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Adventures of Valentin:
The Valiant Viking

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MeaghanAventures of Valentin the Valiant VikingIt's hard being the black sheep in a clan of Viking warriors. You're a weakling with no fighting abilities with sword, spear, or shield? Not even a wicked head-butt move? You're gonna have a bad time. Such is the case for poor Valentin, a young Viking trying to prove himself in Adventures of Valentin the Valiant Viking, a point-and-click puzzle game by Playtinum Games. In a last ditch effort to prove his overwhelming manliness, Valentin dares to go on a quest to save the kidnapped Princess Estelle and take down the wicked evil wizard.

At the start of each scene you will be given directives for how to reach your goal. In each scene you will click on things in order to pick them up and add them to your inventory. To use an item you will have to open your inventory, scroll through for the tool you want, then click use item. Sometimes using an item will reveal a puzzle to solve before you can achieve your goal or obtain a new item. Be careful going about your quest because if you're caught by a guard you'll have to start the whole scene over from the very start.

Adventures of Valentin is a sweet and intelligent point-and-click game with puzzles that require more thought than most of the activities you'll perform during your average day. The only drawback is also one of the greatest gains in the game: An inventory that has to be opened and scrolled through to pick the proper item. It's a drawback simply because it doesn't accommodate those of us who are lazy, and it's a gain because it gives a nice explanation of the item so you can better understand what you're using. The endearing artwork along with the comical plot propels any player through the thirteen cleverly designed scenes towards a magic battle that will be what decides whether you get the girl or not.

Play Adventures of Valentin the Valiant Viking

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

The Adventures of Valentin: The Valiant Viking walkthrough

Scenes 1-5

Scene One

  1. Click on the donkey to set it loose.

  2. Click on the Woodcutter to have him run after the donkey.

  3. Pick up the bucket.

  4. Pick up the axe.

  5. Use the axe on the trees in the background to receive branch.

  6. Equip the bucket and click on the water between the hill and the drawbridge to get a filled bucket.

  7. Use the filled bucket on the fire to put it out.

  8. Click on the firepit to receive charcoal.

  9. Equip the charcoal then click on the face of Valentin to disguise him.

  10. Use the branch to ring the bell at the top of the pole.

  11. Click on the doorway of the castle to go across the bridge.

Scene Two

  1. Click on the flower pot with the blue flower that is to the left of the dog bowl.

  2. Pick up the key.

  3. Use the key to open the lock on the box nearest Valentin.

  4. You receive hammer and nails.

  5. Use the hammer and nails on the broken ladder rungs to fix them.

  6. Look at the closed window with the small circles. Press on it to activate a puzzle.

  7. You must put the right color combination to open the window. The flowers above give the correct color sequence.

    • Line One: Yellow, red, yellow.

    • Line Two: Yellow, red, blue, red.

    • Line Three: Blue.

  8. Click on the puzzle when done to open the window.

  9. Pick up the key.

  10. Click on the ladder to go up it.

  11. Use the key n the lock then click to open it.

  12. Pick up the meat.

  13. Throw the meat down to the food bowl.

  14. Once the guard has moved click on the box to have it fall on top of him.

  15. Click down the stairs to finish the scene.

Scene Three

  1. Click on the tapestry behind Valentin.

  2. Pick up the key and the unlit torch.

  3. Select the unlit torch and use it on the lit torch to receive a lit torch.

  4. Go up the ladder.

  5. Pick up the axe.

  6. Pick up the oil can.

  7. Use the axe on the ladder to destroy it so the guard can't get up.

  8. Use the key to open the lock. Click on the box to open it.

  9. Pick up the lever arm.

  10. Click on the box to have it drop to the ground which will lure the guard.

  11. Once the guard is next to the box click on the switch to the left of the sword on the wall to trap the guard.

  12. Click on the door to the right of Valentin to open it.

  13. Select the lit torch and use it on the unlit one in the other room.

  14. Use the lever arm on the broken switch to the left.

  15. Use the oil can on the newly fixed switch.

  16. Click on the switch to raise the bars.

  17. Click on the key hanging from the wall to jump down and receive the key.

  18. Use the key on the door to the left.

  19. Click on the boxes until you receive the square key.

  20. Use the square key on the door to the right to escape through.

  21. A puzzle appears where you must have the correct color order in order to get past the door.

  22. The flags that are all through the room hold the key to solving the puzzle. You will have to put in each flag colors to unlock each individual bolt.

