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Prince of Persia

A version of the original Prince of Persia game recreated in Flash. The original game, created by Jordan Mechner and released in 1989, used an animation technique called rotoscope to give the characters human-like qualities. It was also a lot of fun to play. This special Flash edition isn't quite the whole experience, but you should be able to at least get a taste of what the original was like.

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its nice

and its damn hard

and just one level

its retro, released on the sega genesis in 1989.
(for which i was not alive... yet...)

The original Prince of Persia was initially released for the Apple II, though it eventually made it to all gaming platforms. I played it on a Macintosh back in the day. =)

I used to have the original Prince of Persia back in the early 90's. I've been looking all over for it. Do you know where I could find the whole version and/or if it is IBM compatible now? Thank you very much. - Wes.

I have the original game on 3.5" floppy disks for the Mac. I do believe it was released for every platform available at the time, but don't really know where you can find it.

this is AMAZING.

I have the original game for PC

wow i got to the boss dude i turned around he hit me and i was dead lol hard man but nice

Having a bit of trouble actually! how do you take out the sword to fight! i keep getting killed as i'm defenceless!

That's great! We played this original game 8 years ago and missed it so much! Thank u!

Omg my time was 5:47 how my time wasn't the best they are all in 9 i m un get it anyways this game is nice its hard, just the first level will take u 2 hr . But once u get through it once then after its easy.

My kids used to play it long ago on our little Mac LC. Now I have loaded it for my grandson BUT where is the sword???? This Grandma isn't very good at these games as my kids would never let me play. Now I want to show my grandson, but we both keep dying!!! He will soon learn and leave me behind as all my sons did.
Still a good game, PLAY ON, Jude

If any one has 'prince of persia sands of time' you can unlock the whole original version of the game and play it on a PS2 it's kick ass. I used to play it when i was like 11. And now i'm whomping ass in the old version on the play station but i'm stuck at the part where you fight the mirror dude... i don't know if any one remembers this but around level 4 you jump through a mirror and create a double of yourself and level tweleve you fight him, but since he's basically a part of you everytime ya jab him you lose life too, and if he dies you die... i know you have to merge with him... but i can't for the life of me remember how. help??? anyone???

killing myself

When you fight yourself in level 12, you need to put your sword away and merge with the ghost. Well that's what I remember from a few years ago. Hope that helps!!

where can i get the original pc version i loved this game but cant find it

how do you unlock the whole original version of the game and play it on a PS2(prince of persia sands of time')

for Sahar, the merging thing works, i remember it took forever to figure it out. But when you walk into him he goes away.

i remember the original version, i feel the original versions are always the best. does anybody know where i can download an original version on the net? i would like to play prince of persia and cannon fodder (both of which i played for the amiga) keep in mind that it is the original amiga versions i want to play!...i cant remember what happened to my amiga (it was a possession owned long ago) but i dont have one anymore and i cant seem to buy one on ebay or anywhere anymore.

I found the sword! He must pick it up somewhere... to the far east... *wink* now if only these giant slicers would stop! I just need a little patience. I do miss the percise controls of the dos version I used to play.

OK,to take your sword out in a fight, you press up. In a fight, up is parry, shift is thrust.

Has anyone figured out how to get the sword without falling into the spikes?

after the ghost goes away, how do i pass the level 12

i do i pass the level 12? I just can't figure it out

~~Ok to get past the spikes when ur jumpin hold shift..and he should be hanging from the edge! then press up! and there u go~~~ u should have the sword!....

To Get past thoes like moving saws b4 u get to the sword..try walking slowly right in front of the saws and it really helps!

I played the hole version when i was about 7..now im 14 :P

Great game! I have lots of memories about it, I played it like more then 10 years ago, the first level is easy, I play it in no time but the guy you have to fight in lvl 8, that's a tough guy!
by the way, I remember that when you make a batch-file with "prince megahit" in it, you get the cheats. (but I suppose that will only work on the original)

Please someone help me!!! I'm trying to play the flash edition, notice I said trying. But once I pick up the sword, I can NOT get back through the big saws. What am I doing wroung. Can anyone help??? P.S. It's driving me crazy!

How where and how can you down load prince of persia for windows xp ?

