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Grow clones

Planet NoNaMe is a Russian Grow clone, and specifically a Grow Ornament clone as it is a bit dated with its Christmas and New Years holiday theme. Still, for anyone who adores the casual simplicity of this type of game, then you may enjoy playing this one, too. To my knowledge, there has been at least one other game inspired by the original Grow, a downloadable game called Sandbox of God...

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id say the first game is pretty easy...i can do most of it...if anyone knows a walkthrough it would help

Bryan - lol. It's easy, but you're asking for a walkthrough. =)

Here's the first few as a spoiler...





I say that the first one is pretty easy too, except I can't get the pinecone to level up at all! I can only get it buried! I can get everything else maxed out, so I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

Thanks jay, I was waiting for that myself. XD

Shame about the graphics though because imo they're half the fun of the grow games.

oh...and would you mind posting the last few too? ^^

Oh come on! =)
Surely you can do the rest yourself. hahaha

Ok, here's one more then...


Here are the last three, in case you're very lazy...




wow wow wow-
i just played Sandbox for, like, hours. and i'm still going. this game will probably bore a lot of people, but i'm really enjoying it. i think the addition of some ulterior motive for getting alternate combinations helps- it's not just 'this is the right one, that one is wrong'- the checklist is helpful (also provides hints as to possible outcomes).

first comment ever...love the site Jay!
Sandbox of God is cool

Volcano Eruption:

tree, quake, rain, meteor, rabbits, wind, thunder, heat, man

I think that sandbox would be cool to play...if it didn't keep crashing my computer ecverytime I played it!!

First of all, each time I launch the game, it resizes my screen resolution.

Then...after I've played through all the era's, When I get to the point just before the save point and I would see my result, I get an error message saying it's encountered an error and needs to close, losing all unsaved information!!

Then, when the game closes, and I've lost all the data from playing....my screen resultion is still resized, making everything WAY HUGE...and I need to reboot my computer in order to get my resolution back to normal.

The game worked for me the first time through (though it still did that nasty screen resolution resizing thing) and I would LOVE to be able to add to my accomplishments...but the game keeps crashing on me every time!

Does anyone know what the flying witch says at the beginning?

complete spoiler

  1. key

  2. bell

  3. water

  4. pinecone

  5. fireworks

  6. wrench

  7. mirror

  8. ball

Ok, on the Sandbox of God, I've completed all goals except:

Med--->Plagues Defended
Hard-->Nuclear Strike, Fuel Factories, Rabbits Killed (A.D.)

Any help?? Does anyone know how to get these? Thanks for the help

Ok I think i can help you with the screen problem cause it happened to me...to quit press escape (Esc in the top right corner)...it then makes your screen back to normal

John, You are much further than I. After the second era I get messages that my status is now evil. I manage to lose the farm to the bugs and irritate man. Anyone with a walkthough for Era 2?

can someone please find a walkthrough for sandbox of god !!!!

A full walkthrough would be no fun for sandbox of gold...the whole point is experimenting to find new things...the checkbox is amazing..if anyone knows of other long/downloadable games like theses let me know...im having trouble getting the humans to make a advanced city and i cant seem to get a nuclear war or peace treaty and i also cant seem to get the gold :(...ive tried a lot of combos but it doesnt work...can someone help me on that part only...ps: i can get a forest city and i can get a rabbit castle thing and i can get a volcanic town! Thanks

Ok, I just finished the game and if you can believe it one of the archive "goodies" is a link to GROW, which inspired SoG.
Era 1: 1,000,000 B.C.

Earthquake, Trees, Man, Rain, Bunnies, Meteor, PRAYER: Rabbits hunger for knowledge--> Divine Intervention---> IQ 35, Lightning, Heat, Wind, END ERA-->200pt Opp. Bonus-->3000pt Total, Glorious Era Rank up to 8 (note if you do meteor before bunnies I think you end up with 3100pt Total)

Era 2: 1 A.D.

