems to have considered it, but says he denied her advances.
Once you're done, click back.


Next to the boxes are loose papers on the floor - click them. They are postcards addressed to his mother. They explain that Morton decided to stick solely to directing because he was sick of the actors bickering. Will and Susanna's affair reached the public and Morton had to keep the press from beating down the door. Everything went wrong with the play at once - Hilton showed up drunk on opening night, the cast still argued, the rewrites didn't go smoothly, the props messed up, the pyrotechnics didn't work, seats were double-booked or marked as taken when they weren't. Morton grew sick of the press and left the city, going to the Knell. It then shows a picture of a dock, supposedly where Morton left the world behind for the Knell.
Once you're done, click back.


On the far left of the screen are some more boxes - click those. It will show you some letters. The first explains that Morton kept running out of funds because his mysterious backer stopped sending him money, and the building was almost left half-finished. It also shows that the murderer (Morton's "Noble Kinsman") tried to give Morton some ideas to the plot.
Once you're done, click back.


Leave this room via the stairs and enter the study. Turn around to find Richard. Talk to him. Richard is apparently in complete shock over Christopher. Leave for the dressing room.


Turn around to find Allwood. Talk to him. He apparently was the backer that stopped sending Morton payments. He is also starting to obsess over getting out. Once you are done speaking to him, turn back around and go to the theatre (not the stage).


In here, turn around and speak to Judith. Once you are done, turn back around and exit to the Foyer.


Speak to Anne Hatcher. She seems to get mad if you mention Act Three… did she recognize something? She also notes that one of the remaining cast members has to be the killer. When you're done speaking to her, turn around. Notice that Archer's portrait has been torn from the frame on the wall. Now click the script.


Click the quotes book and add the King Lear quote as you have with all the previous quotes - "The wheel has come full circle". Note that there is no scene number by the "As You Like It" prompt; looks like you'll have to find it. Exit the quote book and the script to open a new location - the Balcony (also called the Circle). Click just below the rightmost chandelier to enter the Balcony.


You'll notice Robert here - speak to him. He seems desperate now that you've told him Morton is dead. He also thinks Allwood knows more than he's telling everyone. Once you are done, click the glittering object by the wooden bucket to the left of Robert. You have found a HAIRPIN. Click back.


Turn around so you're facing the seats. You will see something glittering on the ground. You have found a CELL PHONE. You won't need to use it until later, though. Click back.


Click and read the script. As the script says, "Turn To Face the Actor's Home, look to thee and think of Rome". Do what it says - turn around to face the Stage (the actor's home). Click the right curtain of the stage. You will find some BINOCULARS. Click the binoculars, then click the pillars. They look like a Roman numeral seven… hm. Think of Rome? Click back once it says the script is updated.


Click the script, and add the missing quote from line 152. It should now say something about a cannon's mouth. Let's go see if we can find a cannon! Exit the script, turn around, and leave for the Foyer.


Turn around and go to the lower level of the Theatre. Turn around and go into the Dressing room. Then turn around and go onto the stage.


Turn around on the stage to face the pillars. You should see a yellowish glow coming from backstage. Click it and exit.


In here you will find Will. Speak to him. He seems depressed over Susanna's death, as well as Morton's, stating he'll "get whoever did this". To the left of will should be a yellow piece of paper on the floor, by some shelves. Click it to read about the financial reasons why Allwood and Hatcher might have committed the crime. Once you're done, click back and click the cupboard with four square holes lined up. It should be right above the "Who's Who" pamphlet.


Yay, another matching mini-game! Now you have to match each play with its category. You must put them in the categories the SCRIPT says, however. Apparently "Julius Caesar" isn't a historical play, even though it's about a Roman emperor…
Romance: The Tempest
Tragedy: Julius Caesar, Romeo & Juliet
Comedy: As You Like It, Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado About Nothing
Historical: King John, Richard III.
You will find a piece of paper that says something written by the killer - it is different for each one. Click next. You have found some NIGHT-VISION GOGGLES. These will be used later. Click back and leave the cupboard.


