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Weekday Escape N°76

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Weekday Escape

elleWhew, I'm back! Although I'd like to ramble on endlessly about my adventures fighting off sharks (not really) and share everything I learned at escape-the-room camp (I didn't go), it's for the best we just jump to the real reason I'm writing to you today: Weekday Escape. Another episode of our mid-week get-away-from-whatever-you're-doing and play-some-escape-games break means three more games to play together. They're good ones, too. First, start off slightly easy with Vitamin Hana, a cartoon-drawn room that's quite packed with puzzles. Then, another bout of interior minimalism inside three very like-looking rooms from Hottategoya, which follows a familiar concept yet might surprise you with some cleverness. Lastly, don't miss this recent Ichima creation; it has a bit of a Tesshi-e vibe even as it maintains a style all its own...

Lights UpLights Up - In this latest from Vitamin Hana, items hang off the unchanging cursor like a tail and it's hard to distinguish what they are even when viewed in detail with the "About Item" button. Thus you might be searching about the three-view room somewhat aimlessly, wondering what clue you have missed. So this hint: experiment with what you have on hand and it's sure to open something useful. Despite the item use uncertainties, Light Up is a light (heh) and refreshing little game with lots of puzzles to solve, compelling enough to keep you playing through for the payoff. That it comes an HTML5 version as well as Flash makes it all the more playable no matter what device you're on.

Escape from the Similar Rooms 21Escape from the Similar Rooms 21 - I don't know how Hottategoya can keep on like this, finding ever new ways to build on the very same-y rooms concept and still make escape games that are interesting and fun to play. This time the setting is something like an other-worldly Man Men set. Enjoy it for the clean, expertly rendered aesthetics as well as for the logical puzzles and the way clues are native to the environment. It's polished and well-made, the interface so user-friendly, you may feel the design outshines the gameplay. But then you come across a clever puzzle and think how good it is to play yet another Hottategoya similar rooms episode.

Room 6: Winnie ThickRoom 6: Winnie Thick - Here's another lovely creation from Ichima, who you might remember from Weekday Escape No.63 and No.69. I can't explain why the room name translates to "Winnie Thick" but the little bear on the sofa keeps staring at me and so let's just talk about other things. Like how the design brings to mind some of our favorites, Tesshi-e and Robamimi for example. Although the Japanese messaging might leave some of us guessing what plot is unfolding herein, no language barriers prevent successful code-breaking and puzzle-solving, just a few rough edges that add to its character rather than distracting from its charm.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


dailytherapyshop May 20, 2015 5:40 AM

Lights Up - bit frustrating, but ultimately alright. Just keep trying to combine things, I guess.

Room 6 - Really loved the very different puzzles in this! Instead of code after code, there are visual and pattern puzzles. One minor pixel hunt, but other than that, great! Creepy bear though...

Sim Rooms - I was feeling so good and smart when I got about 2 puzzles in... and then stuck. These always.get me, grrrr.


Really nice selection! I've been really loving Vitamin Hana's stuff, everything is cute and the puzzles are often pretty logical. I got stuck on one bit until I realised

what looks like a keyhole might be unlocked with something that isn't a key.

The Similar Rooms escapes are always really fun, and there were some clever puzzles in this one! Winnie Thick was good too, the puzzles were all logical and flowed nicely. It was super cute,

even with the teddy bear suddenly standing up near the end, man that freaked me out for a second.

Hurray for Weekday Escape!


Dailytherapyshop, which puzzle are you stuck on in the Similar Rooms? You're probably stuck on the one that took me ages to figure out, the other two I think are a little more obvious but the last one is more difficult to see.

If it's the one I think it is, you need a 4 number code... The answer is in the rugs!

Snarfhead May 20, 2015 8:05 AM

Gosh, and I wanted to hear about the sharks at camp. OK, guess I'll play some games instead!


Room 6 - stuck on the 4 button panel on top of the cabinet.

I think it's to do with the blue boxes and arrows that are hidden around the room but can't make head nor tail of it.

The cabinet's a puzzle for that matter as well to be honest.

funnyguts May 20, 2015 12:29 PM

Completely stuck on the letter puzzle in Similar Rooms.

I get that the letters are somehow connected to the four portraits on the walls. But I have no way of deciphering what that can actually mean. How does having only four squares while the others have five relate to a specific letter? What's the meaning of the one shaded shape on each portrait? Is the clock involved? I don't think so but I'm at a complete loss.

VoxPopuli42 May 20, 2015 1:46 PM

GlixD, for the blue buttons on top of the cabinet -

It is connected to the arrows and blue boxes, and the video on the iPad.

if you imagine the drawn boxes as movements between buttons, each movement can only correspond to one way from button to button

For the lower part of the cabinet

the drawers on the right give you a hint to the buttons on the left



You are on the right track, the clock IS involved. Each shape represents a letter, so the four squares (for example) represent a word with four letters. The word comes from the clock, and the blacked out shape is the letter you need for the box. If you solve the box with the coloured numbers, the clue it gives you is "o'clock", so hopefully that helps you figure out what word you're getting from the clocks!

If you need a solved example, here it is:

For the room with the four squares, the clock reads 4 o'clock. So the word is FOUR. When you look at the picture of the squares, the last one is blacked out, so the letter you need is R. Same logic applies for the rest!

Hope it helps!

zombiebee May 21, 2015 7:57 AM

In Room 6, although it's not obvious since the buttons show no sign of being pressed, the calculator IS working. I was foolishly stuck for hours, trying to find a battery for it!


In Lights Up - the final code is a 4-digit number (A+BC).


I gave up on what is probably the final puzzle in Room 6.

i.e. the blue shape buttons in the (previously locked) box next to the door.

I've opened everything else and have used all my items

the 3 fruits/balls, 3 different keys, calculator, battery, wipe, and the cookies for the creepy bear

I thought it maybe has something to do with the lit numbers on the building, since the 8 seems to have small lines that make it look like it's made from two L shaped pieces and a - . But I may be over-thinking it, or not using the information in the right way.

Also got stuck near the end of Lights Up, but am kinda beyond caring.

Patreon VIP abfdrumz May 24, 2015 2:56 AM

Catherine: Looks like you're missing the item that's a clue to the box with the five shapes.

Have you checked under all the furniture?


I'm stuck on final code for Lights Up. I saw Indie Gee's hint but couldn't figure it out

526 + 1(017) ?



any walkthroughs?


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