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Cube Colossus

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Rating: 4.5/5 (173 votes)
Comments (66) | Views (6,480)

DoraCube ColossusFor a lot of us, shooters are the equivalent of primal scream therapy. We zip around a screen, raining lasers upon our foes, collecting coins and power-ups until we emerge hours later feeling tired but oddly satisfied. As popular as these games are, it takes a lot for one to stand out from the pack and shine. One example is Lucidrine's Cube Colossus, a fast-paced and challenging shooter that offers multiple upgrades, ships, achievements, and more for newcomers and veterans alike.

While searching for new planets to colonize, one scout, Millie, reports to have found a potentially livable planet, shortly before losing contact. The signal leads her twin sister Rua, to an unknown enormous cube-shaped construction that traps both herself and her co-pilot Cedric within, quickly cutting them off from the other search party. Still, it shouldn't be much of a problem. After all, Millie wants to be found... doesn't she? There's no time to stop and think, as it turns out that the cube isn't empty. And its occupants aren't friendly.

Cube Colossus controls primarily with the mouse, moving with your cursor around the screen and firing when you hold down the left mouse button. But keep an eye on the blue energy bar at the bottom of the screen. Fire for too long, and your weapons could overload. Next to the energy bar is your red shield indicator, which decreases each time you're hit. If it runs out, well... it isn't the signal for the enemies to stop pounding on you and start singing Happy Birthday. Throughout the level, your overdrive meter is also steadily increasing, and when the yellow bar is full, you can tap the [space] bar to unleash your ship's special ability. Enormous waves of lasers not your thing? Then hop into another ship that can slow down time.

Differing from other shooters, you'll automatically lock on to one enemy and wherever you move, your ship will target it. The [WASD] keys are for fine-tuning, with [W] switching your target to the closest enemy, and [D] and [A] adjusting your aim clockwise and counter-clockwise. While the keyboard controls can take some getting used to, you'll be glad to have them when you start running across enemies faster than you are.

Cube ColossusNot only can you upgrade your shields, attack power, and energy reserves between battles if you have the cash, but as you go along, Rua gains proficiency with whatever weapon you have equipped. The more you use a weapon, the more damage you'll wind up doing with it. If you decide to try something different later on in the game, you can always go back and replay earlier stages with it to level up and earn more gold.

The deeper you go into the Cube, the thicker the action gets. Enemies get faster, sneakier, and stronger, and the boss battles for each chapter are satisfyingly ferocious. Fortunately for you, you'll gain access to different ships as you go along, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You want action? We got your action.

What, you want strategy, too? Don't get blown up. There's your strategy.

Analysis: Cube Colossus has been through a long development process, and it shows. Not only does it look and sound like the best arcade goodness you could hope for, it plays extremely well. The 20 levels, not counting the special unlockable stages, manage to strike a nice difficulty curve. This isn't to say you'll be ready to breeze through the game's climactic final battle when you reach it. It just means that you'll find it refreshingly challenging instead of impossible. It also keeps track of the damage you do before you're hit, and rewards you accordingly each time.

Cube Colossus isn't here to hold your hand and lead you down the steps into the shallow end of the pool, making sure your floaties are on. It simply hurls you bodily into the deep end and goes on about its business while you flail around, flexing for a crowd of admiring onlookers while you sink or swim. The targeting system takes a little getting used to for those of us used to simply jamming on the buttons, but since death carries no penalty, it's only ever a minor setback. You'll keep all the gold you earned, be able to tweak your weapons accordingly, and then leap back into the fray.

As much as I love shooters, my limited attention span tends to see me losing interest halfway through after the novelty of upgrading wears off. While the story is a little bit old-school anime and has a few typos, it still works surprisingly well to drive you to keep playing. The downside is only the bare bones of the story are actually revealed during the gameplay, and the rest you'll have to read in the Archives once it's unlocked. As a result, it winds up feeling hasty and disjointed. I would have liked to have seen the story revealed naturally over the course of the game, instead of having to rely on a bunch of supplemental material afterward to fill in the gaps.

