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Daymare Town 3

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Daymare Town 3

DoraFans of wee beasties and things that probably go bump in the night, assemble! Mateusz Skutnik's gloriously atmospheric point-and-click series is back with Daymare Town 3, the latest in the Daymare Town saga. When disaster strikes, you find yourself waking up in a strange hospital with the cutest little creepy doctor keeping an eye on your hurts. Which is all well and good, but you really need to find your money bag and carry on with your adventure. Of course they'll just let you walk on out the door... right?

Daymare Town 3Use your mouse to interact with the screen, searching the area for clues and the items you need to proceed and clicking on hot spots to investigate. A changing cursor eliminates most pixel hunting, but you'll still have to be careful about combing through scenes, since many items or area transitions are small enough that you can miss them if you just whip your mouse around willy-nilly. The lack of explicit directions in most circumstances means you'll have to go everywhere and try everything to proceed. Hey, you! Sad guy! Do you want my dead insects?... no? Hmmm. Conundrum. You'll need to put on your exploration pants to solve this one, and some people might find the scavenger hunt-ish gameplay more frustrating than others. Navigation in particular can be annoying as you hunt for that one perspective you might have missed in a room.

As always, the series is more charming than scary, but the atmosphere in this weird little game is wonderfully unsettling, like a children's book that fell off the back of a truck somewhere. You can interact with a much more varied cast than before, and even indulge in a bit of item trading if someone has something you want. (And who doesn't need more vomit pills, eh? Eh??) Figuring out just what the strange, glowering (or cowering) inhabitants of the hospital want from you is a bit of a challenge, but if you keep your eyes peeled (ow, my eyes! I have to stop taking myself so literally.) you'll win the day. Will you finally manage to escape this weird little town? I ain't tellin'. You'll just have to play to find out. You can hold my hand if you're scared... as long as you promise to buy these dead bugs off me, first.

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Cheers to AbstractCloud for sending this one in!

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Daymare Town 3 Full Walkthrough and Guide:

Info on this walkthrough:

This walkthrough will be divided in several parts. First a general walkthrough of the game, then the achievements. You will need more than 1 run through anyway, as atleast one item is used for more than one achievement. The game can be completed without picking up any coins, by trading some items like cigarettes, but there are lots and lots of coins to pick up, so you shouldn't have a problem. I will not explain the location of the coins. There are also many items not needed for a run through, though they can be collected and sold.

Walkthrough of the game:

  1. After you wake up, turn right, pick up your shoes.

  2. Turn right again, click on the moneybag on the chair.

  3. Turn back left, and pull the cord.

  4. Turn right twice, and then forward. Answer 'No' 3 times.

  5. Go forward. Click down the stairs. Go right twice, then go down another set of stairs. And another. Click on the guy in the top-right corner twice. Buy both the Rope and the Window Handle.

  6. Click 'Exit', then click at the bottom to back out. Notice the barricaded door with 'Exit' on top of it. In the barricade is a closet, click on the bottomright of it to close up. Pick up the hammer.

  7. Back out by clicking the left side of the screen. Now click on the bottomright to turn around. Click just to the right of the staircase to look under it. Pick up the Valve.

  8. There's a loose floorboard here, click it to remove it. Then pick up the Stone Orb.

  9. Back out twice, go up the stairs by clicking lowerleft of the screen. In this screen are three hotspots on the right side. One to go up the stairs, one to look at the locked cabinet, and one to go right on the same floor. Click the latter. Now use the Window Handle on the window, click it once it's in place to open the window. Now use the rope in the space here to lower it. Before you leave though, click the far end of the pipe that leaves the heater on the right. You can find a key here. Now back out and click the open window to go out.

  10. Click the bottom twice, then left once. Click on the archway. Click left twice, then use a coin on the door (from your moneybag). Enter the door, then click on the painting. Click on the lower half of the painting again, and pick up the Seashell laying on the beach. Now click the bottom of the screen 6 times to go back.

  11. Go one screens to the left. Click the stairwell that leads underground. Click the lowerleft of the screen. Use the Valve on the Vault, click it again to open it, take the Crystal Ball.

  12. Back out, then click on the hole in the roof to go outside again.

  13. There is a set of stairs to the right that leads to a new square behind this one. There is a set of stairs before that that lead to a building, click to close up on that building. Use the hammer to smash the lock.

  14. Go left. Close up on the painting, and again to enter it. Click just to the right of the base of the tree on the left to go there. Click on the end of the path to go to the beach. Pick up the shell there. Bottomright to back out, then back out again.

  15. Click on the ladder leading to the second floor of the house. Click in the doorway to enter. Pick up the puzzle piece laying in a corner.

  16. Click in the doorway to leave, and go down the ladder. Now click on the barred door. Click on the bar to remove it, then enter the house. This looks familiar! Go left. Click the cabinet door to open it, and pick up the gear wheel. Then go right. Use the hammer to smash the lock on the chest, click on the chest and pick up the Crank Handle. Now click on the top to exit this view.

  17. Click the bottom four times to go back to the square. Click the leftmost arch and use a shell on the pedestal. Back out, then do the same with the third arch. Back out. Now click the middle arch, and enter the building. There's a hole in the wall on the upper-left, click it, and pick up the puzzle piece. Click the bottom of the screen three times.

