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Remote CompleX

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The end of Flash support was sad for everyone; for me one of the biggest losses is the inaccessibility of Gatamari's games which I love. But all isn't lost, a new Gatamari is here and it's a good one!

remote4.pngYou find yourself trapped in a gloomy room. The room has the usual amenities, many coded drawers and closets, and devices that you can't use because you don't have any remote controller. And the controllers are the essence of the game, with almost every puzzle solved you will find one and after you use it, you get a new clue. The puzzles aren't easy (especially the puzzle with three buttons) but they are intuitive and solutions make sense. But puzzles were always the most important thing in Gatamari's games, not graphics.

The game has autosave and two endings. I'm having trouble playing the game on the original site - tried three browsers without success - so I'm posting a link to My Hidden Game where the game is published. Here is direct link to Gatamari's site: Remote CompleX.


P.S. This isn't their first game in html - in the Christmas Special 5 was published another one.

Play Remote CompleX


I have been able to figure out all the puzzles so far. Even the three button one.

I'm stuck with a gadget

that has three dials. I'm pretty sure this is used on the drone outside the window. I think the clue is in the notebook with the three orange circles with the numbers 450, 33, and 2. Maybe?

I still have several puzzles left. Right now stuck on this one.


I was wrong about what it applies to. I had to consult a video to see how to

set the dials.


Made it past the issues mentioned above.

Now stuck with a


I made note of the clue in the note book regarding the calculator numbers in green and the not equal sign for the numbers in black. I entered the numbers in the calculator but that does nothing. And the numbers do not work on the bedside table - not equal means not equal.

The only number on the calculator that uses all the lines to make a number is 8. Putting that in only results in gibberish.

What do I need to do? I'm not seeing something.


@4red3s I consulted a walkthrough and I still don't understand the gadget puzzle.


Consulted a video and it still does not make sense.

they typed in a bunch of 8s and then moused over the green gibberish like something is there other than gibberish. Then cleared the display and typed in the green numbers from the notebook into the calculator. When you enter the entire 8 digit number, it displays properly on the calculator. Then they moused over the display again like there was something there other than the 8 digit number. Then proceeded to enter an entirely different number into the bedside table drawer.

What was I supposed to see?


Consulted a video -- again.

The refrigerator code is revealed when you get a mobile phone and dial the number written beside the land line phone. It rings and the buttons flash red with the order to press the refrigerator buttons.


The order that I saw on the land line phone clearly began on the 3, cycled around to each button and ended on 2. That did not work.

The video solution began on 4 and ended on 3. That worked.

A glitch perhaps?


Did anyone see the clue for the second ending? I ended up watching the video just to see what happens.

The clue from the notebook that worked the 1st TV game does not work on the snowman game. I have no idea where that clue is located.

jF October 29, 2022 3:50 AM replied to 4red3s

Regarding the calculator puzzle:

The calculator has several LED segments which don't work. 4red3s was on the right path (😁) by putting in all 8's, which reveals where those bad segments are.

The clue in the notebook indicates that the number 17315416 is correct when displayed as LED digits, but not as the number itself.

Since the number itself isn't correct, maybe we need to enter something else which gets the display to show that number.

Let's start with that leftmost digit on the display. The middle and upper-left segments appear to be not working. Since the clue says that 1 is correct as displayed, not as entered, we can experiment with different numbers.

It helps to try entering all ones (11111111), then all twos (22222222), and so on. Running through the numbers, we see that the number 4, when placed in that leftmost position, will have its middle and upper-left segments knocked out. That leaves the upper-right and lower-right segments only, which hey, form the number 1!

Entering 43936978 fills the display with numbers which aren't 17315416, but appear on the display as 17315416 due to the broken segments. Put that 43936978 into the cabinet under the window to get the Door Console.

I quite liked that puzzle!  😁

jF October 29, 2022 4:13 AM replied to 4red3s

The refrigerator code worked for me the first time…

When you call the number taped to the desk, the landline phone rings and the buttons light up in a sequence. I'm assuming the code is the same for any playthrough—for me, it started on 3, went down to the bottom, to the left, then zig-zagged upward through the digits to 1, where it crossed the top.

Assuming the unlabelled buttons on that keypad correspond to a standard phone…

     1  2  3
     4  5  6
     7  8  9
     *  0  #

…the sequence (for me) was 6, 9, #, 0, *, 7, 8, 5, 4, 1, 2, 3.

A glitch is possible, of course, as is the possibility that the start and end points are randomized for each playthrough.

You got a link to that walkthrough video you consulted?


I brute-forced the orange control unit (🤫), but went back after finishing the game and searched for an explanation of how it works. I think I get the logic involved…

When you turn off the overhead light, you see the number 2850 in the poster. Its orange color clues you in that it has something to do with the control unit dials, as well as the 450/33/2 clue in the notebook.

Now you must do some complicated math:

• 450 goes into 2850 six times, so the first dial should be set to 6. Since there is a remainder of 150, we need that for the next number.

• 33 goes into 150 four times, so the next dial should be 4. Again, there is a remainder, this time 18.

• 2 goes into 18 nine times, so the third dial is 9. No remainder—we're done.

I get all that, but really—how in the hell are you supposed to make that association? That's quite a far stretch to turn those numbers into something logical. Am I missing something else which makes this make sense?

jF October 29, 2022 4:45 AM replied to 4red3s

The clue for the snowman game…

…is in the game itself. See those snowballs bouncing above his head? The symbol on them is important.

The star (or asterisk, depending on what you call that phone button) can be dialed on the landline phone.

Keep dialing * until the display is filled. The phone will begin to flash the buttons in a repeating pattern.

Remember the previous game clue?

Like the first game, you need to click pairs of buttons. The phone flashing gives you the sequence.

As in the first game, the buttons surrounding the snowman correspond to the numbers on a clock. The flashing tells you to click the following for your battle moves:

• 5 then 1
• 12 (as represented by the 1 and 2 lighting up simultaneously) then 7
• 3 then 9

Be sure to check the freezer again after you win!  😉

Graceland9 October 31, 2022 7:20 PM replied to 4red3s


going outside again and looking at the panda. It's surrounded by rocks in a clock shape.

Graceland9 October 31, 2022 7:42 PM replied to Graceland9

Sorry, ignore that. I was looking for a third ending. :)

Snarfhead November 5, 2022 10:31 AM replied to jF

Wow, jF! This explanation was immensely helpful. No way I would've finished without it! Thank you! I too, enjoyed the calculator puzzle.


My pleasure!  🙂


Great. Now even in games I find my remotes in the strangest places and they vanish again as soon as I've used them.


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