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The Fancy Pants Adventure

The Fancy Pants Adventure is an gorgeously animated platform adventure game created by Brad Borne. You play a hip, hand-drawn character who, as one might have guessed, wears a very fancy pair of pants. Run and jump around levels in this beautiful and enaging Flash game.

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really really good. reminds me a little of elastomania

Very nice, I love the dynamic hair animation. =]

This game looks way better in action than that screenshot makes it appear .. it would help if you cropped it a bit and zoomed in.

that was so fun, love the anamation & gameplay. the boss was also fun!! hope the sequel comes soon!!!!

I dont know why this happens but when I get a game over and I try to go back to Start Game, the world crashes and all I hear is music playing when he dies. I have to wait until he kills himself three times before I can go back to the menu. Then I have to go to select level.

Does this happen with anybody else or is it just my computer being weird?

I love that you can change the color of his fancy pants! This is such an addicting game.

Just a word of caution...every time I've played this game it has sucked up enormous amounts of ram and ended up crashing my browser (firefox 1.5)and freezing up my computer for 3-4 minutes. The level is fine...the problems seem to happen in the menu hallway or one of the rooms you can access from there. It may just be me but I thought I'd let people know.

Im using Firefox and had no issues *shrug. I had the same issue with re-entering the game (this time after beating the world) and it just being blank and the playing the death music.

Great game, very fluid and humoruous :)

I don't know if this is how the game is supposed to be, but judging from the screenshot, you are supposed to be able to see where you are going? When I play it, I can't see the land at all. It just looks like he's running on an invisible barrier. Understandably, this makes for difficult, while interesting, game play. It isn't supposed to be like that, correct? Perhaps it is my computer...

Also, the door that can be seen in the screen shot (if I am to assume correctly that that is on level 1...) doesn't go anywhere. Should it? All he does is open it, then close it.

Wondergirl, the same thing happens to me : (

After beating the game, and going through the Start Game door, I come out in a world where Fancy Pants Man dies before doing anything.

And Dana, the door should have him appear a short ways up from the door.

Wow! This is the best flash "run and jump" game I've ever seen! Very impressive, despite the technical flaws mentioned by others. :)X

Man... those are some fancy pants.

This is a really great game and I absolutely love how the character is animated. That said, however, I've also had the problem of getting massive (Firefox spiking to over 300 MB of memory usage) memory leaks. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon (or maybe it already has?) because this is such an awesome game.

Update yer Flash, guys. It helps. Really.

Remideds me of N

Me too, dannthemann. The folks who made N have a detailed explanation of their physics engine online ... maybe Borne has read it!

I played this game a week or two ago. Had lots of fun with it. Nice mechanics and a good sense of play. I like the secrets and extras he's built into the game. He's also left hints as to stuff he'll be puting into future versions.

I also had slowness/crashing problems. I think it stems from how the game tries to open new windows. Firefox tries to prevent it, they fight. It isn't pretty. I'll try upgrading Flash.

The Best Game In The World !!! I Wait For World 2 !!! This Game Is Amazing !!!

This game is seriously fantastic. The addition of the pants (and hair)were a great design idea. The animation was excellent, particularly the reverse-jump. There were loads of other nice touches, such as the ability to bang your head.

This game has everything.
One of the greatest ever.

Wow, very nice game, but in the, say, 20 minutes I played it,, it had sucked up about 440 megabytes of ram, and left me unable to close my browser, had to go into taskmanager and shoot it down manually.

But it is a price I am willing to pay for such an amazing game.


This game is fun but, as others have said, has a HUGE memory leak in it. Fancy Pants did not just eat up the RAM, it started to eat into page file. I have 256 MB of RAM and the page file expanded to about 750 MB -- which explains why my hard drive was showing so much activity.

Besides that particular bug, it is a great game!

Does Brad have a Website?

I couldn't get far in the game because it kept shutting itself down (firefox). But the animation is adorable!

Brad has not a website his nickname is DrNeroCF and this game is the best the new versions and the coming World 2 will be here first at www.armorgames.com here find you the newest about The Fancy Pants Adventure here or Brad(DrNeroCF) makes his website!!!

