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Exciting Traditional Card Games for Newbies

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Are you looking for something to do with your family and friends that doesn't require a screen or prior knowledge of game rules? A fun, traditional card game might be just what you need! From classics like Solitaire and Cribbage, there's a great selection of games for newbies who want to try playing cards.

The best part is that these types of games provide hours of entertainment! If you're ready to start your journey into the world of traditional card games, read on and discover some exciting ones that will surely bring some excitement into any household.

Simple and Easy Classic Card Games for Beginners
With countless card games available, finding one that will complement your skill level can be difficult. Fortunately, we have curated a list of the most uncomplicated classics you'll learn to love in no time. Check them out below:


War is a two-player game where you aim to take or collect the entire deck to win. It's pretty simple because you don't need to learn any trick-taking card mechanics or counting strategies. You only need to draw a card from your deck and compare it with the other player's card.

Whoever has the higher valued card gets to take their opponent's card and add it to their deck. If both players have drawn cards with the same number, that's when they go to War. It means both players draw two cards face down and two cards face up.

The card with the higher value wins and gets to take all six cards, which includes the two face-up cards, two face-down cards, and the previous cards that led to War. Once a player manages to take all the cards, they win! That said, War is relatively easy for beginners to enjoy!


Another game ideal for beginners who are ready to jump into card matching with some unique game mechanics is Cribbage. This traditional game uses a Cribbage board with pegs for scoring, but players may also use a pen and paper if they don't have the board and pegs. Many free Cribbage platforms will also keep track of your scores for you so that you can focus on your tactics.

Cribbage game features:

● Predominantly played between two players
● Make certain card combinations to score points
● Gain 121 points through strategic card playing to win
● Earn points by pegging or the show

Cribbage will require specific strategies, so it's ideal for adult beginners who can devise more card combinations. It may be challenging for new players, but with patience and practice, it can become an exciting option for those who want a bit of complexity.

Crazy Eights

A shedding type of card game that revolves around getting rid of all your cards is Crazy Eights. It has similar gameplay as UNO but without the special cards. Eights are always the wild cards here, and you can play them anytime. Just inform the next player the type of suit you want them to play.

This game is suitable for newbies and everyone who wants a relaxing gameplay. To start, the first player sets a card on the table. After that, the next player must follow the suit or the value. For instance, if the first player played a five of Hearts, then the next player can either put down a card from the Hearts suit or another five.

Players can also pick a card from the stockpile, even if they have a playable card. It's all about playing your cards right and getting rid of them before anyone else does. Once you eliminate all cards from your hand, you win!

Old Maid

A traditional game that was initially played for gambling is Old Maid. All you need is a deck of cards plus one Joker, or you can choose to remove three Queens. The odd card with no pair is the Old Maid.

Here are some basics:

● All players receive an equal number of cards (two decks can be used if there are many players).
● Players will pair their cards and place them on the table
● The remaining cards on each player's hand are shuffled and dealt face down to the other players
● Each player takes turns drawing a card from another player's hand, trying to make pairs
● The player with the Old Maid card loses

This classic game is ideal for groups of friends. You can even add a bit of excitement by daring the Old Maid, such as drinking a shot of hot sauce or doing a silly dance. It's an excellent way to have fun and bond with your friends!


A game primarily made for one player is Solitaire. It's a type of Patience game where players must sort cards by suit and sequence, from Ace to King. Solitaire has different variations, but they all have the same main feature with subtle rule differences that make them stand out.

The goal is to sort all cards by suit into four piles or foundations, beginning from King to Ace. From the standard deck of cards, 28 are used to form seven columns on the tableau, and the rest are used as the stockpile. After that, players will create the piles from the face-up cards found in the seven tableaus.

Once an entire column is empty, you can choose a King to replace it with one or more cards on top of the other columns. If players cannot make any more moves, they can draw from the stockpile until all cards are used.

Solitaire is a crowd favorite that helps improve strategic thinking and patience. Plus, it's also a fantastic way to pass the time during those nights when you can't sleep. With its easy to understand game rules, it's no surprise many people are familiar with Solitaire. There's also a two-player version with some competitive aspects if you want a bit of a challenge challenge.

Start as a Beginner and Work Your Way Up

The games on this list will introduce you to the world of classic card games until you become a professional. Soon, you'll be ready to take on challenging trick-taking games like Hearts, Spades, and so many more! For now, try the ones on our list and enjoy!

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