Holy Sign, Rain, Heat, PRAYER: Man is hot-food spoiled--->Do nothing, Winter, Man invents food storage IQ 105, Gold, Wind, End Era-->200pt Opp. Bonus-->4300pt Total, Glorious Era Rank up to 6

Era 3: 500 A.D.

Mans city evolves, Farm, Water, Gold, Sleep, PRAYER: Rabbits want more power-->Divine Intervention-->Walking rabbits, Fly's, Man overcomes flys IQ 125, End Era-->200pt. Opp. Bonus-->6100pt Total, Glorious Era Rank up to 5

Era 4: 1000 A.D.

Mans city evolves with catapult, Holy Sign IQ 150, Fire Catapult IQ 165, Silver, Sleep, PRAYER: Man wants laws-->Divine Intervention, Rain, Man Gets Laws IQ 190, End Era-->200pt Opp. Bonus, Glorious Era Rank up to 4

Era 5: 1500 A.D.

Mans town upgrades, rabbits get a town, Oil, Lightning, man gets electricity IQ 215, Silver, Sleep, PRAYER: Rabbits want more power-->Do Nothing, Water to Blood, man filters blood and laughs at "plague" IQ 250, End Era-->200pt Opp. Bonus-->8000pt Total, Glorious Era Rank up to 3

Era 6: 2000 A.D.

Mans city upgrades, electricty tower, Fuel Source, Medicine, Sleep, Slaughter, man cures death IQ 285!, End Era--> 8800pt Total, Glorious Era Rank up to 2

Era 7: 2100 A.D.

fuel factory is built, man knocks down laws, Sleep, Peace, man refuses peace and nukes bunny town IQ drops to 110, bunny IQ drops 20, End Era-->Evil Era still at rank 2, ends with 5910pt Total. Rank of Mars, God of War

Please note, I'm only posting what I thought was the hardest solution to find, the Nuke solution, let me know what you think!!

Sorry to double post, but on a side note the best score I can get is 11,200pt Total, IQ of man at 360, IQ of Rabbit at 230, Peace with a Rank 1, and title of "God, god of...well the entire universe!" Has anyone done any better? To get this it's similar to my previous post, but in Era 4 save the Catapult til last and humble them with the second and third plagues.

2 glommie
Witch says "Mirror, tell me" which in russian version of Snow White tale adequate to "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"
With the only exception that mirror is obviously not on the wall :)

Am I the only one who can't open the sandbox game? When I click on the links theres just a text description of the game. I've tried firefox and IE. Help!!! Pleeeaase?!?

The text description includes a "download" link along the left side. You need to download the game to play.

Love these types of games - thanks for finding them (and the escape rooms, and point and clicks, and sharing). I couldn't do most of them without help from those who comment.

While doing the Russian one I got two pop ups with Russian Style porn...Anyone else get that? YIKES!

The Sandbox of God is a really fun game. I'm sure most people have realized this, but... Sometimes playing really bad in the game (on purpose) is a good idea. I ended the game while I still had a rank 10, but I got a lot of things off the checklist still, you know?

Thanks for the walkthroughs!
i don't understand how to get that highest score in Sandbox tho... most of my checklist is full!

What I've found is that you can complete everything on the list in 4 plays through. The Nuke ending takes care of most, followed by the peace ending, next is the Rank 10 with no water, and then you can get the volcano/volcano city to finish off the list. I can post a full walk though if anyone wants it. Just let me know.

please post a walkthrough

Hey john,
i was reading ur walkthrough thing...i got most of the way on my own...now for the peace treaty thing...what did u mean when u said "humble them with the second and third plagues."?

Geez, that Sandbox of God game is tough; I keep getting Evil rankings no matter what I do. It's a good thing I'm not a deity in real-life. ;)

Hey John. Can you please post a full walkthrough. No matter what I try I can't get peace. :(

Sandbox Of God Walkthrough! Warning, this will complete the checklist, if you don't want a full walkthrough don't click on the spoilers!

