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Purgatorium is a short and creepy point-and-click escape-the-room game with some rather horrific graphic visuals nestled inside. If you have played either of Ben's other horror-genre interactive narratives, Exmortis and Exmortis 2, then you may already know what to expect. Created especially for Casual Gameplay.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Walkthrough for Purgatorium

  1. Arrange the letters so they reveal the word...


  2. When the game starts, move your mouse over to the rocking chair until the atmosphere is red.

  3. Click on the trash bin and get the fork on the severed head.

  4. Click under the cot for the silver pin. Look to the left.

  5. Pick the lock to the door and open it. Should be bricked up.

  6. Use the fork to shorten the power out. The outlet nearby the trash bin.

  7. Look through the glowing brick to learn what happened on that very day. BOOM! Head pops up.



Hi Jay. I'm stuck on this game, maybe i'm just stupid, but how did u get out???

Did you...

look under the crib?

I can't get past the door without my browser crashing on me. Happens with both Firefox and Safari, on an Intel Mac.

nice but its not difficult at all

How do you access the inventory?

Never mind.

If at first you dont succeed...

try, try again

So I picked the lock on the door but now am stuck...and a little scared


i picked the lock to open the door but i cannot figure out the missing brick.

please someone give me a hint

Figured it out :o)

i also found the fork to short out the curcuit but nothing is happening exept the lights flashing - am i missing something?

First I just want to say to those of you who can't get the game to work...keep trying it's worth it. Second Jay i finnaly got it to work by resetting my browser settings and then redownloading the proper java add-ons (might help thsoe of you not getting in the game.) Next I would like to offer a walkthrough.

Walkthrough click at own risk of ruining the game (getting scared myb?):

Are you sure?

1. First mouse over the rocking chair to see the dead body appear

2. Then click the hamper to find the severed head and take the BBQ fork.

3. Next click in the crib to see the charred and bloody doll.

4. Click under the crib to find a small pick to use on the door.

5. Open the door then click on the outlet next to the hamper where you found the head.

6. Click on the lighted hole and enjoy :)

Oh! and anyone know what that song is...it's familiar but I can;t remeber what it's called.
P.S. Ben nice game make that rumor of EX3 in 2007 come true.

hmmm....it was quite easy but nice...and a bit twisted :(

The music box tune was "Memories" from the musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Happy Halloween all!

What happens

right after the head pops up in front of the hole in the wall?

I always reflexively minimize the window at that point, you see. I'm much too twitchy to do this a third time, you see? And

what determines how long one has to wait for the head to appear?

Hahaha good one I'm such a chicken freaks me out this stuff...

love Escape-rooms Keep them comming Jay there's a good lad! ;)

I can't get past the door without my browser crashing on me. Happens with both Firefox and Safari, on an Intel Mac.

Yeah, still have that problem. It is upsetting. Please, a fix!

Imok - yes, I can confirm that the problem happens on Intel Macs. I am not sure if this is a bug in the universal binary version of the Flash Player or what is really causing it. I've sent a note on to Ben to see if he's doing anything odd at that point in the game. Sorry you're having trouble with it. =/

oh my goodness!

i haven't finish reading the paper cuttings..and it just shock me out of it!

happy halloween!
just a pity, it's too short..

'tis ok without sound.

Anyway, i can't find anything under the cot/bed - it's too dark.

ah, ok now. after much clicking, i got what i needed.

Firstly, thank you to Naymlis for posting that walkthrough, but

sticking the sharp thing in the electrical outlet didn't work for me, and I had already done all those other steps. I ended up just pressing the Tab key repeatedly until the missing brick lit up. So I don't even know what I actually did to get the result. :(
Then I was looking through the brick hole for a good thirty seconds before the carnival face popped up. I jumped in the air and squawked like a chicken.

Just been freaked out by Mr Leffler's latest piece of sick and twisted brilliance! Fantastic stuff, looking forward to next Ex Mortis. Found your site by accident about a month ago and have popped along for a game or two almost every day since, is very cool, cheers!

"Oh! and anyone know what that song is...it's familiar but I can;t remeber what it's called."

It's "Memories" from the musical Cats. Now, pretend that I never knew that.

In the final scene, I almost screamed. Almost. If I had played this at night, Iwould have screamed bloody murder. Great game. I really liked it for a quick scare.

That scared me so much I closed the window by accident!

ok,sounds stupid to the rest of you,but1. i'm german and 2. i'm no scrabbler!
how on gods green earth do i get past the anagram?i assume i have to put the letters in order, so it spells out purgatorium,but as only got 1 u and 1 r,how do i do that?
i'd love to play that!
sorry for being stupid right now! ;)
thx for your help!

Hi eumel!

