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Weekday Escape N°179

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Weekday EscapeIt's Wednesday and that means it's time for a relaxing break - let's play!

Amajeto's living room has slightly changed, but otherwise awaits you solid spring mood game. The second game by Lutaru, on the other hand, hardly can be called solid - it's crazy and weird, strange and bizzare. And fun. We get back to normal with Dassyutu and their room escape - apart from usual content (puzzles and clues) are here ten golden coins to be found!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Amajeto Birdies
Amajeto Birdies

Amajeto's game has a surprise for players - there is one door more than usual! We are used to their typical living room, where is balcony and exit door, two armchairs, bookshelves and the ivy framing TV - and suddenly an unexpected door! I won't tell you where it leads, just go, deal with all these birds themed puzzles, find a key and open it!

The cursor is changing (its color), no save button, one ending.

Itagora Escape 20
Itagora Escape 20

Lutaru's works aren't only about mysterious and atmospheric Myst-like world we explored in Tsure games (5.2, 6, 6.3, 6.4, 7, 8, 9, 10); this game reveals their second face, surreal and crazy.

At the beginning push GAME START - then three signs fall - push blinking START again - and then again START in the lower right rectangle. Phew. You are in!
Now you need to find and push seven buttons to open seven doors before you escape. It's possible to freely move between "rooms" already opened, just click its number in the upper black bar - you'll appreciate the feature as clue(s) are often in different room(s) than the puzzle(s).

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Room Escape 25
Room Escape 25

Nice and clean Dassyutu 's room is hiding ten coins - but you don't really need them for escape, only for fun. It's a key what you are looking for, of course, and you won't get it until you solve some puzzles, open few drawers...you know the routine. Puzzles are not active before finding the clue (Tomatea used this system too), so no cheating, brute forcing or solving by luck is allowed.

The cursor is not changing, save button, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Amajeto Birdies


You start off facing a jumbled bird picture in between two other pictures of birds. The left picture frame flips over, but the clue on its back seems to be covered by a stain.

Turn right to face the locked door to the balcony. The cupboard on the right has four dials that can each be rotated to point in eight directions.

Turn right to face a television that's turned off, in between two locked doors. There's also a purple device beneath the TV with a blank grid on it.

Turn right to face the complicated-as-usual cupboard screen. Except for the middle cupboards, those on the top row are all unlocked (and empty, except for the top-right one with a yellow E on its back) and those on the bottom are all locked, with their locks having five colored bars, a grid of buttons that turn green, buttons with one and two black stripes, and four colored letters. In the middle of the screen, a picture of a red bird sits in a frame which tilts when you click its corners. To the right of that, five small birds are drawn on four lines, and they sing when you click on them.


Solve the (randomized) picture puzzle on the first screen.

Once you're done, the right picture slides aside and you can take a purple square tile from the compartment behind.


Use the clues from the picture of birds on lines to unlock the first and fourth cupboard door from the left beneath it.

The red, blue, green, yellow, pink birds stand on the 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, 1st lines from the bottom.

So click the bars on the first cupboard door 0, 2, 1, 3, 0 times, then unlock it to find a remote control and a blue S on the back.

Also, the birds, from left to right, sing notes which show up with 2, 2, 1, 2, 1 bars.

So click the RRLRL buttons on the fourth cupboard door, then open it to find a key.

Door #1

The key you found in the cupboard opens the left door beside the TV.

Your eyes quickly adjust to the perspective view of this bathroom, and you pick up the conspicuous red towel from the rack on the left, and open the cupboards on the right to find a square tile and a green N.

Then you look in the shower, where you can turn on the tap and examine the dark red stain that covers the wall next to it.


Turn on the tap and wet the towel in the water stream, then use it to clean up the wall to find a small grid clue with some green squares.

Also use the towel to clean up the stain on the back of the left bird picture on the first screen. Under the stain, there's a white square with colored corners.


Use the remote to turn the TV on to find a clue with a familiar picture frame and five smaller colored squares.

So use that clue (and the one on the back of the left picture on the first screen) to unlock the tilty corner picture.

The yellow, blue, red, yellow, green corners on the bird picture clue appear on the UL LL LR UL UR corners of the white square.

So click the ⌜⌞⌟ ⌜⌝ corners of the tilty picture, and the cupboard above it unlocks. Pick up the key and square tile from it.

Door #2

This key opens the balcony door.

The balcony is empty except for clues on the wall: red wall tiles arranged in a T shape, four birds that turn their heads when clicked, and a flowerpot that hides a square tile that hides a grid clue with green squares.


Use the clue from the birds in the balcony to unlock the cupboard beside the balcony.

The beaks of the birds point towards the upper-left, lower-left, upper-right and bottom.

So turn the dials 7, 5, 1, 4 times, then open the cupboard to find another square tile.


Use the grid clues to unlock the second cupboard from the left on the bottom row.

There's only one spot for the smaller grid to fit inside without covering the unmarked squares on the larger one.

