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All you have to do in NinjaDoodle's ClickPLAY! is press the Play button, but that Play button sure does run and hide in some sneaky ways. Track it down and click it!

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Walkthrough Guide

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Level 1:


Level 2:

Click car, then lift rocks over car. Click.

Level 3:

Drag up chains; the placement is random. Click. Fastish.

Level 4:

Click bird, drag feather to girl. Click girl until cloud is over flower. Click cloud. Click.

Level 5:

Click doorbell, Click. Fast.

Level 6:

Click ghosts; the placement is random. Click.

Level 7:

Click. Fast. (if this doesn't work, hover your mouse over one window until it pops up there again(

Level 8:

Click & hold. Click.

Level 9:

Click car, avoid crashing. Click.

Level 10:

Click button, avoid walls. Click.

Level 11:

Click 1-10. Fastish. Click.

Level 12:

Click dudes. Placement is random. Click.

Level 13:

Click blocks, spell 'PLAY'. No click. :P

Level 14:

Click; order 'Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme' Click. (credit for solution: Merrelise).

Level 15:

Click; Eye, hand, fur (just to the right of the tip of the napkin), right horn (halfway up),left-most tooth. Click.

Level 16:

Click; left, right-middle, right, left-middle, left. Click.

Level 17:

Click ball,throw, break bottles. Click.

Level 18:

Click left to right. Fast. Click.

Level 19:

Click up, then right.

Level 20:

Click outer stars, then inner stars. Very fast. Click

Level 21:

Click knight-able moves; cover up board. Click.

Level 22:

Click & drag hook to right. Drag loop down. Fast.


It really is hard on a laptop! I can't even get past the second obstacle on the first screen of the first level!

Even so I only get past the first obstacle about 1 time in 5.

If you're on a laptop touchpad, FORGET this game.

It always makes me sad when a game like this is over...

Bah - impossible on a laptop gamepad or a poor mousing surface, the timing is far too tight. Other than that, fun enough, I guess.

Can't pass the spices level. Any hint?

Already ordered the jars alphabetically

Uhhh, does anyone have a wireless (Vaio brand) mouse?

Is the laser sensor supposed to have a red light? :|

This game seems cute
And and and, I wanna play it.
But uh. How do you get past the first level? ._.

Great look, great soundtrack, cute puzzles!

But yes, agreed with Tomato and LazerFX: this game is impossible without a mouse-proper. I'm using a trackball and while I've made it through the first dozen-ish stages, I'm completely stuck on a stage (the light-up-the-stars stage) where the timing is much too tight to be playable with anything other than a mouse.

(Which, yes, I know the review warned of this, but touchpad-unfriendly games aren't always so tight that they're trackball-unfriendly too.)

It's so frustrating to know a puzzle's answer but be unable to execute it! I'd love to play the puzzles past this one, but it's not happening. 5 for style and design, 3 for execution.


It's "parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme," like the song Scarborough Fair.

I'm am stuck beyond belief on the the almost twins. I only have FOUR differences. I'm pretty sure this is a trick but I'm stumped.

ps. Ninjadoodle has hints on his website for the spice jar puzzle.

josep-think of the lyrics to an old song

parsley sage rosemary thyme

Can't get past the Star Shine level. I just can't click that fast. :(

I can't get past them! Otherwise very fun game with very cute soundtrack!

Stuck in the same place as Kelley... :(

The star level made me hate this game... It is a shame, I would have liked to play more, but I can't finish that level because it it too precise of a click.

Kelley and BlackWolfe Coyoten for help with 5 differences:

L Paw, L Tooth, BR Marking, Eye, L Horn

Miffy x

The almost twins:

1) Eye
2) Right horn
3) Left hand
4) Leftmost tooth
5) On the body, down near the bottom, just right of center.

Wow, I've got as far as Chain Gang and I'm up to 75 clicks. I must not be getting this at all.

Can't figure out the last difference, on the level with the beasts.

