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10 Console Games About Pets

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Pets are always there to provide a sense of comfort, support, and, of course, loyalty throughout our everyday lives, and the same can be said when it comes to their impact in games. From violent weapons to cuddly friends, pets are used to establish a deeper connection between the player and the game, helping to add more meaning to the narrative.

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1. Dogmeat - Fallout 4


While there are many great companions to choose from in 'Fallout 4', none are quite as universally loved as the German shepherd, Dogmeat. Appearing early on in the game at an abandoned Red Rocket truck stop, Dogmeat does not only act as a loyal ally to the Sole Survivor, but he is also a unique weapon that players can use to their advantage. Developers Joel and Michelle Burgess modelled Dogmeat after their own female German shepherd, River, who provided the voice for the characters as well as inspiration for his mannerisms and attitude.

2. Trico - The Last Guardian


While some gaming developers like to keep their pet companions on the more stereotypical side, opting for cats or dogs, others are not afraid to make use of gigantic hybrid beats, as is the case with the team behind The Last Guardian. Released in 2016, the game's story is told from the perspective of an old man as he recalls how he formed an unbreakable bond with a large and curious creature named Trico when he was a young boy. While Trico's stubbornness can be frustrating to players at times, he is an invaluable part of the boy's journey.

3. Bloodfang Sabertooth - Far Cry Primal


As the name suggests, Bloodfang Sabertooth is a powerhouse beast in 'Far Cry Primal', happily hunting down any threat that comes in its or the player's way, once, of course, he is tamed. He is a rare variant of the Sabretooth Tiger and only hunts at night. The legendary beast is responsible for killing the protagonist Takkar's previous hunting group as well as many others, including Wenja, Udam, and Izila.

4. Palico - Monster Hunter Series


The Palicos have become staples in Capcom's 'Monster Hunter' series ever since making their debut when the game was first released back in 2004. The cat-like creatures make the perfect companions in the game, helping to track down monsters and keeping their masters alive with healing blobs. They also have fun personalities and enticing background lore.

5. 'Dog' - Half Life 2


'Dog' from 'Half-Life 2' might not be a domesticated canine, but it sure is programmed to act like one. Created by Dr. Eli, 'Dog' is actually a robot designed to guard his daughter Alyx and keep her company. Dog also possesses great strength, speed, and agility, allowing it to take down Combine dropships and Striders on its own. Dog also protects Aly's friends, providing players with unlimited pet and lifesaver coupons.

6. Bloodwing - Borderlands


Navigating the brutal landscapes of 'Borderlands' alone is no easy feat, and that's what makes Bloodwing the perfect companion. As a genetic mix between a bird and a bat, Bloodwing has large wings and birdlike feathers, allowing it to scoop out enemies and attack. Bloodwing isn't just an effective combat tool; it is also loyal, allowing players to enjoy having some backup.

7. Daffodil - Spiritfarer


Unlike the rest of the games mentioned on this list, 'Spiritfarer' has no action-packed battle sequences filled with death and destruction. This game is more slow-paced and somewhat cosy, following its protagonist Stella and, of course, her cat Daffodil, as she takes over a job as a "Spiritfarer'', helping spirits go to the afterlife. Player two can even control Daffodil in co-op mode as they both continue their journey together.

8. Epona - Zelda


Definitely one of the most iconic animals on our list, Epona has been gaining legions of fans ever since she burst onto the scene in the 1998 action-adventure 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.' The game's protagonist Link first encounters her when she is just a wild foal; however, once he learns Epona's song, he is able to build trust and establish a friendship. Epona has remained a significant character in the series, appearing in many iterations of the game as well as spinoffs.

9. Red's Pikachu - Pokémon Yellow


Pikachu is the only starter Pokémon in 'Pokémon Yellow,' allowing the character to take centre stage. Unlike the other Pokémon, Pikachu does not stay in a poke ball but walks alongside the player and can be interacted with outside of a battle setting. Pikachu expresses different emotions and levels of affection depending on the player's actions. This allows Pikachu to feel more like a pet and less like a weapon.

10. Roach - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Roach is the name of the horse that accompanies Geralt of Rivia in the 'Witcher,'allowing for efficient and speedy transportation throughout the game's different worlds. She wears blinders to allow her to focus on the task at hand and not get too frightened when facing the perils of the war-torn North. Although when frightened, you can expect her to buck you off instantly, killing whatever is scaring her works wonders.

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