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Weekday Escape N°280

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Weekday Escape

Hello, the latest Weekday Escape has just arrived!

New and talented Japanese developer highbman opens this week's parade, and though their escape's short it may keep your brain cells busy for some time. Kamonosoukutsu joined together their several years old short puzzle games, revived and remade them, and the result is good - not complicated but amusing. This week's tomoLaSiDo is on the easier side (which means doable), and after you get out from their room, Neat Escape let you fall into a pit from which you need to find your way out just by yourself!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Escape from a Mysterious Room

Escape from a Mysterious Room

The generic highbman's room doesn't seem to hide any secrets and indeed it doesn't. However, the puzzles you need to solve are fresh and original, and perfectly logic. Little enjoyable game we got.

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Yasasii Escape 001

<br />
Yasasii Escape 001<br />
 <br />

The latest Kamonosoukutsu's game is a remake of their older short games (inaccessible now), has five stages, and each stage consists of tree game screens. You're supposed to solve one or two puzzles on each game screen, for each solved lits up one light on the stand - and when are all the lights on the exit door appears.

The cursor isn't changing, save button, one ending.

Escape Challenge 124: Room with Dust Clothes


Escape Challenge 124: Room with Dust Clothes</p>


Back in tomoLaSiDo's apartment, with familiar chest of drawers, a closet, and a bathroom decorated with graffiti understandable only to a few non-japanese players, I guess. Your goal is to get eight dust clothes (only one is usable and important for the progress in the game) and six capsules. Can you escape?

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Construction Site Escape

Construction Site Escape

One lovely day, you decided to go out and buy a delicious lunch. While admiring blue sky with small fluffy clouds you didn't watch your steps and suddenly found yourself at the bottom of a pit...yes you fell into an open excavation. Hungry, and no ladder in a plain sight, of course. But look at the bright side - you're uninjured and the weather is fine, and Neat Escape prepared for you a chunk of good puzzles down here. Just notice, that this time you might need to save once in a while (no autosave, two ends).

The cursor isn't changing, save button, two endings.

The game is available for Android too.

Bonus game is the latest Dassyutu, here: Escape from the Small Hill.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


looking forward to these.


Tried playing Escape from a Mysterious Room on my laptop, but the game area was too large to fit on the screen. So, I had to reduce the size. When I did, the directional arrows went off screen and I couldn't move around.


I've found a bunch of stuff in Escape from Small Hill, but now I'm stuck.
I have:

chisel, can, crystal, rod, stones, batteries, mushrooms, and 3 treasure keys that aren't black.

I still need to:

light a fire, open a crate, find a black treasure key, find all gate keys but blue, and do something to the deer and snake.

yargough December 16, 2020 11:50 PM replied to ceecee

what could you use the chisel on in your inventory?

SonicMiddleAge December 17, 2020 9:29 AM replied to Snarfhead

Same here - I'm using Firefox. Navigation arrows are present at 80% zoom and over, but at 70% zoom they disappear from the game area.


Neat Construction Site Escape

I had trouble with the red stripes. The clues are there. I just didn't see at first.

For those sensitive to hints, tips, etc. Click no further.

Solve by going right to left Japanese style and flip them upside down. I think the blue line on the bottom of the hint explains that. I missed the blue line.


Construction site color help:

I had trouble with this because the pink and green arrows both look kind of white. The arrow code (numbering the buttons from left to right is:


And now I'm stuck on another code.

In the down ending, there's a number code and four not numbered buttons. What am I missing?


Escape from a Mysterious Room Walkthrough

"Where is this?"
I awoke and was in an unfamiliar room.
If I don't find the key and escape...

Begin the escape!

Puzzle: Desk door
Prerequisites: None


Look at the vases under the TV.


Set the sliders to match the heights of the vases (with the bottom position being 1 and the top being 4, set the sliders to 4, 2, 3, 2 going from left to right).

Puzzle: Hidden numbers
Prerequisites: None


The panel next to the door is a light switch.


The floor lamp next to the couch can be turned on and off.


If you turn the floor lamp on before turning off the room lights, you can still look around in some places.


Turn on the floor lamp, and then turn off the room lights. Finally, go back to the lamp and zoom in on it to see the numbers projected on the wall (clockwise from top-left: 1,4,6,7).

Puzzle: Laptop (on desk)
Prerequisites: None


People often leave clues to their computer passwords around their desks.


The paper illustrates four numbers with two icons and some algebraic symbols.


The icons on the paper are a vase and a stalk of bamboo.


Count the number of vases under the TV (4), and the number of bamboo stalks in the pot (5). The four numbers are 5, 4, 1, 9. Enter this combination into the laptop to reveal a clue.