Turn around and notice that there's a cannon here! Don't click it just yet, though. Click the black briefcase next to the cannonballs to find it is locked. Use the HAIRPIN on the briefcase by clicking it, the hairpin, "use item", and clicking the briefcase again. You will find Morton's tongue, along with a piece of paper that says, "Done to death by slanderous tongues". Icky! Click back.


Click the cannon, and the glittery paper in the mouth of the cannon (as the script says). It will show you part of a map with some writing that says, "Sits the wind in that corner?" with a red X. Hmm. Where did we see that turbine? Click back, and exit to the stage.


Click the turbine. Anne Hatcher will angrily tell you the "prize is hers". A spotlight will fall on her, killing her instantly. Everyone will be in shock, but most of them mutter "good riddance". She stole a bit of the third act script - the map - and hid it in the cannon so that she could get the exclusive. Everyone hated her because of her "slanderous tongue", and she paid the ultimate price - she was killed.

End of Act Three

Act Four: A Pretty Piece Of Flesh Am I


There will be a cut scene that recaps a bit of the third act. You will receive new pages to your script. Click next. New locations have been unlocked. Click next again.


Click Anne's body. To the right will be a white card - click it and note she would have been paid 100,000 pounds for her "exclusive". Click back, and click her digital camera to the left. The pictures in order are: the theatre, Judith and Richard talking intimately, Robert Kent staring at a mirror horrified, a room full of computers (you'll see this later), the stage from the balcony, Judith and Richard arguing. Click back.


Judith will be to her right. Click her and talk to her. Judith explains she is not too sad about Anne's passing. She will also confess that she has wanted to be a mother, but the one time she was pregnant Robert pushed her during rehearsals. When you're done speaking to her, turn around and head backstage.


In here, speak to Allwood. He will confess that he HAS been here before - he was Morton's backer and this place used to belong to his grandparents. When you're done speaking to him, turn around and exit.


Turn around and leave for the dressing room. In here, find that Susanna's body is missing - and Will Kent is standing there. Speak with him. He seemed not to realize Susanna's body was gone until it disappeared. Once you are done speaking to him, leave for the theatre - the study is now locked for good.


In here you will find Richard. Speak with him. He will admit he's not too sad about Hatcher's death. He'll also admit he's bitter about Morton making him the villain, saying his role is "the most foulest of creations". Once you are done, leave for the dressing room, then the stage.


On the stage, click the doors by the turbine and three daggers on the wall. Leave for that room. In here you will find Archer. Speak to him. He says that when he gets out of here, he'll sell this story to get an operation on his eye in the US. When you're done, look at the TV on the far left of the screen. Use the TAPE on the TV. Morton will be on it, stating (at gunpoint) that this is the last production that any of the cast will be in. He also states that everyone "took the bait" and will die tragically. It then shows a knife that he was killed with. Leave the TV once you are done.


To the immediate right of Archer will be a phonograph on a table. Click it, and click the drawer to find Morton's severed ear. Ewwwww! Click back.


To the far right of the screen will be a skeleton. Click it and click the papers on its neck to reveal some medical records, and reasons why Richard, Judith, and Robert might by the killer. Click back to the room.


Turn around to face an old kitchen, a fireplace, and a safe on the wall. To the far right is half of Morton's will - the bottom half seems to be missing. There is something glittering under the stove - click it. You found a MAGNET. Click back to go to the room. Click the sink to reveal blood stains - this is where the murderer washed their hands. Also note that in the fireplace there is a metal box, but the fire is too hot to reach it. Go back to the room and turn around.


Take out your script, and fill in the quotes. You should now have the words "touch", "sundial", "east", and "stone". Go to the next page and click "King John", dragging the name as before. It should now say "King John will keep you safe". Exit the script and click the sundial.


