Super Dress Up!
Morgan Freeman

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Hold on to your socks, although they're probably about to be rocked right off anyway. Super Dress Up Morgan Freeman is here to bring rays of sunshine into your dreary life and forever ruin gaming for you. Because everything that comes after this is going to seem just a little bit worse in comparison to this sterling example of manly perfection.

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What the heck XD it's so funny I'm actually going to play it

Patreon VIP Chiktionary January 12, 2010 7:41 PM


that was fun.

Morgan Freeman's a stylish dude.


I hope this is a joke...


Where is Mr. Freeman's nipples?


Oh O honestly hope therel ever be a game like this one aver again! I mean Freeman? REALLY?

actually it was ok! :D


Wow, I feel like I walked in on someone. That is some kinda fantasy there.

nerdypants January 12, 2010 8:37 PM

This is the best thing I've ever seen.


I'm with Jon... I hope this is a joke.

One of the reasons i have always visited this site is because of its high quality games, and this is just.... x_x


That is possibly the best thing ever. Except there are no socks, which makes it slightly strange when the shoes and pants don't cover up his feet completely.


This is the best thing ever.


Mr Freeman has brought light and joy to so many.

Now you can repay the favour.

With a sparkly vest.


atomic1fire January 12, 2010 9:15 PM

5+ for pimp cane


This reminds me of the kiss dolls I used to make/play with when the internet was free.

Very cool :D

I just wish there was more to the doll...


Misread that as Gordon Freeman at first, heh.


Why the sparkles?! Dx
But this truly is amazing, I got quite the kick out of it.

Martlin Silverkin January 12, 2010 10:05 PM

Truly an amazing game that will astound Players for centuries to come....I can't wait for the consle port!(On a note of serious-ness this is a pretty funny review)


I'm confused. I thought I was under the impression that I clicked on the "Jay is Games" link in my Bookmarks Toolbar. Guess I misclicked.

...Hmm. Strange... It's showing the same page.


I dunno what's best: The fact that this game exists, the fact that JiG is hosting it, or the fact that half of the review has been shoved aside by a giant freaking image of a very sparkly Morgan Freeman.


If the rest of JiG is the first level of heaven, then this game is the 31st. Thank you for this Jerrad. You will forever be my hero. XD

jasonz777z January 12, 2010 10:22 PM

MORGAN FREEMAN? Why does it sound so much like GORDON Freeman from HL2?


I think you should be asking why Gordon Freeman sounds so much like Morgan Freeman, Jason. COINCIDENCE?! ( )

I'm glad to see people have such good taste. Otherwise I would have had to quit the community.

I mean, I kind of have to anyway. How am I supposed to top this? It's like a dwarven masterwork, there's just nothing better that could possibly come after. Now's as good a time as any to announce my retirement from the JiG Staff. I'm going to return to my native Canada, where I'll serve as a wilderness guide and critique snowshoeing technique.

And every now and again, when I'm alone on those dark nights, and the dogsled pack has fallen silent, the wind will call...


And a single tear will roll down my cheek.


One word: spectacular.




Strong contender for 2010's game of the year? I think so.


This event makes my brain hurt. Is JayIsGames starved for attention, going utterly mad (in a different way than before), or is this some massive, subtle, triple-layered joke?

I now mumble "confusion, angst, haha, quality, gibberish, serious business, refund, snakes" under my breath.

What if "what if"?

What pumpkin?


With a grain of salt people.

I'm waiting for the Danny de Vito version ... and a pony.

PS - good to see our illustrious reviewers have a sense of humour.

"Why so serious?"

waycooler January 13, 2010 3:26 AM

Hahaha I think that I have to admit, half of me constantly coming to this site is the great reviews of great games, the other half of me comes here for the occasional hilarious review of a hilarious (or serious) game. The third half of me will now be coming here for the possibility of a sequel to this game.

I wonder if what happened to YHTBTR will happen here... Which reminds me, I can't beat level 2 on this. Can anybody help?


Super Dress Up! Morgan Freeman Walkthrough


Begin the game. (Can't take that for granted.)


First, _quickly_ give Mr. Freeman some pants and a top (any will do), so nobody will give you weird looks should they look over your shoulder.


Now, replace the clothing you added in step 2 with items of your own choosing. Optionally, add a vest and/or shoes.


If desired, accessorize. If not desired, accessorize anyway. Morgan wants some bling.


If you gave him something to hold in step 4, remove it and replace it with the pimp cane. Aw yeah.


Take a screenshot of your finished creation and share it with us!


Burn the rope.


want more clothes for him


Come on, guys. "Grrr, this game is so dumb why is JiG reviewing it I'm going to stop coming here"? You are visiting a site. That reviews games. Simply put, you are here to have fun. If your game reviews have to be 100% serious, there's something wrong!


Possibly a childish attempt to denigrate a respectable actor? Morgan Freeman is so widely considered a good actor is has become a nationwide joke.

The art was nice.

