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Sonic Flash

The Sonic experience recreated in Flash by a fan who loves Sonic games. The game contains an extensive list of features including 4 playable characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream, with 2 more to unlock. Everything about this game is polished, though the game window is quite small.

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u r a wicked web site can u make more web sites and send me the adresses

i also love flash sonic it's really really good just like head games.i like the flash sonic cause it just has alot of impact and fun it's really great and another reason why i like it is because i love sonic!!!

the website is wicked

this site is wicked. I love playing all the different games and could you please inform me if you create anymore sites. thanks

In my opinion, the best Sonic Game created by non Sonic Team Staff.

too easy needs to be harder

I need cheats for this game it is a great game

do u have any cheats for ultimate flash sonic because i need some really bad

I need cheats for this game really bad

I am absolutely dumbfounded by this game. It's just superb. It looks to be just a pure Sonic game from back when the Genesis was the system to top during my younger years. Scary enough, things like this are now showing up on Nintendo-made handhelds; something I thought I'd never see happen. Next thing I know, my 10-year-old cousin will be trying to show me how to play the game. Now I feel old... I'm gonna go play more Sonic.

i love your games

hey, could i get the cheats for this game? it's so cool ^.^ i won't be able to stop playing for a while!

nice game, the part you kills bugs is the best!

the'LEAF GARDEN'or something was very easy, but how am i ever going to finish the'ICE whatever' with out the program shuts down automaticly?

It is just the gba version of sonic 2 put in flash...

You can't enter in cheats, you have to win them, by beating the game with certain characters.

I think that's how it goes, because after my brother beat the game with knuckles, he got a cheat to go behind objects (well, appear behind them)making it harder

Getting a cheat as terrible as that makes me think they're all just visual effects

Can you tell me codes?

this code unlocks everything in password

any cheats & passwords for ultimate flash sonic

How do you get Knuckles to climb stuff? o_O;;

There are 2 new characters in Ultimate Flash Sonic. They're names are Amy Rose and Shadow the Hedgehog. And you can listen to the jukebox when you press the pause button. The jukebox let's you listen to the songs in the game even Amy's ending song by "Team Rose" and yes for the Boss music too.

i need some cheats really badly

what do you do when it says ....... game cleared

are there more than 2 levels?

Loved it, really good remake of Sonic, with all the features I like (ie.Slow Acceleration instead of the rediculous fast one as seen in later iterations and Grinding)

Golden Gate Bridge

Does anyone know any passwords or cheats?

Are they're levels past Level 2 Boss?

I love sonic but I hate this game.There is not enough coins.zone 1 act 1 is harder than zone one act 1.The only thing thats good about it is using shadow

you only can activate cheats when you end the game with one or more characters


he didnt make this game, somebody else did, he just postet it here!!!!!!!!

how do u get knuckles to climb stuff

dude if u going to make a sonic game make it longer harder and most defently putt chaos emeralds in it. it makes it borring with out em. me ersonaly i beat every sonic game that has came out and out of all of em i liked shadow the hedgehog;, sonic adventure 2 battle:, sonic 2, sonic 3 and nuckles. there the gratest sonic games cuz there hard, long and had a lot of stuff to do in em, oh and cant forget sonic and nuckles putt together with sonic 3. well u did ok but make it better nexed time=)

i thought this game was too short took me like 30 mins not even to complete?!?!

Look.....the only way you can get cheats is to beat thr game with all the characters. You gain new characters by beating the game too, Amy Rose, Shadow The Hedgehog, and Super Sonic try it. Sign up on www.pokemoncrater.com to email me. My Pokemon Crater name is TDogg3, email me.:)

dudes someone already posted the cheat that works:595313131313131

How do you make Knuckles climb walls?

Hey I Know a password to get all characters

Its 595313131313131

how to get eggman and supersonic

can you play as super sonic??

that game is soo fun but there's only 2 levels :(

whats it ganna take for shadow todo chaos control

565111121 to get dark super sonic and super sonic can you add this cheat to ultimate flash sonic game

56533331111 to get dark super sonic and super sonic can you add this cheat code to the ultimate flash sonic game on sonicgame.info/ because my whole family wants to know if you can if you have time can you add it

the cheat to have dark sonic and super sonic and every1 else is 665874313

can anyone plz tell me how to get dark sonic in this game plz

TDogg3 can you add two more characters to ultimate flash sonic game and i mean dark super sonic and super sonic by adding this cheat 665874313

the only code that really works is

595313131313131 it unlocks amy and shadow not dark super sonic you idiots

to unlock everything the code is 595313131313131

noneof the codes work accept 595313131313131.any way every time i complete the game with a charcatre the cheat doesnt come up in the cheats menu

can knuckle climb and can can players do chaos control. :|

The only code that works is 595313131313131. If it is any other code but that it's a fake.

How do you make knuckles climb?

Hey i have seen this 1 b4... as i recall, sonic sucks, tails flies, knuckles climbs, and amy super-sucks. wtf? knuckles?

...If only this was even three zones...it WOULD be epic.

But it isn't. I've seen downloads with more work put in than this. 2/5 due to good potential, but wasted time. The reason it's 2 and not 3 is because I can't figure for the life of me how to actually get the characters' freaking special abilities to work...


ok guys theres no super dark sonic.
no super sonic
the two unlockable characters are amy and SHADOW
knuckles cannot climb only real special abilitys on this game is cream and tails flying
rated down because of the lack of knuckles gliding abilitys and his climbing
rated down because of lack of amys hammer abilities
rated down because if the lack of shadows chaos control ability
other than that this is a preety decent game
code to unlock everything including the five cheats which are as follow

1:sonic run 2
2:tails follow
4:big cheese

effects of cheats

1: makes sonic signature circular feet spinn-thing activate (only with sonic)
2:tails flys behind ur character the whole time (dosnt work with tails)
3:makes your character walk behind all background objects (i do not reccomend turning this on)
4:makes cheese (the chao) bigger (only works with cream
5:makes your character jump higher and makes running different

the code is:


also people
he is just showing us where a decent game is!
there is one extra unlockable which is:

the jukebox that makes it so when u pause the game u can change the music to whatever u like in the selection box

so yea this is completly accurate cause i completed the game not to long ago so if u get anything else up here (ie. codes info about super sonic and super dark sonic) it is wrong
thankyou and have a good day :P

Wow, I feel like JIG is getting spammed in these comments. If you have cheats/hints/spoilers

Use the spoiler tag, duh

I like it, Sonic was never that hard and this has some great nostalgia. The only problem with it being in flash like this is it's more vulnerable to lag and other effects that web browsers have.

Bravo to everybody who is dedicated to providing us with gaming nostalgia, whether it be through flash games like this, downloads and emulators (like DOSBox) or releasing a Sega Megadrive collection for the PS3 (who knew the 80s were so full of really bad fighter games?!).

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