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Top 5 Hidden Object Games To Try On Your Phone

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Gaming doesn't always have to include violence, blood, gore, zombies, or fast cars. When you tell someone you're a gamer, they, especially if they're older, automatically assume your primary goal in life is to sit for hours and shoot at characters.

While this type of game is certainly popular among its target audience, there are virtually thousands of other games you can play, even on your phone, not requiring a flashy new gaming PC. Games are played for different reasons, and that's why there are so many types of games out there.
Sometimes, people will give a game a try in order to learn its rules. Although this is not always true, especially when you play strategic games, like poker. It's principal to acquire the theoretical skills beforehand, starting from the knowledge of Texas Holdem terms to the main strategical approaches. But don't worry, there are easier games that you can play just to relax and have some fun, and in the meantime to refresh your brain.

There's a niche of games for those aiming to sharpen their focus and concentration, and these are hidden object games. In this article, we'll be talking about them and suggest you a few to try. But first, a bit of a backstory (get used to it: these games always have one). Hidden object games have been a popular genre among gamers for decades, even back in the 90s, and now you can enjoy them on your phone anytime, anywhere.
These games offer a perfect blend of puzzles, exploration, and immersive storytelling. If you're a fan of finding hidden clues and solving mysteries, you'll definitely enjoy them.

Another big plus is the fact that they are usually gorgeous with incredible detailing and featuring beautiful buildings and rooms. They also have a whiff of mystery around them, making you feel like Sherlock Holmes on your couch.

"The Room" Series
"The Room" series, developed by Fireproof Games, offers a unique blend of hidden object puzzles and intricate mechanical contraptions. In other words, this game is an absolute heaven for all you steampunk lovers out there!
In each of the games, you are presented with a mysterious room filled with enigmatic objects and intricate locks to unlock. By solving a variety of clever puzzles and finding hidden clues, you uncover the secrets within. With stunning visuals, atmospheric soundtracks, and captivating narratives, the "The Room" series provides an immersive hidden object experience.
All of that is in the palm of your hand!

"Hidden Folks"
For a charming and whimsical hidden object adventure, "Hidden Folks" by Adriaan de Jongh is a must-play. This hand-drawn (Can you believe it? The dedication!) interactive game takes you on a delightful journey through detailed, bustling landscapes filled with tiny characters and objects waiting to be discovered. The world of tiny characters reminds us of Arthur and the Invisibles, which isn't a surprise, considering the number of games based on or inspired by movies, animated or not.

With its charming sound effects and clever animations, "Hidden Folks" offers a relaxing and visually captivating experience that will keep you entertained for hours. It may not feature a mansion filled with secrets, but it certainly promises loads of fun.

"Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise"
Calling all true 60s gritty detective stories lovers!
Step into the shoes of Agent A and embark on a thrilling spy adventure in this hidden object game developed by Yak & Co. Set in a stylish 1960s-inspired world, you must uncover hidden clues, solve intricate puzzles, and outsmart your nemesis, Ruby La Rouge. What a name.

With its sleek design, clever puzzles, and intriguing storyline, "Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise" offers a captivating experience that will challenge your detective skills, something you've probably wanted to try for a while now.

"The Silent Age"
If you enjoy a mix of hidden object gameplay and time travel, "The Silent Age" by House on Fire is the game for you. As Joe, a humble janitor, you stumble upon a time-traveling device that takes you between two different eras. Your task is to unravel a mysterious plot that could potentially change the future.

With its atmospheric visuals, immersive storytelling, and mind-bending puzzles, "The Silent Age" delivers a captivating hidden object experience worth playing, even for a short while.

"Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst"
For fans of dark and atmospheric hidden object games, "Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst" by Big Fish Games is a standout choice.

As a master detective, you must investigate the haunted Ravenhearst Manor, solving challenging puzzles and finding hidden objects to uncover the secrets. With its haunting visuals and equally haunting sound design, as well as an intriguing storyline, this game offers a thrilling hidden object experience. We would expect nothing less from Big Fish, anyway.
There you have it. Whether you're into smokey 60s with trench coats, a Sherlock vibe, or simply pursuing a colorful fun little game to test your spotting abilities, one of these games will surely get your attention and probably a significant portion of your time, too. But it's worth it.

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