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Dismantlement: Fan

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GrinnypDismantlement: FanDeconstruction can be a tricky business. Stripping down something to its most basic parts can expose flaws and contradictions, whether it be philosophy, art, or literature. As the controversy of deconstruction rages on, we must ask ourselves, "What the heck does this have to do with casual gameplay?" Okay, fine, you come up with an original way to introduce the fifth in a series of Dismantlement games. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands on your screwdrivers, it's time for Dismantlement: Fan!

For those just arriving to the party here's a brief overview: created by gam.ebb.jp, the Dismantlement series are fantastically fun little point-and-click puzzles about... well, dismantling things. They've taken a task that might have appeared in a room escape or an adventure story — breaking down an object — and elevated it to its own unique genre. Each game starts with a simple household object and leaves it to the gamer to dismantle it piece by piece until it is reduced to its component parts. One thing that makes the series so much fun is how realistic the appliance appears, at least on the outside. The interior, with its maze of strange switches, locks, and puzzles, is another story. This is an appliance designed by Rube Goldberg with a nasty hangover and an attitude to match.

As with all the games, in Dismantlement: Fan all you have is your trusty screwdriver (and, hopefully, a few brain cells) to take apart yet another appliance; this time an oscillating fan. A navigation button on the screen allows you to move from the front to the back (and back again), as well as move in and out of close ups as you puzzle out how to take apart a rather unique appliance that appears to incorporate some tricky little puzzles into its basic structure. Your mouse cursor acts as the aforementioned screwdriver to remove screws (when you can find them) and help you gleefully reduce a once useful fan to a pile of spare parts.

The Dismantlement series is very popular with our regular visitors, and Dismantlement: Fan delivers the goods with a nice variety of logic, math, and word puzzles that need to be solved before you are left with a heap of, well, components. This time around you're taking apart something much bigger than a Radio, Mouse, or Alarm Clock. Hmmm, perhaps my suggestion of taking apart a Toyota is not far in the future...

You are still faced with a bit of pixel hunting this time around, as well as one color puzzle that will make the game difficult for those with color-blindness. Nevertheless, the games continue to evolve and get better with each iteration. Without all the tricky fiddling with controls that graced the previous installment, Dismantlement: Alarm Clock, Dismantlement: Fan is much closer in style to the first of the series, Radio, with quite a bit of physical deconstruction to be had.

One still has to wonder about gam.ebb.jp's habit of putting bombs in common household appliances, but, well, one presumes the fifth time around you'd be used to it by now. For anyone who likes puzzles, logic, or just ripping things apart, take a few minutes and have fun destroying yet another common household object. Got your screwdriver? Then get dismantling!

Play Dismantlement: Fan

Thanks to Pcplague, James, and Cyberjar88 for sending this one in!

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Dismantlement: Fan Walkthrough

General Information

  • Your mouse pointer is your screwdriver.

  • Click all around, there are areas that you can only see in close up if you click the right place.

  • There will be directions for the colorblind in the walkthrough.

  • Have fun!

Opening the Base

  • To begin the game click on the screw (two times).

  • You are now facing the front of the fan.

  • On the base of the fan are what look like four gray buttons. Click on them for a close up.

  • There are four buttons, each with a different number of dots on them (from left to right: five dots, one dot, three dots, and six dots).

  • There is also the word "Energy" with the first E highlighted.

  • Click the return button to go back to the long view.

  • Click just underneath the base to see the bottom of the fan base.

  • The base plate has what looks like a four digit puzzle at the bottom, click on it for a close up.

  • In close up you can see that what is needed is four letters. Back up twice (using the return button).

  • Click on the center of the fan and you will see the word "Wind" on the middle plate, with both the W and the d highlighted.

  • Back up and click on the top of the fan.

  • Here you see the word "People" with the P and the e highlighted.

  • Back up and click on the "back" button to see the back of the fan.

  • Click on the back of the fan (where the blades are spinning) for a close up.

  • Now click on the very top of the scene and you will get a view of the top of the motor housing.

  • Notice the pop-up button? Click on it and you will see the word "Develop" with the D and the p highlighted.

  • Back up (twice) and return to the front view of the fan.

  • Click below the base to see the bottom of the base.

  • Click on the puzzle for a close up.

  • Time to solve the letter puzzle!

    • All the clues you need are in the four words, Energy, Wind, People, and Develop.

    • Pay attention to the highlighted letters.

      • You will notice that the last letter of some of the words is the first letter of other words.

      • Starting with Wind, the order is Wind, Develop, People, Energy.