  18. Now click the other staircase on the right. Click at the end to go to the new square. The archway at 6-0'clock is where we come from. Let's go clockwise. Just to your left is a hole in a wall, click it. Pick up the gear wheel to collect it. Back out.

  19. Now go into the building to the left of that, at roughly 8-o'clock. Go up the ladder. Use the crystal ball on the table in front of the magician. He will hold up a Stone Orb, pick it up.

  20. Go down the ladder, then outside the building. Click the alleyway at 9-o'clock. Go left twice, then use the Crank Handle on the device. Click it to use it, another Stone Orb comes up. Pick it up.

  21. At 12-o'clock is a closed door, click it. Pull the rope, wait a bit, then enter the building. Use the hammer on the clock, and pick up the two gear wheels that fall out.

  22. Back out, and click on the building at 1-o'clock. Click in the darkness to enter. Click on the baby laying on the bed. Back out twice.

  23. Click on the bottom twice to go back to the square. Click on the building to the right, where we were earlier. This time, Go left, then right, then up the staircase. Use 2 gears on the device, and then click the switch. Back out of the building.

  24. Go to the left for a different part of the square. Click on the building at the top-right. Instead of entering, click on the right side to find a man. Click the gear which is somehow attached to his jacket. Click left twice, and use 2 gears on the device, and use the switch. Go right once.

  25. Now enter the building. Click the top-right to go up the stairs, then the ladder to climb it. Pick up the gear laying on the floor, and go back out of this building. The spots can be tricky to find, so a bit of searching will be needed. Finally, back out, back to the square.

  26. The second building from the left can be entered to sell some of your stuff, if needed. You can also buy a key here. You'll need to buy atleast one, which makes a total of two keys. Back out of the shop.

  27. Click to the left, then click on the door to the right. Use a key to open the door. In here, use 2 gears on the machine, and turn the switch. Back out to the square.

  28. Click right twice, then enter the square behind this one, where we were before. Click on the building at roughly 8-o'clock. The 3 devices you've put gears into, opened the machine here. Take the Stone Orb. Back out, then leave this square back to the original square.

  29. At this point, make sure you have either a key and 3 coins, or 18 coins. Click right twice. Click the bottom of the rope hanging out from the hospital, then click on top of the screen to climb up. Click the window where the rope comes from to enter the hospital. Click on the bottom, then to the bottom left. Here is a man looking out the window. Click the window for a close up, then back out. Now talk to the man, and buy a 'Sleeping Pill' (and a key, if you haven't got one anymore). Back out into the hall again.

  30. Click the cabinet on the right, below the stairwell that leads upstairs. Use the key to open the door, and pick up the puzzle piece in there. Now go outside the hospital again.

  31. Click right twice, to where you can see two guards guarding a gate. Click to close up, then click on the left of the screen. Click the top of the stairs, then the doorway to enter. Give the guard here a sleeping pill. His hat will fall off, take it. Back out three times.

  32. Click on the guards, and click again. They will now let you pass. Click right three times, to a view of your crashed balloon (and lots of coins!). Click the left doorway for a closeup, again to enter. In the middle of the room is a cabinet, click on the box on top of this, and pick up the puzzle piece. Back out, then click the door on the left to exit.

  33. Now click on the door to the right, and again to enter. Click the bottom-right to go to the basement. Give the baby to the woman, she will give you a Stone Orb in return. Pick it up.

  34. Go up two staircases, and click on the book. Click on the tower in the book to enter the book. Now click on the door to enter the tower. Use 4 puzzle pieces in the wall here, and get the last Stone Orb.

  35. Click on the door to the left to leave the building, then twice at the bottom to leave the book. Click the staircase to descend, then the door on the left to leave the building. Click the bottom to back out, then left twice. Click the low arch, then use all 6 Stone Orbs and pull the lever. Click right to leave, then go to the right. Click the tunnel to leave. The end!


Most achievements can be done even after completing the game and loading the savegame for it. If not, there will be note of it.

Description: Feed three spiders.
In the hospital, on the screen with the guy who first looks out the window, and later sells you pills, click on the spider web to the left of this man. There are 3 black dots in here, 'Dead Insect's. Pick them up. Here's where you place them:
1. In the web at Karterbrand Mansion, second floor. This is the building in the same screen as the 'Shop and Trade'. Go up the staircase, then the ladder. Zoom in on the spiderweb, then use a dead insect just a bit below the spider. Can be tricky to find, try clicking around.
2. In the web at the Rectory. This is the building that you have to pull a rope and wait to get into. Click to zoom in on the web, then use a dead insect on the web. The hotspot is just right of the spider.
3. After you've passed the guards and enter Borgoi Pivot, click lower right of the screen. Click the hole to enter. Use a dead insect on the illuminated spot on the ground.

Cold Blooded Killer:

For this you have to kill the head guard of the gate watch, the one you get the hat from. You need to first put him to sleep with the pill. Then you need the syringe and urine phial. The syringe can be bought from the nurse at the bottom of the hospital for 5 coins. The urine phial is in the room next to the room where you start. You need a key to unlock it. Click on window, just above the guy's head. Now use the syringe with the urine phial. Now use it on the head of the gate watch.