Superimposing the smaller grid in the middle of the larger one gives

Click those buttons, then open the cupboard to find a square tile.


Use the clues from the colored letters you've seen to unlock the rightmost cupboard on the bottom row.

The letters are:

Green N in bathroom
Yellow E in top-right cupboard
Blue S in lower-left cupboard
Red T in balcony

which spells out NEST, so enter that in the cupboard and open it to find a square tile.


Now that you have all the square tiles, place them in the purple device beneath the TV and solve the (randomized) puzzle.

Hint: Place the nose, then eyes, then the rest of the bird.

When you're done, a compartment opens with your final key, so use that on the door to escape!


Itagora Escape 20

Lu-taru has been pairing their Itagora escapes with Intelligence (Japanese language) tests for a while, so you need to follow the instructions written above to play the escape part: click the GAME START text, then click the flashing START text, then click the flashing START text on the right.

Also note that the home icon will kick you out of the game and you will have to start all over, so try to avoid it.

Exploration 1

This room has a safe with a weird collection of letters above its patterned buttons. You don't need to solve it right now, because you can just push the golden button beside the door to open it.

Exploration 2


A giant hand hovers over an uninteresting table, and it pushes down with its index finger when you click it. In the process, the hand reveals a blue Open button that opens the door, so quickly push it before the hand comes back up.

Exploration 3

"Hand holding something"

The giant hand in this room grips tightly onto a golden key. A table on the left has two sticks with unusual shapes on their ends, and red and green stripes along their bodies.

Also click the loose wallpaper in the corner to reveal an Open button for the door.

Exploration 4

"Macho hand"

A rather muscly arm reaches out from the left wall. To the right of the door, there's a panel with two buttons that look like toilet signs, as well as a red arrow pointing down. Four birds of different colors perch on a rod hanging from the ceiling.

Left and Right

Use the clue from the sticks in room 3 to unlock the panel in room 4.

(To travel between rooms, click the numbers along the top of the screen.)

The shapes on the tops of the sticks match the buttons on the panel, and the red stripes appear (from top down) on the LRRRRL sticks.

So push those buttons on the panel, which opens up to reveal a large Open button for the door with a bag of cash next to it.

Exploration 5

"Impending Kancho"

Two arms reach out from the left wall, index fingers extended together. Clicking them produces a machinegun-like movement and sound, and you can click the handle above to open up the wall panel and find a blue Open button. There's also a green scroll on a high shelf opposite.

Exploration 6

"Hand which wants to massage something"

The hand on the left wriggles its fingers when you click it, while the arm on the right ("hand with no motivation") is slumped onto the floor.


Give the cash bag to the unmotivated hand, which digs into the ground to reveal an Open button for the door. It's now a "hand with motivation"!

Exploration 7

This last room has two panels, one on the left of the door with no clear markings, and one on the right with eight small white buttons that turn black when clicked.

There's also a locked box on the safe at the left, which has four dials that rotate to face four directions.


Use the locked box on the hand holding the key in room 3.

Inside the box, you find a roll of tape (I think) with a wooden cork embedded firmly in it.


Use the tape on the hands in room 5.

The cork flies out and dislodges the rolled paper with a Buddha drawing.

You can also look at where the tape lands on the ground. In the hole, there's a slightly spooky drawing of a girl.


Use the clue from the girl drawing to unlock the safe in room 1.

The parts marked A, B, C, D on the picture correspond to the legs, skirt, top and eyes of the girl, and each of those has a pattern that matches the buttons.

So click the buttons 0, 1, 2, 4 times, then open the safe to find a bag of clay.


Give the clay to the left hand in room 6, which deftly shapes it into a Buddha sculpture.

Look in the empty bag to find a calligraphy pen with a brush tip.


What do you need to do to your drawing, and how do you do it?

Examining the sculpture and your drawing, you find that exactly one thing is missing from the drawing:

The spot on his forehead.

But if you try to fill it in, you find that the paper just rolls back up. If only you had an extra hand to hold it flat.

Go back to room 2 and place the paper on the table, then back out and click the hand. This time, it holds down one end of the paper.

Now you can unroll it on the table. Click on the forehead to draw in the missing detail.

A beam of light shines towards the ceiling, so look at the top of it to find a clue with white and black dots (the text in the corner just reads "looking up at the ceiling").

Eight dots

Replicate the ceiling clue in the wall panel in room 7.

Leave the topmost, leftmost and rightmost dots white, and click the other five dots to turn them black.

Then open up the glass pane and pull the lever. The wall panel on the other side opens up! Take the apple from it.


Use the apple on the macho hand in room 4, which shatters it into pieces, which scatter over the floor.

The colored birds fly down to feed, revealing numbers that were behind them.

So use that clue to unlock the last safe (in room 7).

The colors on the numbers match the birds who are now facing left, right, up and down.

So click the dials on the safe 3, 1, 0, 2 times, then open it to find the last Open button.

And you're out! You're rewarded with a man dancing in a fundoshi which reads (I think):
"It's March but it's too warm!"