Click the sundial once so that the needle is pointing east. Then click the white square immediately underneath the south. A secret entrance will open up in the wall. Click next. Enter the doorway to reach the Ante Room.

(This is the first time in the game that you can figure out who the killer is. If you would rather wait for the later acts to subtly find out whom your killer is, skip to step 14.)

Note the empty coffin here. Click the altar. You will see something glittering on the alter - take it. You have found HOLY WATER. Click back, turn around, exit up the steps, and go to the fireplace. Use the HOLY WATER on the fire to put it out, then click the glittering box. You will discover a pamphlet. Open it. The person mentioned on the left side of the page is the killer. Click back to exit, and go back in the Ante Room.


Turn around and click to the right of the stairs. Yay, yet ANOTHER mini-game. This time you have to click and drag flags to the countries the plays were set in. Measure for Measure was in Vienna, Much Ado About Nothing was in Sicily, Midsummer Night's Dream was in Athens, Julius Caesar was in Rome, Richard III was in England, Hamlet was in Denmark, and Macbeth was in Scotland. Click OK at the bottom left of the screen. Scotland will open to reveal a MEMORY CARD. It will automatically update onto your PDA. Turn around and click the altar.


Click the bible. You will see writing that says "Matthew, Mark, Like, and John. Your task is to find the one." As the script said, John was the luck one. Click until you reach the very back of the bible. Note that one verse - John 10, Verse 10 - states "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy". This code - 1010 - opens the safe on the wall in Morton's room. Leave the bible and the altar, turn around, and exit.


Go to the safe and enter the code 1010. Click next. You have found a KNIFE - the very same that Morton was killed with. Click back. Also note the gun in the safe. Click back.


There will be a scream coming from the Ante Room. Go there. There will be a cut scene. Basically, Robert put on a mask that happened to be lined with spring-loaded needles, tipped with poison acid. They stabbed him in the eyes - the fastest way to ingest poison, as Richard so kindly points out. Robert obsessed over his looks more than anyone else in the cast - "A Pretty Piece of Flesh Am I" was his mentality, even with the scar. He died because of his vanity.

End of Act Four

Act Five: Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War


As with all the other acts, there will be a small recap. You will get new pages, but this time no new places will be unlocked. You can no longer access the Foyer or the Balcony.


Click on Robert's body. He will be lying on his portrait that was taken from the Foyer in act three. Leave his body and exit the Ante Room.


Click the safe. Notice the gun in the safe is now missing. Turn around and speak to Edward. He seems scared out of his mind, but admits that he's sad about Robert's death. He also seems to suspect either Richard or Will. Turn around and leave for the stage.


Speak to Will. He is freaking out because he is only 30 years old and does not want to die. He now has the gun, and says he'll be ready if anyone tries to attack him. He also states that everyone here will be immortalized if they die or escape, because this is a slaughterhouse and will sell well back in civilization. When you're done, exit to Backstage.


You will find Richard here. Speak to him. He states that he and Judith were once very much in love. He thinks Edward is the killer. He seems to be freaking out, reciting random quotes from Hamlet while clutching a skull. Once you are done, turn around and leave for the stage, then to the dressing room.


Speak with Judith. She thinks Richard is the killer, because he is "a sadist, a lunatic, and god knows what else". She is trying to be calm, reading an original folio that Morton just happened to have around. She is memorizing lines for "Winter's Tale" - apparently she is Hermione, a mother figure. She also confesses she was a "Mrs. Robinson" - she did indeed have an affair with Robert Archer. Leave and go straight to the Ante Room.


Turn around to face the stairs, and click the script. Fill in the quote - it should now say "in France amongst a fickle wavering nation". Hmm, where have we seen France? Exit the script book and click the map to the right of the stairs, where you played the flag mini-game.


Click France to find a switch. Click the switch to reveal ANOTHER secret room, underneath the coffin. Click back and turn around, clicking the stairs under the coffin.


