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Tsure Game 10

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Tsure Game 10Welcome back in Lutaru's world and prepare for good escape adventure!

From excellent, more or less standard escape Tsure Game 7 via Tsure Game 8 (WE N°152) and Tsure Game 9 (WE N°162), with growing feeling of alienness, we get to a very Myst like world to explore ruins of lost civilisation! Alien or not, luckily for us these ancient builders knew achievements of mankind like Roman and Arabic numerals and used them so we players are not completely lost.

Your airbike safely rests at the edge of strange flying island waiting for the next journey, the wind doesn't seem to be strong enough to throw it down (spoiler: it won't) so you can look around the place and start with the exploration without stress. Soon you notice that there are other similar islands nearby yours and wish to get there too...but they don't seem accesible, at least now. What you can do right now is start finding solutions to some puzzles and missing parts to some devices, and who knows, maybe you will get to another island later!

Look carefully at game screens and notice all arrows allowing you to move around, they may offer more directions of view than you expect. Few hotspots became active during the game and as the cursor isn't changing they may stay overlooked. It's worth the effort to reexplore the places once (or many times) visited. You are always given the clue to such a hotspot though!

Have a good time with another great escape game!

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Tsure Game 10

Last we left off you were riding the air on a bike. So why's this statue pointing you off the edge?


(The navigation in this game is confusing, but I'll try to lead you to all the puzzles in counterclockwise order.)

Start the game and click the base of the statue to find an abstract diagram where three pentagrams on raised disks marked with golden beads comprise five triangular buttons each, and there's a rectangular button in the lower right.

Move left to a screen where the ground slants downwards and a grave has a hole in its lower-left. An island in the distance has a funnel-shaped tower on it.

Clicking the island gets you to a different view where a star-shaped device with a silvery pointer sits on a round metal plate and spins around when you click it while the soil in the middle rises and falls.

Clicking the island again zooms you in further but gives you no new information, so back out and turn left to face two pedestals on either side of the paved road leading to a stone monument. The left pedestal has a sphere floating over it, and a six-slider puzzle next to a diagram with numbers. The right pedestal has a cube floating over it and a puzzle with ten buttons in three rows. Each of the floating objects levitates directly over a tiny hole in its pedestal.

Walk up to the stone monument to find a weird hole in the middle, shaped like a seven-pointed star with a deeper hole in it. As you mouse around the screen, you find an arrow on the right that takes you to the side of the monument, and then you can walk around to the back to find another clue with a three-word phrase. You can also see another puzzle further back, but we'll come back to that later.

Back out to the screen with both pedestals, and then turn left to face another one of those ground stars. Behind it on the right is a bronze cube that we've ignored so far, so zoom in on it to find a round disk with a sun symbol next to a hole from which irregularly spaced lines emanate and point towards roman numerals. Yes, it's a sundial missing its pointer, but what's this lighter-colored plate beside it that's held down by a metallic arm?

Back out to the monument screen, and then take two steps back until the statue comes back into view. Then turn left to find an odd spiky island in the distance, and railings leading from the edge of this island down to a wooden cubicle. Of course there are stairs too, and the railings end dangerously just in front of the cubicle door, which is locked with a sun-shaped knob where only half the knob has sun rays pointing out of it.

As you step away from the door you find arrows on the side of the screen that let you turn around to face the stairs. Do so, and you find a bag holding a bluish marble.

In order to make the walkthrough easier to follow, you should turn around again.

Walking backwards up the stairs, you eventually return to the path facing the monument and pedestals. This time, walk backward all the way until the game won't let you, and you should find two empty planters on the left and a box attached to the floor which has a symbol on its back and three round holes in its bottom.

Back out again and turn around to face your airbike. The autopilot is set for Route 1, but a hole beneath that display has a triangular marking.

Turn around again, then walk forward and click the shiny thing on the right, which is another one of those spinny star devices. This time, there's a card beside it which you can click on to read.


Use the clue from the spinning devices to unlock the statue.

If you spin the device to the right of the statue, you'll find that the soil reaches the top precisely 1/5 of a rotation through.

Similarly, the one to the left of the statue reaches the top after 2/5 of the rotation, and the one on the opposite side of the island reaches the top after 4/5 of the rotation.

So on the statue device, you should push the lower-right button on the left star, the upper-right on the right star, and the upper-left on the bottom star. Then push the button, and the statue turns around to stare eerily at you.


Use the clue from the card to find "treasure".

The card tells you that treasure will only be indicated when the statue is facing the front.

So walk around the statue to its rear, then "stand up behind" on the base and look over its shoulder.

The statue's finger points at one brick in particular.

So go back to the path and click the brick on the road directly opposite the statue.

The brick comes loose easily and you find a flat metal pointer inside. That's not much of a treasure!

Click the fake brick cover again to turn it over and find a two-word clue on the inside.


Use the clue from under the brick cover to unlock the cube pedestal.

The button pattern on the pedestal matches the letters on the back of the monument, and the letters SIX KEY from the brick clue appear as every letter of the 1st word, 4th letter of the 2nd and last two letters of the 3rd.

So push every button in the first row, the last button in the second and the last two in the third, then push the big button to open the compartment and find a yellow egg (or stone?) in it.


Place the pointer on the sundial, and the metal arm opens up so you can open the compartment beneath and find a long white pebble.


You should now have three round items in your inventory.

So use them in the holes in the box, according to the clue on the note.

The symbol at the upper-left corner of the note shows three dark spots going from round to oval.

So place the marble, egg and pebble in the box in that order (round on the left, tall on the right).

