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SonicLoverOpen the door and get to the next room; repeat as necessary. That's the goal of DOOORS, a cute little escape puzzler from our old friends at 58 Works, the team behind games like On-Sen, Kalaquli, and Evolution.

DooorsThere's no four-wall navigation in DOOORS; it's just you, your inventory, and a single screen with a numbered door in the middle. Touch things to interact with them and see if you can solve the puzzle in each room to get the door open. Sometimes you have to touch, sometimes you have to drag, and sometimes you have to do things that would be downright impossible with mouse and keyboard, so keep your mind open. Highlight inventory items by touching them, then use them on-screen; there's no examining or combining items.

DOOORS would be very high on the list of games that showcase the versatility of the iOS platform. Just about everything about it is done right: the puzzles are as clever as anything else we've seen from 58works, the graphics are nice, the audio doesn't get in the way, and there are no control issues anywhere. The game autosaves, so if you've played before just pick "Load Game" and start from any level you've already seen until you've conquered all 50 levels (and possibly more coming, seeing as how the last fifteen were added in the latest update).

Now then... who's up for opening some doors? Or should I say... some DOOORS?

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Dooors Walkthrough
(Note: Although this walkthrough assumes you are playing on an iPhone, you may substitute "iPad" or "iPod Touch" as you see fit.)

  1. Just open the door (tap it) and go through (tap again).

  2. See the diagram above the door? Tilt your iPhone to the left and the door will slide open. Note that the ball also rolls to the side.

  3. Tilt your iPhone to roll the ball over, revealing the key (it's sparkling). Use it on the door to open it.

  4. Tap the pullchain on the left, and quickly run through the door when you see the open space. If you miss it, pull the chain again.

  5. Under the leftmost lamp (tap it) is a doorknob. Install it and open the door.

  6. Turn on the light (the switch is the lit-up rectangle near the left). Every time you turn it off and on again, one of the red lamps turns green. Play with the lights until they're all green, then open the door.

  7. The lamps toggle between white and black when tapped. Set them black-white-black on the left, white-black-white on the right, to match the door. Then open the door.

  8. See that berry on the left plant that looks like it's floating? It's actually a peg in the wall. Take it, then slide the door left to open it.

  9. The door is unlocked when the holes in both wheels display the green zones. The one on the right spins when tapped; try tapping it just before the hole in the left wheel comes into view. Then quickly open the door when the lamp is green.

  10. Shake your iPhone until the fire is extinguished, then look under the ashes for a crank handle. Move aside the plant on the left (tap it several times) to reveal a hole where the handle will fit, then crank the door open.

  11. The doors jump when tapped! Stick the red peg above the door in the center and it can't get away from you. It'll jump and hit its head, then tap it again and it'll open.

  12. Card suits? Heart and diamond are red, spade and club are black. Black-red-red on the left, red-white-black on the right. Then open the door.

  13. Shake your iPhone until all the lamps are green, then open the door. Take the torch from the brazier on the left and use it to get rid of the cobweb.

  14. Slide the sliders up and down until their positions simulate a diagonal line from upper left to lower right. It doesn't have to be perfect as long as each slider is above the next one. Then open the door.

  15. Take the bomb in the lower left, stick it in front of the door, light it with the torch. You'll reveal a sequence of arrows; pull the pullchains according to the sequence (read from top to bottom), then door.

  16. "iPhone = man"? The man is lying face down and doesn't feel like getting up no matter how much you prod him. So hold your iPhone face down and the door will unlock.

  17. Slide the rock left (tilt your iPhone) to reveal the light switch. Turn the lights off and look: on the left, eleven squares in an E shape, and on the right, seven in a T shape. Turn the lights on again and set the dials appropriately (visualize them as analog clocks) and you'll have an unlocked door.

  18. Tap each red button, then tap it again when the gold ball is at its highest point. Do this on both sides. It may take a few tries.

  19. On the left, slide the door up, press the button, then slide the door back down. Do the same on the right, but grab the orange ball hidden there. Now just throw the ball at the switch at the very top center of the screen. Finally, slide the center door open.

  20. Rotate the colorful dials until they're mirror images of one another. It helps to pay attention to only one color on both sides.

  21. Tilt your iPhone left and right, up and down, until the water in both portholes is level with the green lines. (Just make it completely level.) Then carefully slide the door to the right.