You are now in the computer room that Anne photographed. Before you click the computer, turn around. Note the bloodstain on the right wall, and click the paper on the left table. Everyone is crossed out except Edward, Judith, Richard, and Will. Click the gold object to the left of the paper once you're done. This is the Slide Puzzle - it's beneficial if you finish it, but is not necessary. You should either get a crown, a beanstalk, or two drama faces on the back. The significance will be explained later.


Leave the slide puzzle and turn to the computer. The screen should be blinking, "Verify ID". Right next to that should be a small, white rectangle. Use the CELL PHONE on it to read the messages. Once done, leave it.


There should be a black phone on the desk, next to the cell phone dock. Click it. Cycle through the messages. The first two are about delayed payments, the third is someone calling the undertaker, and the last is a message to Morton that states the ‘visitor' (killer) came late to meet him. Leave once you're done.


To the left of that should be a blue handprint. It's a biometric scan machine. Use the SEVERED HAND (finally) on the machine; it will scan it. You will get a scrambled-up password: the letters should spell out "jcaesar", Morton's username on the computer in his study. Type it in and click enter. The computer will turn on, also turning on the security system.


Now, this is the confusing part. There are ten total screens that, when clicked, show scenes that have been recorded by secret cameras; you have to watch six of them to move on. I will explain what each one shows so you can pick ones of interest to you.
The first "set" of cameras:

I have no beginning, nor no end: shows a scene of the balcony.
All the world is one: shows a scene of Anne Hatcher's body.
I have wings but cannot fly: shows a scene of the backstage area.
Below the ground: shows a scene of the basement underneath Morton's study - but his body is now gone!
Why do you dress me, in borrowed robes?: shows a scene of the dressing room, with the words "Revenge shall have no bounds!" written on it in lipstick.
Study is like Heaven's glorious sun, that will not be deep-searched with saucy looks: shows a scene of Richard and Judith arguing. Judith states that this is the day that she lost their baby to miscarriage.

The second "set" of cameras:

The door is open, sir, there lies your way: shows a scene of Will freaking out, with a gun in his hand.
Within this wooden O: shows a scene of the stage.
The beds I' the east are soft: shows a scene of Morton's room, specifically the tub and the door to the Ante Room.
Laid to rest: shows a scene of Edward standing next to Robert's body, looking terrified.


Suddenly the security system will alert you to an intruder. The camera will show Edward being chased by a pack of dogs, attacked, and finally killed by them, with the portcullis smashing into his back on top of him. The "dogs of war" have been unleashed. Let the last act begin.

End of Act Five

Act Six: Doomsday Is Near, Die All Merrily, Die


There will be a recap. The passage lights will go out. You will get the last pages of the script. You will not be able to access the foyer or the study; now you can only reach the rooms from the theatre on.


You will automatically turn on your NIGHT-VISION GOGGLES. Click the pamphlet on the floor to figure out a bit more about the remaining three - of these, one is the killer. Click back.


Go to Edward's body. Use the handy-dandy MAGNET on the object stuck behind the portcullis. This is the next clue that tells you who the killer is - you should have found an earring, a euro coin, or a lighter. Leave Edward's body and turn around.


On the far right should be a cylinder. Click it. The last mini-game! You need to take the names (right) and match them to the quote (left) by clicking the middle triangle.
"Here's to my love" - Romeo, "The rest is silence" - Hamlet, "Et tu, Brute?" - Julius Caesar, "Yea noise?" - Juliet, "A horse!" - Richard III, "As sweet as balm" - Cleopatra. Ironically, these are the last words of each of the characters before they die a tragic, gruesome death. When you complete the puzzle you will find the last half of MORTON'S WILL. Click back.


