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Weekday Escape N°255

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Weekday EscapeHi, hope your week is fine so far - now even better with new Weekday Escape!

From Amajeto's room you'll escape easily with all the practice you have. Then you get locked in Akatsuki no Yado's one, a bit complicated due to the language barrier - don't worry, help can be found in the game's description. Spiceapp wants you to escape too, of course, and the last comes lovely Nicolet with nice story, cute characters and many good puzzles. Yay!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers

Being trapped in Amajeto's room means, as all escapists know, to find several tiles (eight this time) and complete the picture above a couch which gives you a key from exit door. That doesn't take long, you can move forward easily and fluently from puzzle to puzzle - I'm sure you'll be out soon. Too soon, maybe.

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

P.S. Here is a demo of a lovely game by Kinoro Games: Hello Human. Consists of ten funny levels and the eleventh (the last) one which is hot candidate for rage quit. After that one follows very funny outro.




Clever game by Akatsuki no Yado definitely worth playing, but there is a small language barrier. Here is how to overcome it: after you open five safes in a row (black, yellow, blue, brown, red ones), you'll find five Japanese signs inside them which mean (from left to right) red, blue, green, red, green. This information is enough to successfully pass the game with zero knowledge of Japanese language.

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

Shared Apartment
Shared Apartment

Spiceapp (Gotmail earlier) locked you in their room and wants you to get out somehow. Nice and clean apartment is well secured indeed, opening any drawer or cabinet requires a code - however, hints can be found quite easily. Obviously, there is still space for improvement of security.

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

Mole House
Mole House

A hen with her chicken went for a walk in another part of Nicolet's forest when suddenly - a pitfall in the middle of a path! The last chick, not watching its steps, fall inside... luckily, it's not a dark wet hole or a trap, it's tidy mole's house and the moles living here aren't upset about uninvited guest. They even help the chick on its way out, but not with puzzles and finding some items - this is your task. Will you help in reuniting the family?

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

P.S. The game (as a part of a bundle) is available for Android and iOS. Here is a coffee button.

P.P.S. Do you remeber one of the best escape games Samsara Room? Rusty Lake released a free remake of the game with brand new puzzles, story and soundtrack on all platforms (Android, iOS, Steam, itch.io), here are the links: Samsara Room - remake.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Mole House: In the scene with the 8 crate / box clue, don't forget to click to the far right on the box that doesn't have another box stacked on top.

I love Nicolet games. Simply sweet!

Patreon Donator Krizpy May 7, 2020 4:56 AM

in Shared Apartment, if you're stuck with what appears to be a spraycan,

it's actually a bottle of gas.

Use it with the stove.

paulmashtv May 8, 2020 11:26 AM

looking forward to these.


Experimenting with a different format for this walkthrough, because I don't think the one-word titles make much sense for it.

Spring Flowers

Flowers are a pretty way to bring the outdoors indoors.


You start off facing four different-sized vases on a wall cabinet whose left compartment has two buttons and right has four digit buttons.

Turn right to face four windows, one decorated with flowers that the others lack. Under that, you can zoom in on four unusual teacups and a small clock. There are three drawers here but you can only zoom in on the bottom two: one has four vertical bars that grow when clicked and the other has four letter buttons.

Turn right to face an unusual display of rabbits with colored flower tails facing a column of green teacups. The left drawer here has four shape buttons while the right has a grid of brown buttons that light up. Oh, and the locked door is on this side.

Turn right to face some framed pictures and letters on shelves. The middle picture is missing eight of its tiles, the left one has a four-color lock, and the right one can be opened to reveal a square tile leaning against a pattern of black lines, some of which have white sections.

Puzzles on door screen

The clues for these two puzzles are

on the window screen.

For the left drawer:

The teacups numbered 1 to 4 are decorated with stars (2 clicks), hearts (7), flowers (8) and diamonds (0).

For the right drawer:

The left window has flowers on its top middle pane and bottom row of panes. Click the four buttons in the same positions.

After opening them, you get 2 square tiles and a clue

with numbers in a grid.

Puzzles on window screen

The clues for these two puzzles are:

from the vases and the framed picture screen

For the top (middle) drawer:

The left vase is tallest, and the others are arranged in increasing order. Click the bars 3, 0, 1, 2 times.