A shooter is a fun game when it's done well, and Cube Colossus is more than just done well. Despite a story that's a little awkward, the gameplay is never anything less than fierce, and you can spend a long time chasing every upgrade, achievement, and unlockable in the game. If you thought the final boss was tough, wait until you butt heads with one of the special bosses. While the amount of skill in the game primarily boils down to how quickly you can move the mouse without your wrist snapping off, the experience as a whole is riotously fun and definitely worth an hour or more of your time. I'd like to make a joke about the experience being colossal, but, well, puns are frowned on around here. I'm not sure I'm ready for another stint in the "Bad Reviewer Box". So just do yourself a favor and check the game out. I think you'll be glad you did.

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SteelPenguin August 13, 2009 2:36 PM

Game is fun so far, but please someone point me at the mute button..

SteelPenguin August 13, 2009 2:43 PM

For those looking for mute, its in the config section between stages.

3xDuhs to me :-)


I'm finding the control system very counterintuituve, but it certainly is a polished and cool looking game. The initial learning curve is pretty steep if you are used to a standard mouse and keyboard control setup.


The English translation is pretty bad; unless it's supposed to be that way to make it more "anime-ish". The game play is decent, though it's a little hard to figure out where your ship is sometimes. A lot of shooters have that problem, though.

EasyGoing August 13, 2009 4:25 PM

Yes it is polished and cool looking. But for me it has two flaws.

One - is it my monitor or is the text so small that almost unreadable. I have good eyesight but I found myself with my nose next to the LCD just to read. Maybe the fonts are good for such a resolution. Is there a way to zoom in flash games (full screen) ?

Two - cant say i like the control system. It left me asking "cant I play as i would like to?". I don't see what this new system offers so it would be better then the old fashion way. I like shooters and I'm quite good playing them. But here I felt I don't have full control. Maybe later in the game the keyboard-mouse swap is a good thing as you need more movement control then aiming. But i got to the 3 stage of second chapter and nothing such happened.

Still, if not these flaws, a nicely done game that i would return to. Maybe I'll give it one more try.


Yet another game where they decided to pick a cool-looking font over readability. I tried to tough it out, which lasted for only one level, as the "workshop" screen where you upgrade made me give up in disgust.

I wish I could have kept playing, as it seemed like it would be fun otherwise. But I'm not a fan of leaning forward and squinting at the screen every time I try to read something.

tenkuchima August 13, 2009 4:29 PM

Can't stand the controls, and the ship moves too slowly so you're constantly colliding with enemies and their lasers.


I'm just missing two achievements (second from top left and third from top left, second from left). All stats are 99, loki unlocked. If I'm not wrong, I see there is another unlockable level after Loki in the beta version.

Usually I dont like shooting games, but this one has held me to the end.

EasyGoing August 13, 2009 5:26 PM

Ok finished 3 chapter and no, I still don't like the controls.

1. Problems with selecting what you want: you have to fly near an enemy to have a probability of selecting it. An opposite you would do with a stationary turret or a persistent following swarm.
2. When there is a big fast swarm every time you select an enemy it's already at the back. So no concentrated fire. It has the same effect as shooting at random.
3. "adjusting your aim" - nice feature? Nope. It is a tedious task that one could easy accomplish with a mouse.

So whats left? Using a mouse for movements gives better control that you need later in the game? Still no. Didn't feel much pressure for nimble movement. Played more demanding shooters and always preferred the keyboard for movement over the mouse.

In the end the control system gets 0/5 as i don't see no pros. For that and the small art fonts the game gets a low ranking.

P.S. imagine playing Crimsonland with such controls :)


I actually like the controls, it's not terribly hard to learn, what I don't like is the small area in which you're flying and how 30% of the real estate is taken up with enemies, lasers, shrapnel or other things that can drain your shields. To me the game became "survive the first 20 seconds, home your weapon doesn't over heat, then pick off what's left." And that became tiresome.


Easygoing: I understand what you're saying, but I don't think this game is trying to be Crimsonland. Personally, I've never enjoyed the WASD + mouse system that Crimsonland (and its many, many followers) use, because where I'm aiming has nothing to do with my onscreen character. I'm pointing at enemies to kill them with one hand, and dodging stuff with the other. It works, and it makes you powerful, but it's not cohesive.

This game takes away that disconnected feeling by simplifying it to a two-way choice. You can follow your target around until it's dead, or you can switch to the nearest threat. It makes each level a rapid series of 1 vs 1 duels. To me, that's interesting. Yes, it's less user-friendly than the Crimsonland setup, but I find it more engaging.