This part is a bit tricky, but it gives you the next clue to the killer. To the left of the cylinder is a book. Look past the book until you reach a wall. That wall should have the shadow of a chain on it, making an inverted cross shape. Go to the bottom-right corner of the wall and you should see a white object. Click it. You should now be at a pack of cards. Click the card sticking out from underneath the deck - this is the third clue to the killer. You should have either a Joker, an Ace of Hearts, or a King of Spades.


To the left of the cards is the exit. Leave; there's nothing else for you to do here. You will be in the chapel. Turn around to speak to Will. He will be stealing some gold coins from the altar, saying, "Morton doesn't need them". He will again state that everyone here will gain immortality because everyone is dying in terrible ways. He suspects the other two. Once you're done talking to him, go to the dressing room.


In here, talk to Judith. She will admit that she is the last of the Quinn line, and that she's afraid it will end here. She will explain that the new Richard is frightening, and kills off everyone in the old play. She suspects the other two, but Richard more than Will. Once done, leave for the theatre.


In here, speak with Richard. He will be reciting cryptic Hamlet quotes again. He explains that he never had Morton's version of Hamlet, and also notes that killers always kill until they themselves are killed. He suspects Will is behind all this. Once done, leave for the computer room.


In here, note that the CCTV system is destroyed, and the wall now says "Doomsday is near, die all merrily, die". Turn around and face the table with the slide puzzle and newspaper. Underneath it will be a glittering object. Click it. You have found a MAGNIFYING GLASS. Click back, and leave for the chapel.


Click the script and go to the back page. Note that the very last page is missing. Read the quote at the top of the left page: "Get thee glass eyes, and like a scurvy politician, seem to see the things thou dost not." This means you must use your newfound MAGNIFYING GLASS. Just above Robert's body should be a painting with two figures. Click it, and use the MAGNIFYING GLASS on it. Drag it to the very bottom corner of the painting, and you should find the last clue. Click on the picture within a picture. You will either have a skull, an ankh, or a clown. Now click back, and go up the stairs to Morton's room.


In here, turn around and click on the first half of Morton's will. Use the second half of


on it. It will state that Morton left half of his estate to none other than you. Click back.


The PA system will suddenly crackle to life, and ask you to go to the stage for "one last performance". Go there.


There will be a cut scene - a feast is laid out for the four of you (you, Richard, Judith, Will). Morton's hand will be on a platter holding a piece of paper. You will suddenly realize you are poisoned. Click next.


The PA system will speak again. It will tell everyone at the table that they are poisoned. There will be a cutscene that shows everyone's shock. Now you must name the killer.
If you received the Drama Faces sliding puzzle, the euro, the King of Spades, and the Skull in the painting, your killer is

Richard Burrows. This is because he is "two-faced", is rich, is the "king" of method acting, and has been playing Hamlet (where the skull held in hand came from).

If you received the Beanstalk sliding puzzle, the lighter, the Joker, and the Clown in the painting, your killer is

Will Kent. This is because his career low was "Jack and the Beanstalk", he's the only one that still smokes, he is considered to be the one that jokes around a lot, and is dubbed the "clown prince" because of his weak résumé.

If you received the Crown sliding puzzle, the earring, the Ace of Hearts, and the Ankh in the painting, your killer is

Judith Quinn. This is because she is the "queen" of British theatre, she is the only one who wears earrings, she is the last remaining of the Quinns, and the Ankh stands for life - something she so desperately wanted to give to a baby.

If you guess incorrectly the PA system will announce, "I'm afraid you are… INCORRECT! Ha ha, after all your hard work, goodbye" and you will die. You may click "play again" to replay ALL of act six. If you guess correctly, the killer will say, "Congratulations. You guessed correctly. I will allow you to survive." Click next, and the other two will die.


You will now be taken through all the evidence you found that pointed to the killer. All the things he or she said, the newspapers and letters that you found, the things that other people said, etcetera. Click next until you hear police sirens.


