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The US Gaming Market Looking At Stats

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When Stranger Things helped to revitalized the public's enthusiasm for all things 1980s, it included a nostalgic reminder of what it was like to be a gamer towards the end of the 20th century. The constant scrabbling for change for the arcade, the pride at seeing your chosen three-letter name at the top of the leader board, and the thrill of playing early console games at home.

In 1977, Ken Olsen was the president of the tech company Digital Equipment Corporation, and he said he couldn't imagine any reason that anyone would want a computer in their home. Just a few years later, home computing was on a trajectory that would turn out to be the basis of an industry worth billions of dollars today.

Today, the US gaming market is one of the largest in the world, worth around $90 billion and employing more than a quarter of a million individuals. From designers and developers to marketing teams and project managers, each video game's journey to market involves hundreds of people.

The gaming market has a current valuation of $197.11 billion.

The demand for games appears to be increasing as well, with reports suggesting that more and more people are trying video games. Gaming has gone from a largely male-dominated niche to a pastime enjoyed by all demographics and thirteen per cent of players worldwide are now women aged between thirty-six and fifty.

In the US, demographic data suggests that there is an even wider spread of players with nearly a quarter of all gamers falling into the over fifty bracket. Defying the stereotypes, women in the US are almost as likely to game as men as forty-five per cent of all gamers are female.

The US has over 3,000 professional esports players.

Esports and Casino gaming

One of the areas in which the United States is leading the rest of the world in esports with around four thousand players actively competing in national and international tournaments. This is around three times more competitive players than any other country, demonstrating that the US is leading the field in terms of professional gamers.

In fact, when you consider the top five countries for esports players, the US has about the same number of players as the other four put together. The closest is China, but they are closely followed by Brazil, while Korea and France are only home to around a thousand esports players each, which is at odds with the size of the gaming markets in these countries.

This suggests that the esports market is operating somewhat independently from the general gaming market in the US. This may be because of the massive fan base there, with reports suggesting that more people are watching esports than traditional sporting competitions such as the NBA or MLB.

The US has over 3,000 professional esports players.

With so many fans keen to support esports, the number of competitions and tournaments is increasing and the number of players that the sector can support is climbing commensurately. Many of the world's largest tournaments have been played in the United States, including the League of Legends World Cup, The International, and more.

Some of the leading esports players in the US are women, which has made a refreshing change in a world that was traditionally dominated by men. Sasha Hostyn is the highest-earning female esports champion as of 2023 and has been making and breaking records since she began playing competitively.

Casino gaming is also growing at a large rate in the USA with various states including New Jersey and Michigan legalising the use of online casinos. Despite this growth, the US however are not at the forefront of the global gambling market with countries in Europe such as UK and Ireland dominating the market. There are a plethora of online providers operating in these regions including leading online slots sites, poker sites and generic casino sites. These providers offer a wide range of games and bonuses to their players.

Will we eventually see USA become a market leader in the online casino market?

The future of the US gaming market
The gaming market has grown swiftly and consistently over the last few decades, going from a relatively niche sector with a few hardcore fans, to a mainstream form of entertainment with several subsidiary industries. Experts and commentators are predicting that growth will continue, although the speed may start to slow as gaming reaches peak saturation.

The rise in the popularity of esports may see even more markets opening up as players and fans travel to tournaments, stream them online, and support their favourite players both virtually and financially. The era of the professional gamer has only just begun, and the potential is incredible, especially as technology continues to deliver more and more ways to play.

52% of gamers subscribe to at least one gaming service.

Games designs include cutting-edge technology such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and the wearable tech that is becoming increasingly popular.

Gaming on the go is also becoming a more popular choice and as internet connectivity improves, the appeal of playing while out and about will increase too. Phone designers are already delivering gaming handsets for those that want to prioritize gaming when choosing their next mobile, and games designers are creating games that are designed to be played one-handed in the time it takes to travel a few stops on the bus.

The demand for more and better games is driving the gaming industry towards excellence, and the increasing numbers suggest that there are still plenty of potential gamers just waiting for the right moment to join the throng of gaming enthusiasts.

Source: https://explodingtopics.com/blog/number-of-gamers

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Many of the world's largest tournaments have been played in the United States, including the League of Legends World Cup, The International, and more.


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