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Sherlock Has a Clue

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Rating: 3.6/5 (34 votes)
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Sherlock Has a ClueDo you like playing detective and solving a good murder mystery packaged up in a lunchbreak sized, lively point and click game? In the first installment, you found the unfortunate tea shop owner, Mr. T., suspiciously steeped in his own murder. Sherlock returned again for a whodunnit stint with a five-alarm framed suspect.

This time, Mr. Dawkins of the Dawkins manor has departed the land of the living before his time, and it's up to you to find justice! (And maybe the body, which is somehow not readily apparent!) Despite several potential witnesses including Miss Bleach, Colonel Ketchup, and Professor Grape in close proximity, each seems to have a convenient case of anterograde amnesia regarding the incident. Even so, being a great detective should help to make this case somewhat elementary indeed.

Although the game does suffer from its share of idiosyncrasies in the story, Carmel Games brings their usual sense of cute cartoonish charm along for the ride. In your fervent quest for the truth, you will stop at nothing. Who cares about a few broken eggs - or bones - when making an omelet anyway? As usual, be prepared for some especially creative uses of items and combinations of items in your quest to solve the mystery.

Controls are simple in this point-and-click. Move your cursor around the scene, and it will change when there is a person or object to interact with. At the bottom of the screen you will find objects you have collected, which can occasionally be combined or used with other elements in the scene. Use left and right arrows on the screen to move between locations as you gather evidence. When you think you have all the answers, head to the computer in the entrance room and solve the mystery!

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BubbaJoe April 18, 2017 5:57 PM

Two of the three "criteria" are pretty straightforward, but the rationale for the choice of murderer is pretty dubious...


can't wait for the walkthrough :)


(Get it? Clue?)

Sherlock Has A Clue

The great Sherlock has yet another MURDER mystery to solve, and like always, he has to put the correct answer into the police computer before he can leave. (What do you mean that's not how the stories go?)


In a manor this large, how's Sherlock going to find his... clues? Thankfully, we have a changing cursor to help us in the search.

You start in the entrance hall with a police computer, a purple vase next to the door that hides a gold key, and some drapes which hide a four-digit safe.

Go right to the music room where Miss Bleach tells you that she got way too drunk to witness any sort of murder. There's a locked red box on the floor which takes a five-digit code. There's also a badly tuned piano with only the white keys working. Pressing those white keys makes different symbols appear on a tiny display. Next to the piano and behind Sherlock's head, there's a rope extending from the wall and holding a giant bell in place near the ceiling.

Go right to the study. Professor Grape standing on a rickety old ladder, looking for a missing book. It can't be that hard to find one book out of 21! There's a safe on the left which seems to be locked by a panel with six switches. Next to the bookshelf, a fire is burning vividly in the fireplace, which has a magnet sitting on the mantel for some reason. On the right, there's a telescope pointed through the window. But its lens is broken, so we don't yet know where it's aiming.

Go left thrice, past the entrance and into the dining room. Colonel Ketchup is seated at the table, still waiting for his dinner. He's going to be here for a while, because there's no chef or kitchen in this game. Behind him on the right, there's a locked door with both a keyhole and a grid of six buttons. On the left, there's a red button in the ceiling, too high to reach.

Go left into the bathroom. Miss Black says she's been in here the whole day, dodging the perfume wafts from Mr. Dawkins' party. Next to the bathtub full of water, there's a fishtank full of water and a silver key and a nasty looking piranha guarding that. Under that fishtank, a locked cupboard requires three digits to open. To the right of the fishtank, another cupboard is unlocked, and contains dental floss. The toilet absolutely stinks, but Miss Black would never spray an air freshener on it because of her allergies.

Wait. After all of that, Mr. Dawkins is nowhere to be found. If nobody here knows for sure that he was murdered, who told Sherlock about it? (*creepy music plays*)


Note: If I have not listed a puzzle code, it means that code changes every playthrough.

Piranha problems

Use the dental floss on the magnet, and use that on the tank to pick up the silver key.

A locked door

Zoom in on the door in the dining room, and use the gold key on the keyhole. Each button can now be pressed, and either flashes red or turns green when pressed.

You have to press the buttons in the correct order. For each button press, if it's correct it stays green and you can continue, and if it's wrong it turns red and resets the puzzle.

Once all six buttons have been pressed correctly, the door opens. Take the broom.

Panic button

Use the broom on the button in the ceiling, sliding the painting on the wall aside to reveal a safe. Use the silver key on the safe to open it and take a knife.


Use the knife on the rope in the music room, dropping the bell. This doesn't seem to startle Miss Bleach, but it shakes two items loose from her dress, a yellow note with six up and down arrows on it and an axe (weapon), which is glowing yellow so you know it's evidence rather than a usable item.


Use the code from the yellow note to unlock the safe in the study.

Flip the 3rd, 5th and 6th switches.

The safe opens. Take the bucket.


Fill the bucket with water from the bathtub, then use it to put out the fire in the study.

This reveals a five-digit code, which unlocks the red box in the study room.

Take the chainsaw from the red box.

Slice! (Again!)

Use the chainsaw on the (bottom of the) ladder in the study, dropping Professor Grape on the ground.

Take the stuff that fell from his pockets: a bottle of air freshener and a flask of poison (weapon).

You're not even going to help him up, because Sherlock doesn't care.


Use the air freshener on the toilet. Miss Black sneezes, and drops a bomb (weapon) and a lens.


Use the lens on the telescope to repair it, then look through it to see a lighthouse with four symbols near the top: Stripes Star Star Hexagon.

Taking notes

Press the keys on the piano to display the same symbols as shown on the lighthouse.

Hit the 2, 6, 6, 8th white keys on the piano from the left (9, 5, 5, 3rd from the right)

A secret compartment opens and you now have a green note with some weird math going on.


Following the green note, multiply the number of candles in the game by 3, add 100 and use that final answer to unlock the cupboard in the bathroom.

Candles: 3 in dining room + 1 in study
Code: 112

The cupboard contains a single red chili.


Give the chili to Colonel Ketchup, who poofs into nothingness and leaves behind a white note with a four-digit code on it.

The four-digit code opens the safe in the entrance hall.

In the safe lies the body of Mr Dawkins, with a rope still around his neck and a book in his hand. Well, that's convenient.

Making an accusation

Click on the police computer, and select Colonel Ketchup, Rope, Library (3, 2, 2 clicks).

Mystery solved, case closed, whole party ruined, yada yada.

(Sequence breaking)

In case you're stuck with puzzles, all you need to do in this game is open the bathroom cupboard (its code never changes), use the four-digit code from its note to unlock the entrance safe, and then make the accusation.


KK, one minor error on your walk through.

after you said to "fill the bucket with water then youse it on the fireplace in the study" you mentioned that "the code unlocks the red box in the study" the red box is actually in the music room on the left.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr April 19, 2017 11:58 AM replied to Paul

Oh, right. Thanks for the correction!


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