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Alien in the Room games

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Two different light-hearted and cute, point-and-click adventure games to offer up today, and both feature the same extraterrestrial main character. And while the first has been available for a couple of months, the second game has just been released.

Alien in the RoomThe first is a first-person 'escape the room' type game and appropriately called: Alien in the Room. The goal is very simply to find your way out of the room.

Using the mouse, point-and-click on the various objects in the room to locate hidden items. When found, the items will appear in your inventory. To use an item from your inventory, simply drag and drop the item onto the object you want to perform the action on. Some inventory items can be viewed just by clicking on them.

Alien in the Room is not very long and is fairly easy. There are a couple of puzzles that may be difficult to figure out, however. As with many point-and-click games, finding the right spot to click is often the hardest part. With that, I will provide one small hint: there is a ninja on the ceiling. Click.

Alien in the Room Reloaded is the name of the second game, and even if it sounds like a sequel to the first, it is not.

Reloaded is a third-person adventure game that takes place on a ship with many rooms. So many, in fact, that you will likely need to create a map to help you find your way around.

Use the mouse to click on arrows to move the little alien up and down the corridors, and through doorways. Find the corresponding trigger to each locked door to discover what's inside the room behind it. Only one door may be unlocked at any time, and you will have to visit all of the locked rooms to collect all of the puzzle pieces. Actually, there's a great deal more than that to do. Helpful hints in the comments. Click.

Both games are from Heavenly Blue Designs in Japan.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Alien in the Room Walkthrough

  1. Get the paper from the trash.

  2. Look at the bookshelf. Get the silver ball between the second-row books (your click must be pixel perfect).

  3. Click around on the right side of the bookshelf to get the stick.

  4. Click the top of the bookshelf and obtain the video tape.

  5. Turn to the bed. Click the pillow. Get the ray gun.

  6. Turn to the plant. Click the leaves near the base to obtain the knife.

  7. Turn to the corner near the TV and picture. Drag the stick to the roof to poke the ninja.

  8. Give the ninja the silver ball.

  9. Pick up the bad-ass weapon from the floor.

  10. Click the top of the painting, click around for the credit card.

  11. Cut the painting with the knife, despite of the curse.

  12. Blast the painting with the ray gun. Obtain Pandora's Box.

  13. Play the video in the VCR.

  14. Try to use the credit card on the hand.

  15. Use the ray gun on the hand.

  16. Unlock Pandora's Box with the key from the hand.

  17. Enter code "099."

  18. Turn to the bed, click the window.

  19. Use the rocket launcher on the invasion.

  20. Obtain the Permission to Leave from the windowsill.

  21. Turn to the door. Click to zoom in on the orange-purple pad.

  22. Drag the Permission to Leave onto the purple pad.

You've now finished!

Locations of items on Alien in the Room Reloaded:

Puzzle Pieces

  • Phone Room on table

  • Control Room on counter

  • "Blank" Board Room on table on left

  • Ying/Yang Door room on table on right

  • Two Comfy Looking Chairs Room under chair on left

  • Two Boxes and Chairs Room in gap between doors

  • Power Room behind left pillar

  • Door and Key Room behind third block thing on left

Phone Cards

  • Girlfriend-Return to begining room

  • Ninja-On the floor of the fourth floor

  • Don Vito Smith-behind right pillar of power room


  • Treepot in first hallway

  • Solve Robot for keycard

  • One-Eyed Alien gives you one


  • Smith Suit-in closet #2

  • Water in box #2

  • Knife in treepot

  • Seed behind Alien Picross Puzzle

  • Flower,plant and water seed

  • Coool Gun,join Don von Vito

  • Sunglasses,give your girlfriend flower

  • Battery between wall and box #2

  • Red pill in room behind the Ying and Yang door

  • Circut in control room panel

Alien in the Room Reloaded WALKTHROUGH

  1. Click the "Hint-Ninja" - He'll gives you a lasergun - shoot the button on the left side on the wall.

  2. Click the "Hint-Ninja" - He'll gives you a rocket launcher - shoot the door.

  3. Go out of the room. Go back into it and remember the Phone Number (Call me).

  4. Make a map, you'll easier find the rooms later, and note the telephone-numbers and the signs.

  5. Go right twice, you'll find a keycard in the flowerpot.

  6. Right - up to the 2nd floor.

  7. 5 times right - use the keycard - up to the 3rd floor.

