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It may look sweet and simple, but don't let it fool you, because this Sokoban-style puzzle game is going to tie your brain into knots. All you have to do is slide crates onto spots marked with an X, but with thirty stages, each more tidily and cleverly designed than the last, Sokoboom proves it has what it takes to keep you challenged.

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I can't even get past level 5. I'm disappointed in myself.

Level 5 Solution

Move your character as follows

H h h, I got the 5 but I'm blocked level 6.
This game is very hard!

Any hints on level 9? I'm normally pretty good at these, but got stuck early on in this one.

Never mind.. POP, got 9.

Super stuck on level 25.

Here's a little hint for 25

If we number the target spots left to right 1 and 2 on the top and 3, 4, 5 on the second row. Then I got the blocks into the final spots in the order 1 3 4 5 2
At least I hope that's a bit of help without just giving the solution

Sorry lbluething, still not seeing it. Thanks for the hint though. I'll eventually get it.

I'm curious. How do you do guyz to go up to 25?

Still can't get 25. Can you expand on your hint please lbluething?

5 stars ... can't get past 10 though.

POP.. got 25 finally.

I've been trying Lvl 25 for a couple of hours and can't seem to figure out the last block.

I've moved three blocks to the top of the divider as (using ibluething's numbering system) one block on finish space 4, one on 5 and one to the right of 5. The intent is to eventually move the far right block up to go to space 1 or 2. I can get one more block up and push it over to space 2 to eventually go to space 1 but that leaves the final block below and I can't get 'around the stack' to push it to space 3 or 4.

I'm stumped and can't see any other spaces to use.
Help ibluething or fatiouie with another hint, please.

here's more on how I did 25

First move the top block over to the right so you can just get around it. Then move the lowest block so it's now at the top to the right of spot 2. Next move one of the blocks from the bottom and leave it on 5. Now move one of the bottom blocks to spot 1, and the final bottom block to between spots 3 and 4, then walk around the top to push it into spot three. That will have you move a block onto spot 2, but now push it over so it's above spot 5. Walk around and move the far right block down so you can push a block over to 4. Then go around, move the right block up and into place and then the last block goes onto 2.
Hope I wrote all that down right

Thanks, ibluething. I wasn't making use of the top row of squares like I should have.

Lvl 30 PITA. Do-able in 138 moves.

As usual, it is not the box nearest the empty hole that goes in the empty hole.

Push lower right box up one. Push same box left two. Push above box up one. Go down one. Continue pushing first box until it is just below leftmost empty X. Push box above you up by one and push box below you down one. See box just to the right? Run all the way around and push it one up then two right. Go back to the first box you touched and push it three right. Walk around to the spot three right and one up. Push left. Go one up. Push left. Now, put the upper left box just below the leftmost empty X. Push topmost box right one. Push box below you up one. Push box just below the leftmost X two spaces right.
Rest of the exercise is left to the student.

My brain doesn't function this way which makes it very difficult, and that's what keeps drawing me back into this game..

I am completely stumped on level 26. Any help? Thanks.

Level 26 is Sasquatch IV level 9 by wellknown Sokoban author David W. Skinner. The solution to this and most of the other levels can be found in some desktop Sokoban clones like YASC.

Here are some initial steps to get you started:


I thought that level 26 looked familiar somehow. Still took me a bit to figure it out though. Great game!

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