Do you have your sound turned up? When you move the tiles around you should notice that in certain spots they 'snap' into position and give a little 'click' sound. You'll also notice that additional tiles will appear when a tile is placed in certain positions. I hope that helps! =)

i thought this game was incredibly too short. it was an all right time.

tiles and anagrams?

What are you cats talking about?

(forgive me!)

I beat the game and it was fun oh yeah!!

by brother saw the dead body and he nearly screamed..

OMG.... I just got out XD i turned off the lights and did it and survived.. with my brother screaming.

Ok - I admit it - I jumped. I didn't scream though!

AGH! *clutches heart* That scared the life out of me...

whats the jigsaw puzzle answer

I made some good progress with this game. :)

Normally I don't play creepy escape-the-room games... heck, I couldn't get through the first room in 'The House'.

But I managed to get through the dead body, the head, and the bloody doll before the game wouldn't let me pick up the pin underneath the crib.

Ah well, I'll try again later.

Played it again and got to the end.

All I found was a tombstone... is that it?

Quick Walkthrough

1. Rearrange the letters into the word Purgatorium. They should centre themself in the middle of the screen.
2. When the game starts, click on the plastic bin.
3. Get the fork from the severed head.
4. Click under the cot and retrieve the lock-pick.
5. Pick the lock to the door and open it.
6. Stick the fork in the socket to short the power.
7. Look through the missing brick to solve the mystery.

All the rest of the things are just to add to the atmosphere.

once again im scared sh*tless lol this was an amazing short game, right at the end i neerly had a heart attack lol


I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! i cant wait for exmortis 3. MAKE MORE!!!

ermm...wat happens after when i opened the door?

Wow that scared the crap out of me!! lol...nearly got a heart attack too...omg i shouldn't have turned the speakers on LOL!! haha

i had to put on some happy-go-lucky song on full blast during this game (and exmortis 1 + 2) just to stop me running away screaming! I'm still trying to recover!

That was creepy, should have been longer but apart from that, very good game!!!
Exmortis 3 better be as good as the 1st and 2nd!
My mate, the wuss, he wont go near it!!!

OMG, I can't breath, I am so terrified of clowns this wasn't even funny! *hides in corner and cries*

wow, this was really good! i liked it but can someone help me get the end about the article & what's on the tomb? i read too slow & i want to keep it so i can understand.

This game was truely amazing! =) I love his games, and I do hope he makes Exmortis 3.

I couldn't find the lighter in the second one, though. So I couldn't finish it. That made me sad. D:

OMG! I nearly died of fright! Ahahahahahahaha! That was soooooooo much fun :O)

ben you did a nice job!i mean GREAT job!well,one thing..i wish it was longer!!

for those who wish to walk-out ov this game..your a coward..and for those who keep on searchin for the answers,here's sumfin 4 u guyz!

1.move your mouse to the rockin chair

2.click the trash bin and get the fork from the thingy

3.then,click the crib to see that lovely doll

4.after that,click under the crib and look in the darkness to see the silver pin.

5.Next,open the door by cliking it using the pin you found.

6.click the outlet box beside the trash bin where you found the head.

& last but not the least...

7.click the lighted hole.....

good job!;)

ben.i hope there's contins' for Exmortis3!ived already spread the news to my friends 'bout your work..they find it unique and worth the shitty slow-mo downloads!!!more power!


This is what it says:

Read this only if you have beaten the game and are too slow to read =)
Bill Rydell

"This has got to be some kind of joke. It's a gravestone with my name on it. What is this? Am I dead? Wait... I remember a fire. My child and wife dead. Blodd on my hands. Bricking up a doorway to hide from... I... don't understand! What the hell is happening here?!?"


"FAMILY SLAUGHTER! Police were unable to save a woman and her 8 month old son from her mentally ill husband Bill Rydell today, as he bricked his family in to a room and proceeded to mutilate them with a variety of household tools. Authorities arrived on the scene to find the house burning uncontrollably and all three members of the family deceased. "

The Gravestone

Father and husband is replaced with "Murderer!!!"1977-2006

hey this game wasnt that hard lie the other was actualy i kinda like it!!!

LOL that scared the crap out of me. what was with

the bloody headless person in the rocking chair? was that the body of the head in the trash bin?

Holy crapola! I almost died during this game. T.T

That was short and sweet, I didn't jump though, I expect the unexpected. Plus all I watch are horror flicks.