Puzzle: White box (coffee table)
Prerequisites: Hidden numbers


The four digits of the combination are arranged in a two-by-two square. That should be familiar.


Simply enter the hidden numbers in the same arrangement as they appear on the wall. The combination is, starting from the top-left and going clockwise, 1, 4, 6, 7.

Puzzle: Black box (under TV)
Prerequisites: Hidden numbers & laptop


The hidden numbers are arranged in a square, but the black box's combination is four digits in a line. How could we translate from one to the other?


Once unlocked, the icons on the laptop screen indicate different corners of a square, in a sequence.


Follow the icons on the laptop, replacing each icon with the hidden number that would correspond to the yellow corner. The combination, from left-to-right, is 4, 7, 6, 4.

Puzzle: TV
Prerequisites: Desk door, white box, black box


You'll need a remote control to turn on the TV, but it's fallen under the bed, out of reach.


None of the rods that you've found is long enough to reach the remote, on their own...


Two of the rods have screws on one end, while the other has holes on both ends.


Screw the three rods together to make one long rod. Take care, as two of the rods will not attach to each other. I recommend starting by examining (double-clicking) the middle rod, then highlighting (single-clicking) one of the other rods, and then clicking on the picture of the rod being examined. Then re-examine the longer rod in your inventory (this seems to be necessary to avoid a bug), and repeat with the other short rod.

Use the long rod to get the remote control, then use the remote control on the TV to reveal a clue.

Puzzle: Green box (on couch)
Prerequisites: Laptop & TV


There's a Wi-fi symbol on the green box, and no obvious way to enter a code. You might need to put the code in through another device.


Once unlocked, the laptop screen shows a Wi-fi symbol, and you can still enter numbers into it.


Once turned on, the TV shows a picture of two arrows on a green rectangle.


The arrows on the TV are shown inside a white and a black square. There are white and black boxes in the room.


The arrow in the white square indicates a clockwise rotation, starting at the top-right.


The arrow in the black square indicates a linear movement, from right to left.


Following the two previous hints, you will have two four-digit numbers, but there's one more thing you need to do with them before you have the combination.


Between the black and white square on the TV is an addition symbol.


Following the arrows, read the combination to the white box as 4671, and the combination to the black box as 4674. Add the two numbers together (4,671 plus 4,674) to get 9,345. Enter the combination 9,3,4,5 into the unlocked laptop. Now check the green box and you'll receive a key.

Successful escape!
Return to the title


Thanis for the walkthrough Nezuji. can;t wait for the last 3.


Mysterious Room Walkthrough
Stuck at yellow boxes clue at the laptop. Notice I put in values in the laptop numbers would appear at green box. Probably that's a bug. Anyhow, I got the idea the first and last would represent the same number. Still need the spoilers.
The clues on the TV is tricky, read a first few spoilers about the clue and finally figured out myself.

bankroller December 21, 2020 4:41 PM replied to paulmashtv

Can someone please help me with Asasii. I'm stuck on the screen that looks like the code should be 203. Thanks in advance.

paulmashtv January 15, 2021 1:04 PM

hope the 3 that are left will be here soon.


Yasasii Escape 01

"Yasahii" usually means something is gentle. But here it also means the puzzles are simple.

Start from Stage 1, and the game will push you to the next stage after you complete each one.

Stage 1: Mushroom land

In addition to the mushrooms holding signs and the three-digit locks, you'll also notice a large sign of four lights standing on its own.

Pink (shapes)

Paying attention to the shapes, colors and outlines, the shapes shown in the bottom are numbered

Blue (stars)

Count the stars of each color to get

Orange (arrows)

There are two arrows, and two possible ways to read the clue. This is not a mistake.

Enter 582. You'll notice that the light above the buttons turns yellow instead of blue.

Enter 285. Now the light turns blue.

An open doorway appears next to the sign.

Stage 2: Robot land

Blue (wires)

Notice that pink is shortest and green-black is longest.

If you sort the wires from shortest to longest, you'll find that the ones shown are

Orange (digits)

Ha, blocking out those digits with lines isn't going to stop you! Except for that middle one.

Can't decide on the middle digit? Both are correct!
203, 283

Red (chocolate)

Robots don't eat chocolate! Look around for a way to clean it up.

Take the grabber above the orange robot, use it to retrieve the tissue box on the large sign, and use that to wipe off the sign, which gives you a code without a puzzle:

Stage 3: Flower land

Red (grids)

For the first code, read the red and green squares:

For the second code, include the blue squares too:

Blue (crosses)

The crosses match the examples numbered

Yellow (digital)

The segments that are black on the sign should remain black on the digits, and conversely the segments which are invisible because they're red on the sign should be entered in the code:

Stage 4: Mini land

Purple (squares)

Each of the frames appears in the sample area. One way to not lose track is to focus on the green and blue dots that appear on each digit.