Also stuck on the "Almost twins" level, I already got:

left tooth
left paw
stain under right side of napkin

Would love some help, its driving me crazy :S

Wow! I liked the other games (The ones with the keys and the stars) so this is really awesome! A real blast!


Found it (via YouTube, I feel so cheap and tawdry)!

1: Color of pawpads on hand holding fork.
2: lower right of belly, one fur line missing.
3: Wedge on pupil facing different direction.
4: One tooth a different color
5: Slightly larger gap in between lines on one horn. This is the one I missed.

For the star shine level there is a trick:

All the stars in the outer circle have a 6 second delay, and the three making the "play" button have a 3 second delay. You need to do the outer ones first, then the inner ones.

woohoow... I got a left foot! (silver) in 331 clicks...

the bombs away-level is the hardest for me... you have to keep your cool but I tend to get easily frustrated, although I figured out the twist! ;-)

Oh man. At first I thought I was doing it wrong, but I checked a walkthrough and it turns out I am physically incapable of doing the Pig one. Forget this noise.

Hm, thanks to a clicking limit, rather than a time limit, this means you can think out what to do ahead of time rather than clicking around hectically. (Still, trial and error will increase your score a bit) It's a quick puzzle-challenge-series game for the more methodical thinkers.

(As for me, I got a Silver Left Foot - 345 clicks - on my first try. I would've gotten less, had the propeller arrow one been more responsive, or I'd figured out a more efficient path for the bowling ball earlier on)

This would have been quite a challenge for me if I didn't have a notebook laptop. It really is much easier with a pen.

WEll it took me a while but i finally got it!

my highscore: 254 clicks!

205-Still silver.
Must admit though, it was a second run, though still with a lot of wasted clicks.
First run had me at 503 (:O) with a "greasy elbow" bronze... :)

Even with a mouse you need to be a Ninja to get past the first level. Not being 13 and full of sugar energy I'll pass on this game.

196 second try :D

Woo, 3rd place in the global ranks, 161 clicks.

Star Shine: Lame. Totally ruined any chance of having fun at this.

Even with a real mouse, it's just nearly impossible for me.

Dear Makers of ClickPLAY!

The Star Shine level makes me hate you.



What's the theoretical minimum number of clicks? I'm sure someone will achieve it.

it took me forever to figure out the very first level:

lift the rocks upward

however, the Looney Lift level is driving me nuts! I'm pretty sure I know what i have to do, but i can't do it fast enough!!!

Finished in 588 clicks. But then again, I'm on a trackpad. The 2nd to last level with the chess knight killed me.

291 on a trackpad! Bam!

Yay! 192 clicks on second try. Got about 380 on first.

I calculated the minimum clicks you could complete it in:

136 clicks.

But that's more of a close guess, because there are a few random elements in the game like on the highway level.

814 the first time. 272 the second go-round.

Not impossibly difficult once you know what to do. And no levels where you have to sustain something for a very long time. Then if you mess up, you have to start all over again. I detest levels like that.

I really dislike reaction-based games. But as far as they go, this one was well done.

I usually really enjoy this type of game.

But if you're going to make it a time-reaction game, then making the needed clicks a pixel hunt (Star shine) and making the 'bad reaction' area bigger than it ought to be (very first level) -- is just a way to tick off players.

I've lost patience with it...next?

@JIGuest for the loony lift it's not about how fast you do it

click the button then lead your mouse through the light colored area to the other side and you will get to the play button without the door closing.

ARGH! This game is so fun, but the star shine level leaves me SO P.O.ed!
I almost threw my mouse at the wall!

397 clicks - silver. I so suck at this . . .
It's the star shine, it gets me every time.

ARG! the star timer are way too fast for me!

I had to stop playing because I could not beat the Star Shine level no matter what mouse or mouse settings I used. :( Good game, despite that.

