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Kalaquli R

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Kalaquli R

elleIt happened again. Clearly, ninjas have struck you over the head and captured you. Why else do you wake up in this unfamiliar room with no clear exit, arrows nearly taking out your eye as you glance outside for a possible escape route? Which means only one thing: 58 Works has created another mobile escape game to test your skills and wits in Kalaquli R.

Kalaquli RSearch about the ninja house seeking out clues and tools—and, since threats lurk around almost any corner, weapons—to procure your exit. While true ninja skills might require a lifetime of training, intuitive touch screen controls make your tasks as easy as a tap or swipe to navigate your surroundings, pick up items, manage your inventory and manipulate puzzles.

Although the title and setting are similar to Kalaquli, 58 Works' browser-based game, this is a different game altogether. Because it has only a handful of puzzles, this escape is shorter and easier, making it accessible to most players even if it might well leave you wanting more challenge and additional rooms to explore. There is little to disappoint, though, as the entire production, from graphics to gameplay, is as high quality as you've come to expect from this designer. Beautifully serene aesthetics balanced with a lively premise make for a uniquely fun experience on your mobile device.

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad 2. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

Walkthrough Guide

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Kalaquli R Walkthrough

Starting Out: Exploring the First Room

  1. When you begin, you're facing a niche in the wall where you see a helmet on display under a moon scroll. Look a bit closer and you'll notice something else...

    • The stand the helmet is on appears to have a compartment. A part seems to be missing, though. For now, you'll have to look around some more.

    • As you step back and look again at this first scene. On the edge of the center beam are two hooks. Zoom in closer to each:

      • Swipe to the left to pull out the bottom peg...

      • Then move up and pull out the top peg.

    • After pulling out both pegs, step back and tap the wall to the right of the helmet. It will open up revealing a secret closet.

  2. Explore inside the secret closet...

    • Here you'll see a panel. Swipe down to open it up and you'll see three buttons: pink, white and green.

    • Each time you tap on a button, the design inside changes form. It seems a distinct pattern is needed. Time to look for more clues.

  3. Turn right to face solid white double doors. They're locked, but there is still more to find in this view...

    • The floor below the doors will open up with a tap. Look into the hatch:

      • Four disks are missing here. Probably finding them all and placing them correctly will open the doors above.

    • Back up from the floor. Now you want to look up high:

      • There is an object up in the rafters. Unfortunately, you're unable to reach it.

  4. Turn right again and now you see a circular inset with a vase of red flowers and a plate of skewered mochi...

    • Look closer at inset: there's something sticking out to the left of the mochi plate:

      • It's a STICK. Take it!

    • Now examine the plate of skewered mochi:

      • Make note of how many pink, green and white balls you see.

    • Back up.

    • Before leaving the skewered mochi/red flower vase view, take note of the panel near the floor, to the right of the japanese screen:

      • There are three hexagon-shaped holes on the top edge of the panel; something might fit here.

  5. Another right turn takes you to more japanese door screens. They're unlocked and you can slide them open...

Exploring the Pagoda Garden

  1. If you try to step out into the garden, a ninja will shoot at you. So...

    • Before you step outside, pick up the SHURIKEN (throwing knife) from the mat in front of the door.

    • Then, go back through the doors and use the SHURIKEN on the ninja in the upper left corner of the screen to send him away.

  2. Once outside, go to the left side of the garden...

    • Look behind the third pagoda (in the upper right corner):

      • Get the CRESCENT MOON emblem.

    • Also note the tuft of grass growing in front of the middle pagoda.

    • Back up.

  3. Now go straight ahead to the back wall of the garden...

    • Here is a design of dots and dashes.

    • Remember what you see then back up again.

  4. Lastly, explore the right side of the garden...

    • There is an object behind these pagodas, too:

      • Pick up the DISK (1/4). Note the dot on one side and dash on the other.

Four Disks and the Locked Double Doors

  1. Once getting the CRESCENT MOON emblem and a DISK (1/4) from out in the garden, go back into the house. You should also have a STICK that you found behind the circular wall inset.

  2. Turn right from the garden doors to see the helmet stand again. Zoom in on it.

    • Put the MOON EMBLEM on the helmet and a slot in the stand will open.

      • Take DISK (2/4).

  3. Back up and open the hidden closet next to the helmet niche.

    • Slide open the panel in the back of the closet.

    • Change the design on each of the three buttons to match the clue you saw earlier.


      Count the number of skewered mochi balls on the plate in the circular inset. There are 5 pink, 3 white and 4 green balls. Change the number of marks on the pink, white and green buttons to match...
      Screenshot: Pink, White and Green Button Solution

    • When the designs are correct, a DISK (3/4) will drop down. Take it.

  4. Back out of the closet and turn right until you're facing the solid double doors. Look up in the rafters.

    • Use the STICK to reach another DISK (4/4) that was previously out of reach.

  5. Now you have the 4 DISKS, tap to open the floor and look inside the hatch...

    • Place the disks in the correct order to unlock the double doors.


      The answer is written on the wall in the back of the pagoda garden...
      Screenshot: 4 Disks Solution
      o- oo -- -o

    • When arranged correctly, the double doors will automatically open.

