Humble Indie Scramble
Day 6

Humble Indie Scramble

ArtbegottiAfter nearly a week of giving away Humble Indie Bundles, we're finally starting to wind down the contest. We'll post the grand finale puzzle tomorrow, and we promise it will be significantly bigger than anything else significantly smaller than it. In the meantime, we've got another puzzle for you today. If you're just joining the Humble Indie Scramble party now, you can check here for a full explanation and a sample puzzle. As with every previous day, your goal is to split the anagram into three game titles that fit the three clues provided.

(Ahem.) ...That fit the three clues provided...

...Oh, right. Um... So as it turns out, we only have two clues today. We've still got three game titles mixed in the anagram, but you've only got two clues to work with. (Third one might've been thrown in the junk mail folder by accident.) Submit all three game titles for a chance to win a Humble Indie Bundle!


  • Game involving a forgetful elephant

  • Game in which you reproduce a piece of art

  • ??????

Think you know the answer? Send the three game titles to us, along with a statement that you are at least 13 years of age, to: [email protected] Only one entry per person per puzzle, please. Multiple entries will be disqualified. This contest is open to everyone 13 years of age or older, void where prohibited. The winner will be drawn at random from all correct entries received. You have only until tomorrow, December 31th at 06:00 PM (GMT -5:00), so hurry!

Update: Congratulations to Lavos! Your correct entry was chosen at random to receive a Humble Indie Bundle!

Answers to the riddle above:

Look for the Humble Indie Scramble Finale.


I bet if you've played the third game it's really obvious just from the letters...

I think I have the other two, but there are an awful lot of letters left...


Thank you archives. And it turned out that one of the games had more to the title than I thought! Looking forward to the big one tomorrow.


Getting tricky. I might know the first, and I had an idea for the second clue, but apparently I'm wrong because I don't have the letters I need.


I first thought: How on earth am I going to solve this.

Then I noticed the huge number of A's

That should be enough hints for you

I may be wrong, but I'm probably right.


Aha! Found the second one.


Figured out the second clue as well, and now I'm at a loss. I noticed the thing Decimae pointed out,

the truly absurd amount of A's,

which I considered more a point of extreme annoyance rather than a hint. Now I'm thinking it's probably something I've never heard of.


The huge amount of As made it pretty obvious to me. It's just obvious if you've played it before.


...Holy pie, I figured it out.


I didn't.

I got the first 2, but that ridiculous amount of As...
I even tried a different approach to the As and still... -.-


My gosh. I solved it <3


LOL. I've played the first 2 games, so it was easy for me. But the third one...well, thank you Archives.XD


The As gave it away for me. I just

searched for a bunch of As

and got it


Still haven't found the first one, which seemed like it would be easy to find with some searching...


Whoops! So sorry for the triple post :P I thought the clue said "eggplant" instead of "elephant". D'OH!


Oh yeah that game with the forgetful eggplant, that was a right hoot. ;)


Good Luck to everyone! <3


I swear there's an error in this one. Everything seems to match up except

There's an extra O in the anagram...

I swear I'm right, though, so I'm just going to bite the bullet and submit.

Oh, and Happy New Year! to all the staff at JIG and all who stay in this wonderful hotel of games.


First was easy, third was easy given the number of A's, second I remembered but forgot the name and subsequently found with a quick Google search.

But again, not entering because I already have it :P

RandomCommander December 31, 2010 5:30 PM

The huge number of A's for the third, and i played the second one before, now i just can't figure out the first! I don't like this...


Awesome, thanks guys!

One more reason this is my favorite site. =)


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