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December 2020 Archives

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Weekday Escape

Hi everybody, this is Christmas Special Weekday Escape!

Prepare for a big fat Weekday Escape! Three new big games from top developers arrived and two excellent retro games. Plus bonuses. The first is Esklavos at their best - atmospheric and calming too. Then the latest Rinnogogo wants you to decorate a tall spruce - you need to find some helpers for that task. In their newest remake, Ichima Coffeedo imprisons you in a mountain cabin and promises nice ride in a cable car if you find a ticket. Gotmail tells us a Christmas escape story with criminal overtones, and with Nicolet, in their rodent's universe, you may take part in Christmas Eve events and help to save Christmas. And one good news - Neutral's new game is planned for the beginning of 2021! This is the last Weekday Escape in this year - see you in January 2021. Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Have a good time and enjoy!

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Weekday Escape

Hello, the latest Weekday Escape has just arrived!

New and talented Japanese developer highbman opens this week's parade, and though their escape's short it may keep your brain cells busy for some time. Kamonosoukutsu joined together their several years old short puzzle games, revived and remade them, and the result is good - not complicated but amusing. This week's tomoLaSiDo is on the easier side (which means doable), and after you get out from their room, Neat Escape let you fall into a pit from which you need to find your way out just by yourself!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape Hi, it's Wednesday! Time to escape!

Traditionally, we start with Amajeto and their escape apartment with several one scene rooms. Cute GuyUngerNL and cobcris's game follows, and apart from being sweet, it's original and artistic. And fun! Pleasant Akatsuki no Yado's room brings a load of nice puzzles and Springman Haruoroom's apartment as well. Getting through all rooms here and cracking all codes takes some time...

Have a good time and enjoy!

Weekday Escape RetroHi, Retro Weekday Escape is here!

Since the first game is by No1game, you are supposed to catch ten green men as usual. After a successful escape you'll find yourself in Yomino Kagura's room filled with devices, and then, suddenly, you'll stand in a middle of desert in Esklavos' land of dreams which can be escaped
only through a magic gate. Jan's Room's room is placed in a back area of a cosy bar and it's technically a double escape - first you need to overcome the office door and then the bar door.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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