      • The highlighted letters in that order are W, D, P, and E.

      • Enter the letters W, D, P, and E into the puzzle.

  • If you entered the letters correctly, the lock icon will open and you will hear a click.

  • Back up once to see the entire base. You should now see four screws in the four corners of the bottom of the base.

  • Click on each screw to remove it.

  • Once the screws are gone click on the bottom of the base to remove it.

Stopping the Blades

  • Once the bottom of the base is gone, you will see what looks like a circuit board divided into four quadrants.

  • At the top and bottom of the circuit board you will also see some wires coming in from the top and bottom. Notice that the bottom wires are on a switch that is not connected to the motherboard.

  • Click on that bottom set of wires for a close up then again to connect them.

  • Back up to the full view of the circuit board.

  • Click on the upper left quadrant of the board.

  • Notice the symbol for the fan blade with an X across it. This would seem to indicate that here is where you stop the blade from spinning.

  • Notice that there are five rows of what look like transistors.

  • One object in each row has a dark green outline around it.

    • The top row has the third transistor outlined, the next row the second, the next row the fourth, the next row the first, and the bottom row the second.

  • Back up twice until you are facing the front of the fan.

  • Click on the buttons on the base for a close up.

  • Which buttons should we push?

    • Perhaps the highlighted transistors are a clue?

    • The highlighted transistors would seem to indicate a pattern of (from the left) 3, 2, 4, 1, 2.

    • That doesn't work.

    • Let's look at the buttons closely.

    • Maybe the dots have something to do with it as well?

      • The rows of transistors give the order of the buttons to push, but there is a second step.

      • Each button must be pushed the number of times equal to the dots on the button.

      • From the left: Push the 3rd button three times, then the 2nd button once, then the 4th button six times, then the 1st button five times, then the second button once.

  • If you entered the sequence correctly, you should hear a click.

  • Back up.

  • Cool, the blades have stopped.

  • Notice in the blade housing, around the edges, are three areas at the top, lower left, and lower right.

  • Click on each of those areas for a close up and remove the screws.

  • Back up until you are at the front of the fan (long view).

  • Click on the middle of the blade housing (where you saw the word Wind) for a close up.

  • Click on the center plate to remove it.

  • Gee, the fan blade is locked. Looks like another puzzle!

Removing the Fan Blade

  • Back up to the front long view, then click below the base to look at the circuit board.

  • This time look at the upper right quadrant of the circuit board.

  • The fan blade symbol would seem to indicate that this is the area that has the clue to remove the fan blade.

  • What we have here are a bunch of circles. Some have a small blue area to the left, some have a small magenta area to the right.

  • There is also a line running through the circles, with an arrow.

  • The line with the arrow would seem to indicate the order in which the circles should be.

    • The circles with the small blue areas to the left would seem to indicate the direction "left".

    • The circles with the small magenta areas to the right would seem to indicate the direction "right".

    • Use the line with the arrow to determine the order they should be read, starting with the top row from left to right, the middle row from right to left, and the bottom row from left to right.

    • That would give the directions left, left, left, right, left, left, left, right, left, left, left.

  • Back up twice to the front of the fan.

  • Click on the middle of the fan blade for a close up.

  • Notice the arrows above the center of the fan blade, one arrow pointing to the left, one to the right.

  • You should click those arrows in the pattern indicated by the circles on the circuit board (see spoiler above).

  • If you click the arrows correctly the lock symbol in the middle of the fan blade becomes unlocked.

  • Click on the middle of the fan blade to remove the cover, then click on it again to remove the fan blade.

  • Looks like another puzzle is locking down the motor assembly.

Removing the Motor Assembly

  • Back up until you are facing the front of the fan (long view).

  • Click below the base to see the circuit board.

  • Click on the lower right quadrant for a close up.

  • You see the words ESS Fan and an arrow going from the letter S to the letter E.

  • Notice where the S starts, and the direction the line goes in.

  • Back up to the front of the fan.

  • Click on the center of the fan for a close up.

  • There is a gray plate with six dots, top, upper left and right, lower left and right, and bottom.

  • You want to click those dots in the order indicated by the clue on the circuit board.

    • Click the dots in this order: upper right, top, upper left, lower right, bottom, lower left.

  • If you click the dots in the correct sequence, the lock icon opens up.

  • Click the gray faceplate to remove it.

  • Click the center of the fan to remove the back of the "cage" that held the fan blade.

  • You should now see three screws, at the top, lower left, and lower right of the plastic front that houses the motor assembly.

  • Remove the three screws.

