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Weekday Escape N°169

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Weekday EscapeHow about your New Year's resolution? Everyday in a gym/pool, right? You should get some rest, too. The new Weekday Escape is here!

Tototo Room locks you in their room which haven't changed much from your last visit. Apart from minor changes, things are on their places and all the blobs grey again. After you turn them orange and happy you go to Neat Escape's ramen shop for a snack and look! They are offering live escape experience - which true escapist would resist? And then are coming two short games from promising newcomers, SBK Man and Hild Soft!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Button Escape 45
Button Escape 45

If I copy and paste the description of previous Tototo Room's game it would almost match this one. Except for the yellow ghost, which is gone by your efforts and lives his "life" somewhere else. So, the gingerbread man is upset again, he is craving for something sweet and his cup is empty...he drank all the sweet, sweet coffee. Cotton candy machine is replaced by sweet potato roasting machine...and you can get outside and see a yard. So much for changes.

Japanese texts are not important for the smooth play, only one clue is based on four symbols and can be easily deduced. At the end you get the victorious fanfare!

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape from the Ramen Shop
Escape from the Ramen Shop

By the entrance of popular Neat Escape's noodle shop is a poster inviting to live escape game. Yay! That's why the shop is so popular, they've rebuild the whole place to real-life breakout game! Nobody's around and you can explore the whole shop without distraction, even "staff only" area. Hot meal, obviously delicious, is steaming on a table, so hurry up and find some chopsticks or a spoon before it gets cold! And maybe you get some reward at the end! Mind that one key fits two locks and disappears from your inventory after use (as usual in Neat Escape's recent games).

The cursor is not changing, autosave plus save button, two endings.

The game is avalable for Android too.

SBK Escape
SBK Escape

There was a room with mobile phone in its stand and inside the mobil phone was a room with mobile phone in its stand and inside this mobil phone was a room without mobile phone and empty stand! Can you make any sense of it? This is not the beginning of modern fairy tale, this is a new game by SBK Man using Matryoshka system. You still don't understand? Go and see for yourself.

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape Game: Color Gem
Escape Game: Color Gem

Another newcomer, Hild Soft, brings original and enjoyable short game which is mostly about colors and their mixing (mind that you are mixing color lights) and also about getting used to unusual navigation - you have perfect 360 degrees view, but motion is so swift that you may feel dizzy and confused a bit. Don't let this distract you from playing, the game is fun!

The cursor is not changing, no save button, one ending.

P.S. This 360 degrees view reminds me of Mandrake 1 and Otomaco: Last Jade Journey by 3dpigames. Both games were supposed to be the first parts of amazing series, both with promising words "to be continued" at their ends, but no episodes followed. What a pity. The navigation is a bit awkward, true, but design, storyline (it's beginning), and atmosphere are great and unique!

Better known series Tortuga is by the same designers in cooperation with Pastelgames. .

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


MMM, now I want Ramen...and dumplings


Button Escape 45

Welcome back to the room you just escaped from. As always, you need to solve puzzles, find buttons, and perhaps give the gingerbread man a sweet present.


Eleven lights above a door are turned off (silver), and you need to activate them to make the Open button work. To the left, there's a blue picture frame has a weird numeric clue, and you can turn it over to find an arrow on the back. But all this orange space hides a clue. Below that picture, there's a rather long safe with eight buttons on two skewers/in two rows, and then another four-digit safe below that. To the left of all those, there's a machine with more symbols on it that will roast a sweet potato for you if you can input the correct colors to its Start button.

To the right of the door, there's a poster warning you about the material differences between a pachinko ball and a button (which, of course, doesn't work), and the poster also has a clue with colored squares and a number. Beneath the poster, there's a small pet door that's too small to squeeze through. To the right of those, there's a shelf with various items: a gingerbread man looking for a sweet snack next to an empty bowl and button, a bowl of buttons that all don't seem to work, a box with a kanji lock, and a green trashcan that's seemingly empty, but you know from last time that you can lift its base to find a button.

Turn right to find a locked box with what appears to be a sweet potato covering the door (but it's actually on the inside). Behind it, there's a window with a helpful warning about the clear glass pane through which you can see a lamp of some sort over a snow-covered stand. You also notice a button on the inside of the left window door, and a note in the same location on the right door about Button Electric's installation of the circuit breaker and its default security code. The note itself has a button on its top-left corner.

