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Kingdom of Liars: Stonepath

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4.2/5 (61 votes)

Two of Hyptosis' most popular point-and-click adventure series finally crossover in Kingdom of Liars: Stonepath, featuring characters from The Hood. Kingdom of Liars: Stonepath succeeds in expanding the Lorestrome world, while focusing its ongoing plot. backed by the gorgeous art and clever writing Hyptosis is known for.

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korvarthefox October 16, 2014 8:32 AM

In the end, I had to resort to the walk-through, and there's a

button code

that I can't find any clues for - the walk-through video just gives it to you, cutting away from the game to some text. Love to know where you're supposed to find that information...


If you mean the button code by the magical door - after you clean the bronze plate above, you use the paper to take a rubbing of it, then go back and talk to Jahiri at the door.
She refers to one of the books near the cauldren. The number clues are in the story! Press the buttons the number of times. It took me several tries to get it to work.


although I did see a post already on a walkthrough, this is a video walkthrough, so I hope a text walkthrough is on it's way soon :)


Necessary hint:
Even though the coal is gone, you still have some coal.


Kind of an abrupt ending (not unusual for Hyptosis) and a lot of red-herring objects. I can't say I liked the interface for talking to people either. "There are people here, you just can't see them."


guess not, huh? ok.

merchantfan October 18, 2014 6:02 PM replied to cendare

Also, they barely contribute to the game beyond adding backstory.


Was this game designed for a tablet with a portrait orientation? As it is, I missed seeing Jahiri's name on top of the door (until I came here) because I had to shift the screen to see my inventory which chopped off part of the upper screen. I ended up getting stuck for a long time looking for her.

I'm intrigued in discovering what's the deal between Warren and Baldwin now.


For all those who prefer a written walkthrough.

This walkthrough includes everything you need to finish the game. There are, however, numerous other items to look at, to use, to talk to... There are probably some of which I do not know myself yet. For the usable or portable objects I found, please see the end of this walkthrough.


At the campsite there are 4 people to talk to, as well as your journal. Talking to them and reading the book is not necessary to get through this game, but if you are interested in the story and the world at all, you should check everything out.

You should take the following things with you:

- shears
- rope
- a match from the backpack
- a piece of coal from the campfire


After walking towards the ruins, you can talk to Vic'eren and Warren.

You should take these things with you:

- axe
- hammer

Stone passage

You can talk to Jahti here.

Take with you:

- piece of paper


- shears on mushrooms (Dragonmether - delicious!)
- axe on root (a true adventurer always carries some roots with him)
- axe on vines (to open the passage)


Add to your inventory:

- bloom

There is a puzzle here, but first you will have to check to the right...
After that, if you can't find the hint for this puzzle:

Go back outside where Jahti is working and look at the sign above the passage.

What's to the right

What you'll want to do:

- tie the rope to the weight on the ground

Behind the darkness

There are two hints for puzzles here, I'm going to mention them when you need them. Feel free to explore and read and enjoy the atmosphere.

Into the ruins

Don't want to miss:

- look up the tree and take a leaf (just reach up with your incredibly long arms)

Following the small path

There is another book for you to read. Have fun, take your time.
Before moving on, you'll want to pick this up:

- small clay pot

At the end of the small path

Yes, I skipped a screen or two. No, there was nothing there you absolutely need to finish this game. Yes, you should still look at everything on the way.

How fun! More books. Read them ALL! (again, you don't have to read all the books)
There are lots of things to do here though:

- cut some fabric off the orange flag using your shears
- fill your pot with the tasty black liquid
- light the wood below the cauldron using your match
- mix all the ingredients for the cleaning solution in the cauldron
(what cleaning solution, you ask? have you not been reading enough?

- "behind the darkness", read the golden book again

- take the solution with you by soaking the fabric

Behind a stone wall

The hint for this puzzle:

- "behind the darkness", written on the shield

The position for each sign is shown by the coloured arrows around the circly-puzzle-thingy...

At the Shimmer Gate

Things to do:

- clean the bronze plaque with the soaked fabric
- use the paper to copy the writing on the plaque (Jahti will give you a hint...

At the end of the small path, the book furthest away from you is the one you should read again. If you don't get it, here is the code:

It might seem like nothing is happening, but if you click each button the correct number of times, it will work. If you mess up, just click one button until you see the green light, then start again.

- oil the metal door with the liquid in your clay pot
- hammer the loose bolt with (who would've thought) the hammer
- after solving the puzzle:

- put the shimmer stone from the last puzzle into the alcove

After that you can go back and read every single book one more time. Or you could head into the center of these ruins and thereby finish the game.

What you can (but don't have to) take with you and/or use:

- read all the books
- talk to all the people
- the morningstar at the campsite
- the saw at the second screen
- the teacup and the hidden key at the right of the door
- the hidden key with the chest at the end of the small path
- the stone head you find in the chest with the rest of the statue at the small side path (where you can then talk to it)


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