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Weekday Escape

Grinnyp GUMP, the maker of such classics as Charisma and Boat House, has done it again! The boy with the pink hair is back! Finally, the sequel to Neptune has arrived, and now we might find out what that whole thing with the red shoe was about. Uranus picks up where Neptune left off, in that mysterious ivy-lined passage. Instead of leading you outside, it immediately traps you in yet another strange room you must escape. Explore, pick up and manipulate items, and solve a few tricky puzzles and maybe, just maybe, you will see the end of this experience. Or not.

uranus_title2.jpgNavigation through the small space is smooth and easy, accomplished with arrows on the sides of the screen. There's no built-in cursor change, so there is a tiny bit of pixel hunting, but nothing terribly egregious. The combination of mental puzzles and object puzzles flows together smoothly, making the experience feel more realistic. Well, realistic until towards the end when you acquire a companion, which looks like a giant flying... well... tentacle with an eyeball at the end, and let's leave it at that.

Overall a fun experience, but compared to the other entries in GUMP's arsenal, Uranus seems pretty lightweight. There are no magic squares involved, we never do figure out the significance of that red shoe from Neptune, the few puzzles that are there are pretty easy to figure out, and (spoiler alert!) you've still not seen the back end of that strange house. The game features a save button which is probably not needed, it's so easy. Uranus is not terribly taxing, but still an enjoyable weekday escape.

Play Uranus

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Uranus Walkthrough

General Information

  • I'm not sure what some of this stuff is called so you're going to see a lot of "thing-a-ma-jiggy" and "doohickie".

  • Double click on inventory items to bring them into close up. When finished, there's a little "close" button to the lower right to put them back in the inventory.

Main Walkthrough

  • Click on the space between the two white machines, where the gap meets the floor.

  • Take the blue key. Back up.

  • Turn left twice.

  • Click on the right cabinet for a close up and use the blue key to open it.

  • Take the pink swipecard (patterned) and the ratchet. Back up.

  • Click on the left cabinet for a close up.

  • Open the left cabinet and take the clear red swipecard. Back up.

  • Turn right.

  • Click on the left cabinet for a close up.

  • Use the red swipe card to open the cabinet. Take the box.

  • While the box is still in close up use the ratchet on all four of the nuts. Click on the box to open and take the yellow key.

  • Back up and click on the right cabinet (the one with 4 dials) for a close up.

  • Pull up the pink (patterned) swipecard from your inventory.

  • Look at the swipe card in relation to the dials (tilt your head to the left while looking.

  • The card has 4 columns of small and large circles, and there are four dials.

  • Each column of large and small circles represent a dial setting. Large circles are a full rotation, small dots are one turn.

  • Turn the dials in this order (left to right):

    1. 1st dial - turn 2 clicks.

    2. 2nd dial - turn 1 full rotation + 3 clicks.

    3. 3rd dial - turn 2 full rotations + 1 click.

    4. 4th dial - turn 1 full rotation + 6 clicks.

  • Push the white button and open the cubbyhole.

  • Take the blue power cord and back up.

  • Turn right.

  • Click on the console for a close up. Use the pink patterned swipecard on the console.

  • When the bed opens up, take the note.

  • While the note is still in close up, click on it to open it up. Look, a picture!

  • Back up and turn right.

  • Click on the right cabinet for a close up.

  • Use the yellow key to open the cabinet. Take the battery and the mysterious cylinder.

  • Turn right and click on the left cabinet (the one with no lock) for a close up. Open the cabinet.

  • Double click on the battery to pull it up from your inventory.

  • Click on the back end of the battery to turn it around. Look, space for a three pronged plug.

  • Use the blue power cord on the battery and then put the assembly back in your inventory.

  • Put the battery assembly on the socket in the back of the open cabinet. The light should glow red.

  • Back up and turn left.

  • Click on the left cabinet for a close up, the one with the large circular thing-a-ma-jiggee.

  • Click on the three buttons. The lower right (red) pops out all the surrounding doohickies, the lower left button (green) retracts all the doohickies, and the top button (blue) does not appear to do anything.

  • Pull up the note from your inventory and click on it to open it up.

  • Click on the red swipecard and put it on the opened note. Look, a sun with rays! In a pattern!

  • Clicking on each individual doohickie around the circular thing-a-ma-jiggee, put them a pattern that duplicates what you see on the sun picture.

  • U is for up, D is for down. From the top (12 o'clock position) and going around the circle clockwise the pattern should be: D, U, D, U, U, D, U, D, U, D, D, U, U, D, U, D, U, D, U, U.

  • Once all the doohickies are in the correct pattern click on the top (blue) button.