Good Uncle:

You need to feed the kids candy. On the screen where you exit the hospital through the window, go left. You can buy a lollipop and candy for 1 coin each. Now give it to the children on the square.

Problem Solver:

In the house where you enter the book and use the puzzle pieces, take the book middle book of the ledge. It's called: Encaeclypoadiae Universealis, Tome 2, F - O. Give this to the two men arguing over whether it's fog or mist. The men can be found by facing the guards, and clicking the bottom of the screen once or twice.

Gnome Finder:

Find 10 gnomes! Here's the locations:

[Kindergarten] In the classroom, hover over the northwestern-most table

[Memorial Park] Upon entering the park, go left once. Then click in the circle to the right, where a tree goes into the ground.

[Knife Guild House] Go into the painting, and enter the house again. This is actually a different house! At the end of the hall there's a piece of loose wallpaper. Click at the top of it to find the gnome.

[Lupus Square] When facing the 'shop and trade' and the 'Karterbrand mansion', click on the building right of the 'shop and trade', on the hole near the ground.

[Le Borgoi Pivot] When facing the house with the 2 paintings, click the left of the 3 statues on top of it.

[Forester House] When entering, click the painting next to the door. Click on top of the chimney.

[Ra Temple] In the place where you find the baby, click a bit to the right of the giant star-like thing at the top.

[Museum del arte] Inside the paintings, behind the dress of the woman who calls you a 'Filthy Peasant'.

[Lupus Square] On the screen with the 2 children, click on the left-most archway. To the lower left is a hotspot where the arrow changes.

[Karterbrand Mansion] Upon entering, go up the stairs. Do not climb the ladder. Instead, click on the lower-right of the screen.


Destroy 10 objects using the hammer. Here are the locations:

[Lupus Square] On the screen with the memorial park and the classroom, click right of the classroom building. Smash the round 'stone' in the middle here.

[Memorial Park] Upon entering, go right, then left. Smash the statue.

[Lupus Square] Smash the lock on the door to the Knife Guild House.

[Knife Guild House] Smash the lock on the chest.

[Rectory] Smash the clock.

[Gate Corner] Instead of going up the stairs to the Gate Watch Headquarters, click on the wooden fence next to it. Smash the robot-like thing.

[Museum Del Arte] Smash the vase on the pillar.

[Museum Del Arte] Inside the painting, smash the canister of the girl who has tea and a sandwich.

[Knife Guild House] Upon entering, smash the light above the left door.

[Knife Guilde House] Upon entering, smash the light above the right door.

Good Samaritan:

You need to take care of the man in the room next to where you woke up. For this you need to feed the man the following things, in this order:
1. Waking pill.
2. English Tea.
3. Bread roll.
4. Syringe filled with liquid.
5. Sleeping pill.
Waking pill and sleeping pill can be purchased from the doctor 1 floor down, bread can be found in starting room on the desk. Liquid is found hanging in your starting room, combine this with the syringe purchased from the nurse of the ground floor of the hospital. English Tea can be found inside the painting in the museum del arte.


In the forester house, if you go left, there is a vent. At the bottom is a series of numbers written down.


Go into the classroom, and click on the abacus (machine with marbles that can be moved). The top line is the first digit, etc. If you've done it right, you'll get the achievement.

Good Observer:

This one is easy. In the room where you wake up at the start, there is a nail by the window. Give this to the guy sitting on top of the Karterbrand Mansion (click on the window from the lab).

Olympic Champion:

For this, you will need to obtain 3 medals, bronze, silver and gold.

You need a Paper Towel, bought from the nurse on ground floor of the hospital, and a Stool Sample, obtained from the room next to your starting room. (Key required to open that room). Look in the bucket. Combine the Paper Towel and the Stool Sample. Now go to the Memorial Park, and into the room with the painting. Give the man sitting there your Stool Sample wrapped in Paper Towel, and he will drop the medal.


In the forester house, go left once and turn the switch. Now go to the dark alley, 9-o'clock from Ra Square. Left once, a tile has come loose. The medal is in there.


First, go to the room where you go into the book, and pick up the encaeclypoadiae. Pick up the glasses. Now go into the hospital, to the room where you can go upstairs, downstairs, enter the closet, or go to the doctor. There's a person sitting here, waiting for an eye test. Give them the glasses, and they hold up the medal.

I had a crack at seeing what the highest score I could get was. To do so, I made a list of where all the coins I could find were - I thought I oughta share!