Hey guys, don't know how you got stuck, this game wasn't nearly as hard as Exmortis 1 and 2, but for the question about the lighter, it's on the floor in the room with the murdered children. wait till it's in your inventory, then proceed.
Here is a walkthrough for PURGATORIUM

'put mouse on rocking chair
''grab fork from head
''look at totally creepy baby in crib
''look under crib to find metal thing in left corner
''keep door open and click outlet
'click lighted brick
Click newspaper, stare for about a minute t'ill head pops up
enjoy! i didn't even JUMP! LET ALONE SCREAM.

so... it was over in less than 2 minutes?... ok at least it was nice :)

major spoilers for the story!!!

that head @ the end was the scariest thing i ever saw!!!
Okay basically the character you play as is a man who went insane, sealed his child & wife in the child's bedroom with him using bricks. He then proceeded to decapitate the pair of them. He has woken up after fainting from the magnitude of his insanity & is going through post-traumatic illness, basically he can't remeber a thing. Snippets of his memory remain hence the hallucinations.

Boy did that ending scene scare the crap outta me. You are an exellent story teller mr. Leffler. I can't stand horror stuff because it's usually so cliche, but the stories in your games are really good. Keep up the good work.

i love the heartbeat at the end so much i kept the window open just to listen to it lol

Holy crap, you scared me so bad! I flipped the whole time and I'm still recovering (like 5 min later) and when my dad came in to talk to me I was like "oh..uh..yeah....." and I guess he didn't notice I was SCARED STIFF but I was like "OMG"

lol even if that was so short the ending was great

wow short but infinately sweet.
what an ending. silent hill-esque.

OMG I think I died of shock lol good story though :)

Anyone that has a problem with the scrabble letters

Put this in the address bar to take you right to the game.


I just finished reading the uuummm news thingy and the head thingy popped up and i almost threw my laptop across the room!
I'm all twitchy now!
Not to mention i'm wathin sci-fi!

Love it.

Ok..Um..I'm so confused. Everyones talking about anagrams? I never saw an anagram at the beginning. And I did everything it said in the walkthrough,

I have the bbq thing, but everytime I click on the outlet nothing happens. :(


[Edit: I think the anagram being referred to is what you get when you visit this link...



this game really freaked me out..... especeally the part with the bloody guy that came up to the window and also the ghost!im never playing this again never ever ever ever ever gonna!

heh... that was unexpected... i fought i did it wrong when i saw the

tombstone, then i just looked away for 20 seconds and started to read the family murder thing, lol then a head pops up

anyone got a walkthrough with no blood or guts or anything like that i am only 8 all i did was put my mouse over the rocking chair and saw the ghost without the head and switched it off. it made me jump 3 metres high in side my body and made me tingle with fright.

does anyone have a walkthrough that dosent have any blood or guts becase i am only 8 i mean all i did was put my mouse over the chair saw the ghost with no head and switched it off.

can anyone tell me where the missing brick is?

there is no missing brick get the bbq fork and click on the power outlet wile the door is open and look through the missing brick

brill game short though i loved both the exmortis 1 and 2 !hope theres a 3rd .anyone know of any more good games like these

scared the crap outta me!

Omg..that was totally freaky especially at the end with the head! I don't get the baby in the crib though is that like that actual baby or a doll...wait it's a doll..but..i still don't get it!? o.o..anyway scary game..Awesome!!!

The song is called "Memories" I believe.. its a song from the Broadway musical called "Cats"..... dang.. I'm to young to know this >_

Oh My Goodness. Even though i knew something was coming not only did i scream but i think i might have peeded a little bit. GREAT GAME!!

I found the music box to be the creepiest thing in the game... only partially due to my loathing of Andrew Lloyd Webber. :-)

my god i almost screamed bloody murder when i ended reading the newspaper!!! i was wondering wat else i was going to do and then looked up and there that pleasant face was welcoming me....god that was so freaky but really good i loved it! i can't wait for exmortis 3 it's going to be awesome!!!!!

What fun! I just wish that Leffler would do more horror games, even ones we have to pay for. What I wouldn't give for a multi-hour adventure horror like this or ExMortis.

How do you access your inventory?

To be honest, after playing Monster Basement 2 and being scared beyond scared, I'm quite reluctant to play this game.

I love this game (: Its nearly halloween too so im gonna play loads of these games haha. Happy halloween everyone!

Great! Best short horror escape game IMO. I'm usually a chicken. (14 years old) This didn't freak me out too much so that's good, but that doesn't mean that this was a waste of time. It was a good game and I recommend it since it's moderately easy (just have to click around a bit) and slightly satisfying. Plus I can't get lost since it's only in one room and there's only 2 items. The steps make sense, it's not like you can't get through this without a walkthrough. You just have to think about it in a logical way.

It's not like, -Find the hidden password in the book by reading the first letter in each sentence and then adding the numbers based off the blah blah blah blah go all the way to the room downstairs across from the 3rd bathroom down the hall, use the wrench under the bed to crack the bed in half revealing the key, ect- LOL!