Green (grid)

Find a way to interpret the red dots, so that D is 4 and E is 1.

If you've played Minesweeper, you'll realize that D has four neighboring dots (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) and E has one.

Counting the neighbors of A, B, C gets you

Yellow (words)

Each shape represents a letter of the alphabet. If two shapes and their colors match, then they represent the same letter.

The only numbers that fit the coded words are FOUR NINE SIX, or


That's only three codes, and so only three lights on the sign are lit up.

The remaining one reads PUSH, so push it to light it up. (The door appears.)

Stage 5: Animal land

Chick (colors)

9 (dark blue) is the only square that isn't covered by any other, while 0 (red) is the only square that doesn't cover any other.

Imagine all the squares as a stack with 0 at the bottom and 9 on top. What are the other numbers?

Around the edge of the diagram, each square covers the next one in clockwise order, ending with orange=2, brown=1, red=0.

You can count down from 9 to find that Pink Brown Gray =

Let's skip over Mouse and go to

Dog (digits)

Add one horizontal line to each symbol, but there are two answers here:
423, 723.

Mouse (map)

Pick up the pink spade that the bunny is looking at, and use it on the spot indicated on the map.

Specifically, dig in front of the digit sign to find a telescope.

Use the telescope on the floating balloon behind the mouse. It's a green duck holding a sign:

Leave through the door to win!

(Click the image for link.)
Escape Challenge 124: Room with Dust Clothes

The room already looks clean, but it has enough rags for you to deal with any stain.


The first dustcloth can be found over the blue bin, and removing it reveals a blue arrow pointing to the window. Under the window, the table has a stain on it, and the potted plant beside has a capsule containing a key piece.

Turn right to face a face… box, and a large washing machine.

Under the face box, you can pick up a dustcloth (item).

Turn right to face a locked door, wall clock, wall box and a chest of drawers with weird markings on the outside.

Turn right to find another dustcloth and a dirty picture frame over a table with a light blue milk device.

Enter the corridor to the toilet, where you can sit down, look right, look up and look left to find a drawing of some towel wringing.

Cleanup / Drawers

Wipe the picture frame, the table under the window, and the window pane beside the arrow.

(You can wipe the face ball if you want, but that doesn't really help.)

Use the clues from those to unlock the drawers.

Top drawer:

The table reads:
Circle, Down-triangle, Circle

Middle drawer:

You'll find that the clue on the framed picture doesn't work.

Wipe it again to get your new code:
White, White, White

Bottom drawer:

The window pane sparkles on its
Top-left, Top-right, Bottom-right, Bottom-left, Top-left.

You find a total of 3 key pieces, 5 dustcloths and lots of blue markings.


Use the clues from the unlocked drawers to unlock the milk device.

The markings in the top drawer represent the tops of digits, and so on. Putting them together gets you the code

(4 goes on the bottom button and 6 on top.)

You get a key piece and no milk.

Cleaner cleaner

Wipe up the milk spill.

Now you can hang up the dustcloth next to the face.

Back out and zoom in again to find a code. Enter that into the washing machine:


Toss the dustcloth in and watch it do its protein-denaturing work. (What?)


Use the clue from the finished washing machine to unlock the wall box:

Red Yellow Green Blue
(4 1 2 3 clicks)

Take the last key piece, open the door, and leave.

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer
Top middle: in middle drawer
Top right: in bottom drawer
Bottom left: in wall box
Bottom middle: in milk device
Bottom right: on potted plant

8 dustcloths:

1 above blue bin
1 beside picture frame
1 in top drawer
2 in middle drawer
2 in bottom drawer

1 item under face ball
(You get it back as a collectible in the end)

Construction Site Escape

With a little instruction, construction will not be your destruction.

(If you want, you can watch the intro video linked above the game.)


To avoid getting lost, take note of the excavators on the screens, labeled A and B.

On the B side, a rock is cordoned off, a blue building has a locked door, a pipe has shapes on it, and a sign counts down in red.

On the A side, a hole full of water is cordoned off, some planks with arrows can be removed to reveal a shovel, three pipes have colored spots on them that look like something's missing, and there's another blue building with a three-digit lock.

Check behind the building to find a circular gravel spot.

Now that the sign has finished, it displays the code for the A building.


It's just a locker with a locked box, traffic cones and a stick.


Use the shovel to dig up the spot behind the A building.

Take the remote, and use it on the B tractor.