This game originally started out in armorgames.com, thats where I was playing it for a week before Jay had it.

I have all the trophies and the wall jump power (get it from the cardboard box thing) and THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!

This game is really great even if it's not done yet. I was looking around to see if I wasnt the only one having issues with this game and RAM and this seems to be the only site where people are complaining about it. I had the same thing where the game was gradually using up more and more RAM until Firefox froze up completely. So I installed the latest version of Flash and it seemed to help, but not fix the problem. It slowed the RAM problem down enough to let me finish the level. But then it froze after returning to the menu. Those of you not having problems are very, VERY lucky buggers.

I'm having ram problems too. Very annoying. downloading the file and running it directly from flash player helped but did not fix the problem. Before I upgraded flash it didn't show the walls or doors too. Definately some stuff the author should have fixed. But the game itself was AWESOME!

I LOVE it!My favorite part was when you had to earn the wall jumping.
"Oh and by,the way,you have to earn it,sooo....RUN(mwahaha)

Help! Have read the great reviews and am really wanting to play the game but when I click on the link a white page opens and then nothing more. . . . am I not being patient enough? or is there something else I can do. I have the latest version of Flash

I love this! You are so right about this being like the original Sonic (I LOVED the original sonic). I could play this all day if there were more levels.

The first play went well on the computer, but second starting getting stuck. I would buy this game.

how do you get that middle trophy?

Love this game! Reducing the quality helped the freezing a little.. but it was still a problem at times.

Also.. how do you beat the angry penguin?

great game!!i love the music particularly!

how do you get past the bit where you have to jump onto the moving walls?my jump is never quite high enough.

I believe you get it in the sublevel where you have to jump your way up over all those spiders. Unfortunately I keep dying there as I don't seem to be able to get over the ca. 4th spider.

Yes, the penguin is kind of frustrating. I only figured it out by luck.

There is no escape or secret weapon. The only way I found is to get the penguin stuck and then jump on it. Think of a bull and his horns . . .

This is awesome. the stripped-down graphics offsetting the great animation and physics make a really cool combination. I love the music too, something about it made me laugh.

I noticed there's no website/contact info for this Brad Borne. Any word on a timetable for new levels coming out?

While I'm not sure of a timetable, I do know that Brad is working on FPA: World 2. Here is a snippet from a recent email exchange...

"One thing that wasn't in the review, though...anything in particular that you'd like to see for FPA: World 2? There'll be a real wall jump this time around, as well as a few other moves that I'm experimenting with. I also have a few guest artists doing levels to diversify the environment a bit. Any requests?"

Here's your chance to let him know what you'd like to see! =)

So.. How many Swirls are there? As far as I remmeber last time I played I found 232. Maybe 231. I dunno.

You beat the penguin by going next to the wall and jumping juts before he gets to you. Then you have to jump on him again. You gotta do this 3 times. It took for ever to figure that out. Great game, love it.

Also, on the first time you play the game, you can enter the bag in level 1. But aftar the first time you cannot enter the bag anymore, you'll have to reset.

hey can't get it to load up yet but i will try it

Where is the last trophy?

The last trophy is at a door under the ground in level 3. Some n00bs think it's a bug that you fall under the ground but it's not.

great game, but how do you get past the bit with the moving walls, you know, in the hole. i can never jump quite high enough.

i love this game! and you were right, criftus, those are some REAL fancy pants! i won the game! i even got all the trophies! i can also do the wall spring thingy-ma-bob! it is SOOOOOOO cool! i even know the maker of this! he is so awsome! i haven't told anybody this but i'll tell you guys.......i got to world2!!!!! isn't that awsome!!!!!!! 1 more thing..... exclamation points rule!!!!!

Guess what I found!??! You know how the maker's name is BRAD Borne? Well on the 1st level, you know where those little platforms connected by chains are? After that, run a little ways where the guy can run around those loop-d-loop things. On the one after the chained platforms, if you look in the ground on it, it says BRAD!!!! isn't that SOOOOO cool!?!?! i love this game. I play it EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE now!!!! One more thing, as i said before....exclamation points rule!!!