First time through->Peace
Era 1

Earthquake, Trees, Man, Water, Meteor, Bunnies, Lightning, Divine Intervention, Heat, Wind

Era 2

Holy Sign, Rain, Heat, Do Nothing, Winter, Gold, Wind

Era 3

Farm, Rain, Gold, Rest, Divine Intervention, Plague

Era 4

Holy Sign, Silver, Rest, Divine Intervention, Water, Catapult

Era 5

Oil, Silver, Plague, Lightning, Rest, Divine Intervention

Era 6

Medicine, Rest, Plague

Era 7

Peace, Rest

And now you just finsihed with a Rank of one, and all you should have left for your checklist is: Easy->crator, lake, icy lake Med->Lake w/fish, tree city, volcano city, no water resource, plagues defended, volcano eruption Hard->nuke, no trees, fuel factory, tree citiesx2 bunnies killed both B.C./A.D., seedlings eaten, Rank 10
Second time through, 2 Tree Cities
Era 1

Comet, Earthquake, Trees, Rain, Bunnies, Man, Divine Intervention, Heat, Lightning, Wind

Era 2

Holy Sign, Rain, Fish, Heat, Do Nothing, Winter, Wind

Era 3

Farm, Rain, Rest, Divine Intervention, Gold, Plague

Era 4

Silver, Holy Sign, Rest, Divine Intervention, Rain

Era 5

Oil, Silver, Plague, Lightning, Rest, Divine Intervention

Era 6

Medicine, Rest, Plague

Era 7


Ok, that gives you Rank 2 and now the checklist is only missing: Med-> Volcano City, no water resources, plagues defended, volcano eruption Hard->Nuke, no trees, fuel factory, bunnies killed both A.D./B.C, seedlings eaten, Rank 10
Third time through, Volcano Time
Era 1

Trees, Rain, Meteor, Bunnies, Earthquake, Divine Intervention, Lightning, Heat, Man, Wind

Era 2

Erupt Volcano, Rain, Holy Sign, Heat, Do Nothing, Winter, Wind

Era 3

Farm, Rain, Rest, Divine Intervention, Gold, Plague

Era 4

Silver, Holy Sign, Rain, Rest, Divine Intervention

Era 5

Silver, Plague, Lightning, Rest, Divine Intervention

Era 6

Plague, Medicine, Rest

Era 7


That gives you Rank 8, and leaves only Med-> Plagues Defended Hard-> Nuke, No trees, fuel factory, Bunnies Killed x2, seedlings eaten, Rank 10
Forth time through, lets go for Rank 10
Era 1

Trees, Bunnies, Man, Wind, Rain, Meteor, Earthquake, Lighting, Heat

Era 2

Heat, Divine Intervention, Rain, Gold, Wind, Winter, Holy Sign

Era 3

Farm, Plague, Gold, Rest, Rain

Era 4

Rain, Sleep, Holy Sign

Era 5

Plague, Silver, Rest, Lightning

Era 6

Plague, Rest

Era 7


Ok, so that was Rank 10 and leave only Med-> Plagues Defended Hard->Nuke, Fuel Factories, Rabbits Killed A.D.

And it just so happens that all those that are left on the list are covered in my ealier walk through for getting a Nuke. Hope this helps. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Yay thank you. Now can you please tell me what the ranks are. I have gotten 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, and 1. DO you know what the others are? and if you're willingto tell please include what their the god of?

Rank 9 is Steve, God of Accounts Payable and Receiving or something very similar to that.

I really enjoyed Sandbox of God - still playing and finding out what I can do with it. Great find, Jay!

I tried installing Sandbox of God and it gets about 90% and then just stops responding. After trying everything on the website to get it to work I haven't been able to get it to run on my computer.

the Other grow clone is cool though

Why is it so slow between turns and eras?

Re: Jef and Jon's screen resolution problem.