  8. 2 times left - you'll find a keycard under the left cover.

  9. go left and then up to the 4th floor.

  10. 1 time left, pick up the telephone-number (Ninja)

  11. 3 times left and up to the 5th floor.

  12. 3 times left, click the sign, a door will open.

  13. 3 times left, down to the 4th floor. (yes the floors are circled)

  14. one time left -> take the knife from the flowerpot

  15. one time left - go into the room -> cockpit

  16. In the cockpit under the left cover is a cable, take it. Right beneath the computer-monitor lies a puzzle-piece, take it also (you have to collect 8 of these, in each room one).

  17. Leave the cockpit, go down to the first floor and go once right, and push the key there. Go upstairs to the 5th floor again, there 2 times right, and go into the generator room.

  18. In the generator room, you take the cable an connect it to the generator (on the left side). There are two columns, behind them you'll find once a puzzle-piece and once a telephone number (Don Vito Smith). Swith the generator on.

  19. Then go out of the room, 2 times left, down to the 4th floor, one time right, push the key - 1 time left and up to the 5th floor. There you go 2 times left - and into the room with the telephone.

  20. The puzzle-piece is on the table at the left. Call the Ninja (he'll gives you the name of the planet - n00b) and Don Vito Smith (he'll gives you a coool gun). The cool gun opens the doors, when you shoot at them, it safes you a lot of time, not searching for the keys.

  21. Go down to the 1st floor (shot all doors open on your way) you'll find different rooms: The Generator Room and the Telepone at the 5th floor.

  22. The Cockpit (the computer shows you Galagle - planet n00b gives you the coordinates you'll need later) and a room with two tables and a picture at the 4th floor (the puzzle lies at the left table).

  23. On the 3rd floor in the living room there is the puzzle under the right couch, use the keycard there. The picross lookes like that (thx to eme):


  24. you'll get a seed. And there's a room with a "yin-yan-door" at the 3rd floor too (puzzle on the right table).

  25. On the 2nd floor stands an alien. There's a room with two boxes too. The right box (use the knife) gives you the water. At the left side of this box (between box and wall) is a batterie. Between the two lockers is the puzzle. In the last locker is a suit.

  26. On the first floot - 2 times right, shot the door open, at the left side behind the spares you'll find one puzzle-piece. (That's the EXIT-Room.) You should now have 8 Puzzle-Pieces.

  27. up to the 5th floor to the telephone-room. On your way, plant the seed in a flowerpot an water it. You'll get a flower. Call the "Call Me"-Girl - gie her the flower, you'll get sunglasses.

  28. Down to the 4th floor, with the two tables and the clear picture. Use the sunglasses - note the code.

  29. Up to the 5th floor - there is a robot. Give him the batterie. Open it, Type the code and "enter", you'll get a keycard.

  30. Go to the room with the "yin-Yan-Door". Use the keycard. Take the red pill. Give the pill to the alien on the 2nd floor. He'll give you another keycard.

  31. Use this keycard at the 5th floor. Solve the puzzle - you have 60 seconds left after the puzzle gives you the exit-key. Run down to the 1st floor, open the door, give the computer the coordinates you got from Galagle. And win!!


Um, ok this game made no sense to me. The items were hard to see/find and the reasons to use them made even less sense. There were a few funny moments, but it still didn't save the game for me.


I'm stuck once I popped in the VCR tape. So what am I supposed to pay the hand with??


How do I get the key from the tv screen? It says I have to pay... but can't find anything like money?


Ok, I got the key. I've tried all the numbers in the list but nothing's happening...


