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CarnyvilleOne more game to leave you with to sweat it out over the weekend. Mark Arenz over at, author of the previously reviewed Swinger game, has just released his latest creation and it's a unique combination of point-and-click puzzles with arcade mini-games thrown in for good measure.

Carnyville is a uniquely stylized adventure game that makes use of a monetary structure, health meter, and scoring system to increase replay value, but they also add some frustration to the mix as well.

The object of the game, as with most clicky games, is to find and collect various objects that will allow you to progress through the game. It all leads up to a final encounter with the evil carnival boss.

The addition of a monetary structure limits the number of times you can play the various mini-games to acquire necessary items. Some actions will cause you to take damage to your health meter. If you use up all of the health meter, you may continue playing at a cost of 200 points off your final score.

An unusual game for its type, Carnyville offers something slightly different for those who have become jaded with the point-and-click genre. Still, the addition of arcade elements may be disappointing for some who enjoy these types of games. Overall, a very good effort that can be enjoyed more than once.

Note: the servers that the Ridiculopathy website is hosted on are extremely slow, which may be due to this game being brand new and is therefore getting lots of traffic. Be patient. The game will load, though it took about 15 minutes the first time I tried. Beware of the loud carnival music that begins playing once the game is fully loaded.

Play Carnyville

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Here is the walkthrough:

  1. Start by taking your wallet from the drawer. Get insulted by your wife if you want, check your reflection in the mirror and realize you're a bit short in the pants dept.

  2. Walk downstairs and into the laundry room (left at the end of the hallway, opposite the door outside). Take the pants between the washer and the dryer, take part of the cookie jar key from the dryer (it's way down and hard to see, just move your pointer around until you hit it). Petting the cat isn't required (or even appreciated) :-)

  3. Step outside and take the second part of the code key from the lawn. Go back inside and into the kitchen. Rummage through the cabinets for a roll of duct tape and a book. Note that one of the cabinets can't be opened.

  4. You now have everything you need to open the jar. The letters represent the colors and the numbers tell you in which order to use them. The switch upstairs is #1, the microwave is #2, the dryer is #3 and switch on the kitchen wall is #4. The jar should now be open, grab the cash.

  5. (And put your shorts on, otherwise you won't be able to buy a wristband. Check the Property Value-O-Meter on the hallway wall if you want, it has probably dropped to Anxiety by now.)

  6. Go outside, buy a wristband and enter. Most of the books can be taken in any order:

  7. One is in the small tent behind the crying child. You don't have to help him now, but if you do, you'll lose a finger and have to buy $15 worth of healing. Make sure you do it, if you decide to do this. It will trigger something later on that you need to do (Trigger the employee's enterance, see below). Talk to the badly drawn guy in the tent to get some hints.

  8. One is between the dart stand and the fish-in-a-barrel stand. Just pick it up.

  9. One can be won by playing darts. You need to play twice, to get both the engine part and the book. If you're gonna bleed out and die somewhere, this is the spot..

  10. One is a prize in the fish shooting. There's no time limit here, wait for a chance to get more than one fish in a shot (I think you need six to win the book). You'll have to play this twice as well, the mirror will be used later on.

  11. (If you're a lousy shot like me, you've just run out of money. Sell plasma to get some cash.)

  12. Now go bob for a screwdriver in the fried foods stand. Wait for it to appear near the basket, click it and hold while you're pulling it into the basket (NOTE that doing this part is the hardest. Make sure you pull the screwdriver before you pops up in the oil, make sure you click and drag). If you catch any food, eat it if you need to boost your health or keep it in your inventory.

  13. Time for a bike stunt. This involves getting to the bike (from the grease trap, go west, north, double east, open the gate by clicking lights 1, 2 and 3), fixing the bike (use the engine part you won in the balloon game and use the duct tape to keep it in place) and riding it.

  14. Navigate between the rocks, ride the ramp and don't let go of the mouse button until you've landed. Claim your bad grammar prize and take the book from the bushes. You can set up the mirror to deflect the laser beams now, if you want to.

  15. Go home and use the screwdriver to fix the cabinet. Take the issue of Unpopular Mechanics. Go back and enter the freakshow tent. To get past the guy with the bow tie, give him the cup. Take the book outside.

  16. Walk through the Employees Only opening and give the magazine to the ferris wheel operator. Go outside and buy a ferris wheel ticket. Take the book from the tree as you glide by.