  23. Flag One:

    • Line One- Green, red, red.

    • Line Two- Green, red, red.

    • Line Three- Red, red, green.

    Flag Two:

    • Line One- Red, green, red.

    • Line Two- Green, red, red.

    • Line Three- Red, green, red.

    Flag Three:

    • Line One- Green, red, red.

    • Line Two- Red, green, red.

    • Line Three- Red, red, green.

  24. Go through the door.

Scene Four

  1. Click on the box to receive a hammer and chisel.

  2. Click on the side of the box to move it and pick up the revealed rope.

  3. Use the hammer and chisel on the stone block to the far left. This will take out one of the guards.

  4. Click on the switch to open the gate.

  5. Attach the rope to the bell.

  6. Click on the switch again to close the gate.

  7. Click on where the dead guard is to jump down.

  8. Pick up the spear that the guard was holding.

  9. Pick up the key then use the key to open the door.

  10. Click on the red box above Valentin's head to start a puzzle.

  11. You must click the switches in the correct order to turn off the blades.

  12. Once you've stopped the blades, click on the rope to ring the bell.

  13. Click on each box to remove it once the elevator has gone up.

  14. Use the spear to hit the lever on the side of the wall and make the elevator come back down.

  15. Walk across to finish the scene.

Scene Five

  1. Grab the broken iron bar.

  2. Climb up the rope and pick up the burning torch.

  3. Use the broken iron bar on the bat to knock out one of the guards.

  4. Once the other guard gets close to the top of the rope, click on the switch to lower the gates and trap him.

  5. Once the guard is trapped use the burning torch on the rope to set it on fire.

  6. Pick up the stone from the deceased guard.

  7. Pick up the key ring.

  8. Grab the key.

  9. Use the stone to break the vase and receive another key.

  10. Use the key you retrieved from the vase to open the little door on the floor.

  11. Pick up the bow and arrows.

  12. Go up the ladder and use the key ring to open the door and start a puzzle.

  13. You must pick the lock that matches the teeth of the key.

  14. Once through the door give the bow and arrows to the archer.

  15. Use your remaining key to open the box.

  16. You receive a hammer and chisel.

  17. Pick up the rope that was making a noose.

  18. Place the rope on the rung above the characters.

  19. Use the hammer and chisel on the wall to break it open.

  20. Climb down the rope to escape.

Scenes 6-10

Scene Six

  1. Pick up the worm then feed it to the bird to make it drop the key.

  2. Pick up the key.

  3. Pick up the crab then use it by placing it on the tail of the horse. This gets rid of one guard and makes the horse run away.

  4. Grab the dagger from the body of the guard.

  5. Use the dagger on the viines to receive vine.

  6. Give the vine to the archer.

  7. Use the key on the locked box to the right of Valentin.

  8. Before starting the puzzle notice the red, yellow, and blue shapes above the door. The amount of sides they have is where you will need the similarly colored arrows to point towards.

    • Red- 4.

    • Yellow- 5.

    • Blue- 3.

  9. Click on the switch to ring the bell. Once the guard is out of sight click on the vine to climb up it. When the guard opens the door click on the window to get inside and finish the scene.

Scene Seven

  1. Look at the scroll to the right of Valentin to see what time the guard shift ends.

  2. Click on the clock to set the time.

    • 6:15.

  3. Exit away from the clock to let it ring. Once the guard has moved to the tea set hit the switch to lower the gate and trap him.

  4. Pick up the broken iron bar from the window on the far right above the thief.

  5. Equip the broken iron bar and hit the boxes next to the thief to reveal the lock pick set.

  6. Equip the broken iron bar once more and use it on the big mirror to receive sharp glass.

  7. Use the sharp glass on the tethers tying the thief. Once he's released give him the lock pick set.

  8. Go up the ladder and click on the door to start a puzzle.

  9. You have to turn the lock numbers in the correct order to open the door..

    • Left Side: 9-1-4.

    • Right Side: 7-1-2.

  10. Go through the door to win the scene.

Scene Eight

  1. Go through the door to start moving through the maze.

  2. The door that has pictures over it is the door you need to walk through. However, the number of pictures determines which of the three switches you will click on. ! is left, 2 is middle, 3 is right.