For curtain call:

drag bottom hook all the way to right, then, while still holding down left mouse button, move pointer to top right corner of "stage" area. let go then quickly drag curtain loop downward.

How is the Mega Squeal level done? I haven't a clue!

157 clicks! And that was with me being stupid and accidentally clicking on the A on the PLAY blocks level. Having a pen and tablet helps a lot. :D I also figured out a way to do the knight level in 24 moves.

It is possible to beat this game with a touchpad, as I just did, but not if you are looking to beat any records.

434 on my first go. The star shine level wasn't so bad? But then again I have a regular optical mouse.

IMPOSSIBLE with a touch pad.
IMPOSSIBLE to get past the first level!

Against all odds, I finished using a touchpad... (518 clicks)
I have to try hard to forget all my fantasies with knight tour and hamiltonian cycles(?!) and...

For the chess board level, since a complete knight tour(in one go, that is) is impossible in theory, you need to think outside of the box...

Clear the corner first by moving out and in and out again. You still need to improvise, but the trick is the same.

I love this kind of games!

A few small nitpicks though, as always. I would slightly prefer less dexterity-based and more use-your-brain-based puzzles. Oh, and the find-the-differences puzzle is punishing for those of us with less-then-perfect eyesight.

Other then that, great presentation, great music, just-right length and thoroughly enjoyable experience altogether.

I lost patience with the star level, otherwise decent game.

I can not figure out my goal in the chess board level. Help anyone?

Very cute and for the most part, entertaining.
Personally I lost patience with the pigs. Having a touchpad should not be a limitation in casual games.

So lost on level one. I click on the car and it drives into a rock. Nothing else does anything..


Level 1:


Level 2:

Click car, then lift rocks over car. Click.

Level 3:

Drag up chains; the placement is random. Click. Fastish.

Level 4:

Click bird, drag feather to girl. Click girl until cloud is over flower. Click cloud. Click.

Level 5:

Click doorbell, Click. Fast.

Level 6:

Click ghosts; the placement is random. Click.

Level 7:

Click. Fast. (if this doesn't work, hover your mouse over one window until it pops up there again(

Level 8:

Click & hold. Click.

Level 9:

Click car, avoid crashing. Click.

Level 10:

Click button, avoid walls. Click.

Level 11:

Click 1-10. Fastish. Click.

Level 12:

Click dudes. Placement is random. Click.

Level 13:

Click blocks, spell 'PLAY'. No click. :P

Level 14:

Click; order 'Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme' Click. (credit for solution: Merrelise).

Level 15:

Click; Eye, hand, fur (just to the right of the tip of the napkin), right horn (halfway up),left-most tooth. Click.

Level 16:

Click; left, right-middle, right, left-middle, left. Click.

Level 17:

Click ball,throw, break bottles. Click.

Level 18:

Click left to right. Fast. Click.

Level 19:

Click up, then right.

Level 20:

Click outer stars, then inner stars. Very fast. Click

Level 21:

Click knight-able moves; cover up board. Click.

Level 22:

Click & drag hook to right. Drag loop down. Fast.

On the last level, you can cheat: Drag the hook all the way to the right, right click, move your mouse to the ring in 1 second or 1 year, click, and then drag the ring down.

Thank you so much for the walkthrough <3

Made it to Star Shine, but unfortunately I have a laptop ;-; (The mouse is still broke)

thanks for the walkthrough. For those of us that don't play chess and really haven't got the first idea about chess, and are sick of clicking random squares until screaming in frustration, please could you either give a quick guide to which ones are 'knightable moves' or just give us grid refs?

For a little less clicking in the Walkthrough:

Level 6

Wait for a ghost to blink, that one has the play button.

It's worked for me each of the four times I played.

I used a secondary trick on Star Shine.