Dancer320- Uhh, How did you get to World 2? I'm jealous. lol.
Jay- I already asked this, but I forgot where I posted the question- Would you please post Treasure Box 2? I can;t find it on the creator's website, and I can't find it here. Thanks ^^.

"Here's your chance to let him know what you'd like to see! =)"

I'd like to see it with a stimunation logo at the start :)

How do you get past the fourth spider to get the middle trophy?

After you jump on a spider you bounce into the air. While in the air push and hold the jump button, so you are holding the jump button and land on the next spider. By doing this, you will be bounce higher into the air and can then land on that forth spider. I did this through all the spiders to make it easier.

I dont know how to do the wall thigy where you have to jump the wall when all that like, oil is pouring out. And I also dont know how to beat the penguin some-one who knows how emial me at xoxo-lesya-xoxo@hotmail.com and tell me how to do those two things

Put in the subject: "Fancy Pants Codes"

hey, shaggy...i tried doing what you said and it wouldn't work for me...please helpme...the middle trophy is the only one i need!!!

If anyone was wondering how to get past the fourth spider, you simply press "s" (jump) as you hit the third spider. This gives you a boost. Its as simple as that./

yo my name is kyle when i first played fancy pants adventure i thought it sucked but when i actually played it i was having soooo much fun i hope you make world 2 and 3 of fancy pants adventures well thats all

how do you get onto world 2 because i have finished world 1?

How to fix the memory leak?
It keeps freezing in the middle of the game.
I hope the author can fix this problem.

Does anybody have a link for the creator Brad Borne?

How do you unlock the characters in Fancy Pants 1? And when is Fancy Pants 2 going to be available? I would like to know.

Are there going to be any new characters in Fancy Pants 2?

I like chocolate milk!

Are there any cheats in fancy pants one? Are there any cheats in fancy pants two? I would like to know where all the trophies are.

one of the online games i've ever played!!!

The dude is cool. Nice hair, especially nice pants. The way he jumps and can flip, tuck and roll has an excellent touch too. But I think there's something wrong with the game or the way it runs of my computer. I can't see the ground. (that makes it challenging but sometimes disturbing) And I go to this door, I open it, I enter and see a room with another door, and I open the door and enter, I get dejavu.

Besides the fact that I can't even complete the first level and I am ground seeing challenged, the game is pretty fun.

Rachel - try installing the latest Flash Player. That may help with the ground issue. =)

Wow! This is cool, I'm going to post this on my blog too. Thanks Jay!

Is The Fancy Pants Adventure 2 out yet? Is it going to come out?

I am so addicted to this game, I must say... I've played it and beat it a million times but I still can't get enough of it! That dood has some nice pants... I always draw him on my computer just because he's such a hott cartoon. Hahaha. I can't wait till the next Fancy Pants game comes!!!!! When is it coming out excactly?
I <3 Brad

I kow how to change the color of the pants. :p

go to the options through main menu and it says color, hit them by jumping.

i think you should make it download quicker thank you

The best game ever! I love Mr. Fancy Pants! I need pants the sequel to live! Also, I think it would be cool to maybe have a timed level where you have to get through as fast as possible and maybe a level where you have to kill all the enimies or get all the swirlys to pass. Also, he should be able to front flip as well as back flip. ;)

man this game is so cool.I had no problems at all and I dont know why.I NEED to know when the next one is coming ^-^

To get to the middle trophie, on the last level there will be a hill with 2 spiders on it. under neath the ledge there will be a hole in the ground with a door at a bottom of a trail. don't worry you'll be able to notice the outline of the door.

Good Luck!

Um...I can't get into the cardboard box. I've tried running into it, jmping into it, and jumping into it backwards. Is it my computer or am I so stupid I don't see something?

really kool, i want that hairstyle. animation fits my style, like the fancy pants worn by the flippy, jumpy acrobatic stick figure keep up the good work!!

reply post to joey: i know how to change pants color too. u go to options in main menu and hit ur head on the color arrow buttons that say color. its rul, rul neat!!red green and blue

Really, anybody, how do I get into the carboard box?

I like this game but i dnt know how to get onto world 2!

