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The Best Apps for Balancing Gaming and Academic Responsibilities

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Balancing gaming and academic responsibilities is one of the most popular questions that usually come up among parents and educators. As a rule, students also tend to explore the subject by seeking a golden medium that would allow them to manage both without damage to either one. Without a doubt, academic responsibilities should always come first because gaming is a matter of leisure and having fun. At the same time, no student will ever feel inspired to learn without feeling content and motivated by knowing that it is possible to allocate time to video games. Luckily, it is easy to balance both once you implement the following helpful mobile apps!

The Best Apps for Balancing Gaming and Academic Responsibilities


It is one of the best mobile apps that will help you keep track of all your educational and even gaming activities. When you need to save something fast or make a note when playing some game, it is second to none. It can store all types of information and export it to popular student and office apps. Now, when you are struggling with homework issues and need to finish things faster, the best solution would be to use Academized paired with EverNote as a way to stay in control and ensure that your homework tasks are always plagiarism-free and delivered on time. Remember that correct timing and discipline should always come first!

Dragon Dictation.

Another great solution for those who love to engage in various gaming activities and still living through an academic schedule. When your hands are busy, and you cannot just get down to writing, this app is a saving grace. It will automatically record your text or lecture notes by converting them into a suitable text format. It is a great time-saver that will help you through your gaming and academic responsibilities without any hassle. If you have not tried something like that in the past, you should definitely give it a try. Even for gaming purposes, you can record your ideas on the fly and capture important information or special game codes right away.

Khan Academy Kids App.

Speaking of the younger learners, this amazing app uses gamification, which means that you will still play a game as you scan through various subjects and discover all the interesting things. It is created by trained educators behind the self-titled platform, so you can cover the majority of the school curriculum and keep the youngsters away from the games. Even if they like arcade titles and prefer jumping and shooting bubbles at each other, there will be plenty of physics and chemistry concepts to keep them entertained for hours! It is ideal for educators who want to add more life to the educational curriculum and let the children play!

MyHomework Student Planner.

This app is an ideal solution for any student from middle school to university. It provides you with a simple calendar that you can access to set all the important alerts. Since you are able to track all the upcoming school deadlines, you won't feel chaotic when it comes to planning things ahead. This way, you can receive phone or email reminders that will help you to avoid trouble. Likewise, when you spend too much time playing games, you will be alerted of that and reminded of your homework duties by using a constant reminder.

Combining Gaming and Education

Even if you believe that it is not possible to combine both for academic purposes and to impress your teachers, you should think about the implementation of STEM subjects in a curriculum. As a student, you can discuss this subject and provide a presentation that tells about how video games help to improve the cognitive skills of a learner. If you need practical examples, you can explore the benefits of the Minecraft Education edition, which has taken classrooms all over the world by storm. It is one of many examples that you can present to your teacher. As an educator, you can use augmented reality tools that can assist in learning subjects like Chemistry, Physics, History, and even Political Sciences as complex concepts become interactive via gamification.

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