Starting at the top and going clockwise, click 5 outer stars. The 6th click will be the nearest inner star. Now finish the outer stars, then the inner stars.
The point of this 5-1-3-2 pattern is to reduce distance traveled. After the first star, you have 6 seconds (using someone else's number, didn't time it myself) for the remaining 10 stars. But since the inner stars are on half-timers, you'll waste effort if you click them too soon. If you can click 10 stars in 6 seconds, you can click 5 stars in 3 seconds.

how do you beat the car level?

knight moves = too much. I didn't went to a chess club but still did all knight moves, but couldn't solve the puzzle, as it's a chessfan specific puzzle :/

the spices are ordered using simon and garfunkels scarborough fair

@Random_Dude: Not really, I hate chess too. That puzzle still proved easy to me.

OK I found people complaining about having touch-pad related problems crazy. I have a sticky touch-pad and I still won the game with relative ease!

Armor Games has an extra three levels on their website of this game. Just wanted to throw that out there.

got 136 clicks on first try this game is easy

how do you beat the chain gang

I'm so annoyed. I can't move my touchpad quickly enough to finish the LAST level. Thumbs waaaay down.

easy, it took me about 50 tries to solve the last level on a pc with a fast mouse :)

Good game, although I like the Hoshi type gaes more, where it's not speed but mind that counts.

The ghost thing isn't random!

Look for the ghost that blinks.

That one has the play under it

The 3 little pigs level isn't as simple as click left to right fast.

one jumps low, one jumps middle, and the other jumps high, you have to do it in that order

I finally figured it out! whoohoo! 361 : )

I hate knight moves. I can't get it and I'm already on 586 clicks! I wanted a bronze at least! My first go I had 1068 clicks. Lol. Go me! =.=

though the game was really hard, i got through most of it on a laptop with no mouse

man i was rubbbbish! on my 1st go i go 1020 i swear! honestly!

on my first try that I won, I got

731 clicks for, "Try to get under 600 for a bronze medal!"

My second try gave me

"Well done you completed ClickPlay in 312 clicks!

Silver Left Foot!

So shiny......... I LIKE SHINY!!! GIMME SHINY!!!! I WANT SHINY!!!!!!! SHINY!!!!

I love games like this! Always so frustrating in a fun way. I completed it in 196 clicks! Yay!

I just checked the all time High Scores... - 190,509,056... lmao!

how are you supposed to do the one with the monsters that keep blinking and are holding the silverware??

For the up+down level (16), what are you meant to do?
And I tried doing what Moonlaughmaster said, but it doesn't work.
So what are you supposed to do, or how do you restart it?
I think I'm stuffed 0.0

Can someone help with level 3?? I simply cannot get past chain gang. I can get the chains to move all at once but still no luck... please help

i cant get past the chess level (knight moves)

i could make it in my mini laptop and only using mouse in the stars level n.n but with 850 or more clicks D:

im on the first few levels and i dont now how to beat the letter one

Like others say very hard when using a laptop. Got stuck on star level and became very frustrated! Note to game makers - remember us using laptops and without a mouse! There are a few of us out there!


You can get a very nice little portable mouse to go with your laptop and very cheap. I use one all the time with mine and only use the trackpad as a last resort. The trackpad will never replace the mouse as an input device because it's inferior and exists only as means of convenience. Do you do your weekly grocery shopping at a convenience store?

for level 6, it's the one that blinks, usually on the bottom

for the chain round, pull the middle chain up , scroll down while holdign it and keep pulling it up.

chain one is the chain on the right or it might change each time..

i need help on the elavator level!

on level 6, with the ghosts
wait and see which one blinks
that will be the one with the play button

Ok... Can't get the one of the knights!! Please help anyone... I'm freaking out. By the time I finish the game (with more than 400 click [I now have 355 and 100 are from the knights...]), I'll have psychological problems for the rest of my life...
Really need help!!

Great! I did it! And i have a Bronze "Grease Elbow"!! HurraY!! . 413 click, could be worse...
...If i had remebered the hook in time they were just going to be 400!...
well ... thanks anyway for the Walktrough!
Writting soon when another game comes out and I'm to lazy for thinking[=0P]

In the too many ghosts level,

the one with the play button under it will blink after awhile.