[Edit: No denigration here, just good humor and fun. We have much respect for Mr. Freeman. -Jay]


WONDERFUL! I wish it had a full screen mode, though, so I could see my creation in better detail!

Also, I find all the commenters apparently missing out on the sheer silliness and joy of this game review absolutely hilarious! Lighten up and have with it, folks! It's Morgan Freeman!


Dear Jamal,



Seriously, if I could have Morgan Freeman follow me everywhere and narrate my life in those soothing tones, I totally would. He's a fantastic actor (who occasionally appears in bad movies DREAMCATCHER I AM LOOKING AT YOU). I love my husband and you should see how relentlessly I make fun of HIM.

I can promise you, will all honesty, this was only made with the utmost of affection, and with only good-hearted teasing behind it.

Besides, if Mr Freeman does not have sparkly clothes in his wardrobe I would be VERY surprised. And a little disappointed.


All right, now all we need is William H. Macy dress up game, and then we're golden.


YESSS! At long last, all of my secret hopes and dreams have been fulfilled! *sniffle sniffle* Finally, I can rest easy knowing that there is a Morgan Freeman dress-up game. And not just a dress-up game, but a SUPER dress-up game.

Ok, seriously now. That was one of the funniest reviews in quite a while.

My favorite part of the game is where you

Charge your big effing laser.

However, I am thoroughly dumbfounded as to how you get rid of

that rope with the chandelier hanging from it.

Any suggestions?



chaos duck January 14, 2010 2:31 AM

What, no walkthroughs yet? :D

Katherine January 14, 2010 5:50 AM

uh... well at least dress up games aren't just "4gurlz" now.


Super Dress Up! Morgan Freeman Walkthrough Pt. 2

Item Stat Bonuses:
HP = Max Health Capacity
MP = Max Mana Capacity
STR = Strength
AGI = Agility
DEF = Defence
CHR = Charisma ( Increases chance that enemies will join your party, Lowers Mercenary cost)
LCK = Luck (Increases Crit chance)
ACC = Accuracy (Total ACC equals Base ACC + AGI)
EVA = Evasion (Total EVA equals Base EVA + AGI)


Blue Jeans: STR+5, DEF+5, AGI-5, Water resist +5
Khaki Pants: AGI+5, Ground resist +5
Black Slacks: CHR+10, DEF-5, Fire resist +5
White Slacks: CHR+10, ATK-5, Ice resist +5
Black Pants Lv. 2: AGI +3, ATK +3, DEF +3, CHR +6


White Vest: CHR+5, MP +10%
Black Sparkly Vest: CHR +5, HP +10%
Tan Shirt: Ground resist +10
Rose Shirt: Fire resist +5, Ground resist +5
Black Shirt: Fire resist +10
White Shirt: Ice resist +10
Red Shirt: Fire resist + 15, Ice resist -5
White Shirt Lv. 2: Ice resist +20
Black Shirt Lv. 2: Fire resist +20
Brown Turtleneck: Ground resist +20
Tan Suit: Ground resist +10
Brown Suit: Ground resist +10
Black Suit: Fire resist +10
White Suit: Ice resist +10
Black Leather Suit: Fire resist + 10, Ice resist +10, Ground resist +10, CHR +10


Black Sneaks: AGI +10, CHR +5
Black Shoes: CHR +10
Brown Loafers: Ground resist +5, CHR +5
Black Loafers: Fire resist +5, CHR +5
White Loafers: Ice resist +5, CHR +5
Brown Boots: DEF +15, AGI -5


Black Tie: CHR +10
White Tie: CHR +10
Black Bow Tie: CHR +15, Ice resist -5
White Bow Tie: CHR +15, Ice resist -5
Tan Scarf: Ground resist +10, CHR +10
White Scarf : Ice resist +10, CHR +10


Watch Lv. 1: MP +20
Watch Lv. 2: MP +40
Pipe: CHR +10, HP -20
Gold Chain: CHR +10, LCK +5
Bible: HP +50, MP +50, HP regen +2, MP regen +2
Shades: CHR + 10, ACC -10, EVA -10
Shiny Shades: CHR + 20, ACC-15, EVA -15
White Gloves: Ice resist +10
Black Gloves: Fire resist +10
Fedora: CHR+15, LCK +10
Black Suspenders: CHR -10, DEF +5, AGI +5
Brown Suspenders: CHR -10, DEF +5, AGi +5
"Pimp Cane": CHR +30, ATK +5

Tip: Raise any stat to max to unlock Shoop-Da-Woop Mask, which raises all of your stats to OVER 9,000!!!
Good Luck!


The walkthroughs for this game are amazing...

I also love that there are in-game hints.



Walkthrough 2 is awesome. Check out the max agility suit - khakis, sneakers and suspenders.

I love this. And I really wish you *could* unlock more stuff by playing around with it.


wow this is the funniest game ever! kinda confused on wher the chain goes, tho... not a necklace and not a wallet chain.... i feel so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaah! one of the best games ive played in quite some time. love this site!


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