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Weekday Escape

elleTesshi-e wants to wish you a Happy Halloween, a Happy Weekday Escape, and even some Happy Hippos. There are loads of happy here to go around, in fact—it's spilling over into every imaginable place a mirthful golden token could hide in The Happy Escape 3, the 78th escape-the-room game from the designer whose characteristic whimsical style sets genre standards.

The Happy Escape 3Point-and-click your way around the room, deciphering clues and solving puzzles until you have found ten "happy coins" that spell the exit from this hexagonal room, which seems quite familiar, after all didn't we just escape into it from an entrance hall? There's no changing cursor to lead you, but as everything is interesting, you'll want to explore it all. Pick up anything you can (that isn't screwed down) and examine it closely, pondering out the many ways you can put it to good use. As you go, you'll gather up three Halloween-themed ornaments, solve the enigma of the wobbly picture, say hello to Mr. Birdy and encounter one of Tesshi-e's most esoteric hints; make sure your lateral thinking is in the game and you'll be well prepared to break the clever codes. Just like the first and second happy escapes, there is only one ending but as the title promises, it is a happy one.

So, are you happy? I'm happy! Look at me, really, I'm ecstatic. Few things make the day more happy than opening up Jay Is Games and seeing a new Tesshi-e waiting for you. So now go play. Go have a happy—a lot of it!

Play The Happy Escape 3

Walkthrough Guide

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The Happy Escape 3 - Walkthrough

Baseball, Soccer and Indoor Plants
Coin 1 & 2

  • When you begin, you're facing a wooden door. Zoom in on the red table.

    • Here you see a baseball, a soccer ball, and another baseball.

    • Below the balls, a 4-digit code is needed.

  • Using lateral thinking, determine the correct four numbers to solve this ridde.

    • The hint is on the table, but you may need to use Google if you're not familiar with sports.


    Enter the number of players on the field for each game and you get...

    9 11 9

    Screenshot: Sports

  • Once you've entered the proper code, the first HAPPY COIN (1/10) will drop out of the slot. Take it.

  • Back up. Now zoom in on the big, green fern in the corner:

    • Hidden among its leaves is HAPPY COIN (2/10). Get it!

  • Back up and turn left.

The Wobbly Picture
Coin 3 and Cannister of Gas

  • Examine the "Happy Halloween" picture:

    • The frame wobbles when you click its corners.

    • Also notice the three symbols on the front.

  • Back up and then examine the picture of the Girl in the Moon:

    • When you click on its corners, it also moves (a different direction depending on which side you click on). Make a note of what's revealed

  • Return to the "Happy Halloween" picture and use the information you just learned to click on its corners in the proper order..


    The numbers behind the girl in the moon picture tell you what order to click on the wobbly halloween picture...

    Screenshot: Wobbly Picture

    TL - TR - BL - BR - BR - BL - TR

    TL = top right; etc.

  • After the correct sequence of wobbles, the halloween picture raises and you can get...


  • Look on the bottom of the cannister to get...

    • another HAPPY COIN (/10)!

  • Back up and turn right twice.

Numbers and Hippos on Display, plus the Floor and Mr. Birdy
A little exploration

  • There are three items on the half-arch display shelves next to the plant. Make a note of all you see:

    • An unusual looking ornament: N U M B E R.

    • Four Hippos in a row.

      • When you press each of the seven buttons, a specific hippo's mouth will open.

    • A black base, seemingly to display three square items.

  • Back up from the shelves and take a closer look at the bare patch of floor on the right:

  • Screenshot: Floor

    • There is a panel in the floor, but it's locked.

  • Back out and turn right. Zoom in on the table to see a Mr. Birdy ornament!

    • Press the button on Mr. Birdy's base and then make note of the colorful lights.

  • Back up and turn right again.

The Sink Area
Hat Ornament and Spade Key

  • Take a closer look at the sink area:

    • Inside the sink you'll find a HAT-SHAPED ORNAMENT. Take it.

  • Now look at the top drawer under the counter:

    • There are four buttons that light up when you click them. You need to know the correct sequence to open this drawer.

    • A line of four things that you've already seen in this room will give you that sequence.


    Pushing the buttons on the hippos display will show the proper sequence to use here. See screenshot for solution:

    Screenshot: Drawer Code

  • Clicking the buttons in the correct order causes the drawer to open up automatically:

    • Take the SPADE KEY.

  • Back up.