[Edit: spoiler tags added. -eileen]

there is another difference - on the horn of the monster

To the makers of clickPLAY.......This game is way too cute and way too hard. I'm addicted to the impossible. Thank you, I hate you.

Okey.. I got the knight moves: you need to move the knight around the whole board making sure that all squares end up grey!

Everyone says you can't do it on a laptop. I don't get it. I just did it. I had an insane number of clicks, but I did it.

that chess one annoyed me! I still had two diagonal squares in the middle that were unchanged aaaaagh!

This star shine thing is hard! You have to click really fast! And then you click the outer stars, but they run out before you get the inside ones and it's hard.

impossible lvl 22

I need help with level 2! I can't pass it, please help!!

935 clicks lol!

are you kidding me? The star shine was easy! The hardest for me was Knight mouse. AND the curtain call was easy too! I have a laptop!

OMB (oh my budda)

on my first try i got silver left foot and 340 clicks and i didnt do very well in the rankings

but on my second try i got gold pirate hook 160 clicks!!! i came third in the whole world!!

and i have no idea what you guys are all talking about it was really easy and i was on a laptop without a proper mouse it was heaps easy

and for all the people who couldnt do the chess 1

a chess knight moves in L shapes so either 3 across or down and 1 up or down

its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Gah! That star shine level really cheesed me off. I had to quit before spontaneously combusting. =/

A tip for Level 6 (the ones with ghosts):

Watch the ghosts for a while. There'll be one that blinks. That's the ghost with the play button

Spoiler just helped everything
! ^^

I cannot do the one with the chains. Is it just random dragging. I've tried a million times ahhhhh.


Zoom in and try it!

Ha! I'm using a laptop trapad, and I got up to level 18!

I messed up on the knight level and now I'm just moving on random spaces. >:(

I'm sure it's possible to beat this without a mouse(or a crappy one). However, the object is to make it on the fewest clicks possible. I've only reached the stars.:)

Knight level killed it for me. Too time-consuming for a casual game, in my opinion.

it was awesome playing clickplay, but the knight level drove me insane. :/ otherwise, great game, though. :D

I lost interest after getting up to star level, and not being able to complete after 20 mins of trying...make the timers like 1 second more, id be able to do it then

Someone did it in 110 clicks :O insane

Guys the star level is SO easy.

When you click on a star it has a countdown, there are 3 stars with a countdown of 3, the rest have a countdown of 7. Do the ones with a countdown of three.

Ughhh. I hate the chess 1. i know what to do but i just cant do it!
really good game but i think clickplay is better.

I am stuck on the level "Heavy Thinking" what do I do?

How do you do level 11 with the jars saying thyme, rosemary, sage and parsley

I figured out an easy way to do the Loony Lift (or whatever that level where you have to follow the "don't touch the sides maze):

just right-click the button (NOT left click!!) and with the menu up, click the door. it should open!

311 clicks! Yay!

how do you do whos hat

FINISHED!! On the last level,

there is a hook that you need to pull to the right side, let go, and quickly pull the curtain down.

If you need any other help, then just ask. [Edit: Spoiler Added - Walzar]

for the ghosts there is a pattern

look for the one that blinks

Hey people,on my 2nd try I finished the game with 313 clicks.My first try was horrible,I guess.It was 696 clicks.The Star Shine part was hard at first but I soon figured it out.

Man i swear im like 0.00001 seconds away from clicking the last star on that levelwhen the first one goes out, every time

i got 666 clicks im scared

cant get past the star shine level... i know how to do it but i cant click them fast enough :( for me this level ruined the game but it was otherwise good fun!

I'm not sure if someone has already mentioned this, but on level 6, with all the ghosts, I started clicking them all and noticed one (in the bottom right corner) blink, clicked on it, and there was the play button. Was the blink just a coincidence? I think not.

