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Marrakesh Club

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Marrakesh Club

While on vacation in sunny Morocco, Joeseph is looking to have a little fun after an eleven hour flight, and the hotel owner recommends the Marrakesh Club. (Or the more accurate "Marrakech", as it's referred to some places in game but not others, but I digress... ) Unfortunately, the bouncer isn't about to let Joeseph in unless he can make a proper cup of tea, and since this is a Carmel Games point-and-click adventure game, that means you're going to have to hunt around the city for ingredients, solve puzzles, and help the locals out. Just use your map to travel to different locations, and click on items when your cursor changes to show you can interact with them. Don't forget to try combining items in your inventory if you get stuck! Unlike Skip Around the World: Finland, Marrakesh Club doesn't really do much to showcase any sort of local culture or history, which is a shame since it would be such a great location for it. There are only a few real puzzles, and on the whole it's a lot more logical than some of Carmel Games' previous titles have been, making it a simple and appealingly silly little game to break up your day.

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VoxPopuli42 June 30, 2015 12:52 PM

Funny little game! Not quite sure why

I can only scoop up water from the ground in a glass, not set my pot on the ground and let the angry man pour straight into it

Seems very unsanitary.

Patreon Crew SonicLover June 30, 2015 3:06 PM

Because I know people are going to ask about the candle:

If you haven't lit the candle, you can't go into the underground area in the town square; it's dark and you need a light source.


This one was more enjoyable than most the others. There was at least some logic here.


walkthrough please :)


and a text one at that :)

barbara July 1, 2015 8:24 PM

Hey! I never got my Moroccan food from the one-hour lady.


no text walkthrough yet huh?


oh well.

josephine17 July 5, 2015 11:36 AM

"Unlike Skip Around the World: Finland, Marrakesh Club doesn't really do much to showcase any sort of local culture or history, which is a shame since it would be such a great location for it."

Okay, I don't know what kind of culture or history you wanted to see, but have to be the nerd who points out that mint tea is actually a pretty essential part of Moroccan culture. I teach French, and our textbook's chapter about Morocco (francophone country) is all about their mint tea and the traditions that go with it, like pouring it from very high up. So, I'm not Moroccan to say definitively, but from an outsider's perspective, I thought the game did a pretty good job of highlighting some local culture.


So I managed to reach an ending fairly easily

Making the tea for the guy outside the Marakesh Club.

Using the mint from the bush near the fountain (I think that's the one, the changing cursor colour makes it easy to find), the tea bag I got from the genie, and the hot water I collected in a cup that an angry person threw at the ground.

Can't say that hot water collected from the ground would make a very good cup of tea, but okay. It goes cold if you collect it then go back to check the recipe, so check the recipe and then make the tea straight after getting the hot water.

I wonder if there's a different ending where you actually get to eat the street food that isn't ready, or re-use the lit candle that is still in your inventory. Or interact with the person who is totally not home when you knock...


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