The killer will then say they have called the police and have framed you for everything. He amended Morton's diary to make it look like you were involved in writing the plot.The knife in your suitcase - the one he or she killed Morton with - now has your fingerprints on it. You led Susanna straight to the poison. You knew where to find Morton. You gave Anne the 7NK script, which led her to her death that only you observed. You opened the door to the chapel, which led Robert to the poisoned mask. You switched on the security system - causing Edward to die. The killer will then explain WHY they did it - Richard states it's because he never fully grasped the concept of his last character until he killed them all like in the play, Judith states that she "cannot give life, but can take it away", and Will states that each and every one of the Kinsmen, as well as yourself, ruined his career. Then the killer will die, and the police will apprehend you for the murders. Hopefully with the 7NK script and the evidence in the house you can prove yourself innocent. :) The screen will say "THE END", and you may click next to play again if you so choose.

End of Act Six

I have done everything in act six. Solved the riddles, did all the puzzles, got all my objects and talked to everyone. I know who my murderer is but the game doesn't move on. What next? Can it be that I missed something somewhere? Should I always talk to everyone? Can anyone please help, I've played the last act several times now hoping that I didn't miss a thing but I just don't get any further.

I'm having the same issues as Tara. I also know who my murder is. I've played through repeatedly on my own, and looking at various walkthroughs to make sure I haven't missed a single clue. I've clicked on everything, but the end of the game just doesn't occur. Anyone have a clue as to why?

I'm on Act 6, just put together Morton's will. The PA system just isn't coming on. I'm about to start puling my hair out.
Is there something I'm not doing right?


I had the same problem and I am still stuck. I may have put the will together too soon?? Never got the PA message...and I never saw the message written on the wall of the secret security room. I keep going back to his room and viewing the will..I've talked to everyone...very stuck. have you figured it out yet??

I'm way confused. I'm still on act 1. I filled in the quotes for the 4 things on the second page of the script, but now what I'm confused. Now please don't laugh, I just started the game.

HI, i am having a problem. I have played the first scene many times but it won't let me go to the next one it always says it is still locked. Is there something i am doing wrong? TY for any information.


I think I'm going to kill someone soon. oO;

I did everything in act 6. Talked to everyone, found the euro behind the bars, 2nd part of the will [put it together too] and found the skull with the magnifying glass.

Nothing happened. At all. I repeated a couple of times, and ugh. frustrating. Am I doing something wrong? Help D:

To everyone having a problem with Act Six -

You need to make sure you have every piece of evidence. Make sure you get the sliding puzzle (though not necessary, it may be a glitch otherwise), the glittery object, the card, the hidden picture, AND the second part of the will!

Please refer to my Act Six walkthrough, numbers 3 through 5 and 9 through 11.

I hope this helps!

(PS: If this comment appears several times, I'm so sorry! I'm having huge issues with some internal server error at the moment. :( My apologies, Jay!)

im having the same problem as you, luciouslips67. im playing the game for the second time now i love it.

OMG!!! Can somebody help me? I am in the last scene. I have everything; I put the will together, solved the puzzles, etc...Nothing is happening! I think its because I didn't do the slidding puzzle. Can someone explain to me how to do that one?

I have done Act 1 three times and yet I still cant unlock Act 2. Anyone know why?

Same here in terms of Act 1 not leading to Act 2. I had previously on two computers and it worked fine about 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, I can't get to Act 2 either, no matter how many times I play through Act 1. Are the last five acts no longer available? (Because if so, that would suck. I want to know what the solution to the mystery is, and it's just not the same if you can't figure it out for yourself.)

help! I've completed act one 3 times now and it won't unlock act 2 - this is soooo frustrating? Is the bbc website not doing it anymore? If so they should take it off!!! Its cruel to let us do Act 1 and then get no further.

Nice long game...

I wish it was downloadable though...