For the bottom drawer:

The white bars behind the right framed picture, from left to right, appear on the 6th, 3rd, 2nd, 5th lines from the top.

Referring to the FLOWER letters, you find that the letters in those positions spell out ROLE.

After opening them, you get 2 square tiles.

Puzzles on vase screen

You'll need the clues from

the cups and the clock.

For the left drawer:

The handles of the cups, from top down, are on the RLLRR sides.

Inside, you find a square tile and a letter clue.

Now you can solve the right drawer:

The clock shows (rather imprecisely) the time 7:25, but you need to add 12 hours for PM, and the clue tells you to put minutes first.

Enter 2519 into the drawer.

Inside, you find a square tile.

Puzzles on picture frame screen

You'll need the clues from

the bunnies and the grid clue.

For the left picture frame:

The grid tells you to look at the bottom-left, top-right, bottom-left, top-left.

The bunnies in those positions have tails that are blue (6), green (7), yellow (0), red (2).

Inside, you find the last square tile.

Place all 8 tiles into the middle picture frame (this puzzle is no longer randomized):

Click the tiles to rotate them until they align:

3 1 1 2
0 2 1 3
3 2 0 2
1 3 1 2

Take the golden key, and use it on the locked door to end the game.



I will still include click counts as usual since I'm horrible at naming these colors, but you should probably skip this game if you have significant trouble differentiating colors.

Some comments:

There's a video walkthrough near the bottom of the page. It's very well-made even if you don't know Japanese, and includes additional commentary on colors, both inside the game and out.

The discussion under the game mentions that the games so far all require you to read Japanese. Just a bit of warning if you want to try the author's other games. On the other hand, if you can read Japanese then it's worth mentioning that there's a lot of Japanese written work on the website!


The first screen is labeled N. There's a picture frame with colored corners around the letter Z, a wall cabinet with five color buttons, and five colored safes each having a keyhole.

Turn right to face E. Six of the books on the bookshelf are pastel-colored, and zooming in reveals that they are numbered. The laptop computer on the left seems to tell you about NEWS, but when you try to access it you find a four-color lock. On the right are two stacked safes, the top (star) one having numbered color buttons, and the bottom (tulip) one having three large color lights above six color buttons.

Turn right to face S. The exit door is here, and it requires a sequence of colored button presses to unlock. On the left is a whiteboard with two arrows, but zooming in gives you a clue with Japanese text. Under it is a bar graph safe with four colored buttons.

Turn right to face W, which has a framed painting and some colorful tulips in a painted vase. There's a stack of safes on the left, its top one having a row of 6 lights above two buttons and its bottom one having a four-color lock.

Safes on W screen

You'll need the clues

from the bookshelf (E) and the framed picture (N).

For the 6 safe:

The books, from 1 to 6, are green, red, red, green, red, green (LRRLRL).

For the Z safe:

Tracing a Z-shaped path between the corners of the picture gets you the colors orange(3), black(1), green(2), pink(4).

Inside them, you find a yellow key and a black key.

Puzzles on E screen

You'll need the clues

on the W screen, and one clue based on the overall layout of the room.

For the star safe:

counting the colored (and uncolored) regions on the painting, you find that there's one white, two blue, three green and four dark blue.

Click the buttons 4, 2, 3, 1 times.

For the tulip safe:

The buttons can only turn red, green or blue, but that's enough to match the tulip colors of magenta, cyan, yellow.

Based on color mixing of light primaries (M=R+B, C=G+B, Y=R+G), you can solve this puzzle by clicking the buttons 1, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 times.

From those, you get a blue key and a red key.

For the laptop computer:

There's one thing common yet different between the four views: the floor!

On the N, E, W, S sides, it's black (4), green(2), white(3), brown(1).

(There is some basis for this pattern, which you can use to guess the answer based on general knowledge.)

That gets you a clue with colored bars.

Bar chart safe

Based on the bar chart clue you just found, unlock the safe by

clicking the buttons 1, 3, 2, 4 times.

Inside, you find a brown key.

Five colors / Door

Use all five keys to unlock the matching safes on the N side. Inside, you find five color panels, matching the colors of the keys/safes and spelling out COLOR on them.

Behind those, you find five Japanese color words in red, green and blue. (I'll translate when we get to it.)