I love this game. is there anywhere you can download the full version of the net. I remember playing this when i was about 8. Cheers Tom

After merging with the shadow at level 12
just take a few steps and reach at the end of the path
and jump blindly (into the dark space)
and OHO! you will see that the space was actually not visible and
there are slabs, run through them
and you will reach the level,
the level where you have to fight Jaffar

The best way to get past the jaws of death is to squat down and hop. Hit the down button to squat, then hold down the left or right arrow to hop along at a pretty good clip. If you make it through one jaw, you can simply hold down the left or right arrow to smoothly sail through all of them.

Hi Jay,

My name is also Jay so don't get mixed up.

I had an original version of prince, which was a floppy. My kid used to play this on windows using a dos. But now the floppy is corrupted, is their anyway you can send me the above prince game.


Jay - The above Prince game may be played in any browser with the Flash player plug-in installed. Click on the "Get Flash" button in the sidebar if you don't already have it installed.

you can get prince of persia full version at www.abandonia.com

Oh my god. This was my first game I ever played, at the tender age of four.

Except, it appears that you can't run-jump in this version...

Oh my go.
It¥s the game is very good!!!!!!
Uhuuuu, Have to PLAY STATION ????

how do I get past spikes in the game cause every time i try i end up dying and i cant jump over it and i cant run on the wall to get past it can anyone help me please

This program is nice

how can I get the very first ever prince of persia for windows xp? Please please help, I played the original on windows 95 when I was little and still remember it welnow, it's fantastic!!!

Man, I used to play this on my grandpa's old Apple II on MONOCHROOOOOOME! Man, bringing back some awesome memories of my childhood!

How do I advance from top in level 12? I don't know how to get past the 12a where you meet Jafar guy. I get stuck all the way on top. I mean am I suppossed to pick up the sword that is shining on top? if yes, how do I get there from the closing bar-like place? Hopefully someone knows. Thanks

awesome i remember having this as a kid only one lvl though....

actually this level is quite intricate, however you can manage to reach the top.
And that sword is not yours but your shadow's
after you reach there (near the sword)
you will see your shadow coming and picking up the sword.
now dont start fighting,instead PRESS the (down) key to put the sword back.your image (the shadow also will keep his sword back.)
Now merge into the shadow.Run into him.he will run into you and you will both be merged.
Now after that keep going towards the west until you reach the end.
Now jump.
Jump blindly and you will discover that there were slabs(unseen paths) which was not visible.
now keep going and you'll will reach
level 12B.fight jaffer there.

I got this game and used it on xp. I guess I can send it to anyone who wants it. I never got to 12.level. I remember I had the cheat shift+L to pass a level, but it works till 4th level, and noone needs cheat for that.

in prince of persia original how fith with gost of prince in level11?

yay 4 minutes 7 seconds, wikid. absolutely loved this game when it first came out, certainly brings back fond memories of childhood and the strange music is a welcoming sound!

How do youy take out your sword

how do you take out the sword to fight! i keep getting killed as i'm defenceless!

I am stuck at a stage where he gets out of the well and fights and after that where he has to grab a rope and the two buttons on the wall. I am able to press them but when I jump back he dies. does anybody have a saved game after that so that I can just replace it and skip that stage. I am talking about prince of persia sands of time for PC

aww dude i used to play this all the time for windows 85 or whatever it was lol, really old anyway - gr8 remake thnx!

dancing queen you must first go to the east on level one to get the sword, not gonna tell you how to get past the trials its half the fun, after you get the sword it will be taken out automatically to fight. up arrow is parry and shift is attack. have fun. This was one of the first games i ever played i hadnt seen it for over 10 years and thought it had disappeared, i never completed it then but hopefully i will now ive found it again. :D

i cant get the sword in the new one and i need seriouse help i did it before but lost my game.

I tried this flash game, and I made cool play times with original Prince of Persia about 12
years ago under DOS. But I've sg. trouble with
this flash because I couldn't find the way to
the sword getting :( Leave to me a message at
boy224@freemail.hu if any one does know it.

LoL ! this game brings back memories of those cursing, table kickin, shout n yellin of those days. i played this on my high school and now im 26 :/ . i still got the game along others on my floppy as well as few viruses inside it .got it ,yep. can play it ,nope . Thanks. bring back my Amiga years. T. T

i m stuck on level 18 i need wings to reach the gate... i need help to know wether there secret passages or if i simply have to retry and retry until i succeed the jump

I love the duck& walk. I had him walking like a frog the whole time!! (it was funny!) but how do you get him to take out his sword?