Answer from the BBC:

I'm having problems with the 7NK Shakespearean Murder Mystery Game

Having problems with an Act not appearing as having been completed and the next Act not unlocking? This is likely to be a caching problem on your computer. We recommend that you try logging out, clearing your browser cache (Tools | Internet Options | Delete Cookies/Files), closing the browser, and then re-opening the browser and going to the site and logging in again.

I couldn't get Act 2 unlocked no matter how many times I played Act 1 but I finally found a way around it -

in the address bar, just enter

change the number to the act you can't access. Hope this will help those with the same problem! :)

Sorry if I'm a little dense... but there's something I don't really get -

if we were all poisoned in the end, why does everyone die except for us? I mean, our vision started to become unfocused which I assume meant we were starting to feel the effect of the poison.

Dreamzz,thanks for the hint on how to get further than act I ... only thing is, it doesn't save previous acts and I have a feeling will need the items collected along the way..what do I do? Spyder.

i can't get past the first act, i beat it but act 2 is still locked what am i doing wrong?

Me too, I completed act 1 and act 2 is still locked. There is a sign that says they're not uploading this site anymore and that they have left but is that really the reason? If anyone knows what's wrong, please answer. Thank you :)

I find it adoring how the whole scenario is drawn together. One got to get used to the posing characters and the stifness of the sorrounding, however, to my misfortune i cannot play past act 1.
Once i finished the act the others, at least act 2 wont unlock.
I wonder where the problem is

can anyone actually post a full spoiler
or am I not looking hard enough?

I'm still on act 1
and I am RUBBISH at these games
but love them anyway :)

Ok it's ok I found it
thanks so much Metanaito!


I finished the first act but act 2 is still locked! HELP

I refuse to play any game which requires me to register.

Makes me think the game developers are just a bunch of control freaks.

I keep trying to play this game, but seem to be having the same problem as everyone else. I have completed act 1 about 6 times now, hoping that it will work the next time, and act 2 remains locked. I've cleared the cookies and files, signed out and then back on, and even tried opening the game in different windows. PLEASE if someone knows how to fix this LET ME KNOW!!

Act two wouldn't unlock for me either, although I finished the first act properly (twice). Since cleaning the cache, refreshing, and opening a new window didn't help at all I tried something else: I simply changed the URL of act one manually to act two (just replace the 1 by a 2). And that worked just fine!

The above mentioned "trick" has unfortunately the HUGE disadvantage that you begin every act with an empty inventory. :(

Act 1 is over, but why can't I open act 2?:S

help. so far i've had to redo act 1 so many times because the game says i've completed that act. i've found the watch, the poison, the quotes book,mortons diary book, his emails, spoke to everyone in the foyer, spoke to that girl in the dressin room, spoke to the guy in the study, spoke to the 2 people in the theatre, i found the plaque and the coat of arms info. wat do i need to find now?

I can't get Act 2 to load. I tried everything I know how to do.

I couldn't get Act Two to unlock either, so I contacted the help desk. I received an email today.

"Please accept our apologies if you're finding that your personal customisation settings are not being properly retained between visits to the page. We're aware that this problem is currently affecting a small number of our Homepage users and we regret any inconvenience caused.

We are working hard to fix this. We currently plan to update the software which runs the Homepage on Monday 28th June and this should solve the problem.

In the meantime if you visit the BBC Homepage and then select both the CTRL and F5 keys at the same time you should find that this restores your previous settings. However if this doesn't work for you then the changes we make on Monday should fix the problem."

Hasn't been fixed, I can't access Act 2 at all, not matter how many times I've played through Act 1.

Anybody know if this game will be accessible again? When I click the "begin the mystery" button, it takes me to a 404.

I just discovered this game, and now I can't play :-(

Does anyone know if there's another way to login/play?

Has anyone tried messaging the animation studio that produced the webgame?

Just did. I hope I get an answer!

I, too, would like to play this game but keep getting the 404 error. Please keep us posted on any response you get from the animation studios or the BBC!

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