Open the sliding door on the right, revealing a button in the doorway, and step through it to a snowy backyard. Some snowmen are playing in the snow, and each of them has a number and a colored hat, but number 0 in the lower left also has a button on his hat. An arrow points you to a "pass hint" that's hidden behind a snow pile on the wall.


Flip the picture frame over again, and follow the arrow to find a secret.

The arrow points to another arrow that appears when you hover over it. That arrow itself points to another arrow, which points to another, which points to another, which points to nothing at all. Or rather, it's a blank spot which you can click to find a button.


Use the clue from the front of the picture frame to decode the symbols on the front of the sweet potato machine.

Hint: Remember the previous game?

Each symbol contains 0 to 4 chevrons (V shapes), which suggests that the other symbol (a dot) should represent 5 chevrons.

This matches up with the picture clue which states that one dot and two chevrons is 7.

So by assigning 5 to each dot and 1 to each chevron, the symbols on the machine decode to
2 5 6 3
4 8 1 7

Click the eight buttons on the red safe in that order to open it and find a red snow shovel.


Use the shovel on the snow covering the "pass hint" outside, which turns out to be four pairs of squares.

Then use the clues from the other colored squares to solve the puzzle.

The clue on the poster indicates that the pair red-purple (4,8) indicates 567, the digits between 4 and 8.

So red-green is 5, green-purple is 7, yellow-red is 3, black-yellow is 1.

Enter 5731 in the four-digit safe, then open it to find a pair of tongs and a key.


Use the key to unlock the box on the second screen, then take the sweet potato covering a blue device.

Key issues

This blue device is the circuit breaker, so use the clue from the note to activate it.

The default code is the installation date, which is 2017.9.3 according to the note.

There's no . key on the keypad, so use the , key instead.

Enter 2017,9,3 in the device until the bar glows white, then flip the switch to turn on the heat lamp outside.

(If you get it wrong, keep pressing buttons until it resets.)


Zoom in on the clue outside the window to read the word post.

Then use that clue to start the sweet potato machine.

The p o s t letters on the machine are blue, orange, red, pink.

So enter that in the machine by clicking the buttons 2, 5, 1, 3 times.

The machine can't start until it has a sweet potato, so place it from your inventory into the machine.

It roasts quickly, so pick up the roasted sweet potato with the tongs.


Feed the steaming potato to the gingerbread man by placing it in the bowl.

While he's busy with it, push the button he was standing on, and open up the panel on the wall behind to find some kanji-like clues.


Use the clue behind the gingerbread man to unlock the kanji box on the shelf.

The symbols in the panel form part of the 皿虫心耳 kanji.

Enter that in the box by clicking the buttons 2, 4, 3, 5 times, then open it to find a horseshoe magnet and 2 buttons at the top-left corner and left side of the box.


Use the magnet on the pile of "buttons", removing all the iron pachinko balls and leaving one aluminum button in the bowl!


The Complete message confirms that you have all the buttons:

In the order of this walkthrough, the
09 10 07 11 03 05
04 02 06 08 01

lights over the door are controlled by the following buttons:

  1. Left edge of top shelf

  2. Under base of green bin

  3. Back of left window door

  4. Note on right window door

  5. Doorway to yard

  6. On 0 snowman's hat

  7. Behind blue picture

  8. Beneath gingerbread man

  9. Top-left corner of kanji box

  10. Left side of kanji box

  11. In bowl of balls

Click the Open button to open the door and escape.


Just wanted to jump in and say SBK Escape is a lovely little game. Really enjoyed it!


I agree with vadasz! The solution to the puzzle of the two cabinets was really good.


Escape from the Ramen Shop

Remember the last time you had to escape a ramen shop? (Yes I do, it was back in WE N°148.) I'd escape any ramen shop as long as the ramen is free!


The bouncy music (which you can turn off in the menu) accompanies your escape of this popular ramen shop! You start off facing the counter, where a safe has three colored ring buttons.

Turn left to look at the locked exit door and the ticket machine. There's nothing to do here yet.

Turn left to three tables, each with condiments in bottles of different heights and an empty bowl covering a colored symbol on the table. Table 3 has a locked white safe, table 2 has a three-digit safe, and table 1 has a kettle which hides a spanner, and a bowl of steaming ramen that looks a bit too flat.