  • Click in the center of the plastic cover to remove it.

  • You can now see the motor assembly but it won't come out.

  • Back up and go to the back of the fan.

  • Click on the back of the motor assembly area for a close up (where the black vents are).

  • Click again for a closer close up and you will notice a screw in the top vent. Remove the screw.

  • Back up once.

  • Click on the top to return to the area where the pop-up button is.

  • Click on the pop-up button to remove it.

  • Back up twice and return to the front of the fan.

  • Click on the motor assembly for a close up.

  • Click below the motor (the circular part) where it meets the shaft of the fan stand.

  • We have another puzzle, this time with Roman Numerals.

  • Hmmm, four digits.

  • Where have we seen four things with numbers on them?

    • Think back to the buttons on the base of the fan.

    • Each button had a different number of dots on it.

    • Five dots, one dot, three dots, and six dots.

    • In Roman numerals that would be V, I, III, and VI.

    • Notice, however, in the puzzle that the two middle digits should be switched.

    • Enter V, III, I, and VI into the puzzle.

  • If you entered the digits correctly, screws appear on either side of the puzzle.

  • Remove the screws.

  • Click on the puzzle to remove it.

  • Back up to the long view of the front of the fan, then go to the back view of the fan.

  • Click on the vent cover for a close up, then click again to remove it.

  • You should now see the back of the motor assembly.

  • Click below the motor assembly (below the circular thing) for a close up.

  • Yep, another puzzle.

  • This one has four white wires leading to four squares.

  • If you click on the squares you will notice that they change color.

  • Back up and go to the front of the fan.

  • Click below the base to see the circuit board.

  • Click at the top of the circuit board where the wires come in for a close up.

  • Okay, we have the same left to right arrow that we saw in the color puzzle on the back.

  • We also have four circles, from left to right: half white/half red, half red/half yellow, red, and half blue/half yellow.

  • I'm sure that is the hint for the solution of the puzzle.

  • Back up twice and go to the back of the fan.

  • Click on the base of the motor assembly twice for a close up.

  • Now what color do we set these squares?

    • The clue is in the circles on the circuit board.

    • Do you remember your color theory?

    • White plus red gives you pink, red plus yellow gives you orange, red is just red, and blue plus yellow gives you green.

    • From left to right set the squares to pink, orange, red, and green.

    • For the colorblind: Click the first square (on the left) once, click the second square four times, click the third square three times, and click the last square twice.

  • If you entered the color sequence correctly, the lock icon opens.

  • Click on the color puzzle to remove it.

  • Remove the screw that is revealed.

  • Back up once and click on the motor assembly to remove it.

  • Click on the black dot on the pole for a close up.

  • There's a symbol for three circles in a pyramid formation, with a black circle in the top circle.

  • Back up once.

  • Notice the wires hanging down at the bottom. Click on them for a close up.

  • There's a symbol for three circles in a pyramid, with the lower right circle containing a square.

  • Back up again and go to the front of the fan.

Final Disassembly (and Bomb)

  • Try not to get blown up.

  • Click below the base to go back to the circuit board.

  • Click on the lower left quadrant.

  • The picture says "Warning", and appears to indicate something at the top of the pole that held up the fan blade.

  • Back up once.

  • Click on the top set of wires for a close up, then click on the wires to remove them.

  • Back up, then click on the bottom set of wires.

  • Click on the bottom set of wires to remove them.

  • Back up to the front of the fan.

  • Click on the top of the pole for a close up (twice).

  • Okay, we have a red button. Click on the button.

  • Clicking on the red button reveals the screws holding down the circuit board.

  • Back up twice and click below the base to look at the circuit board.

  • Close up on each screw one by one and remove them.

  • When you are done, back up until you can see the entire circuit board.

  • On the right of the circuit board, where the yellow line bisects it, is a red semi-circle. Click on that to remove the circuit board.

  • And we have a bomb. The countdown has begun.

  • There's something in the upper right of the base, between the two holes where the screws were. Click on this area for a close up.

  • Another pyramid of circles, this one with a triangle in the lower left circle. Back up.

  • Click on the bomb for a close up.

  • Notice the three circles around the screw that controls the bomb?

  • Each circle has a darker circle inside it.

  • Do not click on the screw yet, otherwise you will blow up.

    • According to the clues we've seen, the top circle should have a circle, the lower right circle should have a square, and the lower left circle should have a triangle.

    • If you click on the circles you can change the symbol inside.

    • Change the symbols to a square in the lower right, and a triangle in the lower left.

  • Once you have the symbols set correctly, click on the screw to deactivate the bomb.

