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Clack 2

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JayClack 2If you are a regular visitor here then you probably remember the unique and imaginative little puzzle game from the first competition that won our hearts over and took first place: Clack. If you haven't already played the original, you may want to go do that first as it is an excellent introduction to these wonderful and original, Flash mechanical puzzle toys from Sean Hawkes.

For those who've been to Clack and back, it's time for another puzzle adventure with Clack 2, as Sean has been busy finishing up the next in what is shaping up to be a series of delightful puzzle games.

Responding to feedback received from the first, Sean has added a few options to this version that allow the player to tweak the action and the display, as well as to save the current configuration. A much requested fast-forward button is included, as is the option to turn off the revealer, either from the mouse or the auto-revealing clackers, or both. While you play, your progress is auto-saved by default, but should you wish to manually save your state to try a radical new approach without losing what you've started, that option is available to you as well.

New to this version is the manner in which the markers appear. But I've already said too much. Go forth and conquer...

Play Clack 2

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Beware, the following will completely spoil the game.

Here's a screenshot of one way to set up the playing field so that you hit all 34 targets:


oh sweet, been hoping there would be a 2nd one, now there is!
*goes off to play*


woot! I love these games. This one was easier than the first one, but just as much fun.

The final clack was a bit strange though because there is nothing to aim for.


Just had a go at the original one first, as suggested, and managed to complete it without going cross-eyed. I thought that that was a great game. After I completed that one I had a go at Clack 2 and its even better. Great fun. Thanks. So, what comes next? Triangles? ;o) Bring it on.


really fun and pretty easy if ya just do it one step at a time.


A great next step for Clack. I am glad to see developers from the first competition taking their games further.


Ah, good stuff. I loved number two, and the square paths made it a bit easier to find the collisions.

Thanks for the ten minutes of bliss :D


Can't say I didn't enjoy it. But this version lost the fun of figuring out what in the world you're supposed to do. That was half of the charm of Clack.

But still an awesome game.

viewfrmhere March 19, 2007 12:49 PM

I really liked Clack 1 and I can see myself enjoying this version as well, but that little square area that you can view made me so frustrated that I didn't even finish the game. I wish I could see the entire board at once.

waahoowaa March 19, 2007 12:59 PM

Thank goodness for the "fast-forward" button.

But I agree -- either the learning curve I got from Clack 1 made this puzzle easier -- or I got lucky. I only spent about 5 minutes on this game.

I do love the concept though!


viewfrmhere - that bothered me too at first. Instead, I chose to turn off the revealer in the options, which also made the puzzle a bit more challenging, too.

Brian Energy March 19, 2007 3:21 PM

What's the relationship between Clack2 and jayisgames.com?


The relationship is a sponsorship.


I loved the idea of Clack 1, but it was too time consuming for me to complete by myself. Clack 2 is MUCH better in that regard -- fast forward is a great option.

I agree that #2 seemed easier than the first one. Perhaps it was because we were using squares rather than circles. At any rate, I enjoyed it much more because I was able to complete it on my own rather than admiring it from outside the winner's circle.


Speaking of the fast forward option, there were times when I wanted to speed through the earlier numbers but slow down as I reached a particularly complex sequence. That was the only thing I wish could be different.


Su - the fast forward button works in real-time while the game is in play, so you can change speeds on-the-fly. In fact, I did the same thing while I was solving the puzzle, which came in very handy.


A really good game, I enjoyed this one as much as the first.
It seems to have taken me a little longer than some here, but I realized there is more than one way to get from 19 to 24, and from 25 to 28; so while chasing the wrong path I realized I needed to back track in both of those cases, and that took some time because I had to first my mistake.

anyway, good game, I look forward to Clacker 3! circles + squares?


hooray. so glad for a second.
options and control upgrades are great.

though I was hoping there would be more than one level


Well I must be particularly slow as I've got to 11 and no matter what I do, I can't find a 12!

I seem to be very good at getting stuff spinning all round the board - and back on itself - but can't find the elusive 12. I'm hoping the well known phenomenon of 'post then solve' will come into action now!

But if it doesn't, if anyone would care to post a screenshot, I may be able to get some work done :)

It is a great game though.


Joolz - this version is slightly different than the first one in that you don't have to find the next marker, it automatically appears for you. Your job is to make sure a clacker touches it. In other words, if 11 is showing but 12 is not, you still need to touch 11 because you haven't yet.


Wow must have been an easier one - completed it all on my own!

Beautiful game, the first one stressed me out a little (just because I was pretty awful at it) but this one really chilled me out - something to do with the undulating of those spinning squares...nice :)


Doh! Thanks Jay, how on earth did I get to 11 without noticing that!

I think I'm getting too old for all this :)


I absolutely loved the concept of the original Clack, and so I was really excited by the prospect of a second version. It seemed unfortunate that the level of complexity offered by the first one wasn't matched in the sequel: The path to the next number always seemed far too obvious... Roll on Clack 3!


I only get orange text and black background. Using the newest version of Firefox and Flash. Tried with Adblock off.


Come on. Somebody. I've tried the game but gave up. Can't somebody please upload a screen shot of the solution?



Here's a screenshot!!!

Don't give up Max, never give up!!! You can dooo it!!! When you get stuck just save and come back to it later :D

cassandra March 25, 2007 10:22 PM

Great second version... But I'm hopelessly stuck on trying to hit 11! I'm going to take a break and come back... Maybe then it will come to me :) But any help would be appreciated ;)


Beware, the following will completely spoil the game.

Here's a screenshot of one way to set up the playing field so that you hit all 34 targets:


Can we hope for a Clack 3 for the current 'Replay' game design competition? <crosses fingers!>


Oh my Gosh.
I just adjusted 1 clacker, and the whole thing went off!

Sean Hawkes January 2, 2008 8:40 PM



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