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The Hunt

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You're on the hunt for a legendary demon that's bespelled the woods and all within them in this creepy point-and-click adventure. A short game with superb atmosphere sadly marred by frustrating pixel hunting.

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I could use a hint for how to proceed with the

skull puzzle. I've found

the note with coloured circles and tried clicking the skulls r,r,r,r,r,y,y,g,b,b or the reverse. How should I interpret the note?


Thanks Dora!


Officially stuck

  • I found

    Totem #1

    in the cave.

  • I have

    • rifle

    • hunting knife

    • Arrow (the dog)

    • Totem #1

    • rope (greyed out, probably because used)


I used the "Walkthrough" option to get past parts I was stuck.

The part of the review that states "you'll need to click everywhere... especially given the game's tendency to hide things along the very edges of the screen." is quite correct.



I played a second time.

For the last option, it seems that neither option causes you to kill the Elk King; you either

get turned into a crow


get torn apart by wolves


Beautiful graphics, good sound, and the mood thus created also makes the simple story feel very spooky and interesting. But the awful item hiding and inconsistent interaction cues just ruin it as a game, unfortunately. I hope that this person/team tries again, maybe after having a think about the way that some adventure/escape games that they enjoyed were strung together.



1. Take the hunting rifle from the gun case.
2. Go outside and take the dog.
3. Proceed to the left and take the hunting knife from the tree.
4. Go right from the cabin and send your dog to take the rope.
5. Attach the rope to the stick and go down.
6. Go to the right until you reach the end of the road. Behind the tree on the right, you’ll find a shovel.
7. Use the shovel on the grave and take the totem.
8. From the grave area, go up and into the cave. Send your dog in the hole and go back.
9. Go to the area where the rope is then go up, into the cabin.
10. Place the two items on the locked box and take the drawing.
11. Go to the lake and click on the bushes on the right side of the screen.
12. Use the boat to cross the lake.
13. Go forward until you reach the feather puzzle then head left.
14. Check the deer skull to find a paper with the solution to the puzzle.
15. Feather Puzzle

The solution for this puzzle is as follows:
Fish – yellow, Rabbit – green, Monkey – black, Crane – red, Deer – blue, Lizard – orange, Finch – purple, Bear – white, Eagle – teal.

16. Go to the right. Click in the bottom left corner to find a ladder and proceed forward until you reach the Elk King.

Patreon Crew SonicLover February 17, 2016 8:17 AM

Something appears to be wrong with the feather puzzle.

The yellow feather won't snap onto the fish panel, nor the green feather the rabbit panel. This is nonsensical, since both feathers snap onto each other's panels-- and most others-- just fine.


So, I played all the way through, got 2 achievements, and was returned to a menu-like screen with no 'Play' button and no 'Achievements' or other menu-like options. No buttons at all. Is this a bug? Cuz... I had meant to play again to get the better ending. Really feels like I'm playing a game still in beta.


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