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The Power

First released in 2008, The Power was a behemoth of a Metroidvania-like shooter for downloaders only. Now, The Power is back and available for your browser pleasure! Search, shoot, and upgrade your way through a massive world to discover the mysteries of The Power, and why it's so important to a strange planet.

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I made a map.

It is not super well made, and most of the power-ups are already taken. But it might help someone :)



I remember this game when it was downloadble, it's really great, highly recommended

Warning: if you save at the last save point and beat the game without having collected all the items, you cannot go back and get them. It was an interesting game, but not fun enough to play it again to see the "good" ending.

How do you beat the big frog throwing nails ?

Just found it using the hook :-)

I made a map.

It is not super well made, and most of the power-ups are already taken. But it might help someone :)



You have two weapons, right?

Where do I go after getting the mines? I found a boss, but I don't know how to defeat it

Not voting on this one

Seriously irritating game and stupid knock back

If I was to vote it would be 1/5 therefore I will not

so colorful!!

I'm stuck in the same place Ramoneur was. the only item I've got is the beam and the bombs that blow up the cracked bricks. Help?

Pretty fun! I got the good ending, didn't take me very long to beat. Was stuck a bit on the final boss fight. Here is a tip for anyone who is also stuck there:

Don't waste your time trying to dodge the attacks. Just stand in one place and fire your rocket as fast as you can at the enemy. You will kill them before they are able to get too many energy shots off at you and make it through all three levels relatively quickly. I must have tried five or six times to defeat them with dodging and running around and I just could not get past the second guy. I beat all three rounds the first time with this strategy.

Not as fun, I guess, but definitely effective!

I am also stuck with Ramoneur and Olivia Johnson.
My normal attack and the mine appear to do no damage to the second boss.

Also, some form of healthbar for the bosses would be nice. :/

Got it.

You need to place the mine on the ledge the frog-thing is on. Figure out the movement pattern and then drop the mine so it explodes when the frog-boss is on it.

Is there a way to gain a jump boost?

Thanks so much! :)

what do i do about the ninjas?

That's a nice feature for The Power :) about Jump boost you will get some stuff that will help you :)

About the Guards that looks like ninja when u shoot them they jump so they may shoot above u not hitting you so keep shooting missles and normal bullets and try not to move a lot and he shall die easily :)

Ok, I feel like I'm stuck - I've got the

missiles and the suit upgrade

but I seem to be blocked from progress by the yellow blocks - I either need a way to get past those or a jump upgrade in order to get further.

Any hints?

amidos2006, that's really not helpful. I asked where the jump boost was, as I cannot progress any further without it. The only place I can go is to the 3-stage boss.


Just pass the 3 stage boss and meet the king and he will give a grapple hook


at the forest area go to the right of the map and then start to go down for two levels and you will find yourself in water area from where you can continue

But... how do I get past the yellow blocks?


The part I told you about has no yellow blocks to block your way and when you finish it you will get a grapple hook which will make you pass through the second boss room and continue to fight a frog which will give u upgraded bullets which will destroy those yellow blocks

I'm down in the water levels, I can shoot yellow blocks now, but have no idea how to jump up onto the higher ledges. I have the grapple too, but can't stick it into the white blocks on the ceiling, and can't figure out how to use the bubbles to maybe help me get higher up. Help?

Never mind, found another boss man up top.

Finished game with 500 health and 100 missiles, assuming this is as much as can be gotten.

@amidos2006, I actually died faster that way. Anyone else have suggestions for the ninja guards?

past the ninjas, how about the giant frog thing that spits out worms?

I'm looking at the map and there are yellow blocks in the way of the water levels. How am I supposed to get there?
I just beat the King and got my grapple.

Terrible and repetitive music. Annoying game physics that pushes you back when you hit something. Enemies that respawn if you leave the screen, made even more annoying by the bad sprite mapping that causes you to leave the screen about an inch before you actually get to the edge, forcing you to have to kill all your enemies again. Not enough save points, especially near bosses, forcing you to have to go back and redo all the mind numbingly boring screens leading up to it. Over all, one of the worst games I have ever played.

Ok, so I solved my last problem -

I had to go talk to the king to get the grappling hook, and then go defeat the three-eyed frog to get the super blaster

Now I'm stuck in the water level

in the room past the big fish it seems like I need to grapple up to the top, but there are uncracked stones that prevent me grappling, so I'm stumped again.

Excellent game. One of the best here in a long time.

It's...okay. Has some serious problems. First of all, as has been mentioned before, there should always, ALWAYS be a save point IMMEDIATELY before a boss in this sort of game. ALWAYS. To do otherwise is only to create frustration, not fun. I can't believe this game was completely rewritten in a different language, four years after its initial release and they didn't think to fix that.

Second, there are a few specific rooms that are just way too annoying. Being pushed back a bit by enemy attacks is not a problem by itself. It is a problem, however, in a room where you have to make numerous precise jumps while also dodging the shots of an invulnerable enemy.

Third, for bosses such as the second one, the missle-shooting frog, there really should have been some kind of hint. Expecting a player to just try everything available is pretty unreasonable; people tend to try really convoluted ways to solve their problems before going through all the simpler ways, or sometimes even stubbornly stick to trying the same thing over and over without any prompting to do otherwise. Plus, the aforementioned boss didn't need to have a bunch of stupid trap enemies in the way of hurting it. Just figuring out how to hurt it was enough challenge without having to duck around those things, especially for the second boss in the entire game.

so, worm-spitting boss, anyone? I've figured out that you can

use the mines on the worms

but that doesn't seem to really help at all

Frog (4th) Boss:

Don't bother mining the worms if they are in a tight cluster, as they will just respawn if there are less than 3. However, if they are spread out it will be hard to do damage to the boss. Try to distance yourself away from them and grapple hook the frog's eye when his mouth is closed.

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