  17. You now have all eight books. Put them in the bookshelf and rearrange them (BRADBURY). A key appears, take it.

  18. Ride the bike again and use the key to unlock the door. Enter.

  19. Big shootout scene. Shoot Mr. Dark some ten times, don't waste bullets on the fish.

  20. Mission accomplished.



Good lord, how did people get such high scores?

Great site Jay!!! Now... for this new game. Let's see what it is all about!

I think Im stuck... What is up with the light switch with the different colors? Where do I get the money from? I have the wallet.

Any Clues Jay, Its Hard ;[

Thanks, Tay. =)

Money you'll find in the cookie jar, where most people apparently hide their hard-earned cash. Getting inside it, however is another story. You will need the code, which is hidden somewhere.

You are very welcome Jay. What is up with the lights in the foyer and the laundry room? And how do you get the cat to go away?

I can't find the code to the cookie jar... I thought it was from the shred of paper I found but its not. Please help.

Why does it keep doing that? Anyway...HEEEEELPP PLEEEEASE!!! I cant get the cookie jar open and I still dont know what the deal is with the lights. Im not to good at these types of games so I would appreciate even the slightest hint.

When I played, I kept thinking about the dryer. It seemed to serve no useful purpose.

Things aren't alway as they seem.

Hint: check the dryer.

The RIT servers are slowing to a crawl again this afternoon for some reason. So when you click "Post" button, you may have to wait a bit before it responds. Clicking the button again will result in a double post.

The only thing I came up with for the dryer is the shorts which I am now wearing. Am I missing something? And what about the lights?


Ugh. I know the code for the jar, but I can't find the switch for the second light from the left. Any help on that?

I need help with the code for the jar? Is it on that piece of paper?

My time is running out :( What am I supposed to do? Help please.

Tay, check the drier REAL carefully. There's something easy to miss there. Examine the paper closely too.

Could you please say (or hint) where the switch for the second light is?

Justdig - there's one in the bedroom, the hallway, the laundry room and the kitchen.

I didn't know how to make that into a hint other than just tell you the general vicinity. =)

Hrm, okay, thanks, I'm missing the kitchen one. I'll look harder.

Thank you sooo much for that hint.... the only problem now is how do u enter it.

I got it!!! Wow that took forever.

Help, I'm colorblind and can't figure out the sequence!

Nick, the sequence changes for each game.

Where do you input the numbers? o_O I'm totally lost.

Ughh... what's in the dryer? I've been clicking around for half an hour? A little hint on where to place the mouse...please?

Grace - the numbers are only half the puzzle.

Nick - look closely, you should see something that appears only slightly different.

Hmm... nevermind, the jar randomly opened. That's strange. This game is very glitchy.

Weeeell now I'm stuck with a locked door and a load of books that I have no idea what to do with.

agh i cant open the jar - please help. i have the scrap with numbers -- forget the hint - just spoil me -- is there another scrap somewhere? what am i missing here


Justdig - did you get inside the big tent yet? You'll need the books there.

Emgee - the other scrap is in the dryer. Look carefully.

I have been at this game for hours... Where is the key to the door behind the amusement park?

I can't find the switch for the bedroom ... what wall is it on exactly?

Gah! Where is the wallet?!

Nope, not been in the tent, not managed to unlock the door, not done anything with the wheel.

Yes - Try checking the bedroom more carefully ... maybe you can open something.

:D Thanks. Maybe I'm a bit too hasty..

Nevermind, I just tried something totally random and it worked. No idea how you're meant to work that one out.

Yea well if you find the switch in the bedroom let me know, I've almost given up.

Yes: Where do most men keep their wallet when they go to sleep? (Well alot of men I know do...)

Steph - look by the stairs before you go down.

Is that a knife showing in the silhouette outside the big tent by the entrance? If so how do you get it?

I cant beat the stupid fish game... Im a bad Where are the rest of the books though? How many are there?

Ok... I dont get this... I shot 6 fish and I still didnt get the book. What am I doing wrong?

grrr. the cookie jar thing is ticking me off. i just don't seem to understand. i have one piece of paper from the dryer. what am i not getting?

Im really stuck... how do u beat the fish game?

Tay, time your shots to get mutiple fish, after all, it is a shotgun.

as for me, i cant get the book with, what i assume form the rest of the books, a 'D' on it. I finnally got the one book fomr the sadistic dart throwing maniac after i ended up having to kill myself for money twice in the first aid tent.

