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Weekday Escape N°279

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Weekday Escape Hi, it's Wednesday! Time to escape!

Traditionally, we start with Amajeto and their escape apartment with several one scene rooms. Cute GuyUngerNL and cobcris's game follows, and apart from being sweet, it's original and artistic. And fun! Pleasant Akatsuki no Yado's room brings a load of nice puzzles and Springman Haruoroom's apartment as well. Getting through all rooms here and cracking all codes takes some time...

Have a good time and enjoy!

Retro Rooms Escape
Retro Rooms Escape

You need to pass through four rooms to get out, and as in earlier Amajeto's games some doors between the rooms are locked and some doesn't (just saying). Otherwise, everything is as it should be.- pleasant coffee break game with nice graphics and good puzzles. Not so simple as it sounds.

The cursor is not changing, save button, one ending.

Cubic Room

<br />
Cubic Room<br />
 <br />

All previous games by Akatsuki no Yado are similar - clean graphics, absolutely no chance to miss an item or active spot and very enjoyable puzzles, clever and intuitive. The latest game isn't an exeption. Only remember that consequences of your actions may show up on another game screen and you'll be out soon!

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

Happy Happy Land


Happy Happy Land</p>


The opening scene of GuyUngerNL and cobcris 's game is a dog fishing without a fishook and bait. You can't do much here. In the upper left corner of the game screen slightly shakes a rectangle and by clicking it you can see the whole Happy Land from above, not seeming very happy at the moment, sadly. Soon you'll find out why is it so...now, imagine yourself as a mediator whose goal is to turn all eight sad faces into yellow. Can you?

The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

P.S. Here is their previous short game My Hat ...and here Questionaut by Amanita Design, also about celestial bodies and their passion for hats (kind of).

Escape from the Apartment
Escape from the Apartment

Springman Haruoroom's trapped you in their apartment and you can't quit even if you decide not to play further. There's a huge spider in your way! Seems you need to find a spray or something, and urgently. Every experienced ecaper knows that the bug vanish you need isn't (very probably) just lying on surface; must be hidden in some drawer or cabinet and your goal is to figure out the right codes and open everything what can be opened. Don't forget that puzzles are clever but not overcomplicated and may require some effort.

The cursor is not changing, save button, one ending.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Happy Happy Land does not load.

Windows 10

All I get is a pretty winter aurora image and comments from people who have enjoyed the game.


I'm stuck, stuck, stuck in Escape from the Apartment. It's a fun game -- lots of puzzles to solve! I long ago got rid of the bug, and opened doors to the bathroom and the area with the tub & washing machine.

There are still several puzzles to solve, but I THINK the thing I need to do next is determine the time needed to open the drawer on the lower left in the main room. There are two clocks in the apartment, but neither of the times on those seems to be the one that opens the drawer.

I also seem to need

a remote for the TV, and something that allows me to read the tiny writing on the picture next to the exit door -- maybe I need to find one of those items first?

paulmashtv December 9, 2020 2:48 PM

looking forward to these.

Billy-o December 9, 2020 3:05 PM replied to chrpa

Thanks! That got me un-stuck.

I'm not sure what the clue for that was supposed to be either, unless it's

the place where you enter the time is in between two pictures of clocks, so maybe that's supposed to mean that the time you enter is halfway between the times on the clocks?


Can't seem to figure anything out in the Apartment! Opened one drawer by pure luck with the three colors. I see plenty of things that look like they could be clues, but none of them work. My brain is completely non-functional on this one. Anyone have a gentle hint that could get me started?

Snarfhead December 14, 2020 10:12 AM replied to chrpa

Thanks for the reply, chrpa! So that explains the logic behind the puzzle that I got by chance. Trying to move forward, I still had trouble. Had to consult a walkthrough for the next step and found it to be something I already tried, but didn't work before! (Must've entered it incorrectly.) Now I'm on a roll!

Snarfhead December 15, 2020 9:13 AM replied to chrpa

Not at all, chrpa! Thank you very much for what you provided! Sometimes just seeing the designer's logic can be helpful to adjust the escaper's approach to the puzzles. So, much appreciated!

I did manage to finish it, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Same with all the games this week. They were all good ones.

By the way, has anyone here ever done a "real-life" escape room? I haven't but would really like to try it out, but I wonder if I'd get the same enjoyment. I mean, there are things we can do in online games that would just be too much for a real-life game, e.g., pictures that require a sequence of tilts to unlock something behind. Then again, people can be pretty darn creative when they put their minds to something.