I may also feel comfortable with this setup because two of my favorite shooters of all time are Cannon Spike and Zero Gunner, both by Psikyo, and both of which use a targeting system very similar to this. They could have used a dual-analog joystick system, like other arena shooters had been doing for years, but they chose this method to give a more specific shape to the gameplay.

Not that this is a perfect choice for the game. I would have liked more mid-size bosses to really put emphasis on the dueling aspect of the controls. But I think it works very well if you don't compare it to other control systems meant for other games.


I'm a pretty big supporter of this one. Granted, I haven't won the Olympic Gold Medal for Space Invaders anytime recently, but I thought this game had a lot to offer on a whole buncha' fronts.

Okay, like Dora, I wasn't the hugest fan of the story (the one facet of the game that nobody here has even breathed on yet), but I thought the controls offered me impressive agility, and the different customizable ships and weapons had a certain Mega Man X charm.

I also had no problem reading any of the text, though, so I'm sorry to hear that became such an issue for some.

Anonymous August 13, 2009 10:22 PM

It's a good game. I can read the font pretty well unlike most commenters, and I don't play many arcade shooters so the controls don't bug me, but I wish it would tell me how to unlock some of the stuff.

I'm only missing 1 achievement, third row down, second from the left, and 2 of the guns don't even seem to be purchasable.


I too love shmups, but for some reason this one didn't appeal to me at all. The controls are unintuitive, and my shots never hit the intended targets on time. I spent most of the time aiming at one enemy and hitting another, which is good because it takes some life from the other cube, but bad because that's not the cube I want to hit! And that is very, VERY frustrating. Another thing that annoyed me is how cluttered the arena gets, leaving so little space to maneuver between the enemy shots and the enemies themselves. A bigger arena wouldn't have been a bad idea.

Not a bad game, you can see the effort the creators put into it. Still, I don't see myself coming back for this one.

minicheatbook August 14, 2009 12:43 AM

I can't seem to unlock the top two achievements and the ones below the level 10 and 20 ones.
I have all the others but those. I am also missing Excalibur, does anyone know how to get that?

TheEternalFire August 14, 2009 1:10 AM

For the top two achievements, go to the startup screen and click the credits button and the more games button. One of the other ones, you need to finish a level with full health (you can use the regenerate overdrive to do this). Annnnnd for the last, I have no idea. My best guess is finish act 20 without getting hhit/ full health. I'm also missing the two SP weapons.

EasyGoing August 14, 2009 2:49 AM

Psychotronic: good to hear the other side.
Still I'm not convinced about the whole thing.

The first game I played that had mouse aiming was probably "Abuse". For me that was a brilliant thing to put in a platformer. Then one day I played Duke Nukem 3D multi player and tried mouselook for the first time. From then I was sure that God made a mouse for aiming :) But that's me and I see that not everybody feels comfortable with it. Good to know.

I like new ideas in games. But the game has to be made so it leverages the new way. If, as you said, it would have more 1-1 fights and bosses as on the last level of ch.3 it would put an emphasis on dodging. Then I could understand that a mouse gives you more precision. But here we have a typical shooter.

It's like with a knife and a spoon. Can't say which is better, but if I have a steak to cut, I would prefer a knife. If this game was more of a "soup" kind, I would gladly use the "spoon" for movement. OK got carried away with the metaphor.


The text (mostly story stuff) automatically displays and disappears, and goes a bit too fast doing so. There are are also quite a number of spelling/grammar errors. During the actual game, there's often too much chaos on the screen at once (particularly toward the beginning of each level), so it's hard to see just where you are (well, more so for the enemies you're trying to kill - they're covered up by your fire).

Anonymous August 14, 2009 10:22 AM

The text didn't scroll too fast for me, and as far as spelling/grammar went - I didn't notice any spelling errors, and I'm pretty sure the grammatical errors are introduced deliberately to maintain the faux-Engrish feel. The game is basically admitting that its story is a little animesque by giving it that animesque quality, as suggested above. Otherwise it would be even easier to wince at. Anyway, I'm on the final boss, and wish there was some sort of "always on" button for the shooting, because my finger aches.

