Babycal Throw

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Babycal ThrowBabycal Throw is an action arcade game, created by Arseniy Desrosiers, in which the player attempts to hit walking and running targets by tossing bean-bags up in the air.

A very simple gameplay mechanic, and if that were it all there was to it I probably wouldn't be talking about it here. What makes this game special is the manner in which Rubilon has implemented the scoring and the power-ups.

Simply hitting one target as it is walking by will score a measly 10 points. If you are lucky enough to hit more than one, a combo bonus of 25 points per each additional target hit is scored. The trouble with this strategy is you will soon run out of the 30 little people you begin the game with. The real meat of the gameplay is in hitting the same target again, and again, and again.

Hitting one target will send it running in the opposite direction from which it was walking. Hit it again, and it will again turn and run in the opposite direction, but it will now have a white glow around it. You have now earned an additional little person, and will earn another for each time you hit the target while it's glowing white. There is a maximum of 100 additional power-ups you can earn in a game, though earning even 50 proved difficult for me.

Analysis: This is a good example of a very simple gameplay mechanic made into a compelling and addictive (mini)game by adding a clever scoring and power-up structure. I like how simple and accessible the game is to pick-up and play, and yet how difficult it is to master. After playing over 20 times, I managed to reach only the "beginner" score rating of 5,000 points. It's difficult to imagine being able to score over 100,000 points, and yet the author clearly indicates that it is possible.

Babycal Throw is an exceptional mini-game design in an elegantly simple little package. Click.


I can never get past 2,000 *sigh*
Although I once got three glowing people going at the same time.

yeah! 5365, with 12 extra guys to go!
Such a simple game, but such a good feeling of accomplishment!
(seems like a mini-game that would work well on the DS)

Your first link is missing the h on the http... The game is really great, though.

Thanks, Gary. Fixed.


look at jay, he is on score with 176k



This game is not available anymore, the page redirects to the domain itself (

Thanks, LucasNovae, I have fixed the broken links.

i got 75K already. it's possible. just go after one guy and eventually he'll end up with another guy running as fast as him and you get bonuses when you hit both of them.

i got this going on and i got 6 other guys running with guy #1. hahaha!

when i looked at my score i had 75K++

I only got to 210.

Horribly addictive... Plus the bonking sounds and all the "ouches" are a guilty pleasure. Found myself playing this way too much.

scored 1,665 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4,875 pts!!!

No, wait: I`ve got 5190 now for a high score.
(still don`t know what "woot" means.)

11225!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!

O.K. my babies haves the worst luck ever. lol i hit one 30x!!! he was one of my last but the peoples meter resetted to 32! yaaaayz!


Link isn't working... it 404's every time I click it.

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