Cabinet, Fridge and Fire
Ghost Ornament, Pot, Ice Cube and Coin 4

  • Now examine the cabinet to the right of the red refrigerator:

    • Your spade key won't open the top part but...

    • the bottom part proves more interesting.

  • Playing with the four buttons on the bottom door, you notice that each are a different color. Where did you see four colors before?


    The lights on Mr. Birdy tell you which buttons to push and when. See screenshot for answer:

    Screenshot: Button Colors

  • Click the buttons in the correct order and the bottom doors of the cabinet open up so you can get...

    • a POT


  • Back up and now look inside the freezer (there's nothing below in the fridge!)

    • There's an ICE CUBE and a happy coin is frozen inside of it. You'll need to melt the ice to get to it.

  • Back up and then examine the stove plate on the wooden table:

    • Open up the cylinder compartment on the stove and insert the CANISTER OF GAS.

    • Back up.

  • Examine the POT in your inventory.

    • Put the ICE CUBE inside the pot.

    • Place the "ice in the POT" on the stove.

    • Turn on the stove.

  • Back up and wait a few minutes until you see steam rise from the pot. Look inside the pot:

    • The ice has melted but the water is too hot to reach inside.

    • Back up and turn off the stove.

  • Back up twice then zoom in again and check the pot:

    • Now the water has cooled and you can take the HAPPY COIN (4/10).

Letters and Arrows
A Wrench

  • Back up from the kitchen area and turn right to face the big windows. Examine the picture on the left corner of the long cabinet:

    • You see the letters "U M N N" with a series of arrows underneath.

    • Somewhere else in this room you saw those same letters on display.

  • Enter the correct 4-digit code to see what comes out of the slot.


    This matches-up with the "unusual N U M B E R ornament." Start at each letter than, following the arrows, trace out a pattern to form a number (see screenshot).

    Screenshot: 4-digit code

    When you're done, you'll have this number:


  • When you get it right, you're rewarded with a WRENCH. Take it.

Exploring Further by the Windows and under the Bed
A Stick, Coin 5 and a Box

  • Move away from the Letters and Arrows picture and take note of two other items on the long cabinet:

    • a Bell Jar which is securely holding another happy coin,

    • and narrow, wooden device that seems to have a ball inside. There's an opening at the top where you could fit another ball (if only you had one).

  • Back up and check out the corner of the room, just along the right edge of the window.

    • Using the WRENCH you just won from the last puzzle, unfasten the STICK from the wall.

  • Now back up and turn right to face the bed.

    • Looking under the bed, something is there but you can't reach it unaided. Use the STICK to get it:

      • A BOX.

    • Open up the box and you'll get HAPPY COIN 4/10.

    • You'll also have a pretty handy box, best to hold onto it. Back up.

The Ball Device and the Top of the Cabinet
Ball of Ice, Triangle Key, Coin 6 and a Lever

  • From the bed, turn left twice to face the kitchen area again. Zoom in on the stove:

    • Put the BOX in the pot of water to fill it up.

    • Then take the BOX OF WATER over to the freezer, put it inside, and close the door.

  • Back all the way up then return to the freezer:

    • Now the water has frozen inside the box. Open it up and you'll get...

      • a BALL OF ICE.

  • Back up and turn right to face the taller windows. Zoom in on the device on the right side of the long cabinet:

    • Insert the BALL OF ICE into the top of the device.

    • A plastic ball will drop out of the bottom of the device. Take it to get:

      • The TRIANGLE KEY.

    • Back up, turn left, and examine the top doors of the cabinet by the fridge. Use the TRIANGLE KEY to open the doors and take out:

      • A LEVER.

      • and HAPPY COIN (6/10).

The Ladder, the Bell Jar and the Halloween Ornaments
Screwdriver, Pumpkin Ornament, and Coins 7, 8 & 9

  • Back up from the kitchen area and turn back to the wall with the half-arch display case. Remember that panel in the floor?

  • Use the SPADE KEY to unlock the floor panel.

    • Get a SCREWDRIVER.

  • Then use the LEVER in the hole on the left side of the panel.

    • A ladder will rise up.

  • Back up once then click on the ladder to climb to the top:


    • ...and HAPPY COIN 7!

  • Go down the ladder and click on the black base on the top, right side of the half-arch shelves:

    • Now that you have all three ornaments, you can put them on display on the black base.

    • Use the information you saw elsewhere in the room to put them in the proper order.


      Look at the picture above the bed and arrange the halloween-themed ornaments in the same way:


    • With the three ornaments in their place, HAPPY COIN (8/10) will pop out. Take it.