All Coin Locations


  • 12 in your money bag

  • 1 on the landing outside your room

  • 1 next to the wheelchair outside the "Free Flu Shots" room

  • 1 between the two suited creatures standing outside the "Free Flu Shots" room

  • 1 on the floor by the window in the hospital that you escape through - it's by the inside corner

  • 1 under the floorboard leaning against the wall under the hospital stairs


  • 1 on top of the orb decoration by where your rope falls to

  • 1 on the ground outside the hospital

  • 3 around the feet of the two men arguing over the weather

  • 2 in the GATE CORNER - one by the drain, another by the bottom of the stairs

  • 5 if you feed the vomit-inducing pill to the statue hidden behind the fence in GATE CORNER (7-2=5)

  • 1 under the desk in the GATE WATCH HEADQUARTERS

  • 4 on the floor of SHOP AND TRADE

  • 2 on the boarded-up window between the SHOP AND TRADE and the KARTERBRAND MANSION

  • 5 in the cupboard when you give the man in the KARTERBRAND MANSION your rubber tube

  • 1 on the exposed rafter ON THE ROOFTOP

  • 1 on the ground where the children are playing marbles, masquerading as one without success

  • 1 on the ground to the right of the door to the FOUCAULT TOWER

  • 1 by the door on the left as you first enter the KNIFE GUILD HOUSE

  • 1 on the windowsill in the main room of the KNIFE GUILD HOUSE

  • 1 under the tree in MEMORIAL PARK - turn left once, then it's right in the middle.

  • 3 in the hole in the wall in MEMORIAL PARK - turn left twice, then it's on your right

  • 2 as a reward for returning the baby (use the pen to cross out the notice in SHOP AND TRADE)


  • 1 as you enter the DARK ALLEY, to the right of the grate

  • 1 on the left chair in the RECTORY

  • 1 on the stone cellar window (left of the magician's house)


  • 3 to the right of the woman in the MUSEUM DEL ARTE

  • 4 to the left of the man in the MUSEUM DEL ARTE

  • 2 to the right of the gate

  • 11 scattered around the hermit in the crate

  • 1 to the left of the guy using the cloth as a tent

  • 1 on the rug in the FORESTER HOUSE

  • 1 under the stool of the lady in the FORESTER HOUSE

  • 1 to the left of the entrance to the HOUSE OF WIDOW

With some frugality and efficient selling, I got 267, which would be the third highest if it weren't for some astronomical figure that must be faked somehow in first. The maximum is seemingly 284 - I shall look into this another time...


Sesquiped March 30, 2010 11:47 AM

Oi! So many places and people! I am sure to "waste" at least 50% of my day at work now.


Love Daymare Town! Yay! (But... so stuck...)


Daymare town!

I am too afraid to sell anything for fear I'll need it later 0_o
Story of my life xD


This is ridiculous. I have plenty of other things I could be doing right now that are much more important but instead I choose to run around a slightly spooky city asking people if they want to buy this baby I found lying around.

Ho hum. I'm working on it...


I found a gnome! Wrong game... Oh well.
I'm having too much fun gleefully running around town trading anything and everything. I think I'm missing the point...
I suppose I'll stumble on it eventually.


Alabaster, as far as selling goes;

Don't sell your gears! You'll need them later!


I've spotted two gnomes so far. I expect they're nice little easter eggs, or perhaps part of this "Achievements" thing.

I have now also discovered the "curse" of the dead insects... ah well...


Anyone know where

the third gear thingy for the antenna receptor in the Magician's house is? I have the other two.


Ah, I love Daymare Town. Didn't expect a new one so soon.


I'm stuck :( so afraid to sell things since buying them will be 2x price...


Got a stone orb. Near the graveyard, oOne of the people says 'one stone to rule them all' and other one says ' I see them all'. I cant find the use of this stone though.

Found stool and urine from the sick guy but no doctor to put those on lab.

candies for kids = good uncle achievement

Dr Pangloss March 30, 2010 12:31 PM

I'm stuck in the Hospital. How do you get out?

Lovely game as usual.


Thanks for the hint, Dayna!


For the dead insects:
I'm not sure what people mean by the curse, but

If you need to get rid of the insects just find a spider web and put them in there!


@dr pangloss :

One of the sellers say he know a way out just too afraid. He actually sell everything needed to get out ;)

Dr Pangloss March 30, 2010 12:35 PM

cheers, rosedragon! I'll try to figure it out. :)

hothotpot March 30, 2010 12:36 PM


Where did you find the stone orb by the graveyard? I have looked all over there and can't find anything!


Stuck again!

Any help?

How do you unlock the triangle padlock on the door by the kids?

Where is the third gear mechanism?

What does the man with the flask and the other object need?



You got the stone orb from the magician but it seems relate to the graveyard


@ Danya

I found one gear on the top of the man's head. The one sitting next to the magician's house. I'm sure I found another gear on the floor somewhere, but I can't quite remember. I found all 4 though, just don't remember. Sorry :( Do you remember where you have found yours? That may help me remember.


Danya, I can help you with the third of your troubles...

He wants the rubber tube from your hospital room. He'll give you a nice stash of coins for your trouble.

And Alabaster, there is no "curse". I just said it jokingly in relation to the review. Mind you...

I've found four dead insects and two spider webs, but each web seems to only accept one insect? There's a thought...



the man with the flask need rubber tube from your starting room


To open the padlocked door:

In the pile of junk blocking the hospital exit door there is a hammer...use this on the padlock.

Still mystified about:

The strange machine you can knock over with the hammer (to get there click the hotspot between the staircase to the gate watch headquarters and the guy peeping out the window.)


The monster in the round container you find when you use the hammer on the domed top...in the scene with the one stone to rule them all.



Ahh, I see. Yes, that is an idea.

I have used all 4 gears with the radios? Do you know what they do?