Also, I LIKE chess, and the Knight's Tour one annoyed ME. Well, I'm done here. Sorry for my fifth or so total double post.

I can't do the stupid car one >=(

I'm so annoyed at it ='(

Ok, I beat this game with the touch-pad... You can use a touch-pad to finish but you need to be cordinated.. VERY i have good rthyme and can act fact. So your Wrong you CAN finish THIS GAME~ With the touch-pad..

Help, please? I can't get past level 11 w/ those spice jars.

On the ghost one, if you watch, the one with the play under it blinks. Just something I noticed. (;

i cant pass level 20!!!

I am stuck on the chains!!! i drag them up but they don't do nothing!! HELP!HELP!

The spoiler answer for the ghost level is wrong.. the easier way is the ghost that blinks has the play under it, I've waited before and it blinks so I click and right one!

i have a touch laptop and i am on the level whith the sage, thyme, rosemary and parsly

I hated the chess one and the star shine thing it really drove me crazy for a moment. i got got silver left foot with 378 clicks!YAY

Can't do Chain Gang, help?

i won the game and i was playing on a laptop...i got a lot of clicks but i beat it and thats enough for me (:

i need help with the pigs how to i get past the super squeal? :(

um level 6 has a purpose!

the ghost that blinks has the play button!!

i managed to do this game on a laptop easly granted it is harder but not impossible

what do you do on the last train?

Got a Gold Pirate Hook! 153 clicks :) yaaay!
for the Chain Gang level, just click the first two, (lift them up but not all the way) then click the third. It will always be the third one you lift!

Starshine is easy but the chess is not D: am stuck with 1 square left

that was easy after awhile of thinking. Not stuck anymore ;D

AHHHH!!!!! How do you get past the looney lift!? Sniff...I can't get it....IDK about you ppl's but this ain't easy, and i sure don't get it.

292 clicks! w00t w00t! Silver left foot!wh00 h00! Off to the awards!

Looney Lift

Click the button and stay inside the path with your mouse then click the button when inside the elevator.

Chain Gang

Keep lifting up each chain by clicking and dragging up repeatedly. Once to the third chain drag up and click the play button.

Almost Twins

Left Paw, Pupil of eye, gap in horn, line on monster at bottom right, far left tooth.

I need help with the chess knight one!

ok so for the pig one (mega squeal) i know that they jump different heights but i still cant manage to do it. is there any special way or is it just speed?

I did it on a laptop! I took 1178 clicks...

i can't figure out the arrow copter level. :( it's probably really easy!

If you're getting frusterated about how slow you are with a laptop touch pad, just a hint. Screaming "COME ON!" and throwing your laptop across the room will only make things work. I'm off to get my laptop fixed.

With the font there ( on the level - parsley, sage, thyme, rosemary) with clickplay font S seems just like L , R like A and T like Y so it spells PLAY ! im so freaking proud of myself of figuring that out ! =P

Woot woot 378 clicks! :D
The Knight one killed me, and the Star one grrr so frustrating!!!
Good fun though :)

So...the starshine level makes me hate this game. Yeah...kind of impossible...oh well...

For the level six, if you wait a few seconds one of the ghosts will blink and the play button is under that ghost.

Spices >>

Parsley Sage Rosmary Thyme (It's a song that was in Robin Hood I think)

what is the work you have to spell with the 4 block letters?

@Anna: I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I know that

the song is a medieval ballad called Scarborough Fair which Simon and Garfunkel famously did a cover of it.

And now I feel old for knowing this . . .

@kelsey: It's in the walkthrough, but you have to spell


985 clicks :D I love this game, but Knight moves was soooo hard!

195 clicks! The knight one was hard, though.

For scarborough fair it is parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme when i saw it i was like OMG because we had to sing this in choir its a song and i hated it but i guess it helped me

How do you get past the spices level? help!

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