Back out and click past the tables to a small corridor where a ramen picture on the wall has buttons at its top right and bottom right corners. The corridor leads into a toilet where a locked briefcase rests on the toilet seat, above which another ramen picture (actually the same picture) is fastened with a hexagonal bolt.

Back out and turn left to the starting screen, and click over the counter to cross into the kitchen. On the left, there's a sink that doesn't seem to be working, and you can look under it to see an oddly-shaped metal object. On the right, there's a stove with an empty pan on it, and a red container next to a knife block, and you can look beneath that counter to find a three-symbol safe with the symbols in different colors. In the back, there's a bowl of steaming ramen… wait, where's the noodles? The cupboard below that holds a cardboard box behind the left door, but its right door is locked.

Brown Cyan Green

Use the clues from the tables to unlock the three-symbol safe.

The brown, cyan, green symbols under the bowls on tables 3, 2, 1 are ring, diamond, 5-pointed star.

So click the buttons 7, 4, 8 times, then open the box to get a Neat Escape coin.


Use the coin on the ticket machine. There's only one think you can afford with it: a pair of disposable chopsticks!

Click the chopsticks to separate them, then use them to eat the ramen at table 1. At the bottom of the bowl, there's a red key in a plastic package.


Use the clue from the empty ramen bowl to unlock the safe on the counter.

From top to bottom, the rings on the bowl are gray, blue, red.

So click the buttons 2, 1, 4 times, then open it to find a pink key.

Unlock: Pink

Use the pink key to unlock the kitchen cupboard door and get a pot.


Use the spanner on the picture in the toilet. You can now click the right side to slide it to the right, revealing UUU, or click the left side to slide it to the left, revealing DDD.


Use the clue from the slidy picture to unlock the picture in the corridor.

The letters behind the slidy picture are DDD when the picture is on the left, and UUU when it's on the right.

So push the DDDUUU buttons, and a hidden compartment opens up so you can get a utility knife.


Use the knife to unwrap the red key.

Also use the knife to unwrap the box and get a plate of noodles!

Unlock: Red

Use the red key on the briefcase in the toilet to get a tap handle.


Place the tap handle on the device beneath the sink, and click it to turn it.

Now you can turn the water on.


Fill the pot in the sink, then place it on the stove and turn the stove on.

When the pot starts steaming, place the noodles in there. As the noodles float, you spot something weird about some of them.

So use that clue to unlock the safe on table 2.

The noodles closest to your side of the pot read 279.

So enter that in the safe, and open it to get a blue key.

Normal End

Save your game, and then use the blue key to unlock the main door and escape.

You got your ramen, and you got your escape, but the shopkeeper's still nowhere to be found. Just look at that line of ramen-desperate people!

Happy End

Load your save, and use the blue key on the safe on table 3. (The key vanishes from your inventory.)

Inside, you find a colander.

Use the colander to remove the noodles from the pot and add them to the still-steaming bowl in the kitchen.

A red Push button pops out from the base under the bowl. So push it to open up a fridge that you couldn't see before.

The doors in the fridge open up to a secret room where the real food is: dumplings to eat with the ramen!


Think of it as four mini-escapes in one.

SBK Escape

Touch screen to begin!


You start off facing a red locked door. Nothing to do here.

Turn right to find a locker that's slightly tilted and has a four-digit lock.

Turn right to find a smartphone on a table, which also has a four-digit passcode.

Turn right to find a blue armchair next to a green bin with a green key in it. There's a calendar for December on the wall above, one of its squares checked off.


Use the clue from the wall calendar to unlock the phone.

The date marked on the calendar is 12/13 (Japanese write months first).

So enter 1213 to unlock the phone, which shows a very similar escape game on its screen with your inventory already included.

Exploration 2

In this second game, you see a yellow armchair next to a potted plant.

Turn right to find a series of shelves, including locked green and brown doors, and a nine-button safe on the bottom shelf.

Turn right to find a water dispenser next to a wall safe with a red handle on its clear locked door.

Turn right to find another phone on a table. This one doesn't have enough battery charge to turn on, but thankfully there's a power outlet just nearby.

Unlock 1

Use the green key to unlock the green cupboard door (in level 2).