    1. Click on the switch above the middle door to have it go right, then go through the middle door.

    2. Hit the switch over the far right door, then go through the door on the left.

    3. Click on the switch on the far left, then go through the door on the far right.

    4. Hit the switch over the middle door, then go through the door on the left.

    5. Press on the middle switch, then go through the door on the far right.

    6. Click on the switch over the far right door, then go through the middle door.

    7. Hit the switch on the far right then go through that door as well.

    8. Press on the switch over the door on the far left, then go through that same door.

    9. Click on the switch over the left door then go through the middle door.

    10. Hit the switch on the far right and go through the middle door.

  3. Once out of the maze the big door should have all green orbs. Click on the door to go through and finish the scene.

Scene Nine

  1. Click on the crates to start a puzzle. In the puzzle you must move all the crates to the far right. You can only move one crate at a time and you can't place a larger crate on top of a smaller one.

  2. Once you've finished, pick up the magic wand from the small alcove.

  3. Click on the crates to walk up then grab the key.

  4. Grab the candle.

  5. Choose the key from your inventory and use it on the locked alcove. You receive machine parts.

  6. Click on the bag of coal to pick it up.

  7. Place the bag of coal and the candle in the furnace of the machine.

  8. Use the machine parts on the machine part where the buttons are.

  9. Click on the lever of the machine to start the puzzle to move the crane part. You want to do the order backwards and opposite of the sign telling how to dip things in acid.

    1. Up.

    2. Left.

    3. Down.

    4. Down.

    5. Left.

    6. Up.

    7. Down.

    8. Right.

    9. Right.

    10. Left.

  10. Give the wand to the wizard.

  11. Click on the revealed switch then go through the door to end the scene.

Scene Ten

  1. Click on the unlocked crate to receive set of discs.

  2. Press on the crate once more to shove it and distract the guard.

  3. Go down the ladder and grab the cheese on the table.

  4. Go back up the ladder and place the cheese on the mouse trap. You will get a rat.

  5. Go down the ladder once more and equip the rat. Click on the guard to scare him off the tower.

  6. Look at the map and notice the numbers inside the colored areas.

  7. Click on the scroll box for the telescope to start a puzzle.

    1. For each colored box you need to enter a two digit number. You can find these numbers from the map you looked at previously. Add up all the numbers within that color then enter it in.

    2. Dark Blue- 29.

    3. Orange- 23.

    4. Light Blue- 37.

    5. Yellow- 36.

    6. Pink- 18.

    7. Green- 14.

  8. Pick up the revealed key.

  9. Look through the telescope and looked at each different area of space. You will need this for a puzzle.

  10. Go up the ladder and use the key on the locked alcove.

  11. Use the set of discs on the opened area to start a puzzle.

    1. The pink/green disc gets placed second column, first row.

    2. The blue/green disc is in the second column, second row down.

    3. The blue/blue disc goes in the third column, second row down.

    4. The grey/brown disc goes in the fourth column, third row down.

    5. The pink/orange disc goes in the first column, fourth row down.

    6. The yellow/grey disc goes in the third column, fourth row down.

  12. Pick up the key and take note of the color of the bricks on the wall.

  13. Go down the ladder and use the key to open the door.

  14. A puzzle will open where you have to change the colors of the bricks correctly.

    1. The top brick is changed.

    2. The left brick in the second row is changed.

    3. The left brick in the fourth row is changed.

  15. Click on the door to go through and finish the level.

Scenes 11-13

Scene Eleven

  1. Go up the ladder.

  2. Click on the books to receive a book of potions.

  3. Pick up the red potion, blue potion, and yellow potion.

  4. Pick up the candle then equip it. Click on the blue glass hanging above the table.

  5. Go down the ladder and place the book of potions on the table.

  6. Read the book to see which potions need to be made.

  7. You will need to place the colored liquids in the spots above the bottle shape.

    1. The far left area should be blue. To make blue do double blue.

    2. The middle area should be red. To do this do double red.

    3. The right area should be yellow. To do this do double yellow.

  8. Pick up the newly made green potion.

  9. Go up the ladder and equip the green potion. Click on the bones to receive a poisoned bone.

  10. Equip the poisoned bone then click on the dog to throw it down. Once the dog is asleep go down the ladder and open the door.