SteelPenguin August 14, 2009 10:32 AM

I'm on the last battle, everything is 99 except the Unique weapon. Any way to buy the nicer SP weapons (I have no clue how to unlock them and if somebody would do a spoiler tag for achievements that would be great.)

Over all I stopped using the WASD controls and just dodged taking out everything as I go. Had to play a couple levels a few times to get through them, but I still have trouble with the last regular boss.


minicheatbook and theEternalfire

the top achievements are

click on credits and click on more game



View Credits from title
View credits from title
Complete act 10
Complete act 20
100,000 combo
150,000 combo
200,000 combo
Finish act 5 without taking damage
Complete act 19 with first weapon
Reach lv 25 upgrade
Reach lv 50 upgrade
Reach lv 99 upgrade
Complete act 1
Complete act 5
Get the time slow ship (I forgot the stage :P)
Beat the game
Beat Loki

Currently still a bug out there that keeps the Axia weapon locked despite getting all the achievements.

Anonymous August 14, 2009 2:19 PM

Okay I looked at their site and now I can't tell if it's faux-Engrish or genuine Engrish.


The Engrish is because English is not their native language. A copy from a comment they posted on indiegames:

"Thanks for the critiques, i'll consider it for the next game...

About the engrish issue, it didn't done by purpose. I'm sorry but here in most of Asian country, english isn't the first language. I've tried as best as i can but my grammar sucks... I'm still a highschooler and i only learn english from school & games (rarely use it in real life). I don't want to hire translator because i want to improve my english, so i hope you understand my situation >_"

I'd have to say it isn't bad for high school, considering the quality of the game also.

TheEternalFire August 14, 2009 3:34 PM

Hmm well I just opened up the game again and it automatically said I unlocked the Axia weapon. I dunno what I did, maybe they fixed the bug?


While I like the control scheme, It would probably help to have the standard arena shooter controls as an option as well, espcially on the earlier levels (Read: Before Chapter 4). The first two ships are really too slow to take much advantage of the mousemove scheme, and the auto aim makes using the beam and machinegun weapons nearly impossible, as it's too hard to dodge and compensate for movement at the same time. However, the mousemove scheme is is basically required to beat level 20, Due to the enemy speed of the first half and the bullet patterns of the second.


Dora always manages to make me laugh! If there were a "Funny Reviewer Box", I would put her in there for good.


For the people complaining about the aiming controls, well it's a shame you don't know how to adjust but when you dig down enough, I find that this game is more about not getting hit at all and building up that damage chain. So I tended to pay more attention to not getting hit by anything and making sure anything was targeted, although, you didn't even have to manually target anything, the shots still track toward enemies.

Rex Hondo August 15, 2009 5:26 AM

Does anybody know if there's any more to unlock beyond the Loki? It looks like there are a couple more "Other" mission slots. Granted, it was kind of amusing to go back and spank level 20 in about 30 seconds with the Loki, but I'm left wondering if that's it.


I have done absolutely everything in this game and cannot unlock the final weapon. The only thing I can think of is to maybe beat Loki with all 5 ships. I've done it with 4 so far. Will tell you how it turns out.

ChaoSpectre August 15, 2009 12:57 PM

I honestly don't understand why people complain SO MUCH about the control scheme.

Why bother aiming at the one enemy you want to aim at when all of the enemies are the same?

The different weapons call for different play styles, even though in the end you end up looking for the weapon with highest damage output and go with that. For people who can manage aiming, lasers and gatlings. For people who don't, multi tracks and missiles. For people who are bored, mines and stuff. Just stick to what you like, and the leveling system will take care of the rest.

And frankly, I was thankful that the mouse was for movement. Enemies get much faster as the game progresses, and it's very important that you keep up. Near the end, the patterns hail from standard bullet hell shooters, except if you speed the whole thing up. Then having your movement speed determined by your mouse and not fixed is so much more helpful.

But hey. Gripe if you want. I was the guy who liked Warning Forever, so I guess I can roll with the punches. Can you?


Everything was going fine until chapter 1 level 5 when there were so many enemies on screen that my computer crashed. Come on, developers, add a quality button! Not all of us out there are running quad core processors with 8 gigs of RAM and dual graphics cards!

Fuzzyevil August 16, 2009 3:23 AM

There are quality settings in the config tab between stages.