And the last walkthrough. Note that this game can be quite particular about viewing the clues, especially for the last part.

Room Escape 25

It's a typical room escape, but in Dassyutu's style, there's a lot of pixel hunting!

(Select objects in your inventory by clicking them, and examine them by clicking the red bar that appears.


(Hotspots which aren't on a visible object are listed in spoilers.)

You start off facing the locked exit door, and the sunflower picture next to it shows the letter Q when you zoom in. In the foreground, four ottomans are placed together to form comfy seating, and there's a plant pot in the corner.

Look at the left side of the cushions to find a memo reading "Happy New Year", and then at the top of the cushions to find a coin.
Also look behind the plant pot to find another coin.

Turn right to face a couch with cushions on, and a table in front of it, under which sits a board with a cross marked on it. Searching the cushions, you find a compass hidden between the two middle ones, and a coin beside the rightmost one. The sunflower picture above the couch shows a letter E. On the right of the screen, there's a set of shelves which appear to be empty, as well as cupboard doors locked with four arrow buttons, a keycard reader, four color buttons, and a textbox input. Pick up the spring-driven toy car on top.

Looking to the left of the couch, you find a square building block (with the digit 2 printed on).
Examining the shelves, you find a spring with handle attached, a building block in the shape of a star, and a coin.

Turn right to face a more uninteresting wall, where the wall clock has four colored numbers, the sunflower picture has the letter U marked on it, and the curtains on the right don't open. It's just a dead end!

Look beside the shelves to find a coin, then at the base of the curtains to find another coin.

Turn right to face an impressive-looking counter, on which a cash register has a red keyhole, and look over the counter at the office chair in the back to find a coin on it. There's also a sunflower picture (with a T) and shelves on both sides with a triangle block and a black light.

Examining the right shelf further, you find a coin in the rightmost compartment.
Examining the left shelf, you find a coin on top of its left corner.
Look over the divider behind the books to find an ink bottle.
Pick up the circular building block from the floor to the left of the counter.
While still looking at the counter top, click the left side of the screen to find a coin beside the display.

Now that you have all 10 coins… nothing really happens, you just get to focus on solving puzzles!


Place the spring on the front of the toy car, then place the assembled toy car on the cross marked on the board.

Then apply ink to the car, and click it to get it to move. Instead of an ink trail, the game shows you a diagram of the car's movement.

So use that clue to unlock the upper-left cupboard door.

The car moves right, up, left, up, so click those arrows to open the cupboard and find a remote control.

(Wait, it's a Wiimote?)


Use the batteries in the remote control (or the blacklight), and then use the remote on the clock.

The minute hand of the clock spins around, and the game helpfully spells out the colors that it points to.

So use that clue to unlock the lower-left cupboard door.

The minute hand points to the numbers colored Green Blue Red Yellow, so click the 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 4th buttons to open the door and find a red key.


The red key fits in the side of the cash register. Now you can enter a four-digit code.

So use the clue from the memo to figure out the code.

New Year's Day, represented in a four-digit format, is 0101.

So enter that in the cash register to receive a key card.


Use the key card on the card reader of the top-right cupboard door to open it.

Inside, there's a locked box and you can just take the whole thing. Once it's in your inventory, examine it more closely to find four buttons with geometric shapes on them.


Use the clue from the building blocks (you should have gotten all four during exploration) to unlock the box in your inventory.

The blocks numbered 1 to 4 have circle, square, triangle, star shapes, so push the corresponding buttons on the box to unlock a memo with a numbered list of items… but the items are missing!


Use the blacklight on the seemingly blank memo to reveal the hidden items.

Then use that clue (and your last item) to unlock the lower-right cupboard door.

The letters N, E, S, W are initials for North, East, South, West.

Helpfully, you have a compass to help you figure out which way is which.

Clicking on the compass, the game tells you that the north side is the wall with the door (the starting screen).

So the North, East, South, West walls have sunflower pictures lettered Q, E, U, T.

Type QEUT (not case-sensitive) in the textbox, then click OK to open the cupboard door and find a golden key.


Use the key in the last door to escape!

Coin list

Here's a list of where to find all 10 coins, in the order of this walkthrough:

  1. On ottoman cushions

  2. Behind plant pot

  3. Next to right couch cushion

  4. On the left shelves

  5. Right edge of shelves

  6. Beneath curtains

  7. On office chair

  8. In rightmost shelf compartment

  9. On left shelf

  10. On left side of counter


me at 2am: ah i will click a nice calming escape game to get myself sleepy

itagora escape website: a startling stark, ghastly face

me: great, cool, love tthat , thanks

catner May 1, 2018 7:06 AM replied to Krizpy

Haha I was gonna leave the same comment! Terrifying stuff!

jimness May 11, 2018 9:07 AM

If the people of Japan are even half as crazy as that Itagora game then I really need to visit that country.


Caught jimness' comment, and had to come back and see what I had missed. OMG, that was an awesome video!

"Shnish, shnish, shnish…" LOL!


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