Now you can unlock the door by

placing the five panels into the five squares

but that doesn't let you escape, as the next room has (only) a very similar door with a very similar lock except that this lock has five digit buttons.

Stroop Test

The remaining puzzle in the main room is the wall cupboard. Completing it is technically optional, but strongly recommended.

Clues and Japanese help:

According to the whiteboard, you need to use the clue from the five safes here.

In this context, 字 refers to a single Japanese character, and 色 means color.
赤, 緑, 青 is red, green, blue.


For the left door, read the words to get the code
Red Blue Green Red Green (13212)

For the right door, follow the colors to get
Blue Green Red Red Blue (32113)

After both doors are open, you find a clue with colors, letters and numbers.


Use the remaining clues from the game to unlock the exit door in the second room.


Use the KEY hint you just saw, as well as the five letter panels.

Colors, letters and numbers are all involved in this puzzle.

This puzzle is in English.


As the hint suggests, each combination of color and letter represents a number. For example, a black K represents 5.

In fact, K is the fifth letter of Black.

Looking for the letters of COLOR in the color names of the panels, you get
____ 123456:
C in blaCk → 4
O in yellOw → 5
L in bLue → 2
O in brOwn → 3
R in Red → 1

so enter the code 45231 into the door and escape!

The ending screen talks a bit about

how the historical form of 色 (color) looks like different sexes associating (which is also a meaning of 色), but it looks even more like people piling up in formation.

paulmashtv May 11, 2020 6:13 PM

thanks again as always KK. looking forward to the last 2.


Shared Apartment

You decided to study a foreign language abroad (in "a country near southern France") and made your way to a students' apartment, but got locked inside almost immediately. The idea that you might have gotten into some human trafficking scheme fills you with fear.


You start off facing the locked door. On the left next to a lamp, a shelf holds many items, including a red box with a card slot.

Look under the shelf to find a hammer.

Turn right to face the blue fridge. The freezer has a rocky-looking ice block in a basket, and the fridge compartment has three boxes. Moving one of them reveals a red key. Next to the fridge, there's a portable stove that doesn't have fuel. The cupboard on top has a lock that (click it) is actually a picture puzzle missing one tile. The cupboard below has a grid of buttons on its left door, and some unresponsive pink triangles on the right door.

Turn right to find a plant in the corner, seemingly outlined in yellow. Moving it reveals a trapdoor with four color dials around two buttons, but it's missing its handle.

Turn right to face the blue wardrobe, which is missing a round piece from its right door. Clicking on the bed behind the wooden screen, you find a box tied up in rope.

Turn right to face two tables. The brown one on the left has a gramophone without a record, a four-digit drawer, and a wire extending underneath with no power socket nearby. The white table sits under a shelf of stuff you can't use, and has an unusual circle clue on an object (printer?) beside some books. Reading (any) one of the books gives you a circle clue. The white table also has drawers on the side, the top one locked with a keyhole and the bottom one locked missing a cross-shaped piece. On the chair nearby, there's a Rubik's cube that you can solve by clicking once, and clicking it again reveals the record disc underneath.

Puzzles on table screen

You'll need the following items and clues:

vinyl record, red key from fridge, circle clues from right table

For the right table, both drawers:

Use the red key to open the top drawer and get a cross piece.

Then place that in the bottom drawer and click to unlock.

You get a yellow can.

For the left table:

Matching the clue on the printer to the clue on the book (or your own knowledge of Braille numerals), you find that the grids represent 8256.

You get an extension cord, which means you can use the record player

by attaching the cord to the cable under the desk, then placing the record on the player, which plays an eerie tune.

Open it up to get a picture tile.

Kitchen screen

You'll need the following items:

picture tile, yellow can

For the top cabinet,

place the tile in the empty spot and click the top, top-right, left, right tiles to fix the picture, then open the lock panel and…

You get a knife! (But there's no meat to carve here.)

For the bottom cabinet,

the right door is the clue for the left.

Push the rectangular buttons in the top-left, bottom-left and bottom-right corners, then form a larger similar rectangle in the top-right by pushing four buttons:

Inside, you find a frying pan.

For the stove,

Open the right side and insert the can of gas. Also place the pan on top.

Then place the ice cube in the pan and turn on the stove. The cube melts all at once, leaving just one thing floating in it…

Take the card.