Oh, I've found 4 gears, but there are things you put the gears into that send signals back to the weird device on the 1st floor of the magician's home. There are three lights on the device, and I've lit up two of them. For example:

one of the antenna things is found if you click once on the dark house (Karterbrand mansion) in lupus square, but instead of entering click the arrow to turn to the left



Yes I've done that, too. Reminiscent of Submachine, the coil charger is!

Regarding the dead bugs:

I've found 1 bug, but three webs. Does anyone know where to find the dead bugs?


Right, now I've found the third thing to stick gears in...

Behind the padlocked door in Lupus Square. Hit it with a hammer!


There's a web in the hospital next to that guy who sells stuff with the professional name, can't remember right now. There are three there. Care to tell where the third web is? There's one in the Rectory and one in the Mansion, but where's the third?



There is the one in the hospital (which I assume doesn't count), one in the mansion, and one in Ra Sqaure. Ring the doorbell on the closed house, and wait for the door to open. It's the rectory.



Ignore my previous message...didn't read yours all the way through...


lceninexp thanks so much!


Alabaster - your last one is my last one as well! I don't count the one in the hospital, so we've both found the same!

Now, where's that blasted sixth gear...



I have a stone orb from the jack in the box, how do you get one from the magician?

hothotpot March 30, 2010 1:13 PM

How do you get

the magician

to give you the

stone orb?

I'm not even sure why I want the darn thing, I'll not have any idea what to do with it once I get it, I'm sure!



give the crystal ball to magician.


I'm not at the point of even having a crystal ball yet, let alone the stone orb, but I have an observation for you guys...

Have you tried the plinths under the building in Lupus Square? I just got some positive results there with the seashell and I'm wondering if another mystical artifact might be required...


ok I have no idea what to do with the

baby, does anyone know who it belongs to?


still lookin for a place for the stone orb
found 2 chinese puzzle pieces.. which i have no idea what their use is, i'm assuming a chinese puzzle..

one of which i found in the house in the painting thats in the knife guild house.. also in the painting is a seashell down by the sea of course, that goes on the right pillar thats in those arches in the square

i have no idea who the guy is with the flask that you give the rubber tubing to

if you give the girl outside the hospital a painkiller it helps her out :)

not sure what to do with the crank either

the crank is in the chest thats in the knife guild house, use the hammer to bust the lock.. also you can use the hammer to smash the statue in the graveyard and it leaves a small hole in the top but i have no idea what thats for


I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but I've found that there are a lot of things you can smash with the hammer, like the fountain head in the graveyard. Doesn't seem to do anything?


To get the crystal ball...

First find the 'valve' wheel

Attach it to the safe in the basement in lupus square

click on it, the door will open



no the stone orb doesn't go onto the other plinth. by the way, I had to google search that word :D, it refers to the column things under the arches behind where the children are

good idea though

KamenZero March 30, 2010 1:40 PM

I've found 7 gears and used 6 of them. I'm not sure where I can use the 7th (if at all)


Everybody did you

Hammer the "weird dome thing" near the guy that says "one stone to rule the all"

don't know how to go from there

Tobberian March 30, 2010 1:45 PM


the guy that wants the rubber tube is in karterbrand mansion. (the rightmost entrance 1 screen left of the kids).


hammering everything will..

give you an achievement.

KamenZero March 30, 2010 1:46 PM

Sorry if I was suppose to use spoilers in my last comment. D:

Mai: Not sure if this helps but

It looks like when you smash the fountain, theres a hole where you can put something. maybe there's something that fits there? I'm not really sure what it is.

mezzanote March 30, 2010 1:47 PM

Gate pass equals 38,000 coins. I have...13. *sigh*

about the baby -

If you turn left from the screen where the two kids are standing, you'll see a door to the right of the word 'pub'. Go through that door and read the notes, because there's one looking for a lost baby. Maybe you can give the baby to the guy in the window there? I'm not sure since I haven't found the baby :)


Last two gear wheels:

In the clock! Smash it with the hammer



can't sell the baby :D, I am sure it just cant be accessed yet.

Anonymous March 30, 2010 1:54 PM

Safe combination?

in the forester house there is a vent on the wall with a code on the bottom. not sure how i would enter it in the safe though...

Tobberian March 30, 2010 1:57 PM

The crank goes:

into the jack in the box thing in the dark alley in the Ra square
crank it:

to get a second stone orb


got a third stone orb from the machine once all three lights where turned on, no idea what to do with them

btw Jackdaw, I think I know you! Red?

Dr Pangloss March 30, 2010 1:58 PM

oooo...if you stare at the picture in the Magician's room for a minute and then click out, the room goes all awesome.


Something I found:

gave a poor guy in the corner of Ra square 3 coins and obtained a holy picture

hope this helps

midiphile March 30, 2010 2:05 PM


I can't find the forester house but suspect that the combination there is for the abacus in the kindergarden


Get past the guards..

give the guard captian a sleeping pill

copperbox March 30, 2010 2:09 PM

I did it! highest score too! although it has only been online for a couple of hours! hehe.
most important things to know to complete the game are:

slip a sleeping pill to the head guard above the gate, you can take his hat and walk past the spear holding guards into the new area.


the door in the park takes a coin

the four chinese blocks should be used within the dragon tower in the book.. i know sounds crazy


Thanks alot Dwayne, I managed to

get coins from the paintings and used the orbs on the gate

copperbox March 30, 2010 2:14 PM


two shells from two paintings go on the two plinths below the arches in the square

and of course

lots and lots of items are unnecessary to complete the game. but that's half the fun figuring out which is which!