Yes, I remember playing this on the Apple IIgs. It frustrated me then and still has the same effect today. :)

in level 2 how do u climb up the wall, the up arrow + space bar +shift does not work

Hey Eda do you still have the version that works on xp, ive found two downloads but they never run, something about the file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications
you can never beat a classic such as this

its a very nice game!!

How do the cheats work, especially increasing time?

I found an old copy and my kids just love it!!!

After i get the sword i dont know how to pass over the spikes...Can anyone help me????

www.abandonia.com is just great ! I downloaded prince of persia & many other games. You must see this site !!!

Downloading games is free on that site, but they need donations so that the site can survive & improve. I suggeest you give from 2 to 5 $ per game that you download.

Could anyone please tell me how to get the sword in level 12. It seems like a dead end after I jump through the gate.

Hi guys !

Prince of Persia Sands of Time has me playing all the time, but, I arrived to a point where I am stuck at a stage where he gets out of the well and has to grab a rope and then press two buttons on the wall. I am able to press them but when I jump back I never reach the rope :@ !!!!!! It's so bad !! Buahhhh

Does anybody have a saved game after that so that I can just replace it and skip to see my beloved Farah in the Sultan's Harem Room ????

Take care and thanks !

Can anyone guide me for 12 level, after climbing some tops at the very beginning of 12th level,.. I find nothing and I dont know where to go ,.. I go to the extreme left and jump and hold a slab, which will fall down and the prince is dead. How to overcome and how to get my princess from the glutches of Jaffar. This has become my personal war now.

Please help.


grrr i cant pick up the sword i picked it up twice and now i cant any more i thought you have to click down but it stoped working

i dont rely know if this is a spoiler but im not taking any chances it is a small saw room walk through.

ok the saw room. when you first enter it take one full step then one small (shift) step you will now be in front of the saw take one full step striaght after it closes then another when the next one closes now
take one shift step up to the next one and the striaght after it closes one full step and your through . I find the only way to pass this game is to use patterns on small mistake and your dead hope this helps =).

hay THIS is very anoying but i dont know how i didnt get it the first few times i thought you had to click down as well and it worked a few times and stopped WELL just so every one knows its SHIFT i wish some one was there to tell me this lol

by that i meant the sword =P

My kid loves prince of persia a lot. She is struck at 4th level. There he presses step to open door to go to 5th level. when he comes back he sees a mirror on the same way. she is unable to proceed. Can any one help as how to cross the mirror. She tried all others ways but no use.


A very nice it excellent , marvellous. What we have to do in the game we have to help the princess or only we have to fight with all person's. What levels the game have. And what is the name of the prince. And I want all details and functions

i got to the boss in less than 1 minute .How?
Well just go left and jump over spikes. When you get to the enemy just jump him over.(Don't stop running)
When you get to the boss...Well...You better see for yourself......

..........Alright already,you die of course, what did you think,you win the game?

so do you unock prince of persia original on the sands of time so i can play it on PS2 its been bugging me for ages

Please if anyone can help me, i had played this game years ago and i finished it but now i am trying to do it again, after the prince reach to the sowrd , how he can go back the way to jumb too short and will fall down please send me email and tell me how to take it maybe my way is wrong and if its correct then how to jump to the other side without falling down and die
thanks for your help

hey hahha how do i get past that second guy once i pass the first guy whos more under the maze that other guy always kills me i cnt seem to figure out how to kill him

how do you get the sword in level 1!!
i remember playin it years ago but for got!!!

hey my highscore = 36 mins, any others ppl would like to share?

k after geting past the grueling 12a, and you reach the shadow of yourself put your sword away,and run into him. you will get the amoutn of health he stole from you int the beginning + the LEP he stole in lvl 5. **
the screen will flash . you MUST wait for the screen to stop flashing. run west. do NOT jump into the blackness, run normally into the gaping hole. if you jump the slabs do not appear and you will fall the 100 stries you climbed and surely die.
** when originally jumping throug the mirror in level four, make sure you have full health after fighting the yellow guard, the less you have the, the less you have when you re-merge with him


Can anyone guide me for 12 level, after climbing some tops at the very beginning of 12th level,.. I find nothing and I dont know where to go ,.. I go to the extreme left and jump and hold a slab, which will fall down and the prince is dead. How to overcome and how to get my princess from the glutches of Jaffar. This has become my personal war now.