  • Click on the timer to remove it.

  • Remove the screw underneath the timer.

  • Click on the black square where the timer was to remove the bomb assembly.

  • Congratulations, you have made your household safe again from exploding appliances!


silliee May 17, 2010 9:32 AM

well, I must say I'm stumped already and I haven't even removed the first screw. hopefully some of the rest of you expert dismantlers will share some of your knowledge :P

welshguy May 17, 2010 9:36 AM

What's up with all the

bold letters everywhere?

Are there only

3? (wind, energy and power..)


I figured out the code on the bottom of the fan:

There are four words. PeoplE, WinD, Energy and if you check the back, click again, then click the top right, you can find DeveloP.

If you put them in order, they go WinDeveloPeoplEnergy or WDPE.

The bottom panel's open, but I'm not sure where to go next. I think there's a relationship between the

Circuit panels in the top left and the buttons on the front, outside of the fan, but hitting them in the order 'suggested' by the dark circuits does nothing.



I'm also stuck at the same place where SirNiko is stuck!

I just don't know what to do with the circuit panels. The buttons on the outside with the numbered dots do nothing. And the switch at the bottom of circuit panels, i don't know what it's for.


Yeh, i got stuck for a while there too

your order is right, you need to push the buttons once for each dot it has on it

so push the third button along 3 times, the second button along once, the 4th along 6 times etc...

im now stuck again though

i got the fan front cover off by

using the top right circuit board to input the rotations on the centre of the fan

and im now stuck at the hexagonal type shape with the dots and a yellow area in the middle.


There we go. Once I got past that, the rest was easy.

The code suggested on the back gives the right order, just not how many times you need to click the buttons. If you can't see the order, look a little closer. The circuits don't lie.

The only other part that gave me pause was right after you remove the fan blades.

The E and S in the diagram mean nothing, don't let them confuse you. Just follow the arrows and you'll get it.

A fun little game, like all the dismantlement series. Here's looking forward to the next one!



i was resolve!!


swooning May 17, 2010 10:21 AM

Crud. I made it through the part SirNiko just mentioned, but now I'm stuck at a part that I suspect should be easier than I'm making it?

The roman numerals?

swooning May 17, 2010 10:24 AM

Oops, that should have read

right AFTER the Roman numerals? I am clicking around, and I unscrewed the screw from the back, but nothing else seems to be coming loose.

swooning May 17, 2010 10:36 AM

Grinnyp, yes indeed I did, except

the back plastic grate isn't coming off.

Hmm. Bug?

Terichan May 17, 2010 10:39 AM

I must have missed something, because i can't stop the fan.

I looked at the circuits, and i think the intervals must have something to do with the dots on the buttons, but it doesn't seem to work...


did you:

remove the small pin that had DeveloP on it?


Solved it, I didn't find the last hint for the bomb. I figured it out by trial and error.

swooning May 17, 2010 10:53 AM

Yup! It was just a'lockin' up on me. It worked fine when I restarted my browser (bad internet connection + ancient Mac = not ideal for this sort of game). Thanks though!


Im still stuck at figuring out the correct way to push the buttons. Ive tried so many ways of counting what button to push when and how many times to push each button. Can anyone please write a hint that is really really clear, please, before i loose my mind.


This was excellent. A little bit too much re-use of clues, which makes crossing up a possibility. Comes a bit closer to the fun of Dismantlement: Radio.

Not a lot of pixel hunting if you're familiar with these fans.

Richie98521 May 17, 2010 12:15 PM

Finished No.20216 then some Japanese symbols and the number 1 anyone know what that means?..


Richie, there's a good chance the number 1 refers to the number of times you exploded.



It says "Dismantlement Complete"


SirNiko, that is correct. The four characters around the fan say "Dismantlement Complete", the bottom is "Number of times you have set off the bomb/exploded"


grinnyp: Irrelevant nitpickery on your walkthrough: those aren't transistors, those are ICs (integrated circuits). (Which are mostly made of transistors, but still...) Transistors have exactly three connections and generally look like this.


Who keeps putting bombs in these things??


I am total crap at figuring these things out, but I still enjoy using the walkthroughs and figuring out the little pieces that I can.

Great fun.

Anonymous May 17, 2010 4:18 PM

Am I the only one who found the buttons-with-dots puzzle and the word puzzle obsenely over-difficult?

Like, "no way you'd ever think of how to even look for the solution unless you were part of the development team" difficult?