  22. Turn over the light tatami square in the left of the floor to reveal a magnifier. Use the magnifier on the weird pattern of spots on the right tiger's hip to reveal some fruits and vegetables...? The solution is: clockwise from the lower left, green, yellow, red, orange (stick the orange ball there), yellow, purple, red. Then open the door.

  23. Slide everything to the right until you find the button hidden behind the left plant pot, then slide everything away from the door and slide the door to the left.

  24. Pull the chains from right to left to stop the ice flow. Then light the braziers with your torch to thaw the ice. The door's unlocked.

  25. Is that Mt. Fuji on the door? Use the magnifier on the Japanese flag (white with red circle) to reveal some weird lines. I think that's some numbers squashed together... 2-5-6-2? Shift the blocks on the floor until there's two visible on the far left, then five, and so on; the door will then be openable.

  26. Slide the ladder left and knock down the pullchain once the ladder's under it. The chain on the left starts the door moving, the chain on the right stops it. Start and stop the door until you can get at the opening.

  27. One yellow sun, two blue flowers, three red flowers, four green leaves. Drag the yellow ball to the "mouth" in the door, then blue, then red, then green (1-2-3-4). If you did it right, the door will open.

  28. Tilt your iPhone to move the balloons, revealing an arrow going in an odd zigzag. Press the buttons in that order: lower left, upper left, lower right, upper right, rightmost, leftmost. That'll unlock the door.

  29. Take the knife from the lower right (you can see the handle) and use it to chop the thorns. Slide the double doors WIDE open, take the key towards the right, and use it to unlock the door.

  30. Get the two penguins on the left facing each other; ditto the ones on the right. Remember that the far left and right penguins are in the foreground, so they need to be facing backwards, while the others need to be facing forwards.

  31. We know that man! But he's doing a handstand now...? Hold your iPhone upside-down and the lights will start to turn green; maintain that stance until they're all green, and the door will open.

  32. Tilt your iPhone to the right to slide the rock onto the button, then use the torch to scare off the bees. The door's not locked.

  33. No, you can't stab or burn the bunny. Yes, I tried. Use the knife to chop the cable to the right. The bunny's facing right and the duck's facing left, so slide the door right once, left four times, right twice to clear the way.

  34. Move the right plant aside with several taps and check that diagram with the magnifier. "iPhone = up arrow". Okay, turn your iPhone according to each of the five clocks from left to right; a light should turn green with each one. When they're all green, open the door.

  35. Light the candles with the torch. Yellow, blue, white, orange... you don't say? Maybe we should count the letters in each word. Tap the blocks so there's six visible on the left, then four, then five, then six. You can then open the door.

  36. Tilt your iPhone right to roll the ball out of the way and reveal an up arrow. Look for the one spot it and the left arrow are both pointing at, tap it, and the door will unlock.

  37. Get the blacklight under the globe. Use it on the area above the door to reveal five country outlines. You need to tap the two symbols on the left and right according to whether the specified countries are in the southern or northern hemisphere, respectively. I'll spare you several minutes of searching Google Maps: Australia (south), Japan (north), Italy (north), New Zealand (south), India (north). Don't forget to deselect the blacklight before pressing the buttons.

  38. Use the blacklight on the upper corners of the room: "BALL" on the left, "STONE" on the right. Tilt the device to put those objects on those halves of the room; the stone doesn't slide easily, so move it first. That'll unlock the door.

  39. Large to small... and what's with that weird coloring on the door? Press the red button (the same color as the largest colored region on the door), then green, yellow, blue.

  40. Upper right, counterclockwise to lower right... hm... slide the door left, then down, then right and you'll have an exit.

  41. Hey, it's Mr. "iPhone = man" again! You can set his head on fire for laughs, and he'll shake it back and forth frantically to put it out. Well, nothing else is working... shake your iPhone the same way until all the lights turn green, and you can open the door.

  42. Red on the left, blue on the right... setting the left dial to the raindrop and the right dial to the fire will make it openable. Not the other way around. That's because the left dial looks like the right half of a circle and vice-versa.

  43. Nice TV. Hey, I think I see something on the right. Tilt your iPhone left to bring it into view: it's a bucket. Take it and the remote hiding under it, then use the remote to turn the TV on. The two yellow circles trace out numbers... 2 and 7? Tap the squares until they show the same and you can open the door.

  44. Take the brush on the left and use it to clean the walls (rub the screen with your finger with the brush selected). You'll reveal two sets of animal tracks. The one on the left looks like a man's and the one on the right looks like a bird's, so set the pictures accordingly and open the door.

