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Monkey GO Happy Roundup 20

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Monkey GO Happy RoundupArceusIt's time for the twentieth installment of monkey madness, so without further ado enjoy four more puzzles below!

Stage 201
Monkey GO Happy

Red pill, or...plenty of red pills? Come find out what the monkey needs to do with all of them.

Stage 202
Monkey GO Happy

Something weird is going on in the swamps, and the elderly man who lives nearby knows it. Help resolve his problem to make the monkey go happy!

Stage 203
Monkey GO Happy

If math wasn't your strong suit, this next puzzle will certainly be a challenge. Percents and other numbers abound in this weird structure.

Stage 204
Monkey GO Happy
Finally, a troll demands 30 rocks, which you must gather along with some oddly shaped stones. Whatever could they unlock?

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Monkey GO Happy Roundup 20 (Stage 201–204)

Stage 201: Martian Overdose


You start off among some red hills with a giant sun in the background. After reading the clue on the hill, notice the weird machine on the right and click the rock on the left to move it, then pick up 2 levers, 4 pills and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Enter the pipes. No more red sands, just red pills! The astronaut standing here asks for 25 of them. Look at the clue marked B and the panel marked A, then click the three square compartments on the wall to open them. Take 6 pills and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Go left to a room with a C clue and three circular light devices on the wall. Open the compartments here, then take a key, 5 pills and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Go right twice along the pipe to arrive at another room with an A clue and two panels marked B and C. There's a locked box on the left marked with a red cross. Open the square compartments and then take a lever and 6 pills.

(Check that you have 21 pills and 6 Mini Monkeys.)


Use the key to open the first aid box, which contains a pill.


Place the levers in the labeled panels and use the clues throughout the game to open them.

Using the clue outside (Z=1000), the A clue (Z−264) works out to 736, so click the circular displays until they show 7, 3, 6 lit sectors, and then turn the lever to open the A panel.

The B clue tells you to make the displays ¼, 100% and ⅝ lit, which converts to 2, 8, 5 sectors. Once you've set them accordingly, you can open the B panel.

The C clue is also a formula. Since it works out to 548, make the displays show 5, 4, 8 sectors, then open the C panel.

From the panels, you get a radio as well as 3 pills and 3 Mini Monkeys.


Give all 25 pills to the astronaut, who stuffs them in his backpack and drops a screwdriver on the ground as he walks off.


Combine the screwdriver and radio (with the Combine Items feature), then place the antenna on the machine outside.

Pushing the antenna in makes it flash a code.

The code just reads 888, so make all the circular displays show 8 sectors (i.e. completely lit).

Then push the antenna again. This time, the machine activates and transforms into a walking robot with a Mini Monkey at its feet!

Collecting all ten Mini Monkeys gets you a clue: (up triangle with dot ◬) = 5.

Stage 202: Swamp Soup


An old man standing across this green lake points at it. You can read some roman numeral clues above his head on the tree trunks behind. Click the bush on the left and the gable (triangular section) at the top of the house to move them, then pick up the bowl, button and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Entering the house, you find a boy who's all ready to eat a bowl of food which he doesn't have. There are two locked panels with diamond-shaped holes in the left and right walls, and a button near the top left that has no effect on the room. Pick up 2 Mini Monkeys.

Climb up the ladder. Three concentric circular dials are mounted on the back wall, with the two buttons on the sides controlling the medium-sized and small dials. There's also a clothesline with a peg strung above, and a roman numeral clue near the lower right. Pick up the pitchfork and 2 Mini Monkeys.


Use the pitchfork in the swamp to retrieve a wet hat.

Use the hat on the clothesline, then leave the screen by climbing down and back up, and the hat is now dry!

Give the hat to the old man, who reveals a button and Mini Monkey as he walks off.


Place both red buttons in the walls, and then use the roman numeral clues to open them.

Let's start with the clue on the right wall upstairs, whose large, small, medium roman numerals read 7, 8, 3.

So click the left (white) button until the pointer on the middle dial is in the 3 o'clock position, and the right button until that of the right dial is in the 8 o'clock position. What about the large dial?

The large dial is controlled by the button downstairs. Even though you can't see its effect on the clock, you can deduce and count how many times you need to press it. Adjust the large dial until its pointer points in the 7 o'clock direction.

Then push the right red button to open that panel. Take the can and Mini Monkey.

Do the same for the clues to the left of the house, rotating the large, middle, small dials to the 9, 2, 5 o'clock positions. After pushing the red button to open the panel, you can take a knife and Mini Monkey.


Combine the knife with the can, and then the open can with the bowl.

Serve the kidney beans to the kid, ending the stage! Take the last Mini Monkey from the table.

Bonus clue from this stage: (down triangle with dot) = 1.