  • Now click on the cubby handle to open it and take the knob/handle/whatever.

  • Back up and turn right.

  • Click on the cabinet on the left (the unlocked one) and retrieve the now charged battery. Click on the blue cord to remove it from the battery and back up.

  • Back up and turn right twice until you are facing the bed/coffin/whatever.

  • You now have all the elements needed to escape!


  • Below and to the right of the console is a little cabinet, barely visible. Click on it for a close up.

  • Open the cabinet and place the battery inside. Back up.

  • Pull up the mysterious cylinder from your inventory. Attach the knob to the top. Click on the knob to open.

  • There's something in the mysterious cylinder! Click on it to take...you know, I'm not going to go there. Click on it to take the strange gray object.

  • Click on the console for a close up.

  • Use the pink (patterned) swipe card on the console to open the bed.

  • Gently place the...whatever that gray thing you got out of the cylinder is into the bed.

  • Click on the palm reader to activate.

  • Insert your own joke here.

  • To be continued?


Billy Nitro August 26, 2009 1:31 AM

Hat trick! I managed to get out before the walkthrough was put up three weeks in a row. This was rather easy, though...Except for the dial puzzle. It took me five minutes before I got that hint.

caitlin1989 August 26, 2009 1:42 AM

Man, I'm lost on the dials. Does it have something to do with the

card with the circles on it?

themesser August 26, 2009 1:52 AM

No. 30974

Anonymous August 26, 2009 2:11 AM

I put the

grey lizard in the electronic coffin and charged the red pluggy thing.

Now I am stuck.

Anonymous August 26, 2009 2:45 AM

Still can't figure out the dails...

Got the card w/ the circles and dots

Any more clues out there?


JIGuest -

The dials may have to be turned more that all the way around (more than 10 clicks).

Anonymous August 26, 2009 2:54 AM

The Dials

where there is a circle go around in a circle

Anonymous August 26, 2009 2:57 AM

Stuck on Wheel puzzle. Any suggestions?


I charged the red thing and plugged it on to the coffin. . . cant seem to go further


After I charged the red battery and connected it to the coffin is where I am stuck


Right now I can't seem to get into the circular buttons puzzle, I have the

smiley face note

but can't make a clue out of it. The red thingy is happily

charged and locked into the machine, but so far no idea what that accomplishes either

In other words, I'm at a stopping point and in need of a hint as to what to do next.


I'm stuck at the red, blue, green circle thing. What do you do with it?


Never mind, not sure why I didn't try the correct combo before but problem solved, I escaped.

nerdypants August 26, 2009 3:17 AM

Username, about the big circle puzzle with the three buttons:

Combine the smiley-face paper with the see-through card.


I have

the cable with two male plugs

and I see

the outlet inside the small cabinet, but I can't plug it in?

Any ideas?

Oh and as a very vague hint,

don't forget to combine objects!

nerdypants August 26, 2009 3:34 AM


Try turning around your red box.


I only have two objects.

A red keycard and a grey boxy thing.

I don't think I've ever been shut down so fast by a point and clicker before. Wow.

nerdypants August 26, 2009 3:44 AM


Have you looked in every nook and cranny? Make sure to check in between things.


Yeah I found the

key next to the coffin thing

about two seconds after my comment. POWER OF POSTING! Yusss.

Now I've

put the silver worm in the coffin and the charged up red thing in too. Now what?



I have, but clicking on it with the mouse or objects doesn't seem to do anything.


Out, thank you grinnyp :D

A fair bit of frustration with the mechanics here, vis a vis "you must do it in this order UND EXACTLY ZIS ORDER" which plagues so many games of this type. For example:

Why do you have to plug the cord into the red thing first, then the wall? Does pink girl just stand there, stupified and uncomprehending, at the concept of putting a cord into a wall without something attached to it yet?


Man, I feel like I clicked that thing a million times already. Thanks nerdypants!

Seregmegilmor August 26, 2009 4:42 AM


Click between the space between the sarcophagus and the machine on the back, take the blue key.

Turn right twice, and open the left cupboard, take the transparent card.

Look at the right cupboard, open it with the blue key, take the engraved card and the screwdriver.

Turn right, look at the left hatch, swipe the transparent card, open the hatch (click on the rectangular handle) and take the sealed box.

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws, open the box and retrieve the yellow key.

Look at the hatch with the dials, the solution lies on the engraved card.

Each column on the card matches a dial, the one with two dots corresponding to the leftmost dial. A circle means a full turn on the dial, a dot a single incrementation.
Turn the dials accordingly to the card, then press the button and open the hatch. Take the cord.