Has anyone had the experience?

paulmashtv January 3, 2021 10:46 PM

Hope the walkthroughs are on the way.


Retro Rooms Escape


You start off facing a desk with two locked drawers. The lamp, typewriter and phone all have clues when clicked, and the picture above is missing eight tiles but has a clue in the middle.

Open the door. This room has two larger locked drawers under a radio. The door is locked (and you can ignore the extra door that appears beside it.)

Push down

To unlock the top-right desk drawer, you need a clue from

the radio.

Only 3 buttons from the radio can be pushed down.

Push the desk buttons

Take a gray square tile and a key.

Exploration 2

Use the key to unlock the door in the second room.

The third room has a TV that can only show static right now. The cupboard has one locked compartment under a square tile and a burger.

Open the door to the fourth room, where four framed pictures show mixed opinions. Two of those pictures can be flipped over to reveal clues. There are two drawers here under a smartphone gripped tightly by a hand sculpture.

Compartments on fourth screen


The burger and tile picture.

For the left compartment:

Match the order of the burger ingredients by clicking the bars
1 0 3 2 times.

For the right compartment:

The arrow on the first picture passes adjacent to the
Heart Star Star Heart

Take 2 square tiles.

Puzzles on third screen


The hand pictures, desk lamp and typewriter.

For the compartment under the burger:

Each symbol on the lamp (when it's turned on) is a combination of a digit and its mirror image.

Read only the right halves to get the code

You get a square tile.

For the TV:

The thumbs point

You get a clue.

Puzzles on second screen


The hand pictures, TV, typewriter, phone.

For the left drawer:

The TV tells you to rotate each hand clockwise.

For the right drawer:

The dots on the phone numbered 1 to 4 match the colors of the typewriter keys

Take 2 square tiles from the drawers.

For the radio:

Tune it to 640 by turning the left dial until the red line is on 40, and the right dial until the green line is on 600.

This makes the lights above the dial change colors.


Use the clue from the radio to retrieve the smartphone in the last room:

Yellow Red Green Yellow
(0 2 7 0 clicks)

The smartphone vibrates a bit and then you can pick it up.

Use the clue from the smartphone and the third framed picture to unlock the bottom drawer on the first screen.

The symbols on the screen appear in the grid:
- - B -
- B - -
B - - -
- - - B

Take the last square tile.


Place all the tiles into the picture on the first screen, and rotate them until they align.

3 1 1 2
2 2 1 3
3 2 3 2
1 3 1 2

Take the key, bring it to the last door, and unlock it to end the game.


Hidden in the text below the game is a welcome observation: no Japanese is required for it!


You start off facing a wall panel with three colored shapes.

Turn right to find a panel with a QR code on it.

Turn right to find a push button that makes more panels appear. On this screen, you now have a panel with colored circle buttons.

Turn right to find a dark panel that's actually a TV screen. Since you pushed a button just now, there are two more panels beneath that, one with a snowman picture and one with crayons and circles.

On each of these screens, you can look up. One letter is bigger than the others.

Keep turning right. The first screen now has a clue with hands and two rows of symbols.

Turn right. The second screen now has a panel with two rows of hand symbols, one already filled in.

First puzzles

The golden frames are clues:

The circles and hands.

And the metal panels are locks. Start with the snowman.

Align the tiles by clicking them.
3 2 3
2 1 1
0 1 3

Take some crayons, and now you can work on the circles:

Color in the circles on the golden frame.

Then size the circles on the metal panel accordingly:
1 3 2 0 clicks.

Take a red circle with a letter C on it. You might notice that

on the first shape wall panel the red circle is now a letter button.

And finally, the hands.

It's rock-paper-scissors, and the circle in each column is a win.

Scissors Paper Scissors Paper Rock

You get another button. What does it do?

E: You now have colored musical note buttons and a set of pictures above playing card buttons.

S: You now have card suit buttons labeled with card ranks.

W: You now have seven weather icon buttons.

N: You now have a music score clue and a playing card clue.

Second puzzles

(I'm going to stop listing clues here.)

Card suits:

Club Diamond Spade Heart Diamond

Take four Aces, and place them in the "sword" panel.

The coin, club, sword, cup appear next to the
Diamond, Club, Spade, Heart.

(As you might expect.)

Take a green square.


Use the crayons to color in the musical notes.

Each color attaches to a certain note marking, which you can indicate with
1 5 4 3 clicks.

Take a remote control, and use it to turn on the TV.