I figured it out. :) Finished. :)


I have gotten pretty far (at least I think) and have drawn a map to make things easier. But now I start to get clueless... I got the "suit" but I do not know what to do with it.


Hei Zantriel, maby i'm bit stupid, but can you tell me what to do next? I have silver ball, video tape, paper, box, credit card, lazer gun and knife and don't know waht to do now. With what i pay to that hand with the key? And what do i do with the sound making roof?


Ok, i got the key from tv, but what i do now..i have no clue.


Like Zantriel said the items were hard to find and using them like the weird alien gun didn't make much sense to a normal person. As it is I had to just drag everything in my inventory onto everything to find what the items did. I like the human ones that involve doing human things to figure out point-and-clicks.


Remember, there's a Ninja on the ceiling. You'll need something long, like a stick, to poke it with to make him appear. Try along the right side of the bookshelf.

If a game doesn't seem to make sense, maybe you're approaching it from the wrong perspective? Has anyone here ever played the Monkey Island games, or Grim Fandango? You have to be able to think outside the box with some games to solve them.


right. i have got the knife,silver ball,laser gun,pandoras box and the piece of paper. WHAT DO I DO NOW!!!!!
plz someone tell me i am compleatly stuck. i normally dont use hints or cheats but i am stuck so plz someone tell me PLEASE!!!



omg i just found the ninja and he flew out the ceiling!!!! how funny is that!

i gave him the silver ball and he said i have to find tom????


now i found a rocket launcher...what now?



Got all the way to the end of the "Reloaded" game, had everything mapped out, code ready, room set up, and STILL got blown up. I just couldn't do what had to be done fast enough.

Therefore I have to give this game a thumbs down.

All that puzzle solving killed by a time crunch at the end. And if you want to try again, you have to start completely over from scratch.

Up until that point, I loved the game, it was challenging and fun.

: (


So confused!! I have the stick, knife, gun, rocket launcher, paper and box. Found the ninja, gave him the ball, searched everywhere in the room and can find nothing else. Where is the elusive VCR tape everyone is talking about? Lol - by the way, love your site ;)


where is the credit card? And how do i get the key from the t.v?


the tape is on top of the book self.


how do you get the key?


> "where is the credit card?"
That would be on top of the alien picture, of course, where you left it =P

> "how do i get the key from the t.v?"
First you need to be watching the tv, maybe a vcr tape would help with this?

Next, it says that you must pay for the key. Ever use a credit card for purchases? And if that doesn't work, resort to more drastic measures.



Think I have everything lined up in Room Reloaded, but can't figure the Robot code...any clues?

Power is on, have 8 puzzle pieces, water, smith suit, coooool weapon.

I know the coordinates too...


right ive got to the point where he has given me the key. i have still got the rocket launcher,pandoras box (which i opend with the key and now there is a code i need),stick,vcr,knife,paper,credit card and the key.
i am compleatly stuck now. any help?



Look at paper again...where could those #'s be used? I wonder...


I am exactly where adaptor is and still cant figure it out


Jay, at this rate your site's going to become the P&C Adventure capital of the internet! ^_~ (Which actually isn't a bad thing.) Can't wait to start playing these.


i have tried all the numbers on the piece of paper and he says " anything happend?" so i look aroound the room and i cant see anything has changed!



Try again and look out the window. Pretty cool huh?!


i can't find the silver ball or the rocket launcher.

actually, i rather liked the use of the raygun.


Gabriel - did you get the seed from playing Alien Picross?


i didn't know there was a second one! thanks for letting us know jay!


Hi Jay,

I'm actually working on the Alien Picross...still can't figure that one out.


i cant find the silver ball


Kiddragon - the silver ball is on the bookshelf between 2 of the books. If you look closely you can see something that looks slightly off-color. Look on the 2nd shelf.


Gabriel - Picross is a lot like Sudoku. The numbers in the margins represent the pattern of filled cells across the row, or down the column.

Begin with the middle row - 1 5 5 1

There is only one possibility for that row:


Picross is not an easy puzzle to solve, but it does have a logical solution.