The game is sweet! I love it the guy is awesome too! I beat world 1 like 50 million times. I cant wait tilll world 2 comes out. Does anyone know when it is coming out? If they do write back! I experianced no flaws exept when I beat the game i hit the start game door and I die every time so i just pick a level!

great game

I've seen so many people ask about World 2 for Fancy Pants, and I have seen NO replies. I want to know, too, so I'll ask again; has World 2 come out yet?

And I've seen someone post that they got to World 2 on here, so it MUST exist.

Fishy to get into the cardboard box:

stand in front of it and jump.

lol, yeah it is a good game.
But do you know the part after world 1?
Like you keep dyin'!

Do you have all the badges?
I have all of them.
Lol, there is one in each level.
If you know how to beat the 2nd world...
Tell me

But if you don't know...
Thanks alot...

Do you know why I am talking like this...
Like not using "U" for "you"
Because whatever... You know at the beggining!

This is a beautiful little game.

fancy pants is a cool game but i never know how to get to world 2. thats the downside to this game it has no instructions.

Hey guys, nice to see you guys are still playing the game. Flash 9 should actually fix that memory leak, it's a problem with how Flash 8 handles giant movie clips, Flash 7 doesn't do it, it's not anything I'm forgetting to clean up. Just get the Flash 9 plugin and you should be fine.

In case it's not clear... World 2 is not in this build, it's going to be a separate release, episodic content and whatnot.

So then, what's up with World 2? Glad to say I've been able to start working on it again over the holiday, and I can guarantee that it's much more than a few more levels, it's the game that I really wanted to make the first time around. I'm thinking of releasing a demo sometime soon if anyone really wants to see what's new and how it's coming along. Feel free to send me an email if you have any suggestions or comments.

Greeeat Game!!! Love it! Just waiting for world 2:D
Brad Bourne, can you tell me when you think you are done with world 2 or when yu release a demo? best game ever,,:

FPA World 1 is definetly the best flash game I have ever played. I think a lot of people are waiting for World 2, so please Brad Born, pimp our game!

How can we email Brad Borne?

Also, where is the last trophy?

The game won't work for me. After it has finished loading, the screen becomes black and if I click the window, it links to the Armor Games hosted Fancy Pants Adventure page. I remember that one time (long ago) This game worked, but I kept dying on the wall-jump part, so I quit it. I have Flash Player 9 installed on my computer.

when i was trying to go to world two i saw something at the right! and i think it was fancy pants it looked like he was flying

I always get to the angry penguin and then i lose, how can i get past him?

Who's having all the problems? Game works fine on my computer... anyway Im eagerly awaiting Fancy Pants 2. How many will there be? I can't wait until it comes out. Today I finally beat world one in, oh, about um TWENTY MINUTES! Probably cause I didn't look around or anything. But anyway, to all who are having problems what are you running? And to whoever's having trouble with the penguin you stay at the wall and jump right as hes about to hit you. Then jump on his back. He falls off the wall and charges again. I guess you have to do this three times, I wasn't counting.

wondergirl the same thing happens to me i keep dying in the air

sweet game, i appreciate that you are making #2, but i cant wait any more!!!!!!!! (i know all the secrets)

Hey brad, thanks for bringing us fancy pants. this game rocks...

UG!!! The penguin keeps killing me.

"comming soon to a cinema near you... he's fought spiders, grumpy penguins, and a mysterious black substance that fills a tall, tall room... he's collected many, many trophies... armed only with only an awsome hairstyle, a wall jump ability and some very, very fancy pants, he must once again... beat the boss...

the FAAANCY PAAANTS AAADVENTURE! (part 2.) coming soon to a games developer near you. note: coming soon may also mean we don't know when its coming out. hope that it is, or be doomed..."

he would so rule in a movie :)

i really want to know when fpw2 comes out:(

fancy pant rulez:D

this game is kool!

awesome game. when is fancy pants 2 comin out? boss was a little easy. great menus.

Oh boy, I wonder when FP2 will come out. I think its cool that Brad himself posted here and told us how its coming. More levels would be GREAT, I don't explore my games much.

however my friend does... he took twenty minuites to explore a stinkin' parking lot on a game that I made for no reason... anyway thats off topic.