Box on bed

You'll need the

knife and hammer

which you can use by

cutting the ropes with the knife, then opening the box, then

smashing the glass panel with the hammer.

This activates the puzzle which requires you to click a sequence of buttons. You can solve it by trial-and-error, or by

combining the two grids to form one clue, and interpreting it

as a path where each triangle points to the next. The starting point is the only triangle that isn't pointed to, namely the middle one (S for start!), which means the sequence is
7 6 5
8 1 4
9 2 3

Inside, you find the missing round doorknob.


After placing the doorknob and opening the wardrobe, you can back out and open it. Inside, you find

only a blue box with a card slot.

That box can be opened by

using your card on it

and inside, you find an elegant leather handle.


You can spin each dial to change its color, but the game won't accept your solution unless you

attach the handle to the trapdoor.


You don't need any other clues, just a reasonably good color sense.

This puzzle comes in two halves.


If you remember your color mixing, green is blue plus yellow. The color closest to yellow is on the top-right dial (pointing right) and the color closest to blue is on the top-left dial (pointing down).

That narrows down your color choices for pink, which is made from red on the bottom-left dial (pointing right) and white on the bottom-right dial (pointing left).

Putting that all together, you need to make the dials point
↓(1) →(3)
→(1) ←(3)
by clicking them that many times.

In the box, you find a red card.


There's only one item and lock remaining, so

use the red card on the red box on the display shelf.

This gets you the door key, which unlocks the door. Super short summary of the ending story:

You get hugged by a pretty girl speaking English with a French accent. Turns out it was just a welcome prank for her new roommate!

Click the open doorway to end the game.

paulmashtv May 14, 2020 9:44 AM

thanks, KK. looking forward to the Nicolet walkthrough.


Here it is. (This walkthrough might seem a bit more inconsistent than the previous ones. Perhaps the new format just isn't suited to Nicolet's style.)

Mole House

Nice of you to drop in!


You start off facing a bed with a weird pattern on the blanket and a round blue handle under the pillow.

Turn right to face a desk. On it, there's a piece of paper with a clue, and the color pencil holder in the background has a battery hidden near the red pencils. The largest desk drawer is sealed with screws, while the ones on the sides have color buttons that fill up with stripes and green pattern buttons.

Turn right to face a locked green door. The wall box on the left has triangular holes around a circular center, but only three blue triangles are there. On the right, three plant pots of daikon radishes are weirdly trimmed.

Turn right to face a locked round door. The blue chest of drawers on the right has one with a keyhole and the other missing a doorknob. On top of it, there's a miniature stage with two singers on three microphones, and a button on the front that doesn't work yet.

Click the dark spot at the lower left of the stage to open the battery compartment. It's empty.

Two desk drawers

Based on the colors of the locks, you deduce that the clues for the drawers are

the color pencil holder and the daikons.

For the top drawer:

The holder for blue pencils is tallest, followed by brown and then red.

Click the buttons 2, 0, 1 times.

For the bottom drawer:

Copy the patterns on the green parts of the daikon by clicking the buttons 2, 1, 0, 3 times.

The top drawer contains a box with a golden hole on its right side, and the bottom drawer contains a paper bag with a dotted red line.

Blue to green

Attach the handle to the bottom blue drawer and open it to find a screwdriver.

Use it to unscrew the desk drawer, which contains a winding key.

Use the winding key on the box, which contains a baby mole figurine wearing a green piece you can remove from it.


Place the baby mole onto the stage, and one of the singers gives you a key.

Use that key to unlock the top blue drawer, which contains another battery and a box with seven buttons.

Place both batteries into the stage. Pressing the button now makes the singers perform, and you get a red piece.


For the 7-button box in the top blue drawer, the clue is from the


and the solution

requires you to figure out which seven pictures to use out of the fourteen that are there.

Based on the orientations of the pictures (on the blanket and the buttons), you find that the two rows of buttons on the box must correspond to two columns on the blanket: one column of four followed by one column of three.

These must be the two middle columns, and after rotating the blanket clue you find that the pattern requires you to click the buttons
_0 1 1
1 2 0 2

In the box, you find a pair of scissors. Now you can

cut the bag open

to get a yellow piece.

Six / Exploration 2

For the wall box beside the green door, you'll need

three colored triangle pieces and the clue from the table.