Hint: the resulting image is an alien face (big oval head, large diagonal oval eyes).



HA! I was just coming back to tell you that I finished it...after many trial and errors, but got the seed/flower.


OK, now off to figure out what's next.


omg i jut finished it. WHAT A STRANGE ENDING!!!!! weird anyway thx jay for replying so quickly on my email.=)


evilwumpus September 9, 2005 7:28 PM

Where is the box everyone is talking about? I have the paper, knife, laser, rockets, credit card, and stick.


Hmm. I can't seem to find the ninja.. I've clicked all over the cieling..?


Yes - look through the older comments regarding how to find the ninja.

Evilwumpus - pandora's box is behind the picture of the alien.


Very helpful hint on Reloaded: once you get the laser gun, you can just destroy the locked doors to make the rest of the game easier.


How do you find the ninja! I'm at the point where I look at an invasion out the window.


I seem to be missing what everyone already has.
I cannot find the stick, also I only have a laser gun not a rocket launcher. Lastly, every time I click on the "spot" in the ceiling, it does nothing but make a popping noise..


I can't find the darn stick...any help?


Yo. im stuck on Alien reloaded =/ its so complicated to push all the buttons and junk.


Have stick, still can't find ninja.

Does it matter that I've been cursed by the picture?


Hi guys! This is my first time posting here but just wanted to let everyone know that i finished Reloaded for anyone who needs a "Hint".


By the way Jay your site is the best i've come across. Awesome work. :)


Okay, found the ninja... but I can't get the TV to show anything but "a weird well." And how do you get behind the picture of the alien? Curse or no curse, I don't seem to be able to do it.


Never mind, all done now... :) That was cute.


i'm playing alien reloaded. I got the power on and called the ninja and the stupid girl alien. I have four puzzle peices, water, and a guy in a suit. I cant figure out how to open the doors without using the buttons (the creator says u can if u have a certain item but doesnt mention which) what should i do?


Degor - did you read any of the previous comments?


I am sorta stuck, i have the seed, wata, 4 puzzles and man...but i have no idea what to do now, and i'm so tired of running around and consulting my little map I drew >.<


Harukio - you should plant the seed and water it somewhere.

And you will need 4 more puzzle pieces. Besides the 4 that are in plain sight, there are 4 more in hidden locations: generator room, exit room, lounge room, and storage room.


I'm where segagirl is. HELP!




never mind, finished. ending was cool.


What is the robot's code?


Ger - you'll need the sunglasses to get the robot code. Have you solved the Alien Picross yet? You need to do that before you can get the seed. You need the seed to get the sunglasses.

You'll need the pass card to get to the Alien Picross. Look for a grey panel in one of the corridors that is on the opposite end than usual.


I found the hidden puzzle pieces...but not the ones in plain sight I don't think...but I'll get them...eventually....



You will need 8 puzzle pieces...one in each room

There are 3 pieces of paper with #'s to call and each of them have something you will need. Think you might have something the girl would like?

Hope this helps. :)


I'm stuck on Alien Reloaded. I have a knife, a suit, 8 puzzle pieces, and a cable. I also have 3 phone numbers. What do I do now? Where is this seed and water everyone keeps talking about? And what-ta-heck is the Alien Picross? So confused, someone please help!


...oh yeah, and where is this laser gun? I also just found a card key under a panel. Still confused :(


um... i have the stick (found it on the right side of the bookshelf) ,the video tape (top of book shelf), the knife ( in the plant), the laser gun ( under the pillow), the paper (in the bin), credit card (top of alien picture) and i used the silver ball ( books on shelf) to give to the ninja so i now have the rocket launcher, but when i put the tape in the tv, all it does is fuzz, i see no hand @ all... :S
Also, i have been cursed by the picture... please help!


um... i have the stick (found it on the right side of the bookshelf) ,the video tape (top of book shelf), the knife ( in the plant), the laser gun ( under the pillow), the paper (in the bin), credit card (top of alien picture) and i used the silver ball ( books on shelf) to give to the ninja so i now have the rocket launcher, but when i put the tape in the tv, all it does is fuzz, i see no hand @ all... :S
Also, i have been cursed by the picture... please help!


wheres the ninja I can't find him


For Reloaded....