Please help.

i have a problem in 12 level in prince of persia game. i need help from beginning of 12 level

which part of lvl 12? the part when you meet your shadow or after?


while playing, press ctrl + G to save game ... to load, when you load the game and you see the palace, press ctrl + L

Once you get the sword in Level 1, and jump back over the spikes and go carefully through the jaws...HOW do you get OUT of that area and move towards the guards and end boss?

how do you find the sword in level 1?

how do i get the sword in the game

It is possible to complete the first level without getting the sword. From the first screen, fall down to the second screen and go one screen right. Stand at the very left edge of the screen and let the guard advance towards you. When he gets close enough, retreat one screen left and he should follow you. Go all the way to the left of this screen, facing the wall. Let the guard come towards you, and climb up onto the ledge just before he gets to you (when he's about at the middle of the screen). Go one screen to the left, and knock out the hidden panel in the ceiling. Climb up, and continue climbing to the top of the screen. Go one screen right and you'll end up at the first screen again. Climb down one screen and you should have enough time to run to the right before the guard gets to you. Continue to the exit. And not to worry -- when you start the second level, you'll magically have your sword!

Yikes, I suck. I'm having trouble doing the simple, basic things in the first part of the first level, like jumping from platform to platform and not falling to my death on the spikes. Any tips for newbies?

It seems we're talking about the shorter flash game here, but I'm REALLY stuck in the complete PC version. I can't for the life of me (bad joke) figure out how to get through the gate on level 3. I think I've tried everything.

I go to right screen, climb, cross over right some more, and climb as high as I can go. Then I take a leap of faith into the abyss of the right screen to the "towering stepping stones" of the next screen to step on a button. I would assume this button opens the gate 3 screens over to the left, but whenever I get there, the gate is still closed. It's almost an impossible leap across yet another abyss from a crumbling floor tile just to hang by your fingers right in front of the gate, over some floor spikes a couple levels down. If the gate isn't open, you're stuck and fall on the spikes...

This seems to be the only way to get to the floor button to open the door to the next level, which you have to go all the way around again to get to.

In Prince Of Persia:Sands of time...This question is posed by somebody else also.There is a stage where the prince gets out of a well.I took down all the enemies n then I got to hang on the rope but I cannot get through that stage,I fall everytime.Can anybody please help me?

OK, If everyone is having a hard time to control me( the prince, yes, it's me) This is just a simple guide.
In my normal days of my lands of Persia in DOS. Everyone gets to die and win. People win because they use mistakes as lessons.

In this flash version, follow these guides. I don't know if John Mechner will remove me by telling how to get to this flash version.

*You run simply to the right, it's normal for the prince to walk on the falling trap, let the trap serve as an exit door.

*Jump up to the two floors of the screen, don't get the bottle between the walls because that is a poison.

*Ok, now you're in the three floor screen. If you go down directly, I will be hurt. Just walk near the edge, then turn around, press crouch(down), then shift.
That way I can go down without being damaged.

*Go down the trap door, you will see the room of spikes.
Fall down casually from the top floor. Walk right, remember, only "WALK". Then press run one time, you will see the room with the doors of death. "WALK" three steps toward the first door. You will see the door isn't closing. Then press spacebar, this will make the door close before you get to it. Then your on the second door, "WALK" backward one time. Then face toward the door, press spacebar. On the third door I almost got killed, do a skillful timing on the third door.

*Now comes, the difficult one to complete, the sword obtainment. You will see there are spikes on that room reaching 3 units. Don't panic about the skeleton, it's a design to make it scary. "WALK" closely to the edge then press spacebar, remember you must use your speed on this jump. Press shift when you're near the edge of the sword. Ascend up, you will get the sword by pressing shift. Then you turn around, press spacebar then shift.

*Then back to the doors, "WALK" close enough to the door so it closes. Ok, now you're close the snapping door. Use you're timing to pass through it by running, do this to the rest of the doors.

*You're back to spikes. Pass through them casually jumping above them.

*Now there's another spike room, this is where you must use your skill. Run towards the spikes, press up. Now you got pass through them. Run toward the left.

*A gate will automatically open because you stepped on a button. Now remember the trap door you have stepped on the first screen.You're under the first screen. Go up the ledge and you're back to the first screen.

*Now go to the left screen, use your instinct on this one. There is another room with spikes of 3 units. You can't use Spacebar and Shift this time, instead, use the standing forward jump(run+up). Just make sure you make it through the door before it closes.

