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The hero or villain of Goblin may look like a garden gnome but he's packing outsized malevolence in that tiny frame, because he's swallowed the colors of the sun and the moon. Point and click your way around his cottage to complete this slightly twisted fairytale and get the colors back.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Goblin Walkthrough:

The game contains an easy mode and a challenge mode. The challenge mode contains slightly longer puzzles and no hints. Both modes have the same ending. This walkthrough will work for either mode.


  1. Click the trashcan and read the paper inside.

  2. The paper says "4" and "15" in Roman numerals. Therefore, set the clock hands to 4:15 by clicking on them.

  3. Click the pendulum in the clock.

  4. The goblin will play Simon Says with you. Repeat the sequences back at him.


  1. The lights will go out. Open the window (between the coat rack and the clock).

  2. Click and read the white leaning book on the top shelf.

  3. There will be two pictures of moon phases. Match the pictures of the moon and click on the jar to capture them. Challenge mode and easy mode are different.
    Easy mode:

    Two wedges of light at top, jar, full moon (all white), jar.

    Challenge mode:

    One wedge of light at bottom, jar, new moon (all black), jar, two wedges of light at top, jar, full moon (all white), jar.)

  4. Play Simon Says again.


  1. Find keys:

    • Under the doormat.

    • Under the coat rack.

    • In the flame in the jar.

    • In the trashcan.

    • Under the seat cushion.

    • Under the right foot of the armchair.

  2. In challenge mode: Behind the picture is a lock which can be opened with one of the keys. The book is inside it with more clues.

  3. Also in challenge mode, there is a key in the lower left corner of the door behind the picture.

  4. Then in either mode, set the clock to seven o'clock and hit the pendulum.

  5. Use all the keys you have on the box; it will turn white.

  6. The fire in the bowl on the bookshelf will go out. Take the key in the bowl and use it on the box.

  7. Chase the goblin and click on him repeatedly until he rises like a balloon and then explodes. He always runs in the same pattern, so wait for him in a corner.

  8. Use the key from the goblin on the door.

  9. The end!


brian.j.sanders November 29, 2011 10:42 AM

Hmm...already stuck. I've:

filled the bucket from the moon twice, once in crescent phase and once in eclipse

, but I can't figure out what to do next.

brian.j.sanders November 29, 2011 11:06 AM

Ahhh...OK. Got it now. Should have mentioned: I'm on "hard" mode.

In hard mode, you have to collect color in the barrel through 4 phases: thin crescent, new moon, 1/3 full, full


This game needs an option to turn off the music...

Also, I'm stuck;

I can only find 6 keys. Under the chair cushion, under the mat, under the hat rack, in the jar fire, in the bin and by the chair leg. Where is the last one???


Nevermind, power of posting. I didn't realise that

I had to use the other 6 keys before I could find the 7th.



I must be very stupid but I am stuck at the very beginning, just assumed that the roman numerals was refering to a 24hr times for the clock but nothing happens


I have NO idea what I'm supposed to do

with the keys. I've got 6 of them, can't find the 7th. I hear you're supposed to "use" them, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how.

merchantfan November 29, 2011 12:07 PM

Um, Dandy, what did you use the keys on?


Merchantfan -

The first line on the 5th page of the white book ought to point you in the right direction.

However, that's as far as I got.

After using the 6 keys on the box, I still can't find the 7th...


Merchantfan, I got stuck precisely in your situation. Read the last couple pages of the book carefully one last time, and you should get it.


@ Merchantfan

The book mentions a time...

Change the clocks hands to read 7 o'clock and a box will appear. In challenging mode there is a keyhole behind the painting near the lamp. Make sure the lamp is turned on.


Ack, I must be missing something major. I can only read two pages of the book. Neither mentions a time.


never mind--- I was way off. Finally got blue done.


nice but too short. i expected that it was 7 colors/7 rooms...


How do I corner the little guy?


I can't figure out HOW to

put the moon into the jar.

I'm assuming

the jar is that lidded thing under the window just to the left of the clock.


And Power of the Post. I belatedly realized that

I had to turn off the lamp first!


This goblin sucks. I've

levitated him at least three dozen times now, if not more, and nothing is happening. He rises up, balloons up, then falls back to the floor and starts running again.


I really liked this game. The puzzles weren't especially difficult, but I just loved the attitude of the game. That little goblin was a stinker, and the colors were so rich and vibrant. And I thought the music was great.


Can someone do a screenshot of where all the keys are specifically? I'm still missing one and I've clicked over every area where they're listed to be...


Oops ok, I've got them all now. For anyone else having trouble locating all the keys (at least in easy mode):

It's easier to find the one in the trashcan if you save getting the chest out of the clock for last. If the chest is already on the floor when you click on the trashcan, it makes the key very hard to spot.


thanks joye & friends!


Fun and cool looking little game until I had to

chase that running gnome.

. Then I clicked away.


i'm about to make a extended version with rooms and inventory and stuff
and i'll check that ending too xD


Point-and-clickers shouldn't be about

racing, chasing or avoidance

. Just sayin'.


Slight glitch, when at the finale level I can't click on the rubbish bin. O_O


I second Hespetre but it still was a good game!


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