  6. Stand up and go inside the second room.

Second Room and 2x3 Row of Squares

  1. Upon entering room two, you'll see a cabinet and two pictures hanging above it.

    • The cabinet has a locked door and a couple decorative objects on it. Remember what you see for later.

    • Make a note of what each picture is telling you...

      • In the picture on the left, there is a ninja with a blow dart.

      • In the picture on the right, something appears to be buried under a tuft of grass.

  2. Examine the picture on the right from a closer angle.

    • Slide the picture to the right and take the SCROLL:

      • Open the scroll and study it for a hint about the next puzzle.

  3. Turn and explore the right side of the room.

    • Here hangs a lantern but it's missing a candle.

      • You can take the candle SCONCE out from the bottom of the lantern.

    • Also, in the bottom right corner, barely visible, is another useful object:

      • A wooden HOE. Get it.

  4. Now turn left twice to see a 2x3 row of squares in the left corner of the room...

    • Using the clue you found recently, push in each of the six squares in the proper sequence.


      The scroll you found behind the grass picture explains to start at the top left corner and zigzag across to the bottom right corner. So, press the squares in this order...

    • When the squares are pressed in the correct order, a ladder will drop down from the ceiling.

Upstairs Balcony and the Slated Box

  1. There is another ninja lying in wait for you on the upstairs balcony, but if you look down along the bottom right edge of the walkway, you'll see an arrow pointing to the right.

    • Tap that panel to open up another secret closet.

      • Get the FUKIYA (Japanese blow dart gun)

  2. Now you can use the FUKIYA/blow darts to eliminate the ninja in the upper left corner of the scene.

  3. Move forward and you'll find a box with slats along the top...

    • It looks like something can be inserted into the top of this box. But what?

  4. Climb down the ladder, leave the second room, go back outside and explore the area on the left side of the pagoda garden...

    • In front of the middle pagoda is a tuft of grass. Since the picture in the second room indicates something might be buried there, use the HOE to dig it up...

      • A GOLD CHARM of some sort.

  5. Now go back into the second room, up the ladder and to the end of the balcony.

    • Insert the GOLD CHARM into the top of the box.

    • The front panel of the box will open and you can take the KEY.

  6. Return to the second room.

The Attic and the 11-Button Safe

  1. Once you get the key from the box on the balcony, go back to the cabinet in the second room.

    • Use the KEY to unlock the front of the cabinet and get the 3-PRONG LEVER.

  2. Back out of room two and turn right to face the wall with the circular inset. Zoom in on the red rectangular panel near the floor:

    • Insert the 3-PRONG LEVER into the top of this panel and it will change from red to green; the screen on the left is unlocked.

    • Back up and slide the screen door to the left to reveal a staircase.

  3. Go upstairs to the attic. Once at the top of the stairs, stop to explore the room, top to bottom, from this angle...

    • Right in front of you are some candle stands...

      • Take the CANDLE.

    • You can see, in the ceiling rafters, another object.This time, use the HOE to reach it:

      • a WEDGE like object.

  4. Now go to the wall on the left...

    • Use the WEDGE to scrape loose a corner of the wallpaper.

    • Peel back the wallpaper the rest of the way to see a clue:

    • Moon

    • Back up.

  5. It's hard to see, but along the right edge of this scene (at the top of the stairs in the attic) there is a panel in the wall. Tap it to examine it more closely:

    • Here is a safe with eleven buttons across its front.

      • Tapping the buttons will change them to black then back to white.

      • You probably need to create the correct pattern of black and white dots to open the safe.

    • Go back downstairs to look for a clue.

  6. By now you should have a candle (and, perhaps, a candle holder/sconce) in your inventory, so return to the lantern on the righthand wall of the second room.

    • If you haven't already, take the SCONCE/candle holder from the base of the lantern and examine it in your inventory.

    • Then, put the CANDLE on the SCONCE.

    • Lastly, replace the CANDLE AND SCONCE back into the lantern.

      • Now the candle light in the lantern will provide another clue. Note what you see.

  7. Return to the attic and examine the safe door again...

    • Enter the pattern you saw on the lantern to open the safe.


      To recreate the pattern, you need to turn every other dot black (X=black, o=white)...
      Screenshot: Safe Dots Solution

    • With the correct pattern of black dots, you can tap the safe handle and open the safe:

      • Get the SQUARE LEVER.

  8. Back up.

3 Color Squares and Escaping

  1. Still at the top of the stairs in the attic, turn left past the candlesticks. Here, you see a cart on the left and a vertical row of three squares on the wall in front of you. Examine the squares...

    • As you tap the squares, they change colors. You need to change each square to the proper color to solve this puzzle.


      The answer is behind that piece of wallpaper which just behind the candle sticks; use the WEDGE to scrape off a corner... The moon on the wallhanging is yellow, the flowers are red and the bowl is blue. So change the buttons to those colors, from top to bottom:
      YELLOW (6 taps)
      RED (2 taps)
      BLUE (4 taps)

    • When done correctly, the wooden peg to the left of the squares will pop out of the wall.

  2. Use the SQUARE LEVER on this peg then tap to pull it down.

    • The wall panel will open up, revealing a ladder leading out.

  3. Climb down this ladder to your freedom.

Congratulations, you've escaped! Run run run!


Alas that I cannot play this game. Just wanted to say, kudos on getting that screenshot. Talk about skillz.


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