  45. Hold the button and release it. Try to stop the needle at 45 (pointing directly left). When it's there, the door is unlocked.

  46. Set the eight lines to simulate the diagonal lines on the door, and you'll be able to open it.

  47. Slide the fence to the left, then wait and do nothing until the door opens.

  48. Take the weight and fill the bucket with water from the pool. Hang both on the hooks to unlock the door, then tilt your iPhone towards you to make the door fall forwards.

  49. Burn the rope holding the fences together, then slide them apart. Set the dials to match the eyes of the eight faces and the door will be openable.

  50. Above the door is a picture of... swiping a finger? Swipe your finger over the circles to switch them from white to green and vice-versa. Turn exactly 50 of the circles green (and leave 10 white) and you can open the door.

  51. Take the striped bar between the cones and use it on the ring in the upper left. Tap it to pull it down and unlock the door.

  52. Use the blacklight above the door, then open the cabinets corresponding to the circles. Then you can open the door.

  53. Shake your iPhone like the arrow until the eyes open. Note how you can change the direction the eyes look by tilting your iPhone; make them look in the direction of the arrow five times to unlock the door.

  54. Slide the plant on the right to one side to reveal the hammer. Use the hammer to smash the barrel, then slide the lid to the side to reveal a key. Three guesses what the key unlocks.

  55. Use the blacklight above the switches. They look like abstract lines, but they're little up and down chevrons that indicate how the switches need to be set to unlock the door: up-down-up on the left, up-up-down on the right.

  56. Whack-a-man! Equip the hammer and get to whacking, but be careful-- the guy likes to fake you out.

  57. Burn the grass at the bottom with your torch (how has that thing not gone out by now? It's been like 44 rooms since you got it) and take the revolver. Never mind the targets, use the revolver to shoot down the catch holding the board up. It'll take a few shots to get the catch down. Don't forget to unequip before trying to open the door.

  58. Turn seven lights green to make the shape of the Big Dipper. The four lights that should remain white are: the upper light near the left edge, the light nearest the upper right corner of the left set of stairs, the highest light directly above the door, the light nearest the upper right corner of the right set of stairs.

  59. Don't shoot the target, but do shoot the rope above it so the target falls. Then slowly rotate your iPhone like the diagram shows until all the lights are green. Headphone users might want to unplug them for this one.

  60. Shoot the balloons and shoot the metal catches holding the door shut. Then hammer in the stakes so their heights fit the equation above the door to unlock it. From left to right: skip, hit once, hit twice, hit once, hit once, skip. If you screw up, hammer them all in all the way and they'll pop out again.

  61. See the dots in the background? Follow the black dots from top to bottom. Lift the left mattress first, then right, left, left, left, right, left. That'll unlock the door.

  62. You have to press all the buttons and open the door before they go out, but they go out after a moment. It helps to alternate between two fingers. Thankfully, since an update to the game they take longer to go out.

  63. Hit the tree trunk on the right with your hammer until a shovel drops. Take it and use it to dig up the dirt on the left, then take the key you uncover. Move the plant on the left aside with several taps, then insert the key in the diamond-shaped hole you reveal and turn it with a tap to get the door unlocked.

  64. Tilt your iPhone upwards to get the big ball out of the way. Note the three darkened tiles on the wall; imagine it reflected on the floor, and hit those three tiles with your hammer. You can then open the door.

  65. Shoot the moving target with your revolver five times to make the poster drop down all the way, then use the poster to decode the code for the door: red, blue, and so on spiraling in. Don't forget to unequip the revolver before you start pushing buttons.

  66. Have you ever looked at the buttons on a telephone keypad? Have you ever wondered what those symbols in the bottom corners were for? Apparently they're for this puzzle. For the technologically illiterate, the lower left symbol is *, and the lower right symbol is #. Oh, and move the dirt in front of the door aside with the shovel.

  67. Up top are red, green, and blue lines. There are five reds and two blues, so move the red slider up five slots and the blue up two. A ball will drop; tilt your iPhone left and right to roll it into the speakers alternatingly. Five dings and the door's unlocked.

  68. No, none of those eight keys on the wall unlock anything. Take the red-and-white piece from the raised tile, then hit the raised tile with your hammer to expose the REAL door key. Unlock and proceed.

  69. Shake your iPhone vertically whenever the red dot is in the jagged region. Do this five times.

  70. Shoot the upper nail on the square plate with your revolver to reveal what's behind it. To solve this puzzle, set the four plates to how many degrees the marked angles are: 45 on the left, 60 on the right. Then the door can be opened.

