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What's more important... the truth or happiness? Sometimes you can't have both. In Thomas Brush's latest platformer adventure, you play a robot named Skinny, woken up from a pleasant dream by his Mama, who insists she's being terrorized by a little boy named Felix who only wants to steal from your friends and hurt the ones you love.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Location of the Keys

Level 1: Hanging on a branch to the right side of the house.
Level 2: Near the exit.
Level 3: Above character's brother Blake. (He's the person at the top right of the level. I just clicked somewhere in the area above him.)

Location of the Locked Doors

Level 1: Go past the person roughly under Shirley's location.
Level 2: Go past Shirley.
Level 3: Go past Blake.

A note on the ending...

There wasn't really much of an ending. The ending is the same after finding one or all of the hidden items, but finding the hidden items helps you understand Level 0.


Thanks, Dora. You just mention Iwazaru and that sick, liquid chill that runs up my spine whenever I hear his distorted voice makes a repeat visit. I guess I have to play the game now.

What are the keys on a chinese keyboard, please ?

This game is really hard to play on a laptop, without a mouse. But the story is very intriguing so far.

Impossible to play on a non-qwerty keyboard cause you can't change settings (which i have) AND on a slow computer (which i have too) cause you can't change quality.

Too bad, it looked interesting.

Can anybody help?

I'm in the forest level (3rd if you don't count the dream), I have to reach the Felix kid, I can use the suspended lift by clicking it but it doesn't help me reach him before the blue wall appears.

The story is intriging but on a notebook the game controls lags a lot which makes things very difficult. I wish i could go further but I seem to be stuck in one place becuase of the lag...

JIGuest -

I'm stuck at the same point. I can get close but not close enough.

You don't need to use the lift, there is a jump pad above the blue switch which gets you there quicker. You also don't need to use the yellow switch, there is an alternative way in around to the left which bypasses the yellow barrier.

MdB and JIGuest:

I did it using the lift and the yellow switch, actually. It just took a few tries. Keep in mind that you don't need to ride the lift all the way. Just a second is all it takes to get you far enough to make the jump.

Did anyone get into the locked area? I got the key in the earlier level but then couldn't figure out how to open the locked door. I didn't try very hard, granted, but I was just curious.


There's a key and a locked door in each of the three levels. You should find a door in the same level as your key.

'Jump and Press Over' ... how do I 'press over'? Sorry if I'm being dense!

@Ezra - Thanks, I actually realized this when I went back to replay!

What about in the second level when the big "momma" port asks you to find...Carl, I think it was? Did anyone manage to do that or is just a meaningless part of the game?


Hold up, hug a wall and while still holding up press the opposite wall direction. Like wall-jumping but while holding up.

@Buttons I've tried that, but it's still not enough to outrun the bull wall. Thanks anyway.

@MdB Can you tell me more about this alternative path? Thanks.

I got through the first level but the timing on the switches on the second level makes it not just difficult but impossible. It looks like a good story but sadly I am unable to progress any further.

@JIGuest- I think the guy strapped to the wall near where mama asks you to find Carl is Carl. I'm not certain though.

And I'm also stuck trying to get to Felix.

Made it the whole way through the game, but did not realize there were hidden items till the second level. Does finding them all make a difference?

The last level (fourth, is it?) almost got me mad until I realized

it is much simpler then expected (what with being the last, maybe hardest level and all..). Just follow the linear path; first, up and a bit to the left from Felix - there's a yellow switch. Either push it, and quickly jump-grab "mama's hook zone" which is still a bit to the left of the yellow switch, or climb the scaffolding directly under the hook zone, switch the yellow light and jump to the left. Then just carefully to the left watching out for the spiders..

Great graphic, atmosphere, music, sounds, style...

I sure don't know how to get to the fourth person (above Felix a bit) in the 3rd (forest) level!! Any helpers?

Finished it, it's good, warning the ending might make you feel unfulfilled.

Just one more orb to find and I can't find it. I can't find the final key either. They're probably together. Level 3.

Basically, if you use the platform on the level above the white wall switch(second level), you'll make it in time to hit the yellow and the red switches so you can catch Felix.
The trick is to take advantage of the fact that you have that extended arm.

Here's what you need to do:

-get on the level with the white wall switch.

-don't press it until you're at the edge where you step onto the lift and jump on the level above.

-quickly hit the top platform and fly across the sky.

-hit the yellow switch.

-to save time, once you drop down, you don't have to move, just drop and click the red one.

-race across to get the last battery and catch felix.

This gives you enough time, but a very dense window of time to get there. Very tedious.
Good luck!


