"Someone keeps stealing my letters..."

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Just LettersMadness. Not really a game, and yet I had a lot of fun playing with Just Letters, a Flash Communications Server application developed by FlashComGuru. The multiuser Flash application is reminiscent of those old Fisher Price Letters I used to play with eons ago.

Basically, there is a white board with lots of English alphabet letters on it that you drag around to form words, sort into colors, or what ever you like. Problem is, there are many others all doing the same thing—there were 74 others online when I was playing. Letters flying every which way, letters being taken from your words to form other words nearby. Madness. Mahem. Hilarious fun. Click.

Update: The developers have opened up more "Fridges" to play on. If you have trouble connecting to the one above, try Fridge 2, Fridge 3 or Fridge 4 (Fridge 4 has a max of 15 users).

NOTE: This is an anonymous, multi-user online environment, and therefore your experience, good or bad, heavily depends upon the nature of the other individuals playing at the same time. We offer no guarantee that your experience will be like ours was when we first reviewed this back in 2004. Proceed at your own risk.


Heh, this was pretty cool for a few minutes. Like you say, it's not really a game, but when I was playing around with it just now it kind of ended up becoming one.

See, someone had started spelling out the alphabet in one corner of the board. This seemed to have prompted others (myself included) to join in the construction of the alphabet, while also getting others working together to destroy the it. We managed to spell out around 20 of the letters before a few of our good guys must've gotten bored and decided to help out the Destructonators. :( So close, yet so far.

Exactly. =)

For me, there was someone who was sorting all the letters by color, so I started helping. Then the Destructionators arrived to foil our plans. lol. Chaos ensued. It wasn't pretty.

Then I started just dragging one letter around the board slowly, then someone else grabbed another of the same letter and started to follow me. Soon, there was a train of letters moving around. Simple fun, but hilarious emergent behavior can develop.

this is a game of cooperation and frusteration. i almost got all the letters down to a corner without anyone noticing.

It was real fun destroyin' 'em.. *naughty me!*

Funny, it was great because whenever you tried to do something, someone else messed you up! Great.

What r destructinators?

Fridge 4 is the good guy board!

This can be ridiculously entertaining. I like to log on at dull moments, and then spell out complete sentences as fast as possible before being stopped. Try "WE NEED TO BE CAREFUL. THIS IS DANGEROUS." Everybody starts tossing out "WHAT" and "WHY." Then feel free to make up a little story, like "I AM A SPY. THIS IS OUR METHOD OF COMMUNICATION." Hours and hours later, you calm down and go to bed.

LOL! Matt, I love your way of thinking. =)

Yeah, it's incredibly fun, but only feasible when two or three people are dragging with you, or even when the board is empty. Unfortunately, you don't get to see the "reaction" that way.
By the way, awesome work on your site, Jay. I'm
now hopelessly compelled to check back quite often. Keep it up.

OMG stupid destructinators ruin all my cool plans, I hate them

I like this game but it annoys me SOOO much. I try to do the alphabet but only 1 person was helping me. Everyone else was just taking it down. I hate destructinators!!!

sweet! we got ALL the letters in the corner once

they now have a fridge five.

On my fridge, everybody was making phrases from star wars, including, "Luke, I am your father"

Admittedly this is a cool little flash. Great way to pass time when you've got nothing else to do. Its kinda sad though the number of people who just use this as an excuse to toss up expletives...

Hehe, pretty cool.

OMG how totally frustrating! People can be so rude for no reason. It would be a fun game if there were jerks there stealing all your letters to write stuff like GAY PHONESEX and curse words. Blah. This wasn't a game in which I can say "Hilarity ensued" because it was just downright aggravating. Off to find another great game on your site, tho!

When this 'game' first appeared on the Web, it was good wholesome fun.

...and then the world found out about it.

As with most anything unregulated and anonymous as this community sandbox is, the prevailing emergent behavior will invariably turn sour.