How many secrets are there in the game? and does anyone have a map of the level? How on earth do you get past the oily room thingy? As you can see, I have a lot of Q's and I NEED A's.

great game!

when is no. 2 coming out? i cant wait!

There's a demo for world 2

The demo for world 2 is at

http://www.armorgames.com/fpa2demo_popup.html . The cool part is thet if you make it through the first level, you see a level-in-the-making! The background is gray and the terrain is only half-done. And there's no music, the background in level 1 flickers, and he looks bald sometimes.
But there's slammin' new abilities, like

wall gripping, you can hang onto a wall momentarily so that you can get higer, and you can hang from platforms and crawl on the underside of them. Totally cool!

I can't wait for it to come out!

For anyone still wondering, it will be released sometime in the summer of 07, at least, that's what i heard. But i didn't say anything.;)

this game is so awesome!!!! I played it like 2000 times before I could bring my self to turn it off!! Brad Borne please make more!! I beg you!! thnx

hey wheres the last trophy?

nothing but WOW


I checked out the world 2 demo, it looks so cool. The character is easy to control and the levels are stunning. I'm surprised at how proffesinal this game is. Most games I've been playing on Internet sites are just little arcade games that really don't have any stile. I wish World 2 would come out soon. Do you know how many worlds there are going to be. Oh, and on more thing, his pants are very fancy.
A big fan,

this is a message to stuck.
He posted: Where is the last trophey.

I forgot where i got it but I'm pretty sure it's in level 3. Past the trees there is some steps with 3 health under it. There is actully a hole in the ground under there. Go to the end, and you will fall. There is a faded door in the ground. Walk in.


Anyone! How to pass the oily room??? Please!!! It keeps killing me!

he he he... there is a secret room filled with spiral things on level 1.

The best online game ever!
Rate: *****

This game is fantastic! Great background, basically everything said up there...

Really this game is so cool and #2 demo is sick it is so awesome his pants really got fancier

This is the best online adventure/platformer I have ever played. Seriously. The original one got my attention, and the world 2 demo, made me begging for more. I can't wait to see what else will happen in world 2, what boss will be at the end of the world, and what new abilities Fancy Pants gets. It would be cool if he got a new method of defeating enemies, like punching, or even a weapon, but that might not fit in with the atmosphere. If it's possible, though, I'd like to see that. Can't wait till world 2 is released!

how do you kill the angry penguin?

WHOO this game is fun. Lol, and the penguin should be his partner in crime. -.- YAY!

This game rocks

and I think I should marry Fancy Pants Man even though I am a guy

This game is friggin awesome! i can't wait for fpa 2!

Will there be a boss for Wld #2? Make it better :D

I think there should be a special apearance of the line rider in the sequel of the game. Great game dude, keep it up!

Nice Game though but I wish the creator made more monsters in the world2 Demo

use wall jump when fighting the angry penguin

how do you get pasted the forth spider in the third trophy room???? But besides that this is the frikin greates game EVER!!!!!

i just started playing, and can't get out of the room with the bees. i ride two of them up, but can't get past that. can anyone give me some help?

How the heck do u get the black pants? DESPREATE I'm in a bet, Who can get black pants 1st SOS

The game is pretty fun, but I really can't stand the music.

Best game ever since Monkey Island series..!! I love it - completed W1 and currently in level 5 of W2. Hope to see W3 soon or a movie, maybe?? Can we buy this game? Anyone?

Awesome game. I've completed both of the Worlds (actually I completed World 2 first, because I'm weird) and I love it. The graphics are fantastic, the game play is good and ir reminds me so much of Sonic and Mario games.

Congratulations to Brad on making a game that has made so many people happy.

Is the last trophie in level 3? I can't find it :(

nevermind, I found it :D

The Black pants are easy. just kick it REALLY high up.

I cant find the goal for the purple pants.

Where is the fourth trophy on world 1??? i cant find it!!!!!

Where is the first trophy?

i cant figure out how to get the black pants on the level with the cannon can someone help?

i also can't get black pants help me plz

how do you get the snail to the top on level 3 !?!?

