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Christmas Party

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Rating: 4.5/5 (23 votes)
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party1.png party4.png

Another Christmas game arrived ex post, this one by Neat Escape, and it is as holidayish as possible. Shining Christmas trees, beautifully wrapped gifts, Santa with reindeers...well, we can enjoy the magical atmosphere for quite a long time this season!

party2.pngThe plot of the escape is similar to other Neat Escape's games. Usually you are invited somewhere but difficulties and obstacles occur, and you need to overcome them to get to some kind of a party. This game isn't an exeption - you obtained an invitation to a Christmas party with a strange postscript - only the guests who arrive at the party venue by themselves can participate. This is why you spend most of the playing on your way to the venue, and the part when you need to figure out how to get a ropeway to work is really fun. Unfortunatelly we don't get a chance to look out from a window.

There are two ways how to get inside the house hosting the party, and it's up to you where you use the blue key (a case A or a case B), but don't forget to save before! Also, the game story divides relatively early so some puzzles are inaccessible in A ending, and some in B ending and since you see them, it could be a bit confusing.


Update: the game is available for Adroid, too. Thanks to jF for the link!

Google PlayChristmas Party (Android, Android Tablet)

Play Christmas Party


nelliel123 January 7, 2022 9:45 AM

Neat Escape make some of my favourite escape games, I'm always happy when I see a new one. This one doesn't disappoint, I was able to do both endings with little trouble.


I've been trying for over an hour to load this one, in both Firefox and Chrome, with no luck. I noted the server was dropping the download of the game data at only about a third done. But it's also throwing a slew of console errors, so not sure what's happening here.

Hopefully it's just a temporary server issue, and it will work later in the evening. I was really looking forward to it… 🙁

stuckinabasement January 7, 2022 9:29 PM replied to jF

I was just able to open it in Chrome. Maybe try again?


Still no luck with the game linked, but thankfully, Neat Escape was kind enough to provide a mobile version of the same game. It loaded first shot for me.

If only I read Japanese and knew that's what that link said! 😄

stuckinabasement January 7, 2022 10:19 PM replied to jF


Don't forget to save between endings ... saves some time.

And chrpa's warning on the split storyline was handy in saving me some head-scratching.

All in all, a nice one!


I did save prior to the A or B decision, and it kept me with the green key (???). So I'm playing back through now to get the non-normal ending.


If you're going for both endings, there's something you must do right off the bat:

In the second scene, you must pick up the pencil behind the gifts on the right.  Without it, you can't do something necessary for the second (good) ending.

You need the pencil to reset the remote control.

Once you ride the ropeway, you can't get back to pick the pencil up, so you'll become unable to complete the game after selecting the B box.

Wonder if Neat Escape realized getting stuck like that was possible?

That ropeway freaked me out…

I was playing with headphones on, and that ringing sound when it begins moving sounded just like it was inside my house!  😮

Fun little game, but not as much fun as the arc welding!  😁

Cyberjar88 January 8, 2022 11:05 AM

After exiting the ropeway, is the box on the wall spinning for anyone else or is it just me?


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