Stage 203: Red Fractions


A robot standing outside this building asks for a flashlight. Read the letter-percentage clues, then open the window and pick up all 7 credits and a Mini Monkey.

Enter the building. After picking up another 7 credits and Mini Monkey, you can look at all the devices in the room (which you can click to adjust).

Remove the top left corner of the back wall to find a credit and torch without battery.

Climb up to find a boy asking for a teddy bear. There's also more percentage clues, a complicated clue labeled YX, a locked panel labeled XY, and a pipe above that with a hole in it. Pick up 7 credits and 2 Mini Monkeys.

Remove the top right corner of the back wall to find a credit.

Climb down twice to find a very similar room. A locked box on the wall takes 30 credits through its coin slot, and there's also a complicated clue labeled XY, a locked panel labeled YX, and a pipe above that with a hole in it. Pick up the hammer, 5 credits and Mini Monkey.

Remove the left panel of the back wall to find a credit.

Check that you have 29 credits (so close!) and 5 Mini Monkeys.


Use the hammer on the sign on the left of the first screen, which remains in one piece but falls to the ground, revealing a valve handle and credit behind.


Insert all 30 credits in the locked box to open it inside. Take the battery and Mini Monkey.


Combine the battery with the torch, and give it to the robot, who walks away so you can take another handle and Mini Monkey.


Place the handles on the pipes, and use all the other clues to unlock the labeled panels.

The YX clue upstairs tells you how to set all the devices on the middle floor to unlock the panel downstairs:

Wide box: E = 60% = 3 bars
Circle: B = 25% = 1 quadrant
Cap: 2 = 2nd position from left
Tall box: H = 100% = 4 bars
Small circles: (as shown in clue) 3 on right.

Once done, turn the handle downstairs to open the YX panel. Take the gloves and Mini Monkey.

Do the same for the XY clue downstairs:

Wide box: C = 40% = 2 bars
Circle: F = 75% = 3 quadrants
Cap: 4 = rightmost position
Tall box: B = 25% = 1 bar
Small circles: 3 on left.

Once done, turn the handle upstairs to open the panel. Take the teddy in barbed wire and Mini Monkey.


Combine the gloves with the teddy to remove the barbed wire, then give it to the boy to end the game. Take the last Mini Monkey from his feet.

Bonus clue from this stage: (left arrow with dot) = 2.

Stage 204:Rock Unlocks


A caveman beside his fire asks you for 30 small rocks. Time to search these floating islands for them! Read the clue on the left and click a large rock to move it, then pick up 2 stones marked with dots, 7 rocks and 2 Mini Monkeys.

At the end of the floating island path, you find a large boulder with three holes in it. Read the clue on the left and shift the large rock in front, then pick up the stone key, 9 rocks and a Mini Monkey.

Go left. A giant skull-shaped rock sculpture with three holes sits at the end of an overhang. Read the clues on the ground and shift the large rock beside you, then pick up a stone with three dots, 9 rocks and a Mini Monkey.

Go left. This cave entrance is locked with four round holes around a middle keyhole. Read the clue above and take a stone with two dots, 5 rocks and 2 Mini Monkeys.


You should now have all 30 rocks, so give them to the caveman, who drops his torch on the ground.

Since he's still here, you figure that he wants something else, but he can't communicate it any better than pointing at the fire.

Speaking of which, you can immediately use the torch on the fire to light it.


Go back to the cave entrance and place the key in its keyhole, then use the clues nearby to unlock it.

The small square grid above the door contains symbols which occur on the screen beside accompanying roman numerals for
4 3
2 1

So place the stones with the correct number of dots in the four holes around the door, then push the key to open it up. The doorway is pitch black!

(You can recover the stones that you placed.)

Luckily, you came prepared. Use your lit torch in the doorway to light it up. It's just a small chamber with a semicircular button and a Mini Monkey.


Use the remaining wall clues to unlock the boulder and sculpture.

The skull clue has the formula 20−7 on it, which works out to 13.

So place the stones with 1 and 3 dots in the eye holes of the skull sculpture, then fill in the top hole with the button and press it. The nose opens up to reveal a very large fork and a Mini Monkey.

Pick the stones and button back up.

The boulder clue has the formula 50−18 on it, which works out to 32.

Place the stones with 3 and 2 dots in the bottom holes of the boulder, then fill in the top hole with the button and press it. The panel in the middle opens up to reveal a large sausage and Mini Monkey.


Attach the sausage to the fork and give it to the caveman to end the stage. The last Mini Monkey appears at his feet.

Bonus for this stage: (right triangle with dot) = 4.

Bonus Stage 51

It's another box with some equations on it! Work out the formulas on the hint (from left to right: 5−1=4, 2+4=6, 6+4=10) and then those for the code (5−4=1, 10−6=4, 4+1=5, 10÷2=5).

Enter 1455 in the box and open it!


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