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Weekday Puzzle N°45

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Welcome to Weekday Puzzle!

The first game by skerys is exclusively about shooting - finding the right angle is the key. Then follows a physics game by ytkimirti and playing with blocks, and very good (but short) adventure by Stefano Gualeni. Bonus game by Ben West and Joseph Pleass is about the crops and mystery.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Plains in the Sky

cannon.png cannon1.png

Plains hovering in the sky are full of snakes in an attacking position. Luckily, they can't bite you because you are a cannon, and they stay where they are so you have enough time to aim at them and shoot them dowmn from the plains. Skerys' game is fun - your goal is not only to find a correct angle to shoot but you need to take into account moves of the plains and obstacles.
AD to controll a cannon, Space bar to shoot, Q/E or a mouse to rotate a camera, R to restart a level, no save option.

Unstable Revisions

tower.pngBack to childhood with ytkimirti - you can build high towers from various blocks! Sadly, not the colorful ones - but on the other hand you get windows, generators and people, too. Fun and simple physics game
Controlled by a mouse, Space bar to rotate a block, WASD to look around, X to restart a level, no save option.



Short experimental point'n'click game by Stefano Gualeni follows the classic adventure style, and has very good art and a philosophical subtext. The only minus is its lenght - the execution and beginning seem to promise much bigger game. The feeling of old adventures is on spot.
Controlled by a mouse.

grass2.pngBonus game is Peter Talisman: Lord of the Harvest by Ben West and Joseph Pleass, where you harvest crops to reveal what is hidden in the earth. Beautiful art.


Is there an ending to Doors?

I'm running around with a magnetic keycard and a plank of wood. Can't find anywhere else to go or anything else to do, and I'm now not being allowed back up to the construction site on the roof. I have yet to determine the shape of the top of the door, but have all other details.

Anybody gotten any further?

Cyberjar88 November 25, 2021 10:33 AM replied to jF

I'm stuck in the same spot as you.

I've tried talking to the other characters about the keycard, but nothing came of it.

Also, what's with the


in Room 203?


Regarding Room 203:

I visited the URL on the leaflet. Apparently it's another game from the people who made this one.

Might revisit that at some point later and check it out.


Peter Talisman: Lord Of The Harvest is a trip. Strange tale with otherworldly music. The music made me think of Bart Bonte's ethereal pieces in games like Green and Red. Bonte's music is better, in my ever-so-humble opinion, but the tunes here are interesting.

Unless your computer is super-speedy, you're going to be staring at it for quite a while. I've left it running while cooking and come back to it every so often. It's actually a bit of an incremental (clicker game). A tip there:

Invest evenly in peasants and donkeys. If you have too many donkeys, they'll just hang around the peasants until there's enough harvested corn for them to take back.


Sorry, that last comment was not meant to be a reply! 😧

jF November 25, 2021 1:40 PM replied to chrpa

Thanks for that, chrpa, but already had that figured out. I assumed that item might be useful somewhere else, but haven't found anyone or anything that it could be used on. Ditto for that…

…magnetic card.

Got any other hints? 😀

jF November 26, 2021 3:49 AM replied to chrpa

We may need a little more help! As it stands…

…I've found all details about the door except what kind of cornice (top) it has. I have the magnetic card and wood plank in my inventory, and have explored the dunny and basement. At this point, the game is not letting me go back outside via the front door or the door to the roof. Oddly, there is a star on the conversation item with Lotta Doors about doors with magnetic locks, but she knows nothing. There are a few interesting things like the cleaning supplies, the suspicious vent cover, and the vase, but none of those seem to do anything (yet).

I've tried everything in my inventory on everything and everyone to no avail. I have no more conversation options with other characters. There must be something I'm missing!

jF November 26, 2021 11:32 AM replied to chrpa

So that's why I got so stuck. There's a bug in Doors.

Cyberjar88, did the game ever prompt you…

…to choose between the two door handles in the 103 menu? It didn't for me, even after viewing the portrait of Manny Doors and reading the plaque next to it in the basement. (I'm assuming viewing the portrait and/or the plaque is necessary to unlock the option to pick a door handle.) The box where you pick the handles stayed empty throughout my first playthrough.

Never could get Doors running under Mozilla Firefox—it was throwing a slew of Javascript errors. I used Google Chrome instead, but when I went back in today, I couldn't get it to launch there either—gave me lip about an undefined function. I had to clear the cache and super-reload (CTRL-F5) several times to get it to launch.

This time it put that menu option where it was supposed to be. When I chose correctly, it opened up a path forward (and it was pretty linear and self-explanatory from there).

Concerning other items:

You never actually use the cleaning supplies, the bucket of paint, or the vase. The magnetic card goes into your inventory but never gets used (I presume it's the trigger for the Implied door), and the wooden plank is only used for crossing the Chasm and the Abyss. It's possible for both items to remain in your inventory to the end of the game.

I had figured out the cornice from the same bit of observation Chrpa mentioned, incidentally. Much thanks for the help there, but turns out the player was not the problem here.

Didn't I say a while back that I hated buggy games?  😠


There's a bit of endgame content for completionists in Peter Talisman: Lord Of The Harvest:

When you've completed the Subliminal Catalogue, the peasants gather around the various monoliths to dance, and you get a very bizarre video from the game's creators to watch. But there's a comment made somewhere about hidden things, and after enough corn is harvested, you find another undiscovered monolith in the lower left of the game world, in the shoulder of the drawing of the peasant (?). That unlocks the other audio tracks.


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