Did anyone else find an olympic silver medal in the alley where the crank was used? Very strange indeed. I'm still trying to find two more orbs...

mezzanote March 30, 2010 2:29 PM

The wheelchair kid in the hospital will take your dead flies. I'm not putting spoiler tags here because it doesn't seem to achieve anything..except get the dead flies out of your pockets.


need one puzzle piece! need 2 more stone orbs!!!
cant find em
found the place to put the puzzle pieces tho and found the babies mother..

Tobberian March 30, 2010 2:32 PM

how do you save?

there are 5 load slots


So far...

got the english tea from the painting guy (the one past the guards), found the woman that lost her baby (gives stone sphere),went upstairs got glasses and pen, entered book and found slots for chinese pieces, found forester house: code on vent gives code to abacus (achievement "numericalist"), hammered the top of the stove which drops a gear in the hole below it, turned a switch which opens a hole in the dark alley, gives you a olympic silver medal (achievement?)

So far the longest and most satisfying game in the Daymare Town series.


put the liquid in the bottle and pour it in the plant just inside the widows house to grow a rare flower! not sure what the flower is for though


I just need one more stone... need clue.. I think it is the one connected with darknes..


still not sure what to do in the black hole either


what to do with the glasses:

give them to the man in the hospital waiting for a eye check (gives you a golden olympic medal)

mezzanote March 30, 2010 2:47 PM

rosedragon, did you find the stone orb

hidden in the hospital?


FINISHED! Wow that was long! I only got 3 of the achievements :(


wheres the 2nd shell?

Dr Pangloss March 30, 2010 3:02 PM

Awesome Dayna! You know what this means, right? First one finished is required to do a walkthrough.

;-) hee hee hee

I feel very sorry for whomever actually takes on that monumental task. It's going to be a....wait for it...nightmare!


achievement "problem solver"

in the house of the widow past the guards there are three books with dots on them: I gave A-E to the guy in the hospital that said "ambiguos?", F-O I gave to the two fighting over fog and mist. The rest I dont know.


@mezzanote : Hidden in the hospital!!? D: I dont think I found it..


Minor discovery:
You can pick up the Encyclopedia A-E in the same room as the chinese dragon book. Give it to the man who says "ambiguous" in the corner of the hospital. Too bad he only gives you a coin.

Dr Pangloss March 30, 2010 3:13 PM

and give one

encyclopedia to the woman who is cold...the one next to the chimney in the house behind the guards.

Arainach March 30, 2010 3:14 PM

Does anyone know how to get the house in Lupus Square next to the Guards (not the Captain's house) open?

Nightmare Town 3 March 30, 2010 3:15 PM

Stuck in the hospital, can't find a way out. Help!

Dr Pangloss March 30, 2010 3:16 PM


hit the lock with your hammer

Arainach March 30, 2010 3:20 PM

Actually, it was even simpler.

I just needed to buy and use another key


What do I do with the all the extra gears and where are the remaining orbs, need 2. Oh and the last chinese puzzel piece... feel like I haven't done anything!

lolwat123 March 30, 2010 3:31 PM

@ Dr Pangloss :

I have passed behind the guards, and i have no idea what woman you are talking about.

hothotpot March 30, 2010 3:34 PM

Alright I am totally stuck. Right now I have

The hammer, a cup of tea, a pen, a rare flower, three gears, and an Olympic gold medal.

I have still need two of the four chinese puzzle pieces, and I have no idea what to do with the tea or pen or the flower. Also I think I need two more stone orbs. But honestly I'm more concerned with using all my inventory items than I am with completing the game!

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Dr Pangloss March 30, 2010 3:35 PM


go into the square behind the guards, the into the house behind the fallen balloon. (where you found the elephant statue) Once inside, go left twice, then click the right side of the chimney.

steeny124 March 30, 2010 3:40 PM


Did you get the puzzle piece

in the door under the arches where the children are?
Put a coin in the door in the graveyard/park. There's a picture in there with the other seashell.
The first seashell is, of course, in the knife guild house.

You can put the seashells on the pedestals under the arches to get into the door to find the puzzle piece.

There's also one in the forester house in the box on top of the armoir.

Those were the ones that were tough for me.

Hope this helps.

Anybody know about a stone orb in the hospital? I'm stuck.

lolwat123 March 30, 2010 3:41 PM

@ Dr Pangloss

Holly hell ! Thanks :)


A fairly big spoiler.....

use a coin to open the door in the cemetary, then feed the "thing" the stool sample to get "olympic champion" achievement, this is also the room where you'll find the other picture for the seashell


I give up, I cant find the last stone orb and it already sleep time from hours ago for me. *collapses*

hothotpot March 30, 2010 3:45 PM

@steeny - Thanks! That is the one I was missing!

mezzanote March 30, 2010 3:46 PM

hospital stone orb

at the very bottom stair well, where the person who says 'ambiguous?' is crouched, check the floorboards. One of them is loose and there's a stone orb hidden underneath it.