*Let's skip the screen and go on to the guard. I will release my sword automatically, then it's up to you to fight the guard, use skill and patience. Up will parry the attack and shift will stab the Guard and down will put my sword away in case I need to escape. Once you defeated the guard, Go to the next room.

*There is the finishing gate to the palace, know what to do to open the gate, press up in front of the gate. And there you have it, the Vizier is now in front of you,now use everything you know about the game, the future of Persia and the whole world is in me and you to defend.

The Prince of persia does not exit in XP. Anynody have idea to open the game in XP PRO.

Good morning.

I've had the game and i was addicted to it.
But for years now i'm looking still for it.

Is this one level because i had 12.

And it's one of my wishis to have and play the game again on mine pc.
Can someone tell me some more please.
I'm living in the Netherlands............

Kind regards,

Man! this game takes me back - it was the first game I ever played for Mac - before that I had an Apple IIGS. Does anyone know where you can get the original Mac version??? - it was EXACTLY like this flash version. The version on the abandonia site is a nintendo or PC VERSION from later on as far as I can tell.

Also, in sands of time for PS2 how do you unlock the original game?

This is crap. you can fight anyone because some "sticky keys" thing comes on freezing the prince" and no one knows where to get a version for XP.

whatever. it was fun for 3 minutes

[Edit: then try turning off sticky keys on your OS. Since that's a local setting, the issue isn't with the game, it's with the your particular choice of configuration. -Jay]

But I still can't find this version for XP. do you have any leads? thanks! sorry for my bummer comment.

You can get the full game at www.bestoldgames.net. Make sure you download the dos box as well so prince will run.

Hi, can anyone tell me how to get sword out in level.1 it's too hard i tried all buttons but it doesn't work.. when i get to the fight level with the man i can just run away nothing else :S, but i want to know 'HOW YOU TAKE OUT SWORD IN LEVEL 1?'


how do you stab the gient wierd guy in prince of persia for psp i have tried and failed HELP! It says you have to stab him in the eyes how???

Gary - thanks, i looked for a long time to try and find the original version that would work on xp, it's a classic game!


I love Prince of Persia for PS2.

I am having troubles getting past the part where Farah pulls you toward a corner of the room and you tell her to go wait at some place when the beetles attack you. So I go to a place where I can't get to the floor after you see the two birds flying off with the hour glass.

Does any one know how to get to the bottom?

I apologize but I can't describe this any better.


Woah...I have this on my phone. Except that it is harder to play as the keys are harder to press and that sort of thing.

You can easily find the game by just searching for it on google.

Just mount it in DOSBox and gameplay and sound works perfectly.

Very good game indeed.

Ummm...ok this game cheats lol. Ok the first part where you start out and go to the left and jump over the first spike pit. Then, after that, there is a larger spike pit with a door on the other side that you open by standing on a platform thing, right? Well, I can't jump over that spike pit. (Yes I know that 'shift' is used to grab on to ledges, but that isn't working.) If someone could please help this would pleasure me. Thanks a lot.

The game is pathetic. Very far from the original version. err..

I was able to get to Jaffar as a kid and I think I beat him once. I still recall the room. It was nicely decorated and there was a sand time clock (whatever those things are called). This was when I was 7 or 8.I am 18 years old now, about to turn 19 and I had to come here to figure out how to jump the big spikes after picking up the sword. Wow. Is it just me or kids are smarter when they are young. At least I was. I never needed any walkthroughs to play this game and beat Jaffar and I can't even get the sword now that I am 18. Shame. :(

Just as Arri said, this is nothing like the original, not even a level of the original, it's just a copy of the style.

Hello! DOSBOX works just fine (even cheats), but I'm unable to save and load games! ctrl+g doesn't work... Any hint?

If anyone has xbox live the original is on there. But of course you have to pay for it. I just go tthe points today to pay for it. Its the original game, exactly the same gameplay but updated graphics

how do you get a sword and where do you get it from?

Hey, i did it in 3:22. ya know why? Because you dont have to kill the guard. just walk past them pretty fast, that's it

Man i love those games, i'm playing in this year 2010, its an evergreen games, childrens along with adults can play it.
I have Prince of Persia , POP4D and the Persia 2 The Shadow and the Flame. DOSBOX really does justice to these games: I will always keep this games with me.
Why dont the creator more games like that....
It was the first PC Game i ever played, i have yet to complete all these games.

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