The planters next to the box rise up to form stone altars with sun and moon symbols on the top and roman numerals on their front sides.


Go down the stairs and use the clue you just got to unlock the cubicle.

Since the sun rays are on the left, the moon must be on the right. So the code SMMS SSMM tells you to click the LRRLLLRR sides of the doorknob.

Open the door and enter the cubicle, where a jeweled box on a table attached to the wall has a hole with a cross in its top, and a chair faces a window looking out onto the spiky island. There's a round device next to the window showing a sun, so click on its handle.

Turning the handle made day into night. As you look towards the window, a strong breeze blows the clouds away, allowing you to view all six columns on the island!

Turn the handle back to day so it's bright enough to leave again. The clouds mysteriously reappear in the exact same spot.


Use the clue from the spiky island to unlock the sphere pedestal.

The diagram on the pedestal shows the island and columns, and the cubicle and stairs under it.

The numbered circles match columns on the island which are medium, tall, medium, short, short, tall.

So click the sliders 0, 1, 0, 3, 3, 1 times, then open the compartment and pick up a long stick with irregular protrusions.


Fit the long stick in the hole on the grave. It becomes a lever that you can pull to the left to open the grave up.

You climb in, noting some simple markings on the lid, and find yourself in a short corridor. Following it to its dead end, you find a box on the wall which stores a seven-pointed star piece, and has eight tiny holes in the back.

Turn right to the iron bars that block your way to a small floaty island that's chained to a bicycle lock on your side of the bars. You can also reach through the bars and pull some sort of handle on the right, though it does nothing right now. (You can also look up through the bars to find another island above.)

Then turn right and walk your way back through the corridor. As you reach the end, an eye on the wall shines a star-shaped light beam at you and closes the lid!


You can't leave with the star, and you can't put it back. There's got to be another way.

Go back to the iron bars, and click the chain to pull the floaty island to you. Then place the star piece on the island, and then release the chain.

Now you can just climb the stairs out. Before you leave, you get a closer look at the decorations on the edge of the grave above the eye.


There's nothing else you can do with the grave right now, so let's return to one of the clues we haven't used yet.

Go back to the sundial and click the shadow of the pointer to zoom in as far as possible.

You'll notice that the shadow lies between the XI and XII markings, which reminds you of something else.

The altars that were originally planters have XI and XII on their fronts.

So click the ground behind and between them, and then click it again to dig up a round device with protrusions on the back.


Place the device in the box where you found the star piece, and bright red rods protrude from it.

So use a clue nearby to unlock it.

From left to right, the cross-shaped markings at the top of the stairs differ in the ULDRU positions.

So click the rods in those positions, then click the device again to reveal a hidden compartment with a jeweled flower piece inside.


Place the flower in the jeweled box in the cubicle, and open it to find a black key.

Bring the key back underground, and use it to unlock the bicycle lock. The chain falls away and the island floats upwards. Where did it go?


The land reappears to the left of the grave, so pick up the star piece again and walk over to the control panel.

Clicking the top button on the control panel makes the island rise, and then you can explore further to find a bowl of oily fluid.

Clicking the bottom button on the control panel makes the island descend to its original position next to the iron bars, but from this position you can see a metal box with a handle attached, too far to reach. (Depending on what you've done before, a clue might be visible on the box.)

Clicking the middle button returns the island where you got on.


Place the star piece in the monument, and it rises up to reveal a conical nail with a square base.


Place the nail in the hole under the floating cube.

The cube descends onto the nail, and a giant grandfather clock rises behind the monument! Even though the pendulum is swinging, the hands don't move.

Walk up to the railing in front of the pendulum and pick up another conical nail with a round base.


Place this nail in the hole under the floating sphere, which descends onto the nail and stops the clock.

So walk back over behind the pendulum to find a staff fastened to the wall by a four-digit lock with an interesting clue.


Look for digits that match the clue on the four-digit lock.

Make sure the handle that you can see through the iron bars is up, then bring the island elevator down to view two digits on the metal box.

Also check the sphere pedestal again, and click the top of the sphere to lift it up and find two more digits.

The pass clue has as in a circle and p s outside it in a rectangle.

So the two digits on the sphere (79) should be in the middle and the two digits on the rectangular box (4 1) should surround it, forming the code 4791.

Enter that in the four-digit lock to release the staff, which bursts into flame. It's a torch!


Take the elevator to the top, and use the torch to light the bowl of oil.

A triangular stone piece floats up in the flame, and you grab it without hesitation.


Use the triangular piece in the airbike, switching its autopilot over to Route 2.

Enjoy a short flight over to a huge floating book. To be continued in the next game!


first of all i'm guessing the post errors have been fixed now.
Anyway KK, i'm stuck on the walkthrough

according to what you said, if you go up against the back wall in the grave, I place the item in it and there will be 4 red spokes. you gave to ULDRU directions but when I do it, when I get back to U, it says to click the device then something will happen. I click the device and nothing happened.

Please help.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr January 9, 2018 5:17 PM replied to Paul

@Paul: the code is correct. You have to zoom in on the clue as far as possible for the game to count it as viewed.


thanks for the walkthrough kk. can't wait for your next walkthrough for the next game.


I don't know how I did it,

but the middle 2 digits of the PasS code did not reveal themselves from the floating island.

I keep going back but no numbers. It won't let me past this point because I haven't seen those 2 numbers.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr January 20, 2018 6:36 AM replied to 4red3s

@4red3s: the clues for that part are

79 (middle two digits) from the sphere pedestal on the main island


41 (outer two digits) from the box just outside the metal bars which you open from the crypt and view from the floating island.

Check that you're looking in the correct locations.


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