Turn right, close in on the sarcophagus, swipe the engraved card, take the paper.

Turn right, look at the cupboard, open it with the yellow key, open it and take the cylinder and the red battery.

Turn right, open the left cupboard. Examine the red battery, click to the back to turn it, plug the cord in the slot, then plug the device on the outlet.

Turn left and look at the round device left of the cupboard, the right button raises all the sections, the left resets and the blue confirms the input.
Each section can be lowered and raised individually.

Examine the paper in your inventory, click to unfold it, place the transparent card on it.

Reproduce the length of the sun's spikes with the sections of the round device, press the top button once done, then open the hatch and take the handle.

Examine the cylinder, use the handle on the top, click to open and take the "worm"

Turn right and retrieve the now charged battery from the cupboard, the light should be blinking red/blue.

Click on the cord to remove it from the battery.

Turn left twice to go back to the sarcophagus view, click on the small hatch on the bottom of the screen, open it and place the battery in it.

Go back, swipe the engraved card again to reopen the sarcophagus, put the worm inside.

Go back and click on the hand scanner next to the swipe. You're out.

Papachabre August 26, 2009 7:02 AM

Awesome game. Great graphics and just the right difficulty for me to finish before class.


Great game. And just the right amount of difficulty.

Although after the ending I have this strange urge to go and have a quick shower.. I dunno why...


No. 33503


I've definitely seen the weird worm-eye thing at the end of another GUMP game.


Liquid-metal sperm in a jar...


Never say Never. A walkthrough Uranus is something i thought I'd never participate in. And I understand baba's urge for a quick shower.


"Uranus Walkthrough" is a phrase I'd hoped to never see.


Definitely a huge joke considering the title "Uranus" and the action that is performed to get out.


Uranus Complete.
No 36915


queen-of-diamonds August 26, 2009 7:50 PM

Loved it.

No. 37288

and lol @ grinnyp, nice one.


For some reason, this one seemed completely logical and straightforward to me. Maybe I was abducted and didn't know it.

allimarie August 26, 2009 10:48 PM

No. Just, no. These puzzles seemed neither interesting nor intuitive. :( 2/5


Beevis and Butthead would love saying "Uranis Walkthrough"! Heh-heh.


The spike puzzle does not seem to be working for me. I must be doing something wrong.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary August 28, 2009 3:14 AM

First escape game I've played where I've achieved a number at the end... 43332!


Can someone tell me where

I'm supposed to click on the battery to reveal the plug? I've clicked all over it and can't find it.


Never mind, I was just being stupid.


For those of you who've played GUMP's House series (at least Guesthouse and Boathouse), doesn't our protagonist...

seem like their lovechild?

Just saying. xD


I must say this GUMP game is relative easier then most and i've only been able to play 2 others besides this one with no problems. the rest are hard to understand. I hope they do another game that's as easy as this one.

Anonymous August 29, 2009 5:45 AM

There's obviously a story running through all these games, but I have no idea what it is.


A nice, quick diversion. The folks at GUMP make solid escape games and this is another.


A very nice game. I only needed to check the walkthrough a couple of times.

Didn't the Weird Eyeball Tentacle Thing previously appear in one of Gump's "---- House" games?


@waffles - i was thinking the same thing. especially since i think the

eyeball things were at the end of rental house - probably the same aliens that abducted his parents.


BWAHAHAHAHA I'M OUT :) I think the gray blobby thing was cute >.>

Jim_in_Oz May 6, 2010 2:49 AM

I really enjoyed the earlier games in the series and this one is great, too. Not ridiculously difficult but visually great and perfectly casual.

Anonymous May 6, 2010 5:48 AM

The reviews to these Planet games by Gump refer to the main character as a pink-haired BOY but...

I had assumed it to be the GIRL from Guest House when she was a child...hence why she is a preservation machine as an adult in that game. The room in Guest House is obviously very similar to those in the Planet series. And the airlock suggests that the characters are in outer space.

Not to reassuring a theory I suppose, since it implies that the pink-haired child never escapes the endless series of rooms!


Chalikun May 9, 2010 2:41 PM

I nearly got all the way to the end, but now I'm having problems because

I can't get the battery to plug into the little cubby near the console

No matter where I click it just won't do anything.


The game won't work! I open the page, and it shows, "URANUS", and some weird tentacles. Help!

[Make sure you're waiting for the game to load completely. When it does, you should see a "New Game" button (screenshot: https://jayisgames.com/images/uranus_start_button.jpg ). If you don't see that, try updating your Flash Player and disabling your browser extensions. -Jay]


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