I see that I was beaten on the spoiler...:)

hothotpot March 30, 2010 3:47 PM


How do you get the stool sample?


Where do you find the liquid for the bottle?



you need to buy a key and unlock the door on the same floor as your hospital room, in it is an old man in a bed. There is a bucket on the floor, the sample is inside of it. Need to buy paper towel to wrap it as well

steeny124 March 30, 2010 3:53 PM

I'm out! Can't wait for a walkthrough to see what easter eggs I missed.

cassiege March 30, 2010 4:01 PM

Where is the hammer?

KamenZero March 30, 2010 4:07 PM

Woo, finally beat it.

Has 6 leftover gears, so theres at least 12 to find in the game.. had 12 coins in my pocket.. had the Gold and Silver olypic medals.. couldn't feed the stool to the janitor for some reason. A bunch of leftover cigarettes. Never figured out what that hole in the ground beyond the Gate was for D: But yeah.. lots of stuff I couldnt finish.

hothotpot March 30, 2010 4:10 PM

Whew out! Thanks to Reap for help with the Janitor. I had lots of stuff left over, but I was just running around in circles by the end so I'll just wait for someone else to figure everything else! :P But that was fun! I got nothing done at work all day trying to beat it! Haha!


I'm lost. Where is the



midiphile March 30, 2010 4:16 PM

Achievement "Cold Blooded Killer"

Buy the syringe from the nurse and fill with the urine sample. Inject the sleeping captain of the guard. Nasty.

Patreon Donator dsrtrosy March 30, 2010 4:16 PM

This is great--as if we didn't know that before we started playing. I'm afraid tho that I am going to have to start over as I had to restart my computer because of new software and forgot the game was open. Anyone know if it autosaves?

Also....so fun to find stuff (in my case one of the Submachine transporters) from their other games. WOOT!



You take the bag of liquid you got at the hospital and combine it with the bottle in your inventory


I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever find out what's going on in this game...


Anyone know what the following things do?

1) Polish your shoes before putting them on?
2) The rare flower?
3) The holy picture?


someone has got to connect the whole crane riddle ... has everyone tried to

inject or drug up

every character? Come on, JIG, don't give up!

Amy Waldron April 4, 2010 11:50 PM

Great game! I love the DayMare Town series. Thanks for the walkthrough help; I was stuck many times and used it quite a bit. Hope we see a DT 4 (and 5, and 6, and...)


Finally got to 284 score.

The list of coins is still missing two coins:

1 on the roof of MUSEUM (click behind the leftmost statue on the roof)

1 under the roof tile in the HOSPITAL (as you exit the hospital through window, look towards the left under the roof tiles)

Furthermore, another 15 coins can be earned by

taking the key out of the door of your hospital room - when you ring for the nurse, don't talk to her. First take the key out of the lock of the now open door, then talk to her.

But looking on the list makes me think there are still two coins hidden somewhere...



sell anything to the captain.

I did and now I'm on a dead end.


What do you do with the dragon inside of the castle after you put the puzzle peices in?(I think you have to leave and come back for him to be there but I don't know)

Also, is there a way to get the syringe out of the guard so that the liquid can be put into it? Or is it gone once you've used it?


I just finished ... it took me ages but I enjoyed it very much!

I didn't realize that I'd need one key item. By the time I realized I needed it, I couldn't afford to buy it (and had sold everything of value).

Thanks to MAQ for the walkthrough and to SRU for posting the location of all the coins!


Help please!
I've started several Daymare 3 games and every time, I get stuck in Ra Square. I don't think it's part of the game. I used to be able to exit, but now every time I click on the staircase to exit I end up back in Ra Square. Any thoughts? Is there something I should do in the game? Or is it my computer/flash capability? Thanks so much for your help! I love this game!


@ steph:

When you exit Ra Square, you get to a 'sub' screen. Clicking on the bottom of this screen takes you to Lupus Square :)


Hey everyone! I figured out what to do with the Liver Guy!

Ok, so I was wondering if any of the pills could help my favorite little Daymare town character, or hurt him as the case may have been, so I bought the Fever Pill, the Painkiller, and the Vomit Inducing Pill, not wanting to hurt my little buddy, I gave him the Painkiller, which he ate, and felt better and then I gave him the fever pill, and he was cured! I'm so happy about this, if you're wondering where the kid is, he's in teh following location:
Go out of the hospital and zoom out so that you can see part of the front of it in Lupus Square, then click on the right side of the door of the hospital, you'll see the cute little Liver guy!

Anonymous April 23, 2010 6:26 PM

Help? Any I time enter into a screen showing what I can trade, and what someone else has -- but can't get out of the screen and back to the game! (I'm on a Mac, and have no right click on my mouse....?) any thoughts? Thanks!


Give one of the remaining encyclopedias (I didn't get to see which) to the furry guy under the hospital stairs on the same floor as the nurse. He's the one who says 'Ambiguous?' He'll give you a coin.

Andrew W April 27, 2010 9:19 PM

Sorry to double post, but here's something else I just found: From Ra Square, go to the bottom right-hand corner and then up the stairs. Put the porcelain elephant on the dresser and the guard will give you a gear.