UmbrellaExile August 16, 2009 3:51 AM

For weapons;

Beating Loki gives you most of the last weapons. Getting all stats to 99 unlocks another weapon for you, and beating Stage 19 using the first weapon in the game unlocks the last weapon for you. This will give you all of the weapons.

Anything after Loki?

I'm honestly doubting it, only because I've done everything I can think of. For those of you still trying, maxing stats, maxing proficiencies, unlocking all weapons, etc. Don't seem to do it. Perfecting Loki doesn't accomplish anything (other than an impressively large combo) so other than perfecting the last level, I really can't think of anything to try. Which is odd, because it definitely looks like there's room for one, if not two more levels.


This might help:

If you want to not get your weapon overheated easily,try to get as much damage chain breaks as possible.


Doesn't handle slowdown well at all. It apparently tries to move your bullets at the same speed regardless of how often it checks for collision, so unless I stood in the exact right spot my shots would jump right over the enemy without detecting a hit.

Rex Hondo August 16, 2009 10:22 PM

Money making tip, if you're trying to max your stats:

Equip your highest damage weapon, then go to level 17, the one with a few waves of nothing but the enemies that follow you. It makes them easy to corral.

Fire away, and every time your damage chain hits 150,000, let yourself get hit, breaking the chain, earning an extra 5000 gold. Rinse, repeat.

Don't bother with a longer chain. So far as I can tell, you never earn any more than the extra 5000 per chain, although I didn't quite make it to a million points of damage. If you want to shoot for a million just to see, and/or to prove me wrong, more power to you.

jasonz777z August 17, 2009 3:44 AM

Beating Loki is difficult... any weapon/ship config sugestions?

Anonymous August 17, 2009 3:57 AM

For beating Loki I just circled around trying to dodge its attacks. Same strategy as the final boss first form. It's pretty much down to luck as to whether you get hit or not.


Perhaps a secret level can be opened by running level 19 without getting hit? I haven't yet been able to pull this off.

SamuraiJones August 17, 2009 8:06 PM

Cards I've seen so far...

Complete act 10
complete act 20
100k chain
150k chain
200k chain
finsih act 20 without being hit
finish act 19 with the 1st gun
upgrade (everything?) to 25
upgrade (everything?) to 50
upgrade (everything?) to 99
and one for each of the ships.

Anyone figure out the last two?

Rex Hondo August 17, 2009 11:24 PM


Click the "Credits" and "More Games" buttons on the menu screen.


Horrible game. Really horrible design.

You start out with slow-moving enemies that are easy to avoid. The only way they can effectively attack you is when you destroy them, and they release a fast-moving spread. That's not so bad, but...

Add the worst kind of auto-aim, the kind that doesn't lead targets. It's far more likely to miss the target than if you were just spamming shots randomly. Okay, maybe this is part of the game design, and you have to position your ship to be ahead of or behind your current target.

But now you add the fatal flaw: When you destroy a ship, the auto-aim instantly jumps to a new random target. Now you don't know which direction your ship is going to fire, and unless you have the inhuman ability to predict exactly how much damage you're going to inflict, you don't know when it's going to change targets.

So let's put these three gameplay points together:

You can't consistently hit your current target.

You can't tell when your gun is going to switch to a random target.

You're punished for destroying targets close to you.

As far as I can tell, the game just punishes you for playing it.


You've Unlocked:




After I beat the game I seen I was missing stuff , I came here to see and found out how to get the other 2 weapons , but I am still missing the beam spread weapon . and Are there any more lvls to unlock ?

Sunny Kwan August 26, 2009 5:50 AM

I agree about the text being super tiny, but I found myself addicted to the game. I soon found out a pretty interesting pattern about the levels, that they sometimes shoot in circles. So to dodge the hits, just keep spinning around them at the edge of the screen. It really is useful, even if your not fast enough. Even for some enemies that do not shoot in circles (like the first 8 turrets that appear in lvl. 14), you can spin around in the near center slowly, and you'll find you can dodge all the "arrow" hits easily. That is what I found in the process of playing repeatedly.


I can't get the axia weapon how i get it?

Steven Larson September 10, 2009 4:36 AM

I just beat lvl 19 without getting hit. It didn't unlock anything. Not sure who thought it might, but I checked it for you.