What motivates such behavior? What is the incentive? Is it because people love to push buttons, or make an impression, or attract attention? Is it because children find it amusing to write words they are forbidden to speak? Is it because hateful or angry people desire to express their repressed emotions?

I'm sure there are many reasons.

It's even impossible on the Friendly Fridge (4). We were doing good. I almost had multiple lines of the alphabet going. I had each letter seperated in its own group. Crazy fun, when everyone cooperates. Or at least outnumbers destructinators by minimum of 5/1.

Wow... that was fun!!

I managed on Fridge 3 to stack each letter on top of its own (so all the A's and B's are together, so on).

And before I left... I wrote "Put the letters away when youre done"

haha ... this is easily the funniest not a game i have ever played ... you dont have time to write anything!! but its cool

Great game. I started putting all the letters in the corner and then everyone joined. I saw someone spelling out jay is games but stopped before the last s was on.

I did it! I got all the lettersn the corner! in your face, destructinators!

This is really fun. People get too worked up over people that mess up their words/whatever, though.

The reason the game is so fun is that when people write a message, you can replace letters to make it a completely different, sometimes nonsensically funny one! Just making phrases with some letters isn't fun... this is.

That is SO annoying game! :D

Ha. It's fun to spell out questions like 'Can you hear me Major Tom?' and see people reply.
...Or maybe I'm just easily amused.

this is a awsome game i say someone spell JAY and i thought it was a coincidence then i saw IS and i was like whoa... so i as soon as i saw a G being draged twords it i was like WHOA and started helping then we spelled yay and lol then someone tore it appart if i could have taken a screen shot i would but my button is broke sorry jay :'(


woo hoo.. i got to do the whole alphabet (all 8 rows)without any one destroying it. i even had a conversation going on with another person.. freaking koool!!

Awesome! I sorted 'em by color in each corner, wrote the alphabet at the top, wrote "My name is Hannah" in a corner, AND tried the supercalifragilisticexpialadocious thing! ^_^ We only got to about the "gil" part in the middle before people started stealing and pilling letters everywhere...but it was fun! *nod nod* You guys have cool ideas. ^_^

((Btw, this is my first comment! Great job, Jay!))

brilliant fun, managed to get a few people help me write out a little story about a pen is fairy called mary who lived to fondu on sundays

If you go to the top of the page, there is another game, called scratch pad, which is like MS.Paint. with everyone doing their own thing. It's great fun :D

I don't like how whenever you try to write something someone always takes your letters away from you... but otherwise it is a fun game.

Wow this was a really, really fun game. I tried getting people involved with activites like picture making and fallowing my letters and alphabets and things, but sadly there was no preveil. Then sombody started a sentence like 'Will you make anything...' and I finished it as 'for my cat' and then somone put 'ok'. It was funny. Then I put 'how about the horse'. The reply, 'ok'. And then they began putting 'lets be..' and I was going to put 'cheesecake' but then the destrctionaters came. *Sighs*


it said "I peed in the pool."

this rocks, im soo addicted and i got a pic of jay is games that i made :) :) :) :) its rather cool! does anyone want it? i dont know how to send it to jay? can someone tell me ? i put all letters on screen without them touching any other letters, until you know hoo came along! lol , the descructors, class game thingy lol

One time, we all made a perfectly shaped heart, there were like 15 ppl in the thing too.

That is SOOO annoying game (and sorry if my words are... bad. I'm from finland) Everytime when you try to make a word or something, someone else comes and destroys it. ARGH! :D But it's still quite fun. When you get bored to be a goodie, turn into evil and make everyone mad. That's some fun :D Great entertaiment for a while, specially if you are at work. ;D

on the drawing one, the people were swearing!

i made the word "antidisestablishmentarism" but destructems kept substituting letters,overlapping letters,adding letters in between,and taking letters!

have you ever tried playing scrabble?

i think this game rocks, but some jerk wrote "drugs yes way". i put a little hello down the bottom 1 time and everyone put things like 'hi' and 'yo' back! it was so cool!

very fun, makes me have hours of fun!! i love it!

drag all letters to one corner, how fun!?

i like to make pictures with the letters.... ^_^

i tried doing everything people in the last comments did and about half of it worked. room 4 IS the best... if theres very few people it's kind of like a chatroom. a very slow, chaotic one.

my 1st comment- like ur site, jay- happy to have found it. been doing nothing but playing games from here since.