How do you get past the spiders where you have to jump on the platforms? i can only get to the third!!!

Can anyone tell me how to get the Kit Trophy???

How do u get the third ttrophy?? its freakin hard

does anyone know how to get up oiled walls in fancy pants number 2?

i need major help on fiding the rocky trophy i found the others and i am desprate plz reply

How do you get the third trophy? the middle one?

"Does anybody have a link for the creator Brad Borne?"

Anyone wondering if Fancy Pants came out yet, it did, and the link is in the door in the main screen that says Hey! and there should be a spring you jump on. There also may be a trophy that links to his site. Hit the button for that trophy in the trophy room twice. It should take you to the site...

how do u kill the evil rabbit in world 2?

how to get the black pants

you kick the snail from the top of the hill on the straight bit of floating disk things, then you kick it to the right side and it should land on the top oil slick. Finally, you simply shoot yourself to the oil slick making sure you don't fall off it and kick the snail to the top to get the black pants.

When is The Fancy Pants Adventures World 3 coming out, when he has to rescue princess from Bowser? And if you're wondering, I did like the videos for Mario World, shame I missed it. That's why I'm very retro like that.

where is the fifth trophy?
please! it's the last one i need.

got it, nvm.
also, what's this "black pants" your talking about? is it in 2?

What did penguin ever do to Fancy Pants Man?

How do you get past the Big Rabbit?

i love this game!!! i got the trophies from world 1 and i think the graphics and all of the things in here are great. here's the site of the fancy pants world 2:


If you hit the spacebar, then a screen that pauses the game comes up. If you click the "m" key after that you can get to the main menu without trying to kill Fancy a lot of times.

Is there really no way to turn the sound off?

No matter what, this is an ultimate fail

I can't get past the penguin - how do you defeat him or get out???
Someone help me out, I really want to get past this level!!!

I've beaten this a million times! Here's how to beat it.

Go to start game, press "s" to use your "pencil club" (a golf club, but a penil instead). Keep kicking the shell and read the signs (they do help, I PROMISE!).Get the shell into the hole. After that, you go to the platform above you. A guy (the mayor of squggleville) will jump down. He gives you ice cream, and Fancy Pants Man will snatch it and raise it above his head. A message appears, and it says, "Ice Cream Get!!!". The mayor thinks, "Why do they always do that?". An angry rabbit steals your ice cream. Jump in hole, and your adventure begins.

whoops that was for world 2 now need world 1? i can show you 4 penguin that Fancy Pants Man ticked off.

1.-jump his attacks.2.jump on him when he is stuck in wall.WARNING!!!!=don't try and normally jump him like the spiders. jump off the wall and don't die.3. you can't get out.okay?

Please someone tell me how to get on the super high branch in trophy place #2 in fancy pants adventures world 2!!!

Hi all. Love this game. Played it a few times as I scored 231, but I have seen a couple of sites where the score is 232 swirls. Is there a hidden one I'm not getting? Most high scores I've seen are 231, but it looks like 232 is possible. I've searched pretty well, too!. Any help of debate about the amount of swirls you can find and advice for 232?

Happy gaming all.

The game is cool.the new levels are awsome but im stuck on the 1 with the secret door which inside at the end has a man drinking beer. i need secrets because otherwise i never get my ice creamy bak. :[.(this is about fancy pants 2)

Hae you already found the wall-jump secret? its in a brown box in level 2 i think, but hiden pretty good

May someone please tell me how to defeat the penguin? I'm having trouble. Thanks!

I think world 2 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!*****

To get the last trophy:

In Level 3, after running past the trees, you should see a rock on the ground, 2 thin platforms, and a floating rock. Run past the rock on the ground, but don't jump on the platforms. Beneath the platforms, hidden in the grass, is a hole. Fall into the hole to an underground door. Open the door, then complete the "puzzle" in the room to get the trophy.

Hope that helps! :)

if you use safari there is no RAM problem!

I encountered a glitch in the first level. when i enter the door to the first trophy, i teleport back to the beginning of the level. it hasn't happened to me before, and no videos i've found have shown people running into this problem. WTPF?

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