Cloudy, Sunny, Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy, Rainy, Sunny.

Push the button!

W: A new grid panel appears in the middle.
N: A dice panel appears in the bottom-right.
E: Nothing new.
S: Nothing new!

Third puzzles

Dice (finally, something cubic!)

I've been naming each wall after the large letter that appears on its ceiling.

The arrangement (or number) of panels on each wall matches a dice face:
N E W S =
5 4 5 3

Take a smartphone, and use it to read QR code:

- B -
B - B
- B B

Take a blue pentagon.

Use the shapes to solve the shape panel you started with:

The circle, square, pentagon are initialed:

And push the button.

The floor melts away into stairs leading to a locked door. There are two clue frames and one lock panel here.

Color theory

Place all three shapes into the bottom-left frame. Secondary colors appear in the overlaps.

Then use the upper-left frame to unlock the lock panel:

Clockwise from top:
Red Cyan Blue Yellow Green Magenta
1 6 3 4 2 5

Leave through the door!

Ending puzzle

The end screen asks which one of the nets shown can't form a cube. You can just click them to find the answer:

The middle one.

(If you try to fold a cube with it, you'll find that the 1st square is opposite the 4th, which is opposite the 6th. But each face can have only one opposite face!)

The walkthrough video goes into detail at the end to tell you how to remember the 11 nets that can form a cube.

paulmashtv January 12, 2021 12:29 PM

Thanks KK. Can;t wait for the last 2.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr January 12, 2021 1:26 PM replied to kktkkr

Whoops, turns out the Flash disabling applied across more programs than I expected. To play the game today I had to download both the swf file and an old copy of the standalone player.

Specifically, the one from this Internet Archive hotlink. Try it at your own risk.

Happy Happy Land


There's a dog and a fish, who are both hungry. You can't do anything with them right now.

Click the map at the top left to view the woods. Everybody's blue!

You'll notice after visiting each of these that everybody's happiness is updated on the map.

Chicken and horse: The chicken is glad when the cart moves, but the horse is happy when it gets to rest. Also, they pass by a hook-shaped bone on the ground.

Crocodile and pig: They're boxing for a trophy, and getting punched is not as happy as landing a punch. Also, a pair of shears on the ground.

Bunny (?) and cat: The cat can't resist rocking out, but the bunnies prefer silence.


Drag the hook to the fishing line to attach it. The screen jerks weirdly when you click the hook…

So click and hold down the mouse button! You can drag the hook around, and you can catch the fish, but that isn't a happy result for it.

At the bottom of the water, you find an octopus playing a miniature xylophone, and your hook slams into a scooter.


Give the scooter to the horse. Now that's real horsepower!

But it means getting that flower in the background is a bit tricky.

Drag the scissors over where the flower will be, then release at the right moment.


Give the flower to the boxers, who share the spirit of love so much that the trophy falls to the ground.


Place the trophy on the fishing hook, and drag it all the way down to the octopus.

The reward you get for making the octopus happy is its xylophone.


Give the xylophone to the cat, who puts out a soothing tune.

Bunny dreams of a walkie talkie. What does it do?


Give the walkie talkie to the dog, who solves the hunger problem.

And now that everybody's happy, you win!

paulmashtv January 12, 2021 7:29 PM

i cant figure ut how to make that work,kk.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr January 13, 2021 8:28 AM replied to paulmashtv

Sadly, I can't help further at the moment — that's the easiest method I have and it's not great. Since the game is mainly a fixed set of animations, you won't lose much watching a video walkthrough.

Meanwhile of course, I'm writing up the Apartment.

paulmashtv January 13, 2021 10:37 AM replied to kktkkr

what i meant was i can;t install that flash alternative t play the game.not sure why.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr January 15, 2021 10:31 AM replied to paulmashtv

Escape from the Apartment

If the game seems a bit blur, it's not your glasses. Haruo explains that due to size limits on the blog he had to reduce the image and sound quality.


The corridor is blocked by a huge spider, so let's ignore that for now. The three colored coffee pots are grabbing your attention. The left wall has four locked drawers, and above there are some potted plants, a wall clock, and a picture frame with symbols.

Turn left. A couch with a locked box is decorated to let you imagine the seaside from the comfort of your mansion, and there are some donuts and coffee on the table.

Turn left to face a bed. Both the side table drawer and the cat statue on it have weird locks. There's also yellow stripes on the long paintings. Further to the left is a locked wardrobe.

Colors / Plants / Stripes

For the bottom-right drawer, the clue is

the coffee pots.