First, you have to place your wires somewhere. Which room looked like it had a power source?

Second, look at the pattern on your key card you found. Where could it possibly go.

Third, Solve the picross puzzle. Look for previous hints to help you with this if you need it. You will get the seed after you solve it.

And Fourth, which room had something you could drink? You will have to "cut" something to get the water.

Hope this helps.


Futur 3---
click around on the ceiling. Where you hear a different sound when you click is where he is. There are 4 different views of the ceiling, i think, where you can check. Remember to use the something to make him appear.


I figured out the Picross puzzle but nothing happens! I'm sure I haven't done any error. Can someone help me? It's a pitty I can't go on.

boomy bx


I have done the picross about 15 times coming up with different stuff everytime. Anybody got a hint on what is supposed to appear here?


bx - when you complete the "Alien Picross" successfully, the play field opens up to reveal a "seed".

sjb - the name of the game is "Alien" picross, which actually tells what the picture is: an alien head with big eyes. =)

squealingfeedback September 13, 2005 11:27 AM

I guess it is the up and down picross numbers that a killing me. The horizontal ones are easy. I have what looks like a big alien head but it is not quite right yet I guess. Thanks for the tips.


in alien reloaded: i have 7puzzle pieces; 1from the room describing red pill; 1 from power room, 1 from control room of ship, 1 from phone room, one from where the blank board appears, one from lounge and one from exit, in the storage room all i could find was battery, water and suit, is there a piece in this room? if so where? or where is my last piece i need to find? please help


Christal - click near the floor between the two doors in the storage room for the puzzle piece you're missing.


Can anyone tell me where the third phone number is? I've got the ninja one, and the one from the electricity room, but where's the one to phone the girlfriend? It's driving me mad...


Alien reloaded:

Ok so I went around and collected everything 8 puzzle pieces, suit, water, battery and gun. I connected the cable and called everyone. I know the battery goes into the brown robot. But I can't figure out how to do the picross (sp?) puzzle i think i know where it is but i dont know how to do it. Am i missing something?


This is a great site, by the way - very impressive! Keep up the hard work...


I finally beat it. I would say this... if you are reading these comments for help know that the following belong to AiR Reloaded:
Suit, Water, Seed, 8 puzzle pieces, glasses, knife, cooool weapon, and cable. There are other items that you will collect that are a result of item use. Things like the stick, tape, tv, etc. are for AiR


please can some one help me? im stuck on the ssecond game. i cant get the alien to move from the bench thing its laying down on at the very begining please could some one give ma atip?


I've got a pill (the red one), 8 puzzle pieces, cool weapon, glasses, a suit. I've powered all up, called everyone, opened all the doors, I know the coordinates, BUT WHAT DO I DO NEXT??? Where should I put those puzzle pieces? What should I do with the pill? How do I get out???


nevermind, I got it all sorted


i dont know what to do can someone give me a spoiler for the first game?? plez!!!


I need a spoiler for the first one!!


I don't need a FULL walkthrough for the game, just help past this part... ok, I have:
Paper, Tape, Laser Gun, Rocket Rancher, Credit Card, Knife, and the stick. HELP!


Jess, do this:

click the hint thing on the top left where the ninja guy is, take keep click the laser gun he dropped until it gets into your hand, then shoot the button, the get another hint, take the rocket, shoot the door (it will take a long time to get the second hint)


Hooray I got the tape to show a weird well, awesome! Now what? lol


Have you tried actually 'clicking' on the well? =)


yea i did but it just howed ........
but now i beat it so hooray!