Once you talk to felix, you dont have to worry about the switches anymore. You can just take the battery and give all 6 to the last guy. when you go back to talk to him, it'll be cake.

How do you get to felix in the forest level?

Thank you very much Haehyun!

Where in the world is the key for the forest level? I've looked but couldn't find it...

That's all I have to say.

Key in the 3rd level:

I found the key in the 3rd level in the treetops near the locked door. I didn't actually see it but found it when I shot my hook a couple times in the area. I believe it is above and slightly to the right of the man in the chair. I jumped and shot hook from the ledge where the locked door is to get it.

To get to Felix, you have to

give batteries to all the people.

There really needs to be a delete button.

Haehyun explains how to get to Felix.

Location of the Keys

Level 1: Hanging on a branch to the right side of the house.
Level 2: Near the exit.
Level 3: Above character's brother Blake. (He's the person at the top right of the level. I just clicked somewhere in the area above him.)

Location of the Locked Doors

Level 1: Go past the person roughly under Shirley's location.
Level 2: Go past Shirley.
Level 3: Go past Blake.

A note on the ending...

There wasn't really much of an ending. The ending is the same after finding one or all of the hidden items, but finding the hidden items helps you understand Level 0.

Haha. Delete button is right.

Can someone tell me how to wall jump?

I can seem to get to the fourth guy in the 3rd level with the moving platform. He's too high for me to jump and I don't see any way up...

Hm. I accidentally fell through the floor at the very beginning. (after the intro) Had to refresh. I am sad :(

I liked this game except I tried hard to finish the second level. I figured out the laser thing but for some reason I can't get the last 5 orbs.

I could find three and the ones under the platform I can't get.

Oh well, will try again when someone posts a walkthrough online to see where I'm screwing up.

How do you climb out of wide pit near second locked door (second level, "Caves")? Walljumping seems just not enough...

What other games are like this? You know, slightly weird games verging on art? Like Coma, Company of Myself...I love this kind of game but the closest I've been able to get to a description of the genre is "art games". Can you give me a couple other games like this?

New updated version is now up! The updates will make those frustrating doors a whole lot easier, Arrow Keys will work, and getting stuck in certain places is less likely.

Found all the items but I think they have to do with...

Coma, the cage resembles the cage Bird was trapped in, the hook was an item given by the father in the game and the grave has the name of the protagonist of Coma.

I think I'm stuck. Level 2, not counting the dream, and I've saved 2 people, found a hidden item, and have 8 batteries. I can't find a way near the grapple-ball-thing above Mama.

Power of posting.
Okay, so there isn't an ending.

What does going into Mama's chair do? Is it supposed to crash the System or something?

I found all the batteries and saved all the people and Skinny stopped moving and the keyboard keys don't work is the game over?

I'm stuck at the location where in level 2

where you have to turn on that switch to get the key.

I tried doing the wall jump but still stuck. Anyone else having the same problem?

I am on the tree level and I CANNOT find my way into the little room with the boy in it and the LAST battery! It is locked by a blue wall! The only blue orb thingy that I know of in the level is too far to keep it unlocked in time.

how do you start again from a save point? I saved yesterday and it is only giving me the option to start a new game again :(

Key in level 3 has been moved!

It's now above the save-game globe/below the blue crystal platform.

I'm on level 2, and already gave 4 people their batteries and have only 1 leftover.I saw 3 under the platform near the beginning but I don't know how to get them... Is it possible for someone to post the locations of each battery and how to get them?

I'm stuck on the part where you have to jump on the chimney and i don't know how to

I am on the forest level, and I keep falling off of the moving platform when it's in the highest branches. Is there any way to get it back, or do I really have to keep restarting the game? I've tried wall climbing, but none of the trees appear to be solid.

for everyone who can't get the last battery behind the blue barrier in the lower right of the third, forest, level, try hitting the blue gem in the treehouse while standing on the suspended trolley thing, jump onto the upper treehouse platform and then jump up against the vertical jump plate. you should be able to get to the yellow barrier, hit the yellow gem, and drop to the ground before the blue barrier comes back on.

For anyone having problems in the third level...

When the moving platform gets "stuck" and it seems like you can't go to the hightest part on the right, it's actually not "stuck"; if you move it to the right and also jump to the right when it stops again, you can reach the last guy strapped to the chair


you kill mama inside her dream world, and everything is all bright and happy and shiny and all the people trapped in their chairs are forced to face the real world and rebuild society.


excuse me if im being a numbskull, but is this really what happens or is it just your own little explanation?