I was making another scrabble game on the so-called'friendly fridge' when some idiot came and took letters to make 'stop arrete please'! isn`t that just crazy!?!?!?!?!?!?!

3 weeks ago (I haven't visited this page since then, because now I have the page for this game bookmarked) I was in room 4, and everyone was making a Christmas tree, so I helped out. It was fun, and it looked great when it was finished. And no one tried to stop us/destroy the tree.

I had fun spelling out Harry Potter....And I got it to stay for 20 secs. Until someone decided to monopolize the letters by piling them on top of each other to spell out KOREA.


Seriously, guys! Don't pool letters all on one spot. Don't steal letters from other people who are actually trying to form words.

Just STOP being jerks!

Oh my god! It's crazy in there lol but fun...errr i do know one thing: people sure do have a lot of sex on their minds!

LOL, I managed to spell: I LIKE NOOBZ ON TOAST LOL


and I cleared the whole top half of the screen so it only had my letters there! it gets very annoying though when people were taking the B out and swapping it with I lol.

very fun though =)

This can be a lot of fun, if the "fridge" isn't full of jerks who keep stealing your letters just to shove them all in one corner or spell out swear words. I got a pretty good game of Scrabble going once, when there were three people. It was going fine until the third person gave up trying to spell "god hate us all" to add some choice words to the Scrabble game. Kind of a shame. Scratchpad, one of the other games on the site, is also fun. Try starting a game of tic-tac-toe in Scratchpad- I've had really good games, where even if I win the other person draws a little smiley face and draws a new board to play again, but I've also had really bad games where the other person decides it's more fun to steal turns, cheat, scribble all over the game, or call me a loser. Basically, these games can either be really fun or can be ruined by "destructionators," and this goes for both of the games.

i know destructionaters on scratchpad is like people who scribble all over the drawings but i have a q:

how do you type draw on it

This is brilliant! Someone put 'oooookami', so i put 'mooooo cowi'

^^ a bunch of us order them all in alphabetical order then put the same letters on the line of alphabets. but a cow kept breakin our chain of letters! T^T.... over all i had fun~

I love jayisgames.com, so i sorted fridge 2 letters and said jayisgames com

nvm... it was fridge 3, and someone destroyed it in the next 2 minutes... 1 hour of work gone!

It's not a good idea to take letters from people's words and put them in the corner. It's not very fun for anyone else.

if you try to spell words at the bottom corner it will work just make sure no one sees you lol thats the trick

cleared all the letters into a corner, then set up a game of pong, but no takers :(

I started an alphabet line too. It helped alot of people, because there were about 5 or six sentences now that i had organized the letters. But sooner or later, the Destructors started spelling bad stuff, and threw the letters out of place. So I went to room 2, and made a new one (only 2 people doing nothing were there). Then I went back to room 1 (my ABC line was gone by then), and wrote, "ROOM TWO NEW ABC LINE". Then people changed it to, "ROT POO WET *** MINE". I checked back on my line in room 2 - and guess what? It was ruined. I orgonized EVERY LETTER! AND to no avail! Well it was still fun.

I started an alphabet line too. It helped alot of people, because there were about 5 or six sentences now that i had organized the letters. But sooner or later, the Destructors started spelling bad stuff, and threw the letters out of place. So I went to room 2, and made a new one (only 2 people doing nothing were there). Then I went back to room 1 (my ABC line was gone by then), and wrote, "ROOM TWO NEW ABC LINE". Then people changed it to, "ROT POO WET *** MINE". I checked back on my line in room 2 - and guess what? It was ruined. I orgonized EVERY LETTER! AND to no avail! Well it was still fun.