Though I think shoving a BBQ fork into an electrical socket is still a bad idea. Trapped in a creepy room with some blood+gore or not, you could get shocked or have the socket... explode or something! xD;

I was pestering my friend when she was playing by saying that at that part. Just killing the mood.

I thought the music fit perfectly. I loved it when

the music box stopped and it was quiet.

I felt extremely unsettled from that. It's depressing because now my laptop's sound is screwed up so it's mute. The music was my favorite part of the game.

The graphics were pretty good. The ending disturbed me a little.

Seriously, bricking up the exit of a burning building with your kid and wife trapped? That's a bit twisted. I kinda like these kind of games where a family member looses it thus going into a murderous frenzy and killing his/her own family in gruesome ways since those usually creep me out the most. I like the thrill and suspense, I don't enjoy people getting tortured and killed.

The plot wasn't completely original and it was short, but everything else made up for it.

I'm glad I'm a fast reader at the end. I kind of missed where

that thing that popped out since I finished reading it. I was about to close it and was looking away when I saw something pop out from the corner of my eye so I totally missed it. I don't want to play again to see it. I'm just guessing it was some monstrous freak.

The end was a tad confusing but when I thought about it, I got it. I can't think of any crit for this... I'm easily amused and I don't like ripping apart a good game just to point out bad things.

This is made by the same guy that made Exmortis 1/2 right? I went to his NG profile and was surprised when I found out that he made this too. I can kind of tell though, it's his style. I played this after Goliath the SoothSayer so no wonder the format looked familiar. I may be a chicken and won't play Exmortis anytime soon (played 2 already) but Ben, you rock at this. For serious. Totally going to play all his horror click games when I stop being a total wuss. (Meh, I'll probably do that before I reach that stage *fail*)

I am sorry, but I do have to say that was a sorry game! It didn't even make me jump! My friend thought it was going to scare me, but I don't see why! I bet some of you were screaming! Please make a better game!!


What are people talking about scrabble letters for? where are they looking?

by the way... how much longer till exmortis 3?

[Edit: When this game was initially released, this was the blog post for it: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2006/10/dead.php
(Click the icon.) We created a mini-game that leads you to the real game. -Jay]

I just want to say the game is short. But omg I was screaming and almost fell out of my chair playing this game lol. I hope I don't get a nightmare tonight lol.

Hey..This game is awesome. I really wish it were longer and i hope Ben makes another version of it. It was a little creepy but it rocked and I love his other games!!

I read in one comment there was a clown? If there is, it's a no go for me. I have a true phobia of clowns, I see them, I cry.
I'll pass on this one.

um i already spelled purgatory but nothing happened do i need to spell purgatorium? in the scrabble i mean

@ kathy:
Yes, you need to spell purgatorium, just move the tiles until they click.
This one was GREAT, but I shouldn't have played it on my way to bed. I didn't scream, but it sure as hell got my heart started! LOL

thanks a lot! and i finished it! its a good thing i didnt saw the scary face popped out in the end. and i learned one thing. purgatorium means hell.

scary thou! i never wanna play that again!

Walkthrough for Purgatorium

  1. Arrange the letters so they reveal the word...


  2. When the game starts, move your mouse over to the rocking chair until the atmosphere is red.

  3. Click on the trash bin and get the fork on the severed head.

  4. Click under the cot for the silver pin. Look to the left.

  5. Pick the lock to the door and open it. Should be bricked up.

  6. Use the fork to shorten the power out. The outlet nearby the trash bin.

  7. Look through the glowing brick to learn what happened on that very day. BOOM! Head pops up.


This game was awesome but not really scary at all. HOWEVER: Exmortis is too scary for me to finish (even though I've watched a thousand playthroughs). I've also watched playthroughs for Exmortis 2, but... I can't even start that one.
Yeah. This wasn't scary, but the other games are petrifying enough to make up for it.

wow i am so glad im a fast reader

aiyayay the face scared me (after i clicked the gravestone). i closed my eyes... freaky stuff

BWAH!!! That

dead creepy guy

Could have at least let me finish

reading the newspaper

before he

attacked me

And did that

baby doll just MOVE!?!?


Oh My Gosh !!! I Dont Know What to do in the game! :( It is hard

Ok people. When it gets to the screen with the newspaper stuff, you won't be able to read it unless you're really fast. So just press "print screen" and then brace yourself. Then paste it later when you've gotten over the heart attack of the scary face.

lol that dude gave me a heart attack. the game is scary but really short.

hahahaha i'm not scared at all.
it made me lol

I got stuck a few times but figured it out eventually. This games is awsome and the end freaking scared me!! XD

so what is it that makes you jump in the game? i kind of want to play it but in my family history you will see a lot of deaths caused by being scared to death

Please help - i tried the whole go over to the chair thing, but it did not work.

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