Inside, there's an empty watering can covering a clue with four roman numerals… but the last one's incomplete.


Fill the watering can using the dispenser, then water the potted plant with it. Nothing seems to happen to the plant.

So do it again. And again.

And again- no you can't, because the dispenser is now empty.

So use the clue from it to unlock the nine-button safe.

The dots on the dispenser form the

pattern, but the buttons which are pressed turn darker instead of lighter, you need to press the

buttons instead.

The safe opens so you can take the charging cable inside.


Use the cable on the (level 2) phone to charge it up, then turn it on to go deeper.

Exploration 3

On this phone, you see a purple armchair with a metal key hanging from a shelf above.

Turn right to what appears to be an empty screen, but part of the floorboard stands out from the rest.

Turn right to another table without a phone on it.

Turn right to another wall with only an air-conditioning unit.

Unlock 2

The metal key doesn't fit in anything on this level.

So back out of the phone to reach level 2, and use the key to unlock the case next to the water dispenser.

Inside, there's a remote control.

So turn the phone on again, and use the remote control to turn on the air-con.

It drops an orangey brown key.

Unlock 3

Use the brown key to unlock the cupboard in level 2, which holds the other half of the roman numeral code.


Use the roman numeral clues to unlock the locker in the first level.

The clues read
II I = 3
V III = 8
I V = 4
\ / = 5

So enter 3845 in the lock, and open the locker to find a hook on a pole.


Go back to level 3, and use the hook to lift the trapdoor.

Push the button beneath to lower a phone onto the stand. So turn that on too.

Exploration 4

There are no arrows here, just a single brass key in the wall.

Unlock 4

Back out all the way to level 1, and use the brass key to unlock the red door.

Click on it to escape!


You do get a 360-degree view in this game, but you don't get to control exactly where the camera points. In that sense, you get more information but not more freedom than a normal escape game.

Escape Game: Color Gem

This navigation in this game makes it fun, but the color gem idea could have been developed into more challenging puzzles and a longer game.

(If the game exceeds the height of your screen, make sure you scroll until the inventory is visible.)


You start off facing a door which you can click to zoom in really close for no reason. Clockwise from it, there's a plant pot which you can click the top of to zoom in and find a golden key, there's a bed which hides a red cylinder underneath, a locked chest and a table with plates, and a doorway next to a bookshelf with some dragon figurines on it.

Go through the doorway to the next room where several objects are sealed in a display case with five empty pads on top next to a red button. Clockwise from that, there's an uninteresting barrel and mug, a crate of identical paper scrolls, the doorway back, a case with three colored spots and a cylinder in the middle green spot, a control panel with colored lights next to buttons, a pedestal holding a black gem, a bookshelf with colored vases and loads of identical-looking books.

Click the left of the scroll crate to find a gem in the corner.


Use the key to unlock the chest and take the gem from inside.


Place the red cylinder in the corresponding spot in the case beside the control panel, activating the red button on the control panel.

You should find that you can now color a gem black, red, green, or yellow by placing it on the pedestal and pressing buttons.

So use a clue to figure out what to color the three gems you have.

The dragon figures on the middle shelf are red, green, and yellow, and appear on the left, middle and right sides of the shelf.

So color the gems red (left button once), green (middle button once) and yellow (both left and middle buttons), then place them on the leftmost, middle and rightmost spots on the display case.

Then press the red button, which plays an arpeggio chord to tell you that you have it correct. The lower shelf on the display case is now open, and you can take a black gem and blue cylinder from it.


Place the blue cylinder in its spot, activating the blue button on the control panel. Gems can now be colored in any of eight colors, including black and white.

Use another clue to correctly color and place all four gems.

The vases on the bookshelf are blue, green, magenta, yellow, with the middle spot empty.

So turn the black gem blue by pushing the right button, and turn the red (left) gem magenta in the same way.

Place the blue gem on the left and then magenta in the middle-right position between green and yellow, then pick up the green gem from the middle and move it to the middle-left.

Push the red button, which plays the chord again. Check the display case again to find that its upper shelf has opened up. Take the metal key from it.

Use the key to unlock the main door and escape!

EyeOpener January 25, 2018 2:19 PM

WebGL games don't work on my Macbook. Chrome and Firefox both give errors. Grr.


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