I still need help on the first game. I have knife, lazer gun, paper, stick, credit card, video tape, ball, and i know how to get the rocket launcher from the ninja. Does it matter what order you do things in? How do I get the TV to show more than lines? Plz Plz help! This is driving me crazy! :-S


ok guys i need help on the first game,this is what i have so far,first i picked up the knife from the plant,got the paper from the bin,got the laser gun from the pillow,got the silver ball from the books,got the stick from the side of the bookshelf,got the tape from the top of the bookshelf,poked the ninja gave him the ball got the rocket rauncher,cut the picture and got cursed,pressed the silver button and rewinded the vcr,put in the tape and it showed the well,clicked on the well and it said "............" and i'm stuck there,please help


well i found out part of it i lasered the picture that said i was cursed got pandoras box got he hand saying i need to pay but the credit card isnt on top of the alien picture!!what do i do now



ok after where adaptor is at what you do is enter 099 for pandoras box beacause on the paper it says war,then look out the window and use the rocket launcher to the beast,the pick up the paper and put it on the pink thing on the green thing near the door and laugh away


ok this is frustrating.either i am completly crazy or im lost,but i can't get past the second floor..AGH!!! HELP me plz


im on reloaded i forgot to mention that


oo im getting it WOW ..i found 4 puzzle pieces,water bottle,wires and a card key..


ok now i am really stuck here...i have found ..suit,battery,cable,water bottle,6 puzzle pieces,and key card..and i am lost afrter that plz help me..


on Reloaded... what do i do with the puzzle pieces? and where is the third #? i have ninja and smith clan #'s. Thnx 4 help...


Could you tell me why when i put the tape in and the tv lights up nothing happens. How long do i have to watch the tape for. Thanks

PS Love the site


Hi again

itz ok i needed the box first.
Thanks anyway


I don't get it. When I click on the link, it doesn't take me straight to the game. I go to a page with Google Adsense ads and a request to buy the game. I just installed Shockwave so I don't know what's going on.


Toni - I just tried all the links and every one brought up the game without a problem. If you are using the image or "click" links that pop-up a new window, then you may have to use the scroll bars to align the game properly.


A big thumbs down to this game.

The interface is very unresponsive and unintuitive, solutions illogical, there are absolutely no pointers what to do and how (which usually is not a bad thing, but here it really is), polished graphics make some things too hard to notice - all in all a very frustrating experience. There are far better Flash adventures out there.


Im stuck... serching for the ninja. Can't find it? Please help me..


I needed help (but, then, I usually do!!), but after it was all said and done, this was definitely the BEST escape game I have ever played. Not that there were many more things to do than any other game, but it all came together really very nice. I enjoyed it immensely. Bravo!!!


HELP!!! I am stuck on Alien Grrrl, is there a walkthrough?


Ok I've Used The Rocket Launcher Thing On The Weird Monster Thing And I Got The Note So I Put It On The Green Thing By The Door, The Door Opens But I Can't Go Through? Help


So after about forever I've finished the picross. It sure as heck looks like an alien to me, but nothing is happening...
I've read all through out this site and others. I have no seed and I don't understand where it's supposed to appear.
please please please HELP!


I have done the picross like 3 times now and it has to be right because it look exactly like an alien. But no seed. I click out to view the whole room and no seed. So I go back to the board and the picross is erased and I have to start all over again sooner or later I will loose my mind any help at all would help me keep and semi mantain my wavering sanity. my fate is in your hands people.


I confess I confess I'n an idiot

Annonymous December 30, 2008 8:39 PM

ahem. A little hint. Please disregard the curse and do a little "reconstruction" to the sign, may use light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.


Just finished Alien Reloaded. It took me like, 3 hours with no walkthrough, but I really enjoyed it. I made a great map of the ship. If anyone wants to see it, just holler.

Great game!

Patreon VIP Chiktionary October 16, 2009 11:54 PM

I've tried to submit via the JiG link but seems to be a glitch with my system. Just checked out the two games and found out there's a third, which again is not a sequel, but is kind of related. It's called 'Alien Grrrl: Treasure Hunter'. Haven't played it yet, am just about to, but thought I'd post the link here in case anyone else is interested...



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