Where do you buy the candy for the children? I have looked all around and just can't find it.

nerdypants May 2, 2010 3:17 AM

@Maris, about the candy:

To the left of the window where you leave the hospital from, there is a boy sitting on a wheelchair. You can buy the candy from him.

Also, I was wondering

is there any way to interact with the dragon in the book? Hm...

nerdypants May 2, 2010 9:21 PM

Hate to double post, but I found a coin that wasn't mentioned in the walkthrough:

In Le Borgoi Pivot, behind the left-most statue on top of the museum, there's a coin above and to the right of the gnome you find there.

Also, in Ra Square:

The coin on the window to the left of the magician's house is actually a gear.

Just trying to be helpful. :)


The first two Daymare Town games are awesome but this one just didn't do it for me at all. :'(


252 coins!!! Getting the 286 is driving me crazy! How do you do it?


Does anyone know of a way to reset or delete achievements after you've done them all? My husband would like to try the game too, but I've done all the achievements, so the game won't notify him when he figures one out.

We've tried deleting cookies and resetting the IP address... no good.


Joy: Flash developers can save your progress by using what's called a Shared Object, local storage on your computer where settings are stored. This is different than sites storing cookies.

You can access a control panel whereby you can delete the stored save data for individual sites...


That link will open the control panel. Scroll the list that appears until you find the domain flash.games.d.fizzlebot.com (that's where Daymare Town 3 game is being hosted from), and then click the "delete website" button.

This tech note from Adobe explains the Shared Object and the settings manager in more detail...



Awesome! Thank you Jay!

Xevious45 June 28, 2010 12:07 PM

Awesome! I loved the first two, and I am really excited to play this.


Sorry if this has already been posted but I never thought of looking here until I replayed the game.

In the Forester House, when you click all the way left to when you're facing the corner of the room and there's that cube-shaped "oven" sitting on the left, instead of clicking on the hotspot to get to the Cold Woman, click above the oven and you'll see a circular burner element. Hit the burner with the hammer and then look inside the oven...a gear will have fallen out.

Anonymous July 12, 2010 5:34 PM

I'm still stuck sleeping. For some reason the screen is still black. halp anyone? TT.TT

Anonymous July 30, 2010 7:37 AM

@ Chris


Polishing your shoes before putting them on will turn them black, that's all we found.

Does anyone know where the robot is and what to do with it? Thanks!

Bram and May


i really want to play it
but my internet is being so slow :(

piratemonkey06 August 30, 2010 1:04 AM

Ok. I found something!!

In Ra Square, at about 5 o'clock, there's a flight of stairs. Click on the stairs, and click again on the next set of stairs. You'll come to a denizen of Daymare Town, with a collection of porcelain elephants. To get something off her, go to the Forester's House, and look in the arch under the flight of stairs leading into the house: you'll find another elephant. Give this to the person in Ra square mentioned above. I do believe you'll get another gear.

I need help with:

What do you do with the English tea and the holy picture?

piratemonkey06 August 30, 2010 1:19 AM

I also would like to know:

I have 6 gears left over. What do I do with them?


I got to the very end (5 orbs) and i only had 3 puzzle piece things. Can you tell me where all the puzzle pieces are exactly????? thanks!!!!!!!


How do I get into "the room below"?


Hey there everybody! i have a question for you all!
What can i do with all those cigarettes?

Anonymous May 5, 2011 3:42 AM

i thought i see Kara from Covert Front in galeri there LOL


Perhaps you could reorder the achievements list so Good Samaritan is above Cold Blooded Killer? I did them in order and could not complete GS with the syringe in the Captain.

Anonymous August 29, 2011 8:15 PM

has anyone found out what do you use cards for and how to warm up the lady in foresters house?


I do hope JIG returns to poking around for any hidden hidden enigmas.


What exactly to you mean by that, Shudog?


I wonder if there's a bug in the game? I tried playing DMT3 again today and it seems to not be working properly. I even tried to follow the walktrhough but the


doesn't have anything

to sell except a paper roll and a syringe. No rope and no window handle

???? Hence there's no way to leave the hospital. I tried Safari and Firefox, emptying cache, restarting etc. etc.


The nurse doesn't have those things. Read the walkthrough again.


@Shudog thank you, I found out there's a typo(?) in the walkthrough. It says "top right corner", that is where the nurse is. Should be "top left corner". :)


Well, it's been a while... has anyone yet figured out

how to move the crane for "pick up"? How to open the trapdoor above the lost-and-found office? And the big round thing in the seashell-arch room. The crane is right there in Ra square, and it should be picking up the fellow out in the corner of the satellite dish building.

Et cetera. Maybe I'm missing some obvious ones. Still seems like there's a pile of riddles here.

The Phenomenon April 14, 2021 7:56 AM

I edited the save file to have as many coins or items as I want...

I purchased the three overly expensive gate passes that the captain sells. It's similar to buying the Bicycle in the original Pokémon games, although here it's actually possible to do so. It's a rip-off. The passes, although they exist as items, have no effect on the gate keepers, which will still block your way. I didn't expect much here in these games, of course.


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