  11. Pick up the piece of paper then go back over to the book. Use the piece of paper on the book to create the potion recipes.

  12. Start another concoction.

    1. Blue/yellow= green.

    2. Blue/red= purple.

    3. Yellow/red= orange.

    4. The orange potion can unlock things.

  13. Once you have the orange potion go back into the room with the dog and use the orange potion on the lock. Take the white potion.

  14. Now you can make the final concoction.

    1. White/red= pink.

    2. White/blue= light blue.

    3. Blue/yellow= green.

  15. Pick up the purple potion.

  16. Go through the door and click on the unopened box, it's a circuit box. This will start a puzzle where you must connect all the wires, and have the colors properly matched.

  17. Once you complete the puzzle equip the purple potion and click on Valentin to escape.

Scene Twelve

  1. Click on the top crate to the right of Valentin to receive wire cutters.

  2. Once the crate is removed click on the picture to start a puzzle. You must swap pieces until you fix the image.

  3. When you've completed the puzzle pick up the green gem.

  4. Go through the door, then go through the next door to wind up on the platform to the left of the cage. Equip the wire cutters and cut the left chain on the lowest light silver link to have the chandelier drop on the guard.

  5. Go back through the door then go down the ladder.

  6. Pick up the key from the body of the guard.

  7. Go back up the ladder and through the right door so you're on the top landing. Use the key to open the crate and pick up the spell cards.

  8. Go back through the door and down the stairs then click on the picture to complete the image. Do the same as you did with the prior picture of swapping tiles.

  9. Once done pick up the red gem.

  10. Go to the machine where the guard is collapsed and pick either the red gem or green gem.

  11. Placing either one of these down will start a puzzle. The puzzles will mirror the pictures you pieced together prior.

  12. You must rotate the mirrors to reflect the light before you can flick the switch. Once the mirrors are moved to the proper position click on the switch for the green and red gem.

  13. When the cage holding the princess falls down, go up to the top landing and look closely at the revealed painting and the symbols on it.

  14. Go down to the bottom floor and click on the door to start a puzzle. The three images that were in the painting are the code you need to turn the dials to.

  15. Once done go through the door to finish the scene.

Scene Thirteen

  1. Click on the evil wizard to start the fight. You will have to counter his moves.

  2. Water beats fire.

  3. Fire beats wood.

  4. Sword beats hammer.

  5. Shield beats sword.

  6. Hammer beats shield.

  7. Wood beats water.

  8. When the wizard runs out of health the battle is over and you win. Be careful about delaying when counter attacking, taking too long gets you hurt as well.


Kind of cute, but that inventory system is incredibly annoying, and the level with the mazes is just absurd.


I got really fed up with with this one allowing me to throw a crate of an edge, only to discover a few moves later I had forgotten to retrieve what was on it.

On the same theme, the potion round drove me nuts .. to have to restart because I have a useless potion and no vial is plane silly.

Basically too may restarts on rounds for me spoiled what would otherwise have been a good game. I guess the devs are looking for a perfect scene move through before, but that just gets boring.

My 2cp, and of course no rating yet, because when I am this disappointed with what should be a good game I wait and see.


Much nicer art than usual, but my goodness how disorganized for a click-heavy game. I know it looks cool to put a big cancel-x in a big text box, but putting it right over a clickable guard? Making the protag the hint menu instead of a dedicated button? Little distinction between pushing crates and opening them? The inventory off in Siberia?

I didn't so much lose a level as click in the wrong place, and then have to restart everything. The user-friendliness of this is surprisingly awful.


I was really enjoying this game (although I agree with previous criticisms that it's extremely clunky...) until I got to what I think is the second-to-last room, with the lasers and mirrors. I quadruple-checked that I have the correct setup of mirrors (even checked against various walkthroughs) but it won't let me proceed, even if I restart the level. It keeps telling me that the mirrors need to be arranged correctly before I can turn the lasers on. Frustrating. :(


So for level 10, either you are using "new" math or your map looks different from mine because I get totally different numbers...


This is a nice looking game, albeit with annoying UI problems, but the game screen is huge! It barely fits if I put my browser in full-screen mode, and I have a fairly large monitor.



From memory ... because I am not going through it again

you have to look at the colour the number originated at by following its path back, it is not always the same as where it ended


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