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NoahOriginally known as Chain Shot!, SameGame (pronounced sah-meh-gah-meh) was created in 1985 by Kuniaki Moribe and has since appeared on devices as diverse as the Super Famicom, several Texas Instruments calculators and even home tv recording unit Tivo. Jussi Kari's Flash-based implementation plays very smoothly, and his stripped down aesthetic suits it well.

samegame.gifLike many great puzzle games, SameGame is as brilliant as it is simple. Each level begins as a rectangular grid of colored blocks. [Left clicking] any block that is adjacent to other blocks of the same color will cause them all to disappear. Blocks are affected by gravity and clearing an entire column will cause the blocks on the right to slide leftwards, filling in the empty space. Score points by eliminating as many blocks as you can, but you'll have to think ahead and beware; since the blocks are not replenished, a few wrong moves at the wrong time can leave you frustrated and stuck. Thankfully you start with 3 different types of bombs, used to clear a row, column, or 3x3 group of blocks. You begin with one of each and only get more by completely emptying all blocks from the level. The game ends when you forced (or choose!) to use the 'give up' button at the top of the screen.

The first level uses 3 different colors of blocks; each succeeding level adds another color. Clearing the board becomes very difficult, very fast. SameGame is not a stamina test in which you can measure your progess by level number, like most falling block games. Playing for points is more rewarding. Clearing large masses of blocks will net extra points, and each level has time and click based bonuses. Unfortunately, the high score list has been broken for quite some time.

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I found this game fun
a good tip i think is to save ur bombs and other things until the blocks or else you can easily get stuck


You mean "affected by gravity", not "effected by gravity"...

Nice game, though!


There is also a version of this called ColorJunction available on google's personalization page.


Howdy. Thanks for pointing out my SameGame implementation. And thanks for positive feedback too. I noticed this site from my web site statistics. :-)

Oh, and I hadn't noticed that hiscores where down. Now it's fixed though.


Thanks for stopping by, Jussi! I'm glad to hear the high scores are working again.

Also, thanks for the correction Pavel =] Embarassing..


actually, you shouldn't be too embarassed. it seems like everyday i see some journalist or blogger confuse the two.

as for the game, there are countless variations of this game (google returns 25.6 million hits for "same game").

that being said, i have always thought this was the best version. i found this game about a year ago, but then was unable to find it again (see the above google comment).

thanks noah for reviewing the game and securely placing a link to it within the jayisgames archive, woohoo!


hummmmm, it's not loading today for some reason :(


Help! I'm totally addicted to SameGame and it's not loading today--I don't know what to do with my evening! HELP!!!
P.S. How on earth did people attain such high scores? I can't crack 90,000! Any tips?


The links work now. The game had moved, so perhaps that was it? Anyway, carry on. =)

Shirley Ledbeter January 1, 2007 11:16 PM

I would like to know how i can buy it

Thank You,
Shirley Ledbetter


Wow, new comments almost a year after the review.

Samegame has been down already a couple of times during it's history. Currently we, ooPixel, are hardly thinking on moving to a new, more reliable, server.

Shirley, you mean buying Samegame? You mean some kind of a full version? It's totally free and there are no other versions :-) Well, only version that I've done anyway.

For anyone still coming back here to read these comments: I am working on another Samegame variant. I'm sure you will love it. A few new ideas to the old classic. However it's a subproject by side of ooPixel's real Flash game project (Waking Life) and all my school projects. Anyways, I am sure Jay (or someone else here) will review it when it's ready so just keep visiting Jayisgames and you'll catch it :-)

By the way, Samegame has still an average of over 2000 daily unique visitors. Quite awesome! And hiscores are somewhat, eh, impossible?

Slid Girl (from club penguin) September 22, 2007 12:04 PM

i am addicted to same game and same game hexagonized i've even gotten grounded from the computer because i'm supposed to be doing homework. i haven't made the high scores yet but i was 20 points off

Anonymous August 19, 2011 2:24 AM

4,356,880 my highest score ever 8-19-2011


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