The sequence ends near the potted plant:
Red White Blue.

It contains a number clue.

For the top-right drawer, you need that clue and

the clue from the shelves of potted plants.

Matching them up, the numbers 2 and 5 correspond to round pots.

You get a photo.

The photo has horizontal stripes. If you examine and click it, you can make the photo align with (and cover) the actual view above the bed.

The lines in each spot on screen form a letter. The top two read H I, and the bottom two E F.

Finally, some insecticide! Use it to clear out the spider.

Exploration 2

The door on the right has no handle. Move forward towards the entranceway.

The wall on the right has a picture, and you probably wouldn't notice the tiny dots if the game didn't point them out.

The exit door is straight ahead but you can't take a closer look at it.

The left wall has a door with five buttons, and a locked shoe cabinet with a locked box on top.

Back out to where the spider was, and click the left side of the screen to enter the kitchen area.

The right side of the kitchen area has a fridge with two buttons and an empty freezer compartment.

The kitchen counter has a stove and sink where you can take two coffee pots. There are compartments above that are too high to reach.

Hot and cool / Tasty / Read

Place the coffee pots on the stove, and wait.

And by that, I really mean wait. After just a few seconds, steam comes out of the pots.

Use that clue to unlock the fridge:


Inside, there are donuts.

Use the clue from the donuts to unlock the five-button door to the left of the entrance:

The top row represents the tray in front of the TV, and the bottom row represents the tray in the fridge.

Make the buttons match the donuts by clicking them
2 1
3 1 2 times.

It's a toilet! The window is covered in a yellow stain, and the toilet paper has an interesting pattern on it.

Unlock the box on the couch using the clue

on the toilet paper.

Take the third letter of WATER and the last two letters of BEACH to get

Take the door handle, and attach it to the door to the right of the entrance.

It's a bathroom! You can step inside to find the bath already filled.

Back out and turn right to find the changing area. There's another clock on the wall, and a calendar.

The bathroom mat hides a floor panel with digit buttons.

Time / Warm and Cold

For the bottom-left drawer in the living room,

find something to enter between the clocks.

The cat clock reads 10:00 and the other clock is 11:50.

You can work out the midpoint the normal way (there's 110 minutes between those times, so the middle is 55 minutes after the start), or you can do it the silly way:

Each pair of hour and minute hands points to 10 and 12, so 11 is in the middle. If both hands point to (approximately) 11, then the time is

Take the thermometer.

Place the thermometer in the fridge and in the bath, then use those clues to unlock

the floor panel just outside the bath.

The hot water shows up almost immediately as 42 degrees, while the cold fridge requires you to step back and reopen to get -18.

You get a whole bucket of cleaning tools!

Use the cleaning tools to remove the stain on the toilet window. Now you can see four birds outside.

Low and High

Use the clue from the birds to unlock the

wardrobe beside the bed.

Reading the birds from left to right, they are on the:
bottom, facing left
top, facing right
middle, facing left
bottom, facing right

Push the buttons in the order
- 2
3 -
1 4

You find a chair and four white boxes.

Place the chair in front of the kitchen sink, then climb up and use the clue from the boxes to open the compartment.

Small Medium
Large Large

You see four arrows, and

four more in the compartment next to it.

More squares

Use the arrow clue to unlock the shoe cabinet beside the entrance.

Each arrow points to the next, giving you the sequence

There's shoes in here! Since you can't do anything with them, they must be a clue for

the box on the cabinet.

Normal shoes are half the height of tall boots.
- - -
1 1 -
2 - 2

Take a magnifying glass, and use it on the picture opposite. Each corner is numbered!

For the top-left drawer in the living room, you'll need that clue and

the picture above that drawer.

The picture with numbers is upside-down and the one with symbols is upright. Or is that the wrong way around?

If you bear that in mind when matching the corner numbers to the corner symbols, you'll find that the drawer buttons are in reverse order.

Click them from right to left.

In the drawer, you find a remote control.


Turn on the TV to watch the weather.

Use the forecast and the calendar to unlock the cat beside the bed:

Each button can only show symbols in a certain color, and those colors match the circles on the calendar.

Checking the circled days on the weather report gets you the code
Rainy Cloudy Sunny Snowy.

Finally, you get a room key. Use it to unlock the door and leave!

paulmashtv January 15, 2021 1:02 PM replied to kktkkr

thanks kk. too bad i couldn't access that "happy happy land" one. but appreciate your time as always.


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