  • turn around three times to face the tall windows again.

  • Examine the bell jar in the center of the long cabinet:

    • Use the SCREWDRIVER to unfasten the bell jar, then click it to lift it up:

      • ...and get another HAPPY COIN (9/10).

Happy Coin Device
Those other things you need to escape

  • After all this searching around, maybe you're scratching your head wondering where the 10th happy coin is hidden? Well, let's see what you can do with only 9.

  • From the tall windows/long cabinet area, turn right once to face the bed again. Examine the funky device under the "Happy Halloween" picture:

  • HINT:

    The device has two buttons. One has a "W" on it.


    Arrange your happy coins to make a "W" on the coins device.

    Screenshot: Coins

    When the coins are arranged properly, press the "W" button and you'll get the last HAPPY COIN (10/10). Woo hoo!

  • Now insert all ten coins into the device and push the button on the right. Two things will pop out:

    • The EXTRA SPECIAL "Happy Halloween" COIN

    • and a HEART-SHAPED KEY.

  • Back up, turn right, and use the heart key on the door to escape.



I should have known better than to start a Tesshi-e puzzle without a walkthrough! :)

Just bumbling my way around ...


Thanks, Elle!

Can you give me a hint where I can find the




man...9 happy coins so far, and no idea where to look for number 10. I've used everything in my inventory and solved every obvious puzzle...the only things I can think of are

if it somehow involves the toaster I never used, or if those images on the one shelf (moon, fire, etc.) mean anything...


Am I missing an obvious clue for the baseball/soccer table?

I have 8 coins and am at a loss.


I guess it could also involve

Turning the water on? Even though I have a perfectly good water supply...or maybe the intercom matters? I'm not sure how though...

Gah...this went so well up until now!


I'm with you, Tenzhi.

metacom, I think I know where your tenth coin is, assuming you've solved the sports table that has Tenzhi and me puzzled.

Hint - take the coins you already have and put them in their spots. But take careful note of the letter on one of the buttons on the machine you're putting them in.

Hope that works!


-1 Shroom for the accursed sports clue. ;P


Heh... "Out of left field"...

3 Shrooms instead of 4 is still a decent score.


Yeah, Jim, that was the one I was missing. Dang, I should have noticed that bit. Ah well, a fine escape.

The sports bit was neat--I struggled with it for a while, but eventually decided to try out a theory that happened to be correct. I like puzzles that make me think, but that I can eventually get on my own--much more satisfying than either other extreme.


I am with Tenzhi on the -1

Okay, so I may know how many players in a football team, and I can google how many in a baseball team BUT I don't think I should have to. A solution from outside the puzzle is almost akin to cheating on Teeshi-e's part!

or maybe I am just miffed that that is the only puzzle I needed a hint on.

Apart from that great as always.


Geez, I never even saw the panel on the floor.


Nah, we're just nerds who don't like sports. ;)

It's mostly an incomplete clue because there's no sense of what's being counted. It could be

nets. Or gloves. Or shoes. Or referees / umpires.

yondaseso October 31, 2012 3:18 PM

Tesshi-e is so cool. His/Her games have such a pleasant atmosphere about them, and an engaging challenge. This one seemed a little too easy, but still a great escape. I never would have gotten the baseball/soccer numbers without the walkthrough, though!

shadowmax October 31, 2012 6:25 PM

I got the sports puzzle right away, but had to look up the 'soccer' part. The 'w' one threw me for a bit, though.

vulpisfoxfire October 31, 2012 7:27 PM

Hmm. No non-happy-coin ending on this one?

Asthanius November 3, 2012 4:43 PM

There's got to be something we're missing, right? I mean, there's the sink and intercom which never do anything, and there are those pictures under the three puzzles.


This room must have been changed in an update. It no longer has the Halloween pic or ornaments. The ornaments are now large round spheres. The picture is an abstract painting. Everything is generally the same. However, I have done this twice and can't get past the canister and the burner. I try to click on the part to open it. Nothing. I try clicking the canister and apply it to the burner. Nothing. So I can't hear the ice up, get the coin and use the water to make a ball of ice. I've literally done everything else in the room. I can't get past this so I can't move on. Please help. Is there something you need to open up the burner compartment before you add the gas canister? Also, there is not a coin on the canister anymore. So now I'm afraid I won't find 10 coins unless there's an extra built in somewhere.

jaybo33 June 2, 2017 12:22 PM

Just played it all the way through, worked fine for me.


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