To Everyone Else:

what on EARTH is up with the ending? Felix tells you to "step into the System," so honest to god im half wondering if Felix, Shirley, and Mama are working together to trick Skinny into getting into the system.

sorry if im reading into it too much, but because Skinny steps into the chair alone and what Felix says it certainly is plausible. like what if Mama couldnt strap Skinny into a chair cause hes a robot, and theyre only built for humans, so she built a SUPERCHAIR~? i dont know XD. if anyone can shed some light on this that would be lovely :D

The items:

bird cage: refer to how the grown ups are being trapped in The system WITHOUT FREEDOM, like a bird trapped in a cage

Hook: Try link it to fishing/phising. According to what sherly said, the radiation is non existent and Mama use it to LURE the other humans to be strapped into the chairs. This is reinforced by the fact on how Mama planned to convert all humans into things like Skinny (i.e. Robot) and use them as slaves

Tomb: Possibly hinting the backstory of Mama? (Pete is her only son)

Level 0

This is likely to be one of the simulated reality of The System where Skinny is trapped in. The 'son' is very likely Felix or Mama, as there is system error just after the 'son' finished talking.

Felix's interpretation:
Felix did something (probably stealing batteries) which causes Skinny to be disconnected from The System.
(As the motives of Mama is suspicious (briefly mentioned how she is planning to make everyone like Skinny), followed by how Blake told Skinny that felix knows where the main body of Mama is, supported by the reactions of the grown ups when temporary disconnected and Sherly's comment on the radiation. this is the more likely interpretation)

Mama's interpretation:
Mama noticed that Felix had stolen the batteries required to keep grown ups connected to The System, thus she disconnect Skinny (sort of security bot?) to reality so he can track him and the batteries down

The System

This is probably based on Matrix. The workings of The System seemed to work like The Matrix's simulated reality. Mama is probably a machine which oversees the operation of The System. Her plan, as what sherly had put in, is to control humans by locking their senses into a VR environment. The reason for this is unknown.

The ending

If Felix's interpretation is correct, Skinny is going to get into The System's mainframe (Mama) to crash it from within, thereby freeing all humans from Mama's slavery, this also suggest there might be a sequal to this, which will show how Skinny destroy The System

As for relation to Coma. In coma the protangonist is in a coma. A 'Mama' is telling the protangonist to play bounceball. As another player had pointed out, the balls of bounceball keep regenerates, this result a neverending game. Mama is like a tumour and her plan is to stop the protangonist from being awoke, so she can control him using the coma

Similarly, the Mama here is trying to enslave poeple, this time not just one but many, and she use a simulated reality instead of a disease

@secret interesting how you know about coma a game made by the creator of this game yet you dont notice that all three secret items are from coma

i cant get out of the forest where felix's hideout is..
im stuck at the last battery where the boy is...
and i dont know where is the other blue butoon..

All of the secret items have something to do with coma! The bird cage is the one bird was in, the hook is what you used to pop fatty pancakes with, and hte grave has the prtagonist of coma's name on it (Pete).

i can't move ://
i tried all keys and also clicked on the robotor but he just stands there...i want to play this game, can anybody help me please? :(

If you want an "art game" like this, molleindustria has a few, namely "Every day the same thing" and "Skyscraper."

As for the hidden items...

They help explain the aftermath of Thomas Brush's other flash game, "Coma." The last hidden item "Skinny" is Pete's tomb (the player character from "Coma'), suggesting he never woke up.

Great audio. But unfortunately, I can't enjoy it because it's drowned out by CRASHCRASHCRUNCHCLANG (I'm hopeless with that hook thingy.

im stuck on level one where he has to collect the marbles.I cant get on that lege to get the the marbles.Help??

I don't know how to "jump and press over" I assume it is a form of wall jumping, but he never hangs on to anything. Anyway, Help?


"Jump and press over" simply means to hold Up to jump to the wall, then Left or Right (whichever direction is opposite the wall) to jump off it.

You can also hold Up and quickly alternate between Left and Right to continuously wall jump up a narrow passage.

I'm extremely lost at the middle of level 2.

I have no idea how to get up to the boy who runs away. I gave everyone their batteries and talked to Mama about Cory, but what happens after that?

Forget helping me, I finished. This and Coma need more of a second game.

My interpretation:

The first level is Skinny in the System. The comments of the people and Mamas's behavior lead me to believe Skinny was once a human being. Mama turned him into a rbot so he could help her.
Pete was Mama's child. He went into a coma at some point. Then he woke up, and died. Mama doesnt want anyone dying ever again, so she developed the System.

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