I have found that the screen only returns to normal if you exit the game via the "Exit" button on the Checklist. Otherwise, you do have to fix it yourself.

For some reason my posts keep coming up under a different name, I am still having trouble getting SOG to work on my computer. If anyone can help it would be appreciated Thanks,


Ballan4 - your name appears beneath your comment. That's what the "..." means: that your name is a continuation of, and relates to, what was just presented.

And as far as getting SOG to work on your computer, what OS are you trying to use it on?

incidentally, i just finished SOG today. i played it for probably twenty-four hours scattered over two or maybe three days way back at the beginning of the year, and then my computer stopped working for six months.
somehow during that time the answer to the last two missing combinations (world peace and world war) just clicked, and it only took me a couple of tries to finish this time around.

AIEE! What do you do? I tried clicking on the various icons, which didn't work. I tried dragging them, which also didn't work. How do you get the game to respond?

Which of the games are you playing, Veggie? If it's the first one, Planet NoNaMe, simply clicking on the icons activates them. And it seems to work fine for me.

Maybe you should update your Flash Player?

I made a world where rabbits and man are equal!!! Undividedly equal!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Now off to the New Years celebrations!!!

how the rabbits can be killed in A.D and B.C era? and how can i make the nuclear plague?

idk how to kill the kid at the first of divine intervention... how does he die?? he comes so fast... HELP!??!?!!

hmm those games were fun make some more kay?

I had found that sand box of god game long b4 i saw this thread but only becuz i am an avid game maker on... well game maker. BUT just through guessing and fun i was able to get a rank of 1 on my 3rd try without thinking all luck. i had everything on the easy and medium checklists and i also had a few on hard but not all i just wanted to tell u that sometimes total carelessness pays off

hey when i download the sandbox game it says zip file is corrupted HELP ME PLEASE!

i managed to get a rank of 7.Deopen,god of the corner at westly avenue and lakehurst? are they even places anyway

I luved this game! It was so totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(That was 40 exclamation points...count them if you dare)

Do you want to know what I'm gonna say next?

Are you sure?


Absolutely positively positive?

Try typing grow cube in the search box. It's the awesomest game eva and the ending is soooooooooooooo funny!!!

*sigh* Another cool game for windows. It's as if Bill Gates is taking over the world. Is there a similar downloadable game for mac?

complete walkthrough, with pictures



keep going

just do what the pictures tell you to.
the pictures, not what the words if you hold the mouse over it for 5 seconds tells you.

the sandbox of god 2 is coming soon.

don't believe me? search it

No, sandbox of God 2 is cancelled

can some1 pls post a guide to how to get god rank 10 for sandbox of god i need it to 100% my game ty

I can't seem to open either link

Thanks for this nice game ... and for the complete walkthrough, with pictures (in the last spoiler box of Posted by: gsaddfs2 on March 31, 2008 5:58 PM )

My kid was able to finish the game with the pictures nd without my help even if i finally was stuck too ... Peace More Peace +2P ;-)

Thanks for this nice game & ... for the complete walkthrough, with pictures ... last spoiler box of Posted by: gsaddfs2 on March 31, 2008 5:58 PM

My kid was able to finish the game with the pictures and without my help even if i finally was stuck too ... Peace More Peace +2P ;-)

to Wiseguy:
here are all of the ranks:

1. God, god of...well, the entire universe!
2. Mars, god of war.
3. Thor, god of thunder!
4. Neptune, god of the seas.
5. Davalina, god of here and there.
6. Sanduloco, god of the snails and plankton.
7. Deopen, god of the corner at Westley Avenue and Lakehurst.
8. Jupiter, god of sissy-men.
9. Steve, god of Accounts Payable and Recieving.
10. Gaulanto, god of Flatulance.

Jay, the game link is broken and goes to something different. I was excited when i seen the pic but was disappointed when it didn't work. please fix it : )

[Edit: Fixed! :) -Jay]

The spoiler is easy. Here it is. About 5 minutes and i had got it.


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