Once again, it's a rotated clue, and based on either the blue parts or the shovel-arrow in the middle, you find that the red, yellow, green pieces go in the top left, bottom left and top right.

The door opens to the next room…

And now the pink door ahead is blocked by a mole wearing a green hat. When you click, you find that he's reading a book about fish, and at the end he asks you for a fish.

Turn right to find another locked round door, as well as a pair of lockers. The left has four buttons, and clicking them makes their fish rise, while the right is just bolted shut.

Turn right to face the doorway back.

Turn right to face another round door that's too high to reach, as well as a yellow cupboard. The shelves in the cupboard have a green plate, books with stars and fish on their spines, and a metal cup with a blue key inside. The top drawer has three color buttons with different color outlines, while the bottom drawer has eight buttons each having a diagonal line that swaps sides when clicked.

Raise / Exploration 3

You'll need

the blue key and the clue from the books in the cupboard.

For the left locker:

place the fish at the 3rd, 4th, 2nd, 1st positions from the bottom.

That means you need to click the buttons 2, 3, 1, 0 times.

You get a ladder, which means you can unlock the higher round door

by placing the ladder under it and then using the blue key.

The mole wearing a purple hat asks you for some sort of yellow ring on a green plate. A box on the left has two fish buttons under a row of six lights.

The background is filled with neatly stacked crates, eight of which have diagonal planks. But one of the crates isn't stacked: the rightmost one, which has nails in its top.

Cupboard drawers

The clues for these two drawers are

the round doors and the stacked crates.

For the top drawer:

The round doors with blue, pink, orange frames are pink, gray, blue (3, 1, 2 clicks).

For the bottom drawer:

Copy the pattern of diagonal lines on the crate by clicking the second and third buttons on the top row, and the second and fourth buttons on the bottom row.

Inside them, you find a knife and some sort of scraper/spatula.

Small box, tall box

You'll need the clue

from the reader's fish book.

For the fish box,

follow the order of the fish by pushing the LLRLRR buttons.

This gets you a spanner, which you can use to open the right locker.

Inside, you see canned pineapple on a box with a grid of black and red buttons under a row of card suits.

Serve / Exploration 4

To serve the fruit, you need to use

the spatula on the can, and then the open can on the plate, and then the full plate on the mole in the crate room.

You get an orange key. Where's its door?

Use the orange key to unlock the round door in the first room.

In here, a baby mole rides one of four rocking chairs, each having a card suit and a pattern of colored stripes on its front. Talking to the baby, you find that it wants an apple.

In the background, there's a large drawer you can open to find a wheel, and on top of it there's a box with some moles extending from holes, one of which is empty. (No whacking! Moles are friends here.)

Four suits/Six moles/Exploration 5

You'll need the newest clue:

from the fronts of the rocking chairs

to unlock the box in the right locker:

Copy the color patterns that appear along with the club, heart, spade, diamond by clicking the
R - R -
- - R R
- - - -
- R - R


Inside, you find a mini mole.

Place it in the mole box in the rocking chair room, which opens to give you a pink key. The red button on the box pops up and you can push it to get another clue.

Use the pink key in the remaining round door (beside the lockers).

Amazing, there's water down here! The white platform on the right has a box with a star-shaped hole. The dock has a fishing rope tied to it.

And you can click off the end of the dock, but there's nothing to see.

Three things to do near the pond

You can get the fishing rod by

using the knife to cut it free.

As for the box:

Place the wheel in it to make a chest with six buttons appear.

This is a new puzzle, for which you need the clue

from the mole box.


pushing the red button on the mole box makes them sink in the order
5 2 4
1 6 3
so push the white buttons on the chest in the same order.

You get a crowbar.

Serve 2

With the crowbar, you can

open the rightmost crate in the crate room

and take an apple. Give that to the baby mole in the rocking chair room and you get a walnut back.

The only thing you can do with this walnut is to

pry it open with the knife

and get a hook.


Combine the

hook and fishing rod

and use it

off the (front of the) pier

to get a pink fish, which you can give to the reading mole. In return, he stops blocking the door.


The door panel tells you where to look for its clue:

the three mole singers from before.


Pushing the button on the stage makes musical notes appear from the LRLCCR moles.

The door doesn't really lead anywhere, but unlocking it proves you worthy of the help needed to escape!


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