Steven; it's act 20 without being hit, act 19 with the first weapon. I didn't see anyone mention 19 without being hit - I suspect you misread.


Wait, hold up: If I do act 20 without getting hit I get AZIA? Huh, must've got it by accident. By the way, what weapon fits into the 'uniqe' category?


no, you get axia by getting all stats upgraded to 99, to prove my point those of you who have all ready got it can look at the archives. a card will say: tinker card, reach lvl 99 upgrade//reward axia.


finish 1 act with full health =]


Yeah, there isn't really a point in beating either level 19 or 20 with full health. The achievement can be earned on level 1. As far as axia is concerned, I received it by maxing out my stats at 99.


Unique weapon: Mines
So far as i can tell, there isn't any other special bosses besides Loki, However, the reviewer above seems to mention something else other than Loki with his term "one of" ;

Quote: If you thought the final boss was tough, wait until you butt heads with one of the special bosses.

Any luck anyone else?


Actually, you only have to have full shields at the end of *any* act to unlock that one.

I did it by accident by using the regen overdrive at the end of one of them, even though i got hit several times beforehand.


how do you unlock divine dread weapon?

Unkown Guest December 11, 2009 4:14 AM

To get achievement with full shield - the best choice is AMU 02, because he can heal. With this AMU, this achievement is really early possible.


For what I did for loki is: I used the missile "swallows", and the AMU odin, and the trick I used was basically dodge his attacks and stay far away as possible cause he seemed to like ramming you, and when your overdrive was up, was then to go in as close as possible and just wail on him.


Easy way to defeat Loki

Get the Excalibur weapon (mission 19 completed with 1st weapon), equip it and AMU-03, fight Loki like normally, use overdrive, get chain break at 200k damage, another one, new overdrive, repeat if necessary (upgrades of shield and attack might be useful)


ok my issues though i am fairly good at this game:
1: no manual aiming system
2: bullets dont lead target
3: the gun locks onto a random ememy- NOT what i want on a level with 3 turrets and some wimp enemies
stay still for turrets- move to dodge something else- BOOM! you get hit
4: this is my iffy one- enemy bullets dont hurt enemies
so fix the firing system for manual aim and/or fire option, on auto, lead target, aim for strongest enemy

FlaggedOnArrival January 12, 2010 1:38 AM

I've gotten all the archives, beaten all the levels, unlocked all weapons, upgraded all upgrades and yet... there are still two open slots on the level menu... the two after Loki. Could anyone enlighten me on how to unlock these mysterious levels?

Alice Sanctum February 6, 2010 2:05 PM

The game was awesome, but the font of the letters were a bit hard to read, along with the actual numbers for upgrading. I know that many people have already said that, but I guess I'll just put it in my post. I was hoping for more than one extra boss, but I was sadly disappointed. But the game itself was awesome.


Well, it's been a long time, but here's what I've gotten everything except whatever is apparently after Loki. Not sure if there is anything, but it'd be cool if there is.

Now, there are a few issues people have. I'll use FlaggedOnArrival's post as an example. But there are solutions.

1: no manual aiming system
Solution: I personally like to think of it as "Semi-automatic." There IS a bit of manual aiming involved.

2: bullets dont lead target

That's up to you, my friend. The WASD keys play into this game as well. "W" changes your target to the nearest enemy. "D" and "A" rotate your ship clockwise and counter-clockwise respectively, offsetting it against its target. This is so your bullets can lead the target. But it's a very skill-based system, so practice, practice, practice. You're gonna have to keep up with the moving targets. Also, "S" resets your offset to 0 so you're dead-on with the target. This is especially helpful if your target is moving directly toward or away from you and your bullets are off to one side.

3: the gun locks onto a random ememy- NOT what i want on a level with 3 turrets and some wimp enemies
stay still for turrets- move to dodge something else- BOOM! you get hit

4: this is my iffy one- enemy bullets dont hurt enemies
Solution: Do they ever in shooter games?

If anyone sees this and knows of any extra bosses after Loki, please tell us.


Oh, one more thing.

Turns you, you can also use the arrow keys instead of the WASD keys. Have fun.


Love this game. I cant seem to figure out what exactly the proficency does though. Does anybody else know?


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