  71. Mr. "iPhone = man" drives by on multiple motorcycles. Blue is slowest, red is fastest, white is second-fastest, black is third-fastest. Note the sloth and cheetah silhouettes above. Setting the panels to blue-black-white-red will make the door openable.

  72. Tap the two lit squares on the floor alternatingly until the meter is full to unlock the door. Don't rush; tap one too quickly after the other and it won't be recognized. It can be done.

  73. Hey, the design on that unfinished rocket looks familiar. Put on the red-and-white piece from earlier, then light the fuse with your inexplicably-still-burning stick. When the four dials are exposed, turn them to match the headings of the four arrows: upper left on the upper left, and so on. Open the door.

  74. If you trace the lines, wrapping between left and right as needed, you'll notice that the red light beside the door connects to the first, third, and fifth buttons. Turn on those buttons and the door will unlock. To get rid of the rock behind the door, tilt your iPhone sideways.

  75. Move the orange block on the left aside with a tap and push the button behind it. Shoot the balloons with your revolver in the order the arrow-shaped stack of blocks suggests: green, red, blue, yellow, purple. Open the door, slide up the metal latch, and hammer the wooden boards.

  76. Tilt left and right to guide the falling green object until it lands on the platform in the center, then pick it up. Put it in the middle-right hole on the left (as indicated above the door) and the door will unlock.

  77. Shoot the middle light on the ceiling (the one with the arrow) with your revolver and you'll see an image of a star. Simulate that star with the four changeable panels (mind the orientations!) to unlock the door.

  78. Purple, orange, olive green. The colors that belong in the squares are blue, red, yellow, green. Count those segments on the two wheels: six, two, three, five. Set the blocks in the floor to those numbers to unlock the door.

  79. Slide the red rectangle on the left down, and the one on the right up, to make them both green. When balls start dropping, shoot them with the revolver (but ONLY the green ones, not the reds!) until all the lights are green and the door unlocks.

  80. I'm not playing your game, padlock. Smash the padlock with the hammer and slide the doors open. Tap the buttons to rotate the rings and reveal the message: "DOOORS - Published in December 2011". That'll unlock the door, but make sure to count the O's!


haikiba April 9, 2012 4:13 PM

My favorite thing about this game is the sound when you go through a door.

I wish they'd make more levels or a sequel.


@haikiba: I think there is a chance that they will make more levels - I got the game two months ago and then it had only about 25 levels. Since then it has grown and hopefully will continue to do so! :-)


Yes, more levels please :)


Looks nice, but nothing on earth could make me install iTunes on my machine... and from the number of votes and comments, it looks like I'm not the only one!

[This game does not run on your computer in iTunes. In fact, iTunes isn't needed for it at all. You do, however, need an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) to play it. -Jay]

shougo007 December 9, 2012 2:29 PM

Just wanted to mention that this game is now on the android "Google Play" store :)


level 16 does not work on Android.

How long does my tablet have to be "face down" for the door to open??? I have tried everything from a second to a minute. But the door does not open.


Oh wow! The red bar does turn green after I

lay my tablet down for a minute or two - BUT as soon as I turn it over the bar turns red again. I had to hold it face down and tap the door for it to open.


level 19 may be another android issue.

3 doors, the left and right slide up, tap the button - it turns green, get the orange ball, slide the left and right doors all the way down, now there is only the middle light above the middle door that is red. Now just throw the orange ball at the middle red light and the door is supposed to open. How do you throw "an object" with a tablet??? I have the ball selected in my inventory but tapping the tiny red light while orange thing selected does nothing!

I may be imagining things, but sometimes it seems that games designed for iThings first, don't adapt to droid very well.


It helps to really "read" first. Level 19

It looks like a larger light fixture on the ceiling. Select the orange ball in your inventory and then tap on the light fixture and the orange ball will suddenly appear, the light fixture turns green and the little red light above the door does also. Then you can slide the middle door open.


made it to door 41. I can set the man's head on fire and he shakes his head to put it out.

this what I am supposed to do with my tablet. unfortunately, no amount of shaking forward and back or left to right - the only red button that turns green is the top left.

abandoning ship for now.


I thoroughly enjoyed this. Much more fun than the other 100 floors game I played. I laughed at a few parts and more of the levels felt different than in the other game. The game functioned well, even on a lower grade device, nearly no lagging. Glad to see there are sequels.


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