A locked box drops into the container that the countdown sign was in.

Rise and fall

Use the clue from the planks to unlock the box you got.

The arrows are pink, and the matching arrows are (from bottom up) in the
3rd 4th 4th 1st 1st 1st columns.

Take a net.

Use the net in the water hole to get a yellow box, which contains a yellow key.

Then use the key to unlock the building at B. It's also just a locker, with the top shelf holding cans with red and white patterns and a box with a green valve handle, and the bottom shelf holding a locked box and a laptop with an unusual code.

Red and white

Use the clue from the cans in B to unlock the box in the A locker.

Each can shows a different pattern when clicked, but the light blue line runs across the bottoms of the cans, so you'll need to turn your answer upside-down:
7 1 4 6

Inside, you find a remote that works on the A bulldozer.

A barrel drops straight down

behind the A locker

and you find a red valve handle on it.


Use the clue from the pipe at B to unlock the box beside the laptop.

The buttons 0, 1, 4 and 6 places clockwise from pink should be stars. Click them.

Take a spanner.

Use the spanner on the pipe, then remove a pointy metal part from it.

Attach this part to the stick to form a pickaxe, and use it to smash the rock, revealing a yellow valve handle.

Save your game.

Going up

Make sure the first row on the laptop screen is selected.

Place the handles on the pipes at A, and follow the instructions on that row.

The letters stand for Red, Yellow, Green valves. In terms of position:

The whole construction site is ruined, but at least you have an excuse to take a hot bath afterward.

Going down

Load your game. This time, set the laptop to the bottom row, and follow the instruction.

After attaching the handles, turn the

The water drains away leaving a hole in the ground. You have no other tools, so jump in!

Perhaps that wasn't a grate idea. Look for a way to unlock the gate.

Remove the bolts on the right side of the door.

You move forward to a gap in the floor next to a button panel.

You can't reach the ring on the left… unless you use the pickaxe!

Use the clues on the left and right walls to unlock the button panel:

The numbers 123412 appear in the positions
⌟ ⌜⌞⌝⌟ ⌜

You arrive at a door with a picture clue and a wall panel with four letter buttons.

The code is OPEN.

Take a blue key and unlock the door to end the game. Your reward is the lunch you were going to eat!

paulmashtv January 18, 2021 2:55 PM replied to kktkkr

Thanks KK. The Yasaii one was already done but i just need Mysterious room left.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr January 18, 2021 7:25 PM replied to paulmashtv

Nezuji's walkthrough is for Mysterious Room. I actually forgot to check for that and typed out a less-hinty walkthrough:

Escape from a Mysterious Room

The game may be rendered in 3D, but its navigation is basically 2D. Look out for the hidden spots!


After the awkward intro, the door places you facing a locked door, a light switch, and a potted plant. There is a four-digit box on the desk.

Turn right to face a television (turned off) over a four-digit box. Four small pots on the left catch your attention. The desk on the right has two drawers, with the bottom locked and the top containing a note. The laptop requires a numeric password.

Turn right to face an uninteresting bed.

Under the bed is something you can't reach.

Turn right to face a lamp and a couch with a box that looks like it can connect wirelessly.


Turn the lights off. You can find a clue by

zooming in on the lamp.

Enter that code into the table box:

1 4
7 6

and you get a rod.


Use the clue from the pots to unlock the bottom drawer:

Match the sizes of the pots by clicking the sliders
3 1 2 1 times.

You get a rod.


Use the clue from the note to unlock the laptop:

There are 5 tree (stems) and 4 pots, the difference between those numbers is 1, and the sum is 9, so the code is

It's now connected and shows four squares.


Use the clues from

the laptop and table box

to unlock the box under the TV:

The digits in the highlighted positions are

You get a rod.


You'll need all three rods to get the required length.

The first rod (the middle rod) can fit to the others on both ends, while the other rods can only attach on one end.

Or you can just experiment until all three fit together!

Get the remote out from under the bed.

Use it on the screen to make two arrows appear.


The only place you can still enter a code is

the laptop. The digits don't seem to appear even though they make a sound…

but they do appear on the couch box.

I had to check a hint for it. Thankfully, the author already put one in the Japanese comments:

Hint: observe the colors of the squares on TV.

There are two four-digit codes still visible. The one on the table box, when read in the order of the (clockwise) arrow, gives 4671. The one under the TV, when read in the order of the (left) arrow, gives 4674.

Add those up to get

You hear a click, which is your cue to

check the couch box

to get a key. Use it to unlock the door and escape!

paulmashtv January 19, 2021 12:30 PM replied to kktkkr

Thanks KK. Keep doing what you do. you are cool.


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