Eeep. i hope this doesnt effect me in the long run.

I accidentally put the same book on the shelf twice. i pressed use, then after it was there i mystakenly pressed use again and it put the book up there twice.

Teonis - was it a "B" book? If so, there are two. =)

There are 8 books total. Look around by the dart game.

April - you'll understand once you find the other piece of paper. =)

ARGH! That stupid fried food game is impossible!


i was keeping track of the books

there are also 2 'R's as well as 2 'B's, i had them both. On top of that I know they are different becasue the letter blend into more than one book. I know what the key is, but i dont have the 'D'. The book i put up there twice was the 'R' book from the tree; Giving me 3 'R's now, which i KNOW is a mystake.

If you try it yourself you can probably cause it to happen.

How many times do you have to do the fried food game? I got one prize from it... is that all?

Yup, the double book keeps me fomr putting the 'D' up there.(now that i found it) I'll have to start over; but at least i can improve my time this time.

Grace; as for the HOT grease, you can only hold the fried junk in your mouth for so long (about half a second). so you have to click-drag, click-drag, click-drag to get it to the basket

are both pieces of paper in the dryer

Mwahahah, i shot that freak in the face!!

since i had a better time my score is higher that it would have been.

Hey. Am I one of the first to finish? or just to brag about it?

Finally beat the game. I dunno if it was this way for anyone else, but the ending was REALLY glitchy. I didn't even get a chance to read the text shown in Jay's screen shot, it just kinda threw me in there. I don't know what happened. :/

Finally finished! Hahaha, that was amusing.

But, er, I'm sort of confused. Souls..?

Hey, grace. What was your final score? I had 2910

What are u supposed to get from the fried food game? I just got a corndog and a french fry.

Tay - You should eventually get a screwdriver.

so i've got two codes, one set up on the cookie jar and i don't know what do do with the other one. how does one get the cookie jar open? are you just supposed to complete all the indoor tasks and then it will open? what am i missing here?

Could somebody give me a rundown on how to play this fried food game? Am I trying to pull the food into the basket or what because that dosen't seem to be working. The food moves half an inch before falling.

Also, what is this talk of 'B' and 'R' books? I curently have 7 book and I'm assuming the 8th is behind the locked door, I'm also assuming I need the screwdriver to open that door.

I dunno, I'm pretty lost. Any hint would be appreciated!

And did anyone else lose their their finger like I did? :o

I had to play the fried food game 3 times before I got the screwdriver. I don't know if it's the same for everyone. Look up at Teonis's post. They explain how to get the food pretty clearly. Also, I'd go for some food item that is already close to the basket...

Teonis I had a horrible score. I had something like 1118.

The trick to the fried food game is to move it slow and steady towards the basket once you hook one with the teeth.

Hey, i Just started playing it and it seems that this game is based of the book "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury...which I still haven't completely read (but is a good far)

are both pieces of paper in the dryer? i can only find one, can i have a hint about the other?

aah! how do i get into the big tent? i've done all the games, gotten the screwdriver, gotten my finger hooked off trying to help the little boy....what does the man want?!

aallllrighty then....never mind....

hey, where are all the books? I'm missing the second "r" and have gotten the one from the teepee, behind the bike course, by the darts, by the big tent...and three others i can't remember. One more! aah!

Harukio - I haven't read it either, but it makes sense. One of the books is titled "Something Wicked...", and Bradbury's name pops up in a couple of places. Good call.

Mega - did you get the book from the ferris wheel? I don't remember what letter that one is.

Jess - while the guy at the big tent will eat all of the goodies you get from the fried food stand, what he really wants is your trophy. Probably has something to do with the book as Harukio mentioned.

Starry - no both pieces are not in the dryer, only one is. The other is outside near the house.

Whoo; after a friend of mine played through it, i decided to play it again, beat it in under 3 min; only go hurt twice (once by a dart)(once by Mr Dark, forgot to reload). I was fast enought to click the shiney under the ride and click out fast enough NOT to loose the finger, Woot. and i ended with a score of 4835

um, no...I don't think i did find the one by the ferris wheel - I've talked to the man behind the big tent, and I've seen the "closed" sign, but i haven't found any books....

