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Weekday Escape N°115

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Weekday Escape

DoraIt's Wednesday and you know what that means... it's the middle of the week! Only a few more days 'til the glorious freedom of the weekend. You know, unless you're an adult and no longer find your responsibilities bound solely to Monday through Friday, in which case, the cycle never ends! But no matter what you have to do, or how long you have to do it, Weekday Escape can always make it just a little bit better. This week! Vitamin Hana doesn't want to keep you in so much as out. Nagamochi Games delivers something a little fishy. And Twinkle is both wonderfully weird and sugary sweet.

Going HomeGoing Home - At the end of a long day, all you really want is to get home to where you can be surrounded by all your favourite things, and also maybe not have to wear pants. Vitamin Hana isn't going to make that easy for you, however, though if you're the sort of person who requires an elaborate puzzle lock assembly to get in your front gate, the fault is probably yours. Scour the surrounding area for the items and clues you need to get inside, and then maybe consider investing in something a little less fancy so you don't have to go through this every time you forget to pick up coffee creamer.

Choco Escape 4Choco Escape 4 - If your criteria for an escape game are "weird" and "cute", Twinkle is always a good bet, not the least of which because they consider a room with an unlimited chocolate fountain, not to mention what appears to be an entirely chocolate-based structure, something you'd want to escape from. There's a little bit of pixel hunting in this one, and the game can be fiddly about where you click and whether it accepts the correct input, but I suppose if you get really stuck, you can always call on me to help you eat your way out. I mean... it's a horrible prospect, but I'm willing to gorge myself on pounds of chocolate... for our friendship.

Fish De EscapeFish De Escape - I'm not entirely sure where you are or what you're doing in Nagamochi Games' venture, but it involves a whole lot of pleasantly strange puzzles, and a partial English translation. You're trapped in some sort of outdoor maze, surrounded by treasure chests with electronic locks, carnival games, statuary, and an ominous pond, which goes to prove that assembling escape games by tossing darts at a board of random elements might not be such a bad idea. There's a definite element of whimsy to the design, which I like, and there's a gratuitous amount of sushi, which I also like, so let's call this one a win for everyone.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Regarding Going Home:

Getting the third...

coin was sorta tricky.

I could see it at...

the bottom of the gate on (or in) one of the bars, but it seemed stuck or part of the bar.

Wasn't sure how to remove it.


just clicking it, and using the rock, but it didn't work.

Then I used the...

stick and somehow it came free.


Regarding Choco Escape 4:


There are two endings.


There are two somewhat tricky things about the escape.

One has to do with pixel hunting of a sort.

Click to the left of the cabinet with the number puzzle.

I knew where to click because of a previous game that looked similar.

The other tricky thing has to do with some Japanese text.

You can figure it out based on the symbol.

Since there was a star in the sentence I guessed it had to do with the person behind the closed shutters.

Coffeeteamix February 17, 2016 9:18 PM

Anyone else have trouble with Fish De Escape? For the puzzle on the right inside the house, sometimes pressing the button moves my square 1mm, sometimes it moves it all the way across the board, sometimes it doesn't move at all. Is there a bug?


Fish De Escape: the puzzle near the very end with the dice nearly had me stumped.
Finally I figured out that the view in your inventory with the

five die "rolls"

isn't, really. It's just

five different views of the one die.

Notice that of the five views, four have the number 6 on top, but the other number showing is different in each view.

Now notice the red triangles (arrowheads).

Can you construct a path following the arrows?

I ended up drawing a flat plan or map of the die on a separate piece of paper (that I could turn every which way) so that I could see what number each arrow was pointing toward.

The number 1 side has no arrow, so it has to be last.

There's no arrow pointing to 6, so it has to be first.

Now just follow the arrows around: 6 points to 2 points to 3 points to 5 points to 4 points to 1.


Going Home: the clue from the


combines with

the paper clue that you've already used once

to open the


The dash is actually a subtraction sign, and the comma indicates that it applies to both letters.

Subtract S and C from "su su cr co cr co" to get


for the mailbox code.

Bepo February 18, 2016 1:49 AM replied to Juli

and out! Fun but short


Re: Choco Escape, I loved the Japanese dreamboat in the window! lol


Stuck in fish...can't seem to find a pretty much stuck.


completely deleted my spoiler tag..can't find a pole to fish with.


Going Home -- outline walkthrough. (I haven't gone into much detail on the actual puzzles. I find that in Vitamin Hana escapes, it's enough to know that A is a clue for B and not C.)

Gate view: pick up three items

(rock, stick, paper clue)

and use one of them to obtain a fourth


Shop view (turn around, then click in the alley):

use the paper clue on

the coffee dispenser to get

another coin.

Behind the shopkeeper,

the shelves are the clue for

the box in the trash.

Apply the new clue to get the

screwdriver, then apply it to

the panel on the gray wall to get

the third coin.

You now have

enough money to buy

a slingshot.

Combine your new item with one of your old ones, then explore

above the gate.

Go back to

the shop view to see that the lady has gone on a break, revealing

a light switch. Use the

stick to turn it on, revealing

another use for the paper clue.

Use the new clue on the

mailbox to get the

step-thingies for climbing utility poles.

Once all three

lights/lamps have been turned on, the electric meters give the clue for

the lock on the gate.


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