Leeksoup May 17, 2010 4:57 PM

@Gabe Puratekuta

Clearly, you're a secret agent who has just discovered his enemies have wired all of his appliances with bombs. All these games happen on the same day.

Of course, the bombs don't start counting down until you disassemble the appliance...

Maybe you're a spy mechanic with OCD?

Mystify May 17, 2010 8:00 PM

I wasn't anticipating another dismantlement, but as soon as I saw it here I perked up. Good series.

Escapist May 17, 2010 8:05 PM

This was pretty great! As I crawled around the fan, it felt more epic than the previous dismantlements. I have this fantasy of all of these dismantlements in one big room escape rendition.

The only things that bothered me were:

Pushing the buttons on the fan as many times as the number of dots was kind of silly and felt more like a needless hangup. It felt "too" obvious, I guess (so it never occurred to me to try that). It would have felt more like a part of the puzzle if those button press numbers had been located somewhere else to make them feel more crucial to the puzzle. Maybe that's just me...


While it was fun crawling around the fan, it felt slightly annoying at times figuring out what I needed to do next, making it much less intuitive than the other chapters. Figuring out how to dismantle the motor was a bit frustrating, as it required several previously-hidden spots to be re-inspected and fiddled with. I guess it could be looked at as ramping up the difficulty. Still, the other chapters felt much more fluid.

Good job overall, though!

nerdypants May 17, 2010 8:57 PM

Man, those gray buttons had me stumped for quite a while. Thanks for your walkthrough, grinnyp.

The bomb puzzle was way too easy, however, which is also a problem I had with Alarm Clock. I knew right away what I had to do, and I was done with 4:30 to spare on the timer.

Akarroa May 18, 2010 12:47 AM

If everything you buy from a store has bombs in it, stop buying from that store! Good thing you have some severe form of Autism that makes you want to dismantle things, or you wouldn't have found them, though!


Clicking on white spaces to change the viewpoint (as you have to do at least twice) is completely counter-intuitive. Negative feedback (especially for the button sequence) would be nice too. Other than that, a fun little puzzle - finished in 22:22 without explosion.


No no no, you all have the plot wrong: Dismantlement is obviously a Marxist critique of the Copyfight. The series is set in a dystopian alternate reality where DRM is built into every appliance--no matter how mundanely analog its design--in the form of bombs that are triggered if you try to reverse-engineer the device. The protagonist is a radical revolutionary hacker who dismantles appliances one by one, defusing the bombs within and distributing the plans in defiance of the law. Only by thus undermining the corporate overlords' iron grip on the manufacturing infrastructure can the consumer proletariat be empowered to liberate themselves from this system of explosive exploitation!


Oops! I wrote 'critique' where I meant to write 'allegory'.


I too found the use of the word "transistor" where it should be "IC", "chip", or even "integrated circuit" highly annoying (I'm an electronics technician which is why I found the misapplication of terminology annoying).


Ugh, the contrast is way off, hard to tell the fan and background apart...

Lixivium May 18, 2010 7:44 PM

Uh, I put in the 4 Roman Numerals, removed that panel, went to the back of the fan, removed screw from the back (that you can see through the radial slits), and now I can't click on anything.


I had to look at the walkthrough just to find all the hotspots I was able to click... too much pixel-hunting for me.

Satisfying payoff, though.

V2Blast May 19, 2010 5:27 AM

I actually finished a decent bit of that one on my own without looking at the walkthrough... I needed it for the initial (letter) puzzle, as well as finding the "oscillate" button.

I feel like the puzzles were in decreasing difficulty this time... The first puzzle was the hardest. Still fun to take stuff apart, though.


The first puzzle was the hardest because of the ambiguity involved. I made a connection that was incorrect but could still work, and beat my head against that one instead of looking at it another way.

With the circuits and the buttons, I looked at the number of non-highlighted circuits between the highlighted ones, and thought " 3, 3, 6, 1, 5! It works, but it doesn't work! Why?" instead of looking at each one's position in its row.

Patreon Crew SonicLover May 20, 2010 12:56 PM

Sadly, we can't call the manufacturer to complain about the bombs they put in their products because we probably voided the warranties by dismantling them in the first place.

Anonymous June 15, 2010 5:16 AM

LOL yah, SonicLover. These people likely put bombs in their tools so people learn their lesson about mindlessly tearing stuff apart. But why would they want us to not take stuff apart? I mean, those bombs don't start up until we find them. Isn't that strange?


IS NOTHING SAFE ANYMORE!! I loved it. I love dismantlement games, even though I end up banging my head against the wall sometimes. I'm gonna go see what other household objects contain hidden doom!


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