I wrote "www jayisgames com" and someone changed the 'mes' in games to a 'y'. Sorry Jay.

No matter what I do this game won't load!
I've tried it on two different computers with two different browsers
(IE and Firefox)
And it still does NOTHING!
i really wanna play


Boredom comes quickly. Did this with 6 destructonators against 2 Pastafarians.



And on Super Tuesday, nonetheless.

How do u move alot of letters at once? b/c someone made a swastika in like 2 sec. and i wanted to change it back.

No idea... I just started playing and now people are writing things like f*** around the board. Totally not cool, but other than that, cool concept!

THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I stopped playing this and went to the other links like scratchboard and jigsaw puzzle!! It's SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!! And with "just letters" someone actually starting putting all the letters in the corner and even the destructonators joined in!! *sigh* the world needs more games like these....

I declared that "It is not cool to curse" and managed to write the alphabet song, including the 'Now I know my ABCs next time won't you sing with me' except I ran out of letters so I had to replace some Os with Qs and the 'with' became 'wif'. http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee48/Bronz93/untitled.jpg

I didn't really find it enjoyable.
It was literally impossible to form any words, because there are a lot of people who who find it fun to to sit at their computer all day and destroy other people's words as soon as they pop up.

Oh boy.

It would be helpful if it wasn't anonymous.

I've noticed something strange!
Either there was an admin, or there are control keys in this game. Anyone got any info on this?

What happened:

1. A text started typing out rapidly using up all the letters.

2. All letters started floating around, some wasn't and they could be used.

3. All letters shaked around fast.

4. Some picture was drawn quickly too i think.

I managed to write "Your lack of faith is disturbing" at the bottom. Yet, it stayed for about.... a whopping 5 seconds!

You know, from Star Wars? My uncle just made me watch the fourth one. I had never seen it before. I know. Deprived.

Hey the Jigsaw puzzle is more fun than Just Letters

We managed to get at least 2-3 people gathered the letters in a pile (I admit, I didn't know what was going on so then I moved it a bit),
but then when that person started to sort then by colour, then put them into an alphabet on the top row,
I started to help.

And tried to maintain that for quite a long time.

Room One.
Never tried to supercal...etc thingi.

Ha, Right now there's a [something]less craze going on, and I built the "COLD LEMONZ" phrase, and now other people are building a borderline around it. Fun. :D

All my words were warped into swears, racial slurs, Nazi remarks, and crude pictures by other players. Sorry, Jay, but I must disagree with the amusement level of this game. I did not enjoy watching my "POP MUSIC IS NOT A CRIME" warped into "SHOOT THAT *RACIAL SLUR*" followed by a picture of genetalia.

[Edit: Apparently the education level of the participants for this has degraded significantly since I first posted this several years ago. Sorry your experience was unpleasant, but I offer no guarantees that things remain the same as they were when we first post about them. I'll definitely change the rating on this one, though. -Jay]

Another thing for goodies to do is rip apart
swearing! I once ripped a swear apart. I also once made boxxy into xbox lol.

After almost an hour of agony, I managed a classic phrase from Zelda:


i found out! theres a computer controlling the letters on fridges now, it lines up all the letters and asks ur name its spooky D:

I write encouraging messages to the pile-uppers, though.

I spelled "nerdfighters" just for the heck of it. I don't think there were any there, but ah well. XD Fun little webtoy. :D

OMG I started a game of jumble and it actually worked!!!! Nobody seemed to get "novice," though. They came up with "conive," which would have been totally legit if it had another n lol.

How do you move a lot of letters at once?
I ask because people keep making bad pictures(I will not say what they drew) on one of the fridges and it only takes them two seconds to make all the letters arrange themselves. I wish to dismantle it but at the rate I can move letters it will probably take me an hour.

OH YEAH! I got everyone to stack the letters in individual piles of color, then individual letters! No screenshot, though. But KEEP AT IT PILERS!

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