That's it then. You need to ride the ferris wheel to get the book, but you must help the mechanic fix the ride first. *hint*

yes - but how? i've tried giving him the screwdriver, along with every other item in my inventory, and none of the books are technical manuals, i think.

Well, remember back in the kitchen? There was that one cupboard you couldn't open due to it's hinge about to fall off... hmm...

I feel kinda sheepish for asking for help on this, but I've managed to open up the cookie jar, but I can't get out the money. It tells me I need to put something in it first, and I tried everything in my inventory (both scraps of paper, the Halloween Tree book, the duct tape, and the shorts). Please help. Thanks.

I think it's telling you that you need something to put the *money* in. You need the wallet. I think you might have left it in your bedroom upstairs. =)

I am so annoyed by this game. All the items i pick up do not appear in my inventory so i can't make use of anything. And from the comments you guys posted it turns out that i am the only one having this problem :(

I can't seem to find the mechanic. Is he in the tent? I can't get into the tent either.

Ioana - you clicked the little circled "I" in the lower right corner of the game window? Then try clicking on the up arrow in the inventory? Maybe your items have just scrolled out of view?

Ricky - get into the tent, and you will find a way to the ferris wheel operator.

Ahh. Nevermind, now all I need is the key.

I can't seem to find the technical manual.

Mr. Matt - have you used the screwdriver yet? Surely there's something you can find to fix with it?

Where Is The ScrewDriver!!!!!!????

Do I need a key to open the door or another object?

I can't figure out the code for the cookie jar. I have both scraps of paper. One says 4213 and the other says wwbb. I've tried to put the colors to the numbers and white and black. please someone help.

try b=blue, it's the color following green. The sequence of colors for those who can't make out the colors... red green blue yellow off

Wow I just finished this, great find jay... HAHAHHA I will do a walkthrough if it is permitted :)

Sure, Remister, a walkthrough might help some of these lost souls. =)

Okay... so I have (what I think is) the correct code set up on the cookie jar, but it still won't let me open it. The code on the paper said "YYGR", so I set the lights to yellow, yellow, green, red. What am I doing wrong?

Kendra - There is another piece of paper located somewhere around or outside the house that has the numbers that match up with the colors.

is there any purpose in riding the ferris wheel?

ah, power of the post :)

hey, jay - you left out white! the order of the lights is red, green, blue, yellow, WHITE, off...

where is the book on the ferris wheel??? Argghhh. I can't find it :(

it is a blackish book in the tree

I tried both codes... neither of them will let me open the cookie jar. I'm really confused.

What's in the dryer?

Where oh where would I be if I were a pair of shorts?

why i can't open the jar??? argh!! help hard!!

could somebody tell me where the switch on the kitchen wall is at??

can anyone tell me where the other two books are. I have only BADBUY

How can you get more money?

Does where I find the light of the washer?

How do you get in the employees only place? It says that I can't read or something. And everyone else is saying that there's a book in the tree when you go on the ferris wheel, but everytime I go past it, it's closed. Will someone help me??!!

I only have 6 books, and I've given the magazine to the ferris wheel guy. Any help from anyone??!!

I can't get the cookie jar open! Please help!

Hey all!
If, according to the walkthrough, 1 stands voor Bedroom, 2 for Microwave, 3 for Dryer (which is actually the washing machine, I guess), and 4 for Kitchen, and my color-combination is BWGB, then WHY is the jar still shut tight?
I have the following combination:
4-B 3-W 1-G 2-B, which means Kitchen-Black, Dryer-white, Bedroom-Green, Microwave-Black.

I have tried the combination as is shows, also other combinations with the above colors, but nothing works.
Did I do something wrong, or what?

Actually Roy, the B is for BLUE not black. If you get the sequence correct, the cookie jar opens and there is $67 in there.

Help! Everytime i try to get into the employees only entrance it tells me that "the sign says employees only. reading is, after all, fundamental." Help?

Where can I find the last book. It is the R after the B in BRadbury. I just need the first R. Can somebody please tell me. Thanks alot in advance. Jordan

how do i beat the food game, and how do i get in the tent, also, my health is low, and i only have $1

I know some of you are having a hard time opening the cookie jar. You basically need to use the cookie jar keys in your inventory. The first number is 2 (which indicates the microwave) and then you take the second key and look at the first letter which is G (for green), that means that you need to press the button on the microwave until it turns green. Its the same thing for the other 3